The Day the Gang Did Janey Ch. 02

Big Tits

Janey raised her head, straining up, and stared at her brother, Timmy, through the valley between her big boobs and over the riot of auburn hair atop on her mound. What a pretty face, I thought, again. Those dark bangs over her wide eyes, the cute uplifted nose, the generous mouth. I was amazed she even had heard Debbie ask Timmy what he wanted to do. I mean, she was moaning like a lost soul as Debbie’s long slim fingers kept tickling her outsized, swollen clit—never letting her climax.

But yeah, she had heard. “Timmy,” she commanded, her voice strong, but strained by her neck’s position, “don’t you touch me. I’m your sister. Did you forget that?”

“What about what you did to my nuts?” asked Timmy tonelessly.

“Don’t touch me,” said Janey with finality.

Timmy looked right back at her and reached out as though to a keyboard. Debbie took her hand away and Timmy touched Janey’s swollen clit. Still holding her gaze, he moved his fingertips over the long pink tube. He ended by running just the tip of one finger over the pink meat of her thrusting little “penis.” With a long groan, she let her head fall back to the table.

As Timmy tormented the little protrusion, it seemed—impossibly-to push out even farther and drive Janey mad. “Naaaoooh,” she cried. Her fat pubic mound thrust up violently, meeting his touch. Don’t touch your sister my ass.

I don’t mean to interrupt, but right here I had a sudden revelation. Janey didn’t play the prim, stingy virgin to tease the guys. She didn’t dare to turn the key because she knew, once her engine started, she would be helpless—giving it all up, every time, to any guy, because she’d be totally out of control. I mean, even trapped in a shack by five guys and a black whore, and tied down, her lust ruled her. I guess I felt sorry, right then-but what about zapping Timmy’s balls? Where did that come from?

Timmy was bending over now, his face right between the big, pale thighs, and suddenly Janey shrieked so loudly that we all jumped: “What are you doing? NO.”

And then I saw Timmy’s tongue and lips, soft and wet, gliding back and forth over the pink meat that thrust from her clit. I saw his tongue go after it, flick it, make agonizingly slow love to it.

“No, Jesus no, Timmy! Not there! Please, God, not there! No!” Janey went on babbling. But he had no mercy, and soon her pale heavy thighs, and her legs with the sprinkling of freckles, were jerking spasmodically, wantonly thrusting up her cunt to Timmy’s mouth.

It was so obvious to me, now. Janey wasn’t just a bitch. She was a volcano of lust—and she knew it. If kissing, or teasing her boobs, ever had begun, she would have-well, fucked her brains out, eryaman escort helplessly. And so she rejected every advance, as though imperious, removed from it all. But in truth she was terrified she would be fucking, helplessly, with all comers, with all the consequences…

Suddenly, Timmy yelled, “Hey,” and jerked back his face. It was soaking wet, dripping. And a golden stream was shooting out from Janey’s pussy, a stream that seemed to pursue Timmy as he tried to stumble back. “She’s pissing on me,” he yelled, his tone one of shock.

I wondered if Janey meant to do it. The powerful stream arced out almost straight. We were all laughing, Debbie to split a gut. Timmy was not laughing; he was standing staring at his sister’s cunt as though it was a gun.

When I stopped laughing, tears on my cheeks, I heard Timmy asking Debbie, his eyes trying to avoid the high shelf of her breasts with their egregious black nipples, “How can I hurt her, like she hurt my nuts?”

“Yo cain’t,” said Debbie. “Nothing you can do to a woman is agonizin’ like what she done to your balls. There ain’t no pain like it. And all the time you wondering if you goin’ to be unmanned.”

Timmy nodded slowly. “Still,” he said, “what can I do?”

“Hold it,” said Debbie, and she stepped quickly into what seemed to be her bedroom, calling, “You kin try this…”

When she came out, I said, “Oh shit, that’s a stun gun.”

“That’s correct,” said Debbie. “A guy came down here once wantin’ to use it on me and fool that I am I let him tie me up. I didn’t know what the damn thing was, back then.”

She shook her head, looking down at the stun gun. “First, he zapped my tits and I screamed my head off—an’ I don’ do that. I was beggin’ him, babblin’ like a baby, sayin’ anything…” She paused. “Well, that’s enough.” I can’t tell you what happened. I passed out maybe six times. That’s what I had prayed to do, along with prayin’ to die.”

She looked at us and added, after a moment. “He shoved it right into my fur, my slit.” And after a moment, she said: “Anyway, that gentlemen isn’t with us, anymore. And I have this for self-protection.”

Timmy held out his hand. “Give it to me. This is the trigger? And this is what I touch on her?”

“Nope,” said Debbie. “I’m goin’ to let you use it when you see for yourself how it feels.” She looked up at us. Of the four of us, I was the only one who had even touched Janey, so far. The rest were spectators.

Debbie said, “Take hold of him and turn him around.”

Actually, Timmy didn’t resist, at first. We had his arms held tight and his backside turned to Debbie. She knelt down behind him and reached escort eryaman around his waist, opening his belt.

“No,” gasped Timmy trying to jerk away.

Debbie laughed. “What? You don’t even want us to see your dick?” But by then, she had hauled his pants and underwear down to the floor and stepped his feet out of them. I glanced down. Timmy’s prick was like a Billy Club, only so red it almost was purple. The foreskin had withdrawn far back, so his meat glistened, standing erect like a soldier at attention.

“No,” he said, “No…” and he was straining to look over his shoulder. Debbie, still on her knees, was slowly rubbing her titties back and forth across his legs; her hand came around him and took hold of his cock. She was tickling his butt with her tongue.

“Oh, God,” her murmured.

She said, “Okay, here it comes,” and, before he could protest, I saw her touch the stun gun’s wand to his butt.

I am at a loss for words, here. Timmy’s cry was nothing human, at least nothing I ever heard. There’s some kind of myth, I thought, about people in emergencies doing things beyond their ordinary strength. Well, sure enough, it took four of us, straining, to hold him.

Then, Debbie stuck the wand into his crack, not all the way, obviously, just a quick in and out. After that, we were holding a limp sack of quivering flesh that only could whimper and plead.

“Okay, turn him ’round this way,” commanded Debbie. We did, so that Timmy was facing her, still held tight from behind, his dick now totally flaccid, dangling like a seriously overcooked noodle.

Debbie moved the wand toward him, toward the head of his cock. She asked, “Should I do it, here?”

Timmy rammed his body back into us, shoving all four of us back in his spasm of terror, pulling away from the thing, and his scream was high pitched, a Banshee cry…

“No?” asked Debbie calmly. “Then don’t go sticking this on your sister’s pussy, you hear me?”

Timmy’s cry was incoherent, so I can’t report what he said.

Then Debbie asked, “Here?” and she touched the wand to his belly a few inches from his prick. Timmy suddenly went into dry heaves, choking, his body in our grip bent far, far over, as though to protect his privates. He wasn’t yelling because he had the heaves.

Let me skip a little here, until Timmy recovered. It took at least 10 minutes before he was even calm enough to hear what Debbie said. By then, he was just whimpering.

Debbie held up the stun gun and Timmy screamed, but all she asked was “Do you want to use this on your sister?”

From the table came a long, drawn out, “Nooooo… please? Noooo?”

“Yes, I do,” eryaman escort bayan said Timmy, but it was almost a whisper. “I want to do her. But not between her legs.”

And then, Janey amazed me. She was less afraid of the stun gun than of being titillated on her most sensitive parts. Debbie handed Timmy the gun and he stepped to the table, looking down at Janey.

She only said, “Now I get it in the tits? Is that it, Timmy?”

She added, “I thought you loved my boobs?”

In reply, Timmy reached out with the silver metal of the wand and put it on one of Janey’s big nipples. He pulled the trigger.

Janey’s body went rigid, as though electrocuted. Her teeth bit into her lower lip and her eyes, incredibly wide, looked wild with terror. But…she made not a sound.

“Stop,” snapped Debbie and grabbed the wand, pulling it away. “You just touch her with it.”

Timmy nodded and Debbie released the stun gun to him. He stood for a moment, gazing at Janey’s body, laid out like some lush present, the curves and mounds and lines with that perfection that we experience only in looking at the body of the opposite sex.

Then, he leaned slightly forward, reaching out, and touched the wand to her navel. Janey’s hips jerked, heaving, and the big, fleshy boobs seemed to shake on their own, like Jell-O. Now, she gave a long, low cry of despair.

It was only a touch. Timmy paused just a moment, then touched the silver wand to one side Jamey’s crotch where the thick flesh with the dark stubs of clipped hair was stretched back to expose secrets of the pussy. Finally, I guess he got what he wanted. Janey screeched as he touched her; I just can’t tell you what high note she hit.

Even when he had pulled it away, she was babbling, pleading, and saying everything, anything, to make him stop. I figured he had gotten what he wanted. I mean, except that when she zapped Timmy’s nuts, his agony continued for hours…

“Okay, give over,” Debbie demanded. “That’s enough.” And Timmy quickly complied. She turned to us, “Anyone here curious what it would be like on the tip of yo’ dick—just real quick?”

There were no takers.

“Okay,” said Debbie. “You all standin’ there with baseball bats up touching your belly buttons. Well, she all yours…” and she waved an invitation at Jamey offered naked body.

The four of us looked at each other.

Ernie spoke first. “I just want to stick it in her and fuck her. That’s all. I’m totally on fire, right now.” I could see from his cock that he was indeed. The thing was arched back in a curve and slightly quivering. You don’t get harder than that. He went and stood between Janey’s invitingly wrenched apart thighs. He took his cock in his hand and had to push it down to get it at the level of her cunt. Then, he looked up, a moment, into her face.

“I’m a virgin, you know,” said Janey matter-of-factly. “I don’t suppose that matters since this is a gangbang… This is how I’m going to lose it?”

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