The Delicate Scent of Rain


This story originally appeared elsewhere.

Nicki eyed her distorted reflection as she walked past the store’s long window. The shape, a blurred mirror image of her hot pink dress and the deep brown of her skin, looked strange next to the display of plastic mannequins. The distinct smell of rain-hitting-earth wafted up to her nose, though streets of downtown were dry. Without breaking stride she left behind the massive building as she did each time she went to Leo.

She breathed in more of the scent of impending rain. It was slight but distinct from the rest of downtown after several over-hot days. A stale breeze wafted across her legs and up her dress. Fitted and tight, she wondered if it would be unwise given the heat.

“Fuck it,” she thought, and wiggled in– she wouldn’t be dressed for long.

Leo loved seeing her in clothes that clung to her body. She saw it in his face; shock twisting into desire. His hands reached to run across the expanse of her belly and down the soft hills and valleys of her back. He whispered of how he missed stretching his arms around her and pressing his body into hers, heavy with the promise of delicious things. His voice was it’s own story; layered by veils of pain and victory and injections of testosterone that slowly winnowed back what he no longer wished to carry. After they would lay together, him on his back holding her as she traced the faded scars that ran across his chest, under his pectoral muscles. Nicki had watched them from the beginning, angry pink against his pale skin.

Before leaving she sent him a picture of herself in the dress and, by now, he was probably pacing– having seen the full expanse of her large body, fabric straining against her breasts that spilled out over the neckline. Although, she thought, it could be the dress or it could be the video call, where she let him watch as she put in a butt plug with strict orders not to touch himself until she arrived.

The plug moved inside her with each step and coaxed up quiet ripples of pleasure. The crack of her formidable ass was slickened with lube.

She entered the old building and strode to the elevator. The car lumbered upwards then groaned to a stop; the doors opened. Her clit throbbed with each step towards Leo’s door. She knocked and heard faint music within– one of the endless playlists he made in honor of their fucking. She heard the successive locks slide open, like a countdown. The door swung open and there he stood.

The moment hung heavy between them then burst as they came together, discorded clash of lips and teeth and hands and sweat. Nicki startled at the sudden intrusion of Leo across her senses; he smelled faintly of eucalyptus.

Together they wavered at the threshold, neither able to break the kiss. They took a few steps inward and upended a hallway table; keys and miscellanea clattered to the floor. Leo pulled away to slam the door shut and slide the locks into place, sealing them in. He turned back to Nicki and kissed her again, slower this time. He felt her lips, soft and full roll slowly against his own as the world fell away.

Kissing her was like riding a liquid current. escort eryaman He felt his chest tremble and pulled her body into his, seeking solace in her stable form. He slid a hand along her waist and his hand sank into the flesh of her back. When they were together he thought of nothing else.

Slightly taller, she smiled against his mouth. She felt the driving grip of his hand on her back. His kiss shifted into something sharper. Hungry. She slid a hand into his ginger hair and closed her fist to pull. Leo followed, breaking the kiss with a groan. Playful, Nicki said “You have greedy hands.”

Leo smiled, gasping, “Can’t help it.”

She shoved him back with affected exasperation, towards his bed. He staggered backwards, across the long columns of light that ran along his hardwood floor cast by the setting sun. He smiled and steadied himself. Nicki looked out across the city, now soaked in the same golden light. Heavy grey clouds gathered at the edges of the vista.

“The windows are closed, right?” Nicki asked Leo, “it’s gonna rain.” Leo nodded. Nicki turned around and pulled her long black curls to one shoulder. “Un-zip me,” she ordered. He obliged, eager, and unhooked the clasp that held the dress collar and slid the zipper down.

She spilled out of the snug dress as it folded down her body. Leo guided it down towards the floor and left it inverted at her feet. Leo stared, her skin glowed like gold overlaid in rich brown. He ran his hands along the silhouette of her bra, the textured lace surface rough under his hand. Nicki had yearned for his hands and the look of pure devotion that passed across his face when the dress slipped away.

He ran his hand down to her backside. He looked over her shoulder at the standing mirror behind her. She wore a high waisted brief that fit tight across her ass and revealed the rounded undersides. He gripped the flesh and shook it a little, desire surged as he watched her ass jiggle in the mirror. Nicki scoffed and reached down to pull his black t-shirt over his head. She pushed him back until he sat onto the bed. Nicki unhooked his belt and then his jeans and pulled them both off in a smooth motion. She kneeled to straddle him and he pressed his face into her breasts. She smelled warm, the sharp scent of her grapefruit soap cut through rich butter and cocoa tones.

He reached behind her to unhook the bra and let it fall from her shoulders. She rubbed her breasts and looked down towards him, soothing the skin just freed from the restrictive undergarment. He gazed at her bare chest for a moment and reached forward. Her breasts filled Leo’s hands as he ran his fingers across her nipples, dark brown and tinged with plum. A small gasp escaped Nicki’s lips as Leo grazed their oversensitive peaks. A wave of pleasure undulated through Nicki’s body.

“Bastard,” she whispered, mouth slack as her eyelids fluttered.

Leo smiled and teased her nipples until she pushed his hands away and stepped back. She ran her finger just under the high waistband of the brief then slowly worked it down her body. She turned and bent down to pull the garment away with deliberation. The motion elvankent escort revealed a glimpse of the hot pink grip of the buttplug and Leo gasped.

He popped up to kneel on the mattress and waved her over. She slid onto the bed, resting easy on the pillow. Her legs fell open, the thick expanse of her thighs leading to the soft curves of her sex now slickened and flushed pink by desire. Leo descended upon her, pressing his fervent mouth into hers. He kissed down her chest and took her nipple into his mouth, hot tongue teasing. She gave up a stifled groan and her clit throbbed in response, connected to her breast by a field of sensation across her midsection. Leo then traded his thumb as he moved his mouth to her other breast. Nicki moaned, properly this time, as she writhed against the bed. He moved down her body and bit into the soft flesh of her round belly. He ran his hands across the pliant skin and kissed down further still; he pressed his lips onto her fragrant mons. Lifting up slightly, he brought his lips up to her bent knee and ran them down the skin of her thigh. Nicki arched her chest in anticipation. He ran a finger along the lips of her pussy. She shuddered and he felt her thighs tremble. The buttplug had been a fantastic idea.

Nicki groaned, “Leo, what is wrong with you?” Her voice edged with desperation and Leo smiled. “You’re so wet for me,” he hummed, gently coating his fingers as he teased her pussy.

He circled her clit with the barest of touches. She writhed, seeking more friction. He pulled his finger back and gripped both of her thighs and licked the length of her sex with a long flat tongue. She responded with another strangled moan, so he did it again. And again, reveling in her building pleasure as he ran his hands along her thighs.

Nicki felt the muscles of her asshole clench round the plug and the smooth surface of the toy pressed deep inside her sent shivers throughout her body. She was already close to the edge. Thunder rolled across the now dark sky and her body shook as she clawed Leo’s sheets with her hands. Leo drew his tongue across her clit and sucked it gently. Nicki felt her abdomen tighten. The rhythmic movements of her body shifted to disjointed shudders under Leo’s steady focus. Droplets of rain began hitting the window. Nicki felt her body stiffen as her climax broke through. Her thighs clamped round Leo’s ears as he continued to suck her clit. He found their squeeze cocoon-like and missed the few moments of suspended silence when they fell away. He looked up at her and smiled like he could hardly believe his luck and affection for him bloomed in her chest.

He rested his head on her thigh, still between her legs.

“I want to fuck you,” he asked, “when you’re ready.”

Nicki nodded and stretched, reveling in the afterglow. Leo slid off the bed and padded over to a black storage trunk at the foot of his bed. Nicki heard the click of the metal latch and the lid creak open. Leo retrieved a black harness studded with silver bits and a dildo. He disappeared into the bathroom, presumably to give it a wash as always. Nicki was grateful for the interlude etimesgut escort because Leo was insatiable as he was meticulous.

Rain now pounded the windows. They had begun to steam up as the storm encroached. Leo padded back to the bed. She watched him slip the cock into the harness and step into the leg holes to secure it snug around his body. He walked over to his side table and pulled out a condom and small bottle of lube. He opened the packet and then rolled the condom down his cock then rubbed lube along its length.

He looked at Nicki. “I want to watch you take it out,” he asked.

Nicki smiled and slid forward to position herself on edge of the bed. She placed one foot on the floor and left the other leg bent and resting on the bed. She reached behind her and gripped the flat base of the buttplug still nestled deep in her ass. She gently worked it out, her body now pliant, and gave a mischievous smile back to Leo. She grabbed a few tissues from the bedside table to bundle it up and place it aside. She moved back to the bed and positioned herself on all four limbs then looked over her shoulder, smile now replaced with a heated gaze.

He gasped, seeing her look back at him. He stepped behind her and ran his hand along her sex, still slick and eager. He breached her gently with his thumb and found her yielding; he replaced his thumb with two fingers. Nicki murmured approvingly as he slowly fucked her from behind with his hand. He pulled back and gripped the cock. He slowly pressed the blunt head inside her. A smile spread across Nicki’s face at the promise of the raw stretch. Leo paused after a few millimeters and fucked her with a few shallow thrusts, drawing up pleasure within her gently. He pushed deeper inside of her. She dropped down to her elbows and she groaned into her arm as Leo slowly filled her.

Leo gripped the soft plane of her hips as he fucked into her with slow thrusts. Nicki groaned again. Leo watched the generous flesh of her cheeks ripple in tandem with the rhythmic pace of the cock. He brought a satisfying slap downwards and watched the flesh jiggle. Nicki responded with a gasp that edged on almost maniacal laughter. Leo did it again. Nicki savored the sharp pain that bloomed across her ass as the cock moved within her. She felt a slow build, like seismic shifts underground interwoven with the biting slaps of Leo’s hand.

Leo felt her tell-tale shudder. Nicki moaned helplessly, held in place by his iron grip and at the mercy of his steadfast tempo. She felt herself seize with pleasure, then her climax surged and consumed her entirely. Nicki screamed into the mattress as Leo fucked into her, relentless. Then he slowed his thrusts in time with her shuddering body until their movements ceased as one. He bent down and gasped for his breath, still inside her.

He carefully pulled the cock out and unhooked himself from the strap harness and let it drop to the floor. She moved up the bed to rest her head on the pillow and he slid in beside her. The glass of the window was now opaque. Leo slid his arm across her belly and rested his head on her shoulder. She slipped an arm around him and pulled him close. “I just need to gather my strength,” she said. Leo smiled and ran his hand along her belly.

They had made vague plans to walk to a bar nearby but now those plans seemed to wash away with the rainwater that poured down the glass.

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