The Diary Gradually Changes Ch. 02

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This is part 1 on an alternate POV (The Brother’s POV) of my other story ‘The Diary Gradually Changes’. Read that story first if you haven’t already.


The Diary Gradually Changes [Brother’s diary]

Part 1

Tuesday, Jan 21

Dear Diary,

For the hundredth time, I went over the list of hypnotic suggestion I made for Mom.

Mom’s Hypnotic tape:

Kevin is amazing

Kevin is good

Kevin is wonderful

Kevin is everything

Kevin is sexy

Kevin is attractive

I love Kevin

I want to touch Kevin

I get horny around Kevin

I think about Kevin

I get wet around Kevin

I want Kevin to touch me

I want to kiss Kevin

I want to have sex with Kevin

I want Kevin to fuck me

It was already way past my bedtime, and I just wanted to complete the damn thing. Was that all I wanted in her first tape? Would that get Mom to fuck me?

Only one way to find out.

Wednesday, Jan 22

Dear Diary,

Today was Kate’s birthday. I had to wait all day at home for her to come back. She was celebrating with her friends and Mark, her stupid jock boyfriend. I honestly don’t get what she sees in him. Just because he is athletic and handsome? I bet she wouldn’t mind if HE went through her panties. Yesterday was terrifying, I didn’t expect her to come home that early. She’s still pissed off at me.

Well, not after she listen to her tape.

Kate finally came home when it was almost ten at night. She opened my present last, and looked kind of surprised to see an iPod. I really hope she would start listening to the recordings immediately, but my sister just muttered a thanks and said she would judge my taste in music the moment she had spare time.

Mom looked more surprised when I gave her a present, but accepted it with a forced smile. Hers was just a test tape—an experiment—for Kate. Her recordings had much, much more powerful hypnotic suggestions. If something happens to Mom, well, at least Kate is okay. My sister is way hotter anyway.

And if Mom’s tape really did work, then I could tweak it for Kate. She would be my devoted sex slave soon. I was almost a hundred per cent sure of it. The people in the forum said it would work. They even showed me proof that they had turned their wives, girlfriends, crushes, co-workers into their slaves. But I just had to be sure, and Mom was my guinea pig.

Kate then went back to her room after thanking me again. To be honest, it felt really good. She never was nice to me.

I reminded Mom to listen to hers tonight before demetevler escort going back to my room and masturbating to Kate’s Instagram. It was a daily ritual for me.

Kate’s Hypnotic tape:

I like Kevin

I trust Kevin

I think Kevin is nice

I think about Kevin

I should treat Kevin nicely

I should get to know Kevin more

I feel guilty when I make Kevin feel bad

Thursday, Jan 23

Dear Diary,

Mom listened to the recordings!

She kept telling me that the playlist was ‘super awesome,’ and that she’d fallen asleep to the music. I believed her. She still had her earbuds on with the music blasting at almost full volume. I wondered how she could even hear me.

And I think the hypnotic suggestions work. She looked at me differently ever since today. I couldn’t really explain it. Like, there was a naughty glint in her eye every time she glanced my way. I would look at her, and she would smile at me before looking away.

I told her that I was glad that she enjoyed it so much. I almost jumped when Mom suddenly hugged me. She certainly never done that before. I will be honest, I got a huge boner from that, especially with feeling her breasts against my chest. I never really fantasize about them since Kate’s were better: perfect C-cup teardrop breasts.

But there was no denying Mom’s one were great too. She hugged me for a long while and wouldn’t let go.

I didn’t want to risk anything then, so I didn’t try to grope or touch her butt or anything, even though I really wanted to and it was blatantly obvious that she was horny. She was breathing heavily when she finally did let me go, and when I leaned forward a little bit, she closed her eyes and parted her lips, like she thought I was going to kiss her. I wasn’t going to, I was just trying to get a better view of her breasts.

Thinking about it again…fuck… I am such an idiot. I should have done it. I will just do it tonight when she comes back home from work.

It would be better anyway since the hypnotic suggestions would be more firmly implemented in her mind by then — Mom told me that she was planning to listen to it the whole day in her office.


Mom came home later than usual. I didn’t even notice. I was sitting on the living room couch, my phone in hand, when she walked up to me, lean down and kissed me on the lips.

It was so unexpected that I dropped my phone and pushed her back. That’s when I noticed her eyes. They were wide with lust, and she was breathing heavily, practically panting.

Mom’s escort demetevler face was a mixture of emotions when I shoved her back. She started stammering apologies, her hands on her own lips like she didn’t believe she had just kissed me.

When I finally recovered from the initial shock, lust took over. My mom had just kissed me. The hypnotic suggestions worked.

She was still sputtering apologies when I pulled her back in and claimed her lips. It was my first time kissing a woman, so I didn’t really know what I was doing. But it felt good. Mom started kissing me back furiously. It was all a blur, but I remembered my heart thundering in my eardrums, her body—with all those beautiful curves Kate must have inherited—being crushed against mine, then her hands being shoved at the back of my head, then her tongue… oh fuck her tongue.

Mom’s hot. Like really hot. She takes very good care of her body by working out a lot and having a really strict diet regime, so she looks half her age. Because of that, she is basically a men’s magnet and an expert on sex and pleasure. Now I knew why the all her ex-boyfriends were always so broken up when she broke things off with them. I was in heaven as she did all the work with her lips, tongue and fingers.

We kissed for what seemed like hours. She smelt really good, with her peach scented hair shampoo. Mom was the one to break this kiss, all the while maintaining eye contact as she drew back, still panting hard, her lips red and swollen.

That was when Kate came back home. We both heard her car in our driveway at the same time.

I thought Mom would run away or something, considering what we just did, but she quickly turned on the television and dropped down on the couch next to me. Kate came in and promptly sat on the couch opposite us, completely oblivious to what just happened. I could see that mom was still breathing hard, her breasts were rising and falling heavily. Kate should have seen that, or at least my raging boner, which I was trying to hide desperately, but she looked really tired, her attention fixed on the television.

I tried to distract myself about what just happened. I asked Kate if she had listened to the recording yet. She told me no, which really sucked, but there was nothing I could do about it. Mom then cut in and told her that it was really good and that she should listen to it. My sister just nodded thoughtfully.

That’s when I noticed Mom was sitting close to me. Thoughts began to race through me again as her thigh touched mine. I looked over at Kate, demetevler escort bayan but if she noticed it, she didn’t say anything.

I really wished Kate would just go to bed because Mom leaned in and started whispering about how she eager she was to see my cock and that she couldn’t wait to fuck me. For the first time in my life, I was actually more interested in my mom than my sister.

Kate finally excused herself and went back to her room. I told mom that I wanted her to ‘do it’ in her room, and she just giggled excitedly. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually going to fuck my own mother. With Kate gone, I regained my confidence and squeezed mom’s breasts, and that got her giggling even more. It felt so good. Firm, yet soft. Just overall amazing.

Mom then led me back to her room. I always fantasized about losing my virginity to my sister, but I couldn’t wait anymore. I was hornier than I’ve ever been, and having sex with Mom was too good to pass up.

Mom started kissing me again the moment she locked her door. I didn’t freeze up like just now. Instead, I started feeling up her breasts again, and when I felt I got enough of them, I moved down and groped her ass—which felt even better than her breasts.

Mom broke the kiss again and literally tore off her clothes. Before I could admire her body, she was on me, slipping her tongue past my lips, all the while unbuttoning my shirt, then my shorts.

Sex was NOTHING like I’ve imagined. Not like all the porn I’ve watched.

First off, it felt better than masturbating. Way, way better, Like a hundred times better. Second, I always visualised myself to be on top and taking control.

In reality, I didn’t have a chance to do anything. I had no experience and all the porn in the world hadn’t prepared me for this. I never expected the hypnotic suggestions to work this quickly. Everything happened so fast. Mom shoved me on to the bed, then climbed on top of me. She then took my throbbing cock in hand, and slipped it into her, producing a long drawn out moan from me and a sharp gasp from her.

She was incredibly wet, which I expected, but she was tight too. Extremely tight. Mom then started riding me like crazy, moaning throughout, telling me how good I felt. All I could do was moan back, then grab her bouncing breasts. I never imagine sex would feel THIS good.

I came within a minute of her doing that. Mom started moaning even louder as I did so, and seconds later she came too, her pussy gripping me even tighter, her walls closing in and squeezing around my spasming cock.

It was the longest orgasm in my life, and no doubt the best. Surprisingly, I was completely drained after that, and I guessed Mom was too because she slumped down beside me.

We stayed like that, with my cock still buried deep inside her. Mom smiled at me, nuzzled me close, then gave me a long, lingering kiss until sleep overtook both of us.

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