The Drive Home Ch. 02


She lay in bed, reading the texts from the day before.

‘Nice photo’

‘You too. Wanna play?’

‘A game or…’

‘To start, then maybe…’

Back and forth they flirted until he told her that she must do something. That something opened up an experience she had never considered. One that liberated her, excited her and released a previously unknown need. The need for exhibitionism. She continued to reread the texts.

‘I have expectations. You would have to do everything I say.’

‘Perhaps. What do you have in mind?

‘How long of a drive do you have from work until you get home?’

‘Depends on which way I go. Maybe as much as an hour, but forty minutes at least’

‘Have you ever drove and masturbated before?’


‘Seeing as you’re losing this game, I want you to drive home naked. While you’re driving, I want you to masturbate until you cum.’

Karen had never even thought about doing something like this before. First to be submissive to a mystery lover, and second to masturbate while driving. Her emotions mixed between being offended and unconditionally excited. She could hardly wait for work to end.

On her drive home, she played with herself as instructed. She took her breasts out of her top, exposing them to anyone who passed her. She never thought she would be so excited.

It was an exciting day. and an exciting moment and Karen new it wouldn’t be her last now that the inner beast had been unleashed. The experience went beyond her wildest expectations. She didn’t think she would be so excited, yet she was. Unable to focus on her driving she wound up pulling into an office parking lot and fingered herself to a leg shaking orgasm.

Exhilarated from head to toe. Karen found she liked the thrill of exhibitionism. The thought that someone might see her and watch her as she drove around only increased her desire to test her limits. Now, she needed to further explore those limits.

She kept thinking of other drivers passing her by and looking in her car window, seeing her sitting behind the wheel, partially naked sent a rush to her loins. She reached inside her panties and played with her clit. The sensations, the eroticism of it all were more than she thought she could handle.

Karen was still reeling from the excitement. She thought of the truck drivers who had a higher view of her naked breasts. She thought of the drivers who sped past her. Had they only known what was going on, perhaps they would’ve slowed down. She knew she wanted to do this again. And soon.

She made plans to drive around Chicago on the next sunny Saturday afternoon. Avoiding the major construction sites casino siteleri that dotted the city on a regular basis, she instead, took some of the lesser travelled streets.

It was time to test her resolve again, and just in case things got out of hand, she could always pull over and finish the job. She laughed at the thought. She’d finish the job alright, but could she do it while she was driving and still stay on the road? It was time to find out, but this time she was going to add a little twist.

She started up her Volvo S90 sedan, set the semi autonomous Pilot Assist and turned left from her driveway. Her laptop sitting on the passenger seat, she waited until she got out of her neighborhood before she turned her camera on her laptop. She wanted to record her trip in case she decided to send it to a special someone.

She adjusted the camera on the laptop so that it showed her face and most of her upper torso. Her small frame and large breasts were prominently featured on the computers screen. She then turned again to begin her trip.

“I’m feeling naughty today.” she said as she looked at the camera on her lap top.

She could already feel her excitement building between her legs. She licked her lips, smiled at the camera and added;

“I’m going to drive around town and do a little playing. I wonder if anyone will see me?”

Karen removed her top and unhooked her bra, keeping her Dolce Gabbana sun glasses on. Their stylish look helping hide her face. She drove with her window open, letting the warm Chicago air rush into the car. Her breasts and large areola exposed to the elements, her nipples hardened.

She continued her drive down Sheridan Road, letting car’s pass her as she drove. Some looked her way, some didn’t. Most couldn’t tell that she was now topless as her short frame kept her low in the seat. She drove this way for several minutes. One hand on the wheel and the other squeezing and tugging on her nipples.

“Hmm, that feels good. I like having my nipples tugged on and sucked on.”

She then took one breast and brought it up to her mouth, licking and biting the tip of her nipple as she drove. A car drove by but if the driver was looking, they turned their head as they drove by. Karen smiled as they drove past and looked at her laptop again catching all the action.

There was little traffic on the road, so she pulled her shorts off showing her clean shaven pussy. She moved her right leg off the gas pedal and set her cruise control before moving her hand down to her wet vagina.

Spreading her lips apart, she began to rub her clit. Her juices clearly visible, she let them run over her fingers before sliding slot oyna them inside her. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes for only a moment, before letting out a soft moan.

Another car drove past, but much slower this time. The man in the drivers seat saw her bare shoulders and made no effort to hide the fact he was trying to sit up in his car to see more. Karen smiled and waived as he slowly drove past her followed very closely by another vehicle.

“I think he knew I’m naked. Poor guy. The car behind him was practically pushing him forward.”

Karen drove around the block, making left turn after left turn, staying off the main highways for now. She came to a stop light thinking this could be exciting. She took her top and placed it over her breasts as a motorcyclist came up next to her. She looked over to see a woman on the bike who looked back at Karen.

Helmet on and a darkened visor kept Karen from seeing the woman’s eyes. Just before the light turned green, the cyclist turned and gave a thumbs up and then sped away. Karen’s laptop camera caught it all and Karen laughed at the moment.

Turned on even more by the female biker, she put her top on the seat next to her and was once again, completely naked. It was time to take her ride a little further. She got B.O.B., what she called her vibrator, out and showed it to the camera. It’s long shaft of rubber nubs and extension shaped like bunny ears that vibrated her clit were clearly displayed to the laptop camera.

She took the shaft into her mouth, covering it in saliva before she inserted it into her vagina. She smiled for the lap top and adjusted her sitting position so that the camera on the laptop had a perfect view of her pussy.

She slid the large dildo in and out. Slow at first, but faster and faster. She moaned as the fleshy, phallic shaped love tool filled her insides.

“Ooh. That feels good.” she purred.

Faster and faster she pounded her pussy. Her juices were flowing but the dildo wasn’t quite enough to get her off. She put it aside and grabbed her rabbit ear vibrator. She turned it on slow and slid that into her waiting hole. The vibrating ears of the rabbit hitting her clit in just the right spot.

“Ahh yes. That’s the spot. This will make me cum fast.”

She turned the vibrator to a higher setting, letting it do it’s thing. She leaned her head back and moaned as her orgasm was building. She slowed her car down as she came to another turn. This time she turned right and took the rode to the Edens Expressway. She needed a long straight stretch of road. And besides, she was so worked up, she wanted to be seen.

She got her wish as a long canlı casino siteleri haul trucker carrying a load of timber from Wisconsin drove past. He had a clear view of Karen’s naked body and her hands working on her pussy. He gave a quick blast of his horn and continued to drive on.

Karen was now excited beyond compare. She had never felt so liberated, so fee, so sexy. Her big breasts needing to be sucked, she started driving with her left knee and used her left hand to lift her tit to her mouth. She licked and sucked on her nipple and tugged with her left hand. Her right hand still sliding her vibrator in and out of her pussy.

She was so very near climax, she knew she needed to put a hand back on the wheel.

“Oh God. Oh yes! ohhh, I’m cumming!” She said aloud.

Her body started to convulse with an incredible orgasm. She raised her hips and pushed her vibrator in and out as fast as she could, then held it firm against her clit. She cried out once more as she had another orgasm.

The Volvo’s driver assist beeping as her car started to move out of it’s lane markers. Barely keeping her vehicle between the lines, she drove on missing her intended exit, but she didn’t care. Her body was wet with sweat as her had another, less intense third orgasm.

“Whew! Oh my God! That was good.” she said and laughed as another truck drove past and gave a blast of his horn.

“Time to head back home.”

She didn’t try to put any clothes on as she made her way across the busy highway and found the next exit. She turned left and got back on Sheridan Road taking her time heading home. Once off the major highway, she put her shorts and top back on. When she arrived home, she grabbed her lap top and toys and ran inside the house.

She replayed the video she made, liking what she saw and posted it to her secret web site. She texted him letting him know there was something to see.

‘I have a surprise for you’

She didn’t wait for a reply. Still not completely satisfied, she took a long hot shower, turning the water as hot as she could stand it. then rubbed herself to another orgasm before turning the water to a colder setting. The jets from the shower head cooled her body down.

Karen dried off and made plans for the evening to go out with friends. While at one of her favorite bars, she and a friend overheard a conversation between three men.

“No way. You’re making that up.” One said to another.

“No. I’m telling you it’s true. She was driving down Sheridan buck ass naked.”

“In your dreams.” said the third man.

One of Karen’s friends looked at Karen and said;

“Do you believe those guys?”

Karen, blushed a little and felt a familiar wetness in her panties.

“Oh, I don’t know. Might be kinda fun to drive around naked.”

Karen took another sip of her drink. Her mind already wondering what she would do next.

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