The Elevator


I love a good adventure, but more than that, I love men. One day, on my way to a job interview, I got into a crowded elevator, and could not help noticing this man standing at the back wall. He was about 6 feet 2 inches tall, with cold black hair and a smile that could melt an iceberg. I excused myself, pushing to get to the back of the elevator to get a closer look at this Adonis. He was dressed in an immaculate navy blue suit, white shirt, fancy tie, and a matching kerchief. I made up my mind “he’s going to fuck me, before I reach the 35th floor.” All at once, I realized he might not be as adventurous as I was, but the only way to find out was to set the bait.

He was breathtakingly handsome, which made it easy to develop ideas quickly. My mind was racing, and the elevator was already moving to the fifth floor, so I had to execute my plan immediately. His eyes, deep, dark, and sexy, took me in and mesmerized me, and as I fought to keep control, he looked as though he was undressing me with those very eyes. Standing at the back of the elevator, my cohort and I watched the floors come and the people go. The smell of his cologne bought me back to the task at hand as I gave him a look that stated “this is your lucky day.” Coincidentally, we both must have had the same thing on our minds, because he gave me a conceding nod.

Slowly, he started our little rendezvous, as his hand searched for mine. The first touch was soft, yet subtle enough to decipher the sense of newness. I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me, but that didn’t stop me from wanting him to bend me over and fuck me hard from behind. The thought of him sliding in and out of my pussy at about 20 reps a minute made my heart skip a beat or two! I imagined he would only slow down long enough to get a second wind. He would hold my hips firmly as he slowed his pace down, thrusting hard to my lowest depth.

All of a sudden, I’m snapped out of my fantasy, as he turns sideways and rubs his $500 suit against my leg. His cock feels hard and enormous, and as soon as the elevator empties, I make plans to drop to my knees and take him in my mouth. I imagine his groans of ecstasy, as I suck his cock like no one ever has. Although his shiny leather shoes scintillate power and control, it means nothing to me, because I am in control. I reach over and unbutton the jacket to his suit, just enough to expose the zipper of his pants. While I am doing this, he reaches behind me and raises my skirt searching for my entrance. Oops, no panties. I was too happy that I was feeling naughty this morning and decided not to wear any.

He surveys my nice, round, pear-shaped ass, with his extra large hands; he squeezed and pinched until I let out a whispered moan. He forcefully grabs my hand and places it on his rock hard cock, then he places his own hand up the front of my skirt, groping to find my clit. He finds it, then massages it, sending chills down my spine. At this same moment, he takes off his jacket and folds it over his forearms; he either wants to hide his hard-on or he wants me to get in his pants. Well, little does he know, I too want to get in his pants; he opens the clasp at his waist for me and I unzip them, reaching in to find his big, thick, long cock that calls out to me.

“Ooo, yeah,” I whisper under my breath. It’s hard to the touch, and pulsating under my grip. About 9 3/4 inches long I would say. My heart begins beating feverishly, from both excitement and nervousness, hoping no one else is noticing what is going on. I feel myself creaming between my legs, and it almost seems as though it’s running down my inner thigh; what I wouldn’t give to be able to spread eagle for him right now, just to give him a taste. Anticipation quickens my heartbeat, and I increase the pace at which I am stroking his big, thick, long cock.

Finally, the last person is stepping off the elevator at floor
3. My floor is
5, and my heart is pounding faster and faster as the door closes, and moves on to floor
4. He begins to move toward the door with his jacket over his right arm and his briefcase in his left hand, seemingly as if he is getting off. “This must be a joke!” I scream to myself. “He cannot be getting off before he gets the chance to fuck me!” Instead he reaches over and presses the stop button, making the elevator screech to a halt. He sits his briefcase on the floor and throws his jacket on top of it; he loosens his tie, pulls his shirt out of his pants, and unbuttons it from the bottom up. His stomach was gorgeous and lined with the washboard muscles you see in magazines. His pecs were firm and huge, and thank goodness he had a hairless chest – there’s something about a bare chest that takes my breath away. From where I stood gazing at him, this man was perfect, and as he moved toward me, I tried to envision the first kiss. The seconds that passed as he walked from the front to the back of the elevator seemed like hours, and my mind was rolling like a movie camera, recording canlı bahis şirketleri the long tongue-laced kiss of a love scene. I couldn’t wait to feel his mouth on mine and taste the sweetness of his saliva. He stepped in front of me, dropped his pants, and I dropped to my knees and begin sucking his big, thick, long cock.

“Umm, I love sucking your big dick,” I said between slurps. I went at it like the pro that I knew I was, pushing his big, thick, long cock in and out of my mouth. I looked up at him, and his eyes were closed as he was enjoying every minute of it. I began to lick his balls, then caressed the length of his dick with my tongue, showing him it doesn’t get much better than this. He grabbed my hair and massaged it rather harshly, synonymous with his big, thick, long cock getting harder, I imagine because he is about to come. He grabbed his cock out of my mouth and spewed it all over the wall of the elevator; he was shaking as though he might pass out from the sexual gratification. The thickness and white consistency of his sperm reminded me of a vanilla milkshake – it even seemed to have the bubbly, foamy head.

He let his cock go and it stood stiff and ready to get sucked some more. I took his head into my mouth and he let out a few very loud moans, then pushed me away. He tried hard to compose himself – I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to get his rocks knocked like that. “Bewildered or not, this little rendezvous is hardly over,” I think to myself as I sit back and wait patiently. “Is he waiting for his dick, or is his dick waiting for him?” I chuckled to myself.

“Give me a second,” he said in almost a whisper. I stood up and slipped out of my tight black skirt showing off nothing but a garter and stockings. I opened my white silk blouse showing off my 36D breasts in a push up bra, and then sat on the floor of the elevator, while leaning my back up against one of the walls. My legs were open spread eagle and ready for him.

“Come get some pussy, baby,” the words dripped off my tongue. He seemed to conjure up newfound energy and grabbed a hold of each of my ankles and pulled me down onto my back. He then kneeled on the floor over me – his mouth covering mine. He sucked hard and grabbed my tongue, yearning to taste more of the elixir I’d doused him with; he ran his tongue around the inside of my mouth, then on the outside of my lips, on down to my chin. “Oh, yeah, nice and sloppy – just the way I like it,” I thought to myself. Damn, he was a good kisser! It’s been my experience, if a man kisses well, he’ll eat pussy even better. It was almost as if he was reading my mind, because in the next moment, he began to eat me out. His tongue parted the lips of my wet pussy, and searched out my clit; he was working quickly, as he seemed to be an old pro at this. At the same time, he reached down with his hand, and forced his fingers inside me. He pushed his fingers in and out with such precision, I could not believe I was getting it this good. The smell of my wet, juicy pussy filled the air rather quickly, as if a fog had set in with no warning. All of a sudden, my palms started getting sweaty, as the tension of ecstasy mounted inside me. He licked me with long, full strokes that started where he was finger fucking me, and ended at my throbbing clit. With each ensuing lick, my little piece of meat was getting harder and harder, and my body was gradually giving in to him. I knew the next lick would make me lose all respect for myself, since I’m usually known for keeping a cool head.

Here it comes…”Umm, ahh, ahh, oh shit!” I was coming with such intensity, that the climax overtook me; I was cold to the bone, and my body was completely relaxed, but still, I didn’t want it to end. Again, he read my mind and gave me just what I was asking for. He climbed in-between my legs and penetrated me with such force that he knocked the wind out of me. His big, thick, long cock felt so good I began grabbing his ass, trying to pull him into my pussy hole. He was thrusting in and out so hard, I almost felt like he was going to push his cock through my ass. By now, he had my legs over his shoulders and my head was anchored against the back elevator wall. He continued to ram my pussy with such force, I succumbed to his manliness. With no warning, he decided to change positions, and flipped me over so that he could enter me from behind. His penetration was so powerful, it ignited the stirring of a fire within me – I think he may have brushed my G-spot along the way. He began fucking me like a mad man, and his big, thick, long cock, filled my pussy up completely; I was on all fours, and he was in a bent over stance behind me. As he started to climax, he grabbed the front of my thighs and began thrusting so hard and fast he was making me orgasm repeatedly. He had to feel the sex getting more slippery by the second, as my creamy cum splattered his long, thick cock. My pussy grabbed his dick each time he stuck me, squeezing and forcing canlı kaçak iddaa him to surrender to the inevitable eruption. When he came, he pulled his dick out and sprayed his cum all over my ass. I quickly turned and was still able to get half of it in my mouth. He watched me suck his cock and swallow his cum for a moment or so. He looked as though he was impressed with my performance.

Finally, he pulled up his pants, tucked in his shirt, zipped up, and walked over to hit the start button. That was my cue to do the same. He gave me his kerchief to wipe his cum off my ass, and when I finished, he wiped off the wall. I slid back into my skirt, buttoned my blouse, and tried to fix my hair as best as I could.

He got off at the 34th floor, and believe it or not, we never said a word to one another. As he stepped off the elevator, he gave me his card and said call him sometime; we both smiled, and the elevator doors closed. It was a good thing I was a half-hour early, since it was now 9:15 – all of this took about fifteen minutes or so, and I still had time before my 9:30 job interview. I read the name on the card in my hand just as the elevator reached the 35th floor. When the doors opened, the name J. D. Jennings Company greeted me. The same name was on the card he gave me. It seems I had just fucked the President of the company with whom I had a job interview.

“Oh, shit. Now you’ve done it,” I scolded myself. I land an interview with one of the most prestigious architectural firms in New York, and I go and fuck it up because I wanted to get fucked. I duck into the ladies room to pee and comb my hair, then I nervously arranged, then rearranged my portfolio. I took in a deep breath and headed for the front desk.

“I’m here for an interview with Ms. Jenson…my name is Alexis Strong.”

“I’ll let her know you’re here,” the receptionist replied.

The lobby was wonderfully decorated in sand and creamy shades, while dark wood trim adorned the walls and furniture. There were 4 large picture windows that allowed you to view all of the downtown area, as well as the suburbs. I could imagine myself daydreaming in my corner office on a Friday afternoon as I gazed out into the distance. I fell into a fantasy about Mr. Jennings and I getting cozy in his penthouse apartment – nothing but the best when you’re wealthy.

The phone rings at 1:00 a.m., and as I glance at the clock, I wonder who could be calling me at this hour.

“Hello,” I answer in a sleepy whisper.

“Alex…this is Jeff. Did I wake you?” Mr. Jennings sounded apologetic.

“That’s OK. Is everything all right?”

“Everything is fine. I couldn’t sleep…you’ve been on my mind all day. I was wondering if you could come over for a while?”

“Excuse me?” I was sure I had heard him wrong.

“I need to see you…do you think you could come over? My address is 1123 Acre Drive…I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Jeff…it’s late.”

“Alex…I need to see you. I wouldn’t call if it weren’t important, please…”

“Can we discuss it over the phone?” In my own way, I was playing hard to get. He wanted sex, but he wasn’t asking for it, so I was going to make him squirm a little – maybe even beg.

“I have to see you,” he chimed again.

“Why is it so important for you to see me? We’ll be at work in less than eight hours…can’t we take care of it then?” I threw out the bait, and was waiting for my catch.

“Alex, please just come by.”

“If I come, I come – what will I get in return?” I was purposely backing him into a corner.

“It’s a secret. You won’t find out until you get here.” He wasn’t biting like I wanted him to.

“Jeff, is this about sex?”

“Why would you say that. I just need to talk to you, that’s all,” he fought to sound innocent.

“OK, give me a half hour.” I was wide-awake now, and my pussy had been aching for him for the last ten days, since our elevator escapade. I took a quick shower, dabbed some Christian Dior behind my ears and on my wrists, put on some stiletto heels with a pair of sheer thongs and matching bra, then covered it all with a trench coat. I hoped I was on point – if not, I might look really silly if sex wasn’t on his mind, too.

I arrived at his house forty-five minutes later, due to taking a wrong turn and getting lost. I rang the doorbell and waited for him to answer. When he finally opened the door, I was greeted by those sexy firm pecs and some silk pajama pants. He had sex written all over his face and his body language verified the same.

“Thanks for coming over – come on in,” he said as he invited me in.

“So what’s so important?” I asked as I stepped just inside the foyer.

“I wanted to taste you again,” he whispered in my ear.

Chills ran rampant all through me as he pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. His tongue was warm and insistent as he smothered me with his passion. He opened my coat and received an eye full.

“You look beautiful,” he canlı kaçak bahis said, as he kneeled and kissed my stomach. With one hand he caressed my breasts, the other he ran between my legs where he was greeted by my nice, moist, horny pussy.

“Oh, ssss, umm,” escaped my lips while I began to disrobe. Jeff was kissing the front of my thighs and teasingly running his tongue up and down the inside part. His hands were soft and they explored my body slowly and exactly.

“Turnaround, I want to eat you from behind,” Jeff said, as he helped me to stand with my hands on the wall as if I was being frisked. His fingers tugged on each side of my skimpy thongs, as he seemed to effortlessly remove them. He made sure my feet were away from the wall and spread far apart. Jeff licked from the top of my ass down to my dripping pussy; the cream was running wild, and he was licking up every bit. He ended up sitting on the floor with his back to wall, allowing himself the chance to get at my pulsating clit; it was aching for a release. With the tip of his tongue, he moved my clit from side to side with quick, wet strokes. His fingers played inside me arousing inner emotions screaming to be free. I could feel the tension building in my clit as I tried to concentrate on the quick deliberate motion of Jeff’s tongue.

“I’m coming, ohh shit, you’re making me come!” My creamy cum squirted all over Jeff’s hand and arm, while he let his tongue slide down to my pussy hole to lap up as much of my honey as he could. I was content for the time being, but I knew that would be short-lived, due to the fact that one orgasm was never enough.

“Come with me,” he said, as he scrambled to his feet. The house was dimly lit, but I could see it was exquisitely furnished. The living room was spacious with a big beautiful fireplace against the west wall. I could see there was a fire blazing in yellow and orange flames, while the popping and cracking sounds that filled the room had the marks of foreplay written all over them. The incredible aroma of burning wood further titillated my senses. Jeff had large pillows, several blankets, a bottle of white wine from France, and a tray of fruit and cheeses waiting for our indulgence. I watched him pop the cork and pour two beautiful crystal flutes full of wine, as I made myself comfortable amidst the pillows. He put several pieces of fruit and cheese on a plate for me to eat, leaned over to kiss me, then seductively proceeded to feed me a strawberry dipped in chocolate and whip cream. He licked the remains from the corners of my mouth and lips as we became involved in a wet, animated kiss.

“Miss Strong? I’m Sarah Jenson. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you,” she said as she extended her hand for me to shake.

“Pleased to meet you.” She had startled me in the core of my fantasy. Sarah Jenson looked to be forty-something, with long black hair that fell just above her shoulders. She wore a conservative dark brown suit with a mock turtleneck sweater. Her heels were about three inches high, making an otherwise boring outfit show a sense of spark. She had a beautiful smile, and as we walked down the corridor, she was more than a bit chatty.

“I feel very fortunate to have someone of your caliber seeking employment with our modest firm. After working with some of the big boys, I’m sure you will find the atmosphere here to be warm, yet friendly. We consider this to be a home away from home,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I look forward to coming aboard and working hard to help put this firm on the map,” I said brimming with confidence. I had in fact worked with the largest architectural firm in New York: Shoen, Burk and Jones, and had left due to sexual harassment charges against one of the partners. To make a long story short, I sued, we settled out of court, and I won $250,000. The company’s reputation couldn’t stand the press, so they paid me to keep quiet. I was originally suing for $1,000,000, but I didn’t want my name smeared any more than they did. I had slept with an architect who was the son of one of the partners; daddy heard I was good and wanted a piece of the action too. He couldn’t very well let his son outdo him, but as it turns out, he outdid himself, and cost his firm a great deal of money in the process. I watched Ms. Jenson as she looked through my portfolio; undoubtedly she was very impressed and wanted my expertise here at J. D. Jennings, Co. I, on the other hand, just wanted Mr. Jennings.

“Everything is in order, Miss Strong. I’d like to set you up for a second interview with Mr. Jennings on Friday afternoon. How’s 2:00?”

“That’s fine,” I had mixed emotions, considering my past with him. I was worried that I might not get the job based on my weaknesses, when in fact I was a damn good architect. It was obvious I was at his mercy. Hopefully I fucked him so well he would want to have me around, if only for the sake of spontaneity.

“During the second interview Mr. Jennings will discuss the particulars of the position with you, including salary and benefits.” We got up and walked to the door. “Again, it was wonderful meeting you, Alex,” Ms. Jenson replied with her hand extended as we waited for the elevator.

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