The Family Arrangement 3 – THE TRACEY TAPES!!


The Family Arrangement 3 – THE TRACEY TAPES!!If you’ve read parts 1 and 2 of this saga, you’ll know that myself and an old GF, Carol, had regular playmates, Steve and Brenda, who had tried to hide from us that they had a ‘Family Arrangement’ with their k(id)s, Debbie and James.You’ll also know that we got invited to a party at their home, where in the last part I got to fuck Debbies ‘boss’, Melissa. Those of you who are into details will also remember that Melissa came along with another girl called….. Tracey.For those of you not from the UK, you may not understand what the term ‘Essex Girl’ conjures up as an image in the minds of British men – BIG tits, curvy, blonde, loads of make up, legs that go all the way up their arses (or asses, if you’re in the good old U.S of A), not endowed with too many brain cells…. and complete and utter SLAGS!!! For example, here’s an Essex Girl joke:- What’s the first thing an Essex Girl does after having sex? She switches on the car interior light….. There are many others, probably a lot better than that one, but I hope you get the idea?Anyway, at Steve and Bren’s party, I had watched Tracey getting fucked, DP’d, then fucked again by all the other guys there – Steve and James, and Liam and Darren, two guys Steve had literally invited that afternoon from his gym! By the time I got a look in, my bollocks were drained (into Melissa, Debbie and Brenda – Lol!) and I was shattered! However, fortunately Steve and Brenda had a huge bath (bath tub) in their home. You could easily sit 6 people in it and, around midnight, I found myself sitting in the bath enjoying a glass of wine, when who should appear through the door, but Tracey. I’d FINALLY got her alone!Giggling, with her gorgeous tits swaying and bouncing around (I did a ‘man-guess’ and reckoned they must have been around a 36/38 FF or even GG, which looked superb on her 5ft 5in tall frame), and trying not to drop the half drunk bottle of Prosecco she was taking mouthfuls from (her third bottle of the evening), she gingerly dipped her very attractive foot and leg into the bath, followed it with the other and sat down, sloshing the water over the sides and into the foam. She sat directly opposite me and, within seconds, I felt her toes coming up between my legs and nestling neatly right under my nut sack. As she bounced my balls up and down in the warm, sudsy water, she giggled and cooed, and blew me a few kisses. She was absolutely pissed! As much as I wanted to fuck her right there and then, I actually wanted her to be reasonably sober so we’d both enjoy it – I’ve never been one for taking advantage of a woman when she’s drunk. It’s just no fun in my book, and I’d actually like them to remember the fucking I’ve given them, come the morning.So, I slid around the ledge seat below the water so that we were sitting hard up against each other, with the foam bubbles squeezing out between wherever our bodies met.“So……. got any spunk left for me then?” Tracey giggled.“I don’t think so luv” I moaned. “And I so wanted to play with you tonight….” I must have looked liked a poor k** who’d just opened his birthday presents hoping for Buzz Lightyear – but getting Mr Potato Head!“Awwwww….. poor Roger” said Tracey, as she pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek, finishing with a little lick of my lips. “I wanted you to fuck my arse, too. Brenda’s been telling me how good at it you are. It was reeeeally nice of you to break her in the way you did”.Some months before when Carol and I hadn’t long known them, Brenda had asked me to take her anal virginity. I was amazed for a 50 yr old woman that she’d never had anal sex before, but she hadn’t. She’d wanted to try it for quite a while, but never met a guy she trusted enough, and Steve had a rather more bulbous than average cockhead, and she’d thought that that would hurt too much. So, one night when they came round, we made it an ‘Anal Special’ so Steve fucked my Carol up the arse all night (she loved anal and had taken some pretty large meat up her bum since I’d known her, so Steve’s great big dome of a cockhead didn’t faze her at all!), and I introduced Brenda to the joys of an anal orgasm. If you want to know how, read my “Definitive Guide to Anal” in my stories and you’ll see how we went about it.Anyway, back to Tracey… Clearly Brenda had been filling her in on my anal ‘talents’, and Tracey wanted my thick ole meat up her bum, too.“So, when are we going to get together?” I asked her.“Soon as!” exclaimed Tracey, getting all excited at the prospect. So I asked her for her phone number and said I’d text her next day after I’d cleared it with Carol. I’ve always done that when swinging as part of a couple – there should be no secrets and nothing ‘underhanded’, no matter what it is. I knew all about Carol’s blokes and when she was playing with them, and I returned the compliment.Next morning I had a chat with Carol. She was surprised illegal bahis I didn’t take the opportunity to fuck Tracey when we were in the bath, but she also thought it would be better to do it from when we were both sober. Then she suggested something which really surprised me: “Why don’t you take her away for a couple of nights?” I was staggered!! “Er…. okay luv. That’s a great idea, but I doubt a young girl like her would want to go away with a bloke my age?”“Don’t be daft – the pair of you will enjoy it. Give me her number – I’ll call her and sort it out”And, with that, she did! So, a few weekends later, there was me and Tracey (looking like I’d rented her for the weekend!) standing on the platform of Waterloo Railway Station in the centre of London, waiting for the train to Portsmouth, of all places! Carol had told her that there is a really good shopping mall there (which there is!) and that I’d treat her to some ‘bits n pieces’ – that was more than enough to get Tracey signed up! I’d booked a Premier Inn I’d stayed in before right by Portsmouth Station which I knew was pretty good for a city centre Inn. When the train pulled out we were like a couple of k**s sneaking away on our first dirty weekend. Tracey kept kissing me all over my face, hugging me and stroking the inside of my thigh with her hand all the way there. It was just a pity we were in an open carriage and no compartments were on the train, or we’d have been fucking our way to Portsmouth!We got there and made our way to the hotel, which was only just over 5 mins from the station. When we booked in, the concierge said “You’ve stayed here before, Sir?” I was surprised and looked at Tracey. She just grinned and whispered…”Bring all yer tarts here, do ya..?” I tried to muffle a laugh.“Yes I have” I answered, “about two years ago”“Would you like the same room, Sir?” “Er… yes. I do remember it being nice and large”“Yes and…… quiet”… there was a suggestive tone to the concierges voice.“That’ll be fine” I said, and within less than a minute we had our keys and were in the lift to the top floor. The room was at the other end of the hotel, away from noise and ‘interruptions’ – why that became an advantage, I’ll tell you later.We walked in and Tracey made a bee-line for the loo. “I’m burstin’, Rog!” she called as I heard her pull her knickers down in a rush, plonk herself on the seat and a noise not unlike Victoria Falls in the rainy season came from the other side of the door. I checked the room out, got the telly working (well you have to, don’t you?) and laid on the bed. Tracey emerged from the loo after a couple of minutes and jumped up on the bed with me.“So, what we gonna do then, Rog? Fuck now? Eat now? – and before you answer, I’m starving’!” so there was my hint that we should enjoy a pleasant evening meal together. This turned out to be a pizza (Tracey’s ‘fave’ apparently) in an upmarket Italian trattoria about 10 mins walk from the hotel.All the time we were having dinner, there were a couple of waiters Tracey kept eyeing up. When we got about halfway through dessert, I couldn’t help myself anymore and asked “Have I got competition this weekend then?”Tracey looked back at me, a bit shocked.“No Rog. Course not” she said, all indignant. “My arsehole is yours this weekend – no other fuckas!” and she took a large spoonful of her Tiramisu and stuffed it in her face! When she finished that mouthful she added… “But they’re cute. How about I get their numbers and we get ‘em round for a four-way before we go ‘ome?” I tried to muffle a laugh. This was typical Tracey. I grinned and said it would be a good idea and, with that, she was off out of her seat and up to the bar talking to these two guys. They looked in their mid 20’s, around Tracey’s age and looked pretty fit, so I could quite see why she fancied sampling their cocks. A couple of minutes later, she toddled back to the table. “Got them?” I asked.“Yep. Told ‘em your me sugar daddie – you got a load a dosh but yer dick don’t work too well…… and you’ll pay ‘em to fuck me”“WHAAAAAATTTTT????” I nearly spat my coffee out! “I haven’t got enough to pay them!”“Shhhhhhhhh ya dozy git. You won’t have to pay ‘em a penny once I’ve given ‘em a good seeing-to!” retorted Tracey. I was relieved, but she clearly had in mind what she was going to do to them.Anyway, we finished the meal, Tracey blew kisses to the two waiters on the way out and we wandered back to the hotel. We got back to our room and laid on the bed letting the meal ‘process’. After about an hour, I got stripped down to my boxers and Tracey toddled off to the bathroom to change into one of the many, many sets of bra and panties she’d brought for the weekend. When she emerged from the bathroom my cock almost stood to attention as she posed by the door! She was wearing the same wine-red glimmering mini dress she had on when we met at Steve and Brenda’s! She strolled illegal bahis siteleri slowly towards the bed, teasing me with every step. “I thought we’d have a bit of a replay…..” she cooed through her pouting, red lips, and with that she climbed onto the bed and crept on her hands and knees toward me. As she got to me, her hand went straight to the bulge in my shorts and she expertly massaged it up and down, my cock hardening with every stroke.In a blur we were both naked, and I was on top of her with my cock thrust deep inside her. She felt fantastic inside. I’d thought she’d have had so much sex in her 25-26 years that her pussy would be slack and lacking any sensation. In fact, she was the complete opposite – she was tight as a glove! It was like my cock and her pussy were made for each other! We fucked for nearly an hour – nothing special, it was just all the stuff a male/female couple do together (missionary, doggie, oral both ways, scissors etc etc) and both of us were loving it!I’d cum inside her, which she’d loved and she went down on my cock and sucked it clean. We laid back on the bed for a breather and a glass of Prosecco (you’ll gather that Prosecco was a big thing in Traceys’ life!) then she said “So when am I getting me bum reamed out then?”I chuckled. Then she said “But it want it just ‘ow you did it wiv Brend! None of this missionary shit!” I introduce nearly all women to anal by doing it in reverse cowgirl. That way, the woman is in control of the depth of penetration, AND I get to sink my cock right up to the hilt normally as a result – and that’s good for me!I smiled at Tracey and she grinned back. I grabbed my man bag from the bedside unit and delved into it, looking for…… BOOTY RELAX! For those of you not in the UK, Booty Relax is a silicone-rich anal lube with NO numbing agent – far safer than any with Benzocaine in it. I showed it to Tracey who, with a squeal, jumped up and got herself on all-fours, turned so I was looking straight at her wide open bum cheeks, and backed towards me so it was an effortless reach from tube to arsehole!I squeezed a liberal amount out onto my fingers, looked up and hesitated for a moment as I took in the sight of her waxed and, rather obviously bleached, shithole! It was sooooo white and gleaming, I was convinced if you stuck a torch up there it could have doubled as a lighthouse! I reached forwards and my fingers carefully inched their way into her anus. She moaned pleasantly as first two, then three, then four fingers went in, slipping easily with the silicone lube. When I had her gaping slightly, I lent forward with the tube in my other hand, inserted the tip of the tube through my fingers and squeezed again. Nearly half the tube had gone into her bum, and she was wriggling with the motion my fingers were making. All the while she was making cooing noises and grinding her bum against my knuckles.“That should do ya…” I said. “let’s sort me out now.” And as I withdrew my fingers to lube myself up, Tracey suddenly turned around, grabbed the tube out of my hand, squeezed half a handful into her palm and went straight to my rock hard cock. She expertly rolled her hand back and forth from tip to base, making sure not a single skin cell didn’t have lube on it. It might have been a rather slippery wank due to the Booty Relax, but my balls were already aching and I knew we had to get on with it before I ruined the show! “Right” said Tracey, “Get on the floor babe”. I got down off the bed and laid alongside the base, leaving her enough room to get her foot and leg in, but close enough so she could hold on to the mattress to steady herself. I started to wank myself further to make sure I was as hard as possible, and she got off the bed, turned her back towards me as she stood astride my torso and sat almost exactly on target hovering just above the tip of my cock.“ Do you remember what to do luv?” I asked her.“Yeah, I’ve gotta push like I’m gonna shit meself, ain’t I?” she replied. At least she’d listened to Brenda… “That’s right luv – but do that when you’re actually sitting on my bell end, or you might just shit yourself for real!” She giggled at that, then lowered herself just a couple of centimetres further and I felt her sphincter touch my glans for the first time. Even through the slikyness of the lube it felt fucking great! “When you’re ready baby” I said, and held my hands up to her mid lower back to help steady her as she descended.A second or two later I felt her take a deep breath and could feel her bum hole opening slightly and then she started to lower herself, bending at the knees. Her bum hole was a LOT tighter than I expected – waaay tighter than Brenda’s had been when I first fucked her anally a few months before. I was a bit concerned that it was too tight for her, so was ready for her to bail out, but she didn’t. Tracey slowly, but surely, continued to lower herself canlı bahis siteleri down my shaft, panting quietly as my thick girth stretched her ring further and further. She had got about half way down when suddenly she stopped.“You okay baby?” I asked, genuinely concerned.“Yep” she replied, through pursed lips. “If it’s too much, just stop baby” I said, trying to help.“Fuck that” She barked back. “I didn’t come all the way down here not to get my arse reamed properly!” and, with that, she gritted her teeth and sank down the remaining half of my shaft in one swift movement until her bum cheeks slapped against me with a squish of lube as she did so. She let out a gasp of both surprise and relief all at once, and her arms swung back as her hands landed on my ribs. She arched her back and I could feel her trying to tighten her anal muscles to grip my cock, but without much success. She groaned and moaned as she rocked back and forward with my shaft deep inside her bowels. She went slightly limp for a moment and I thought she was about to pass out, but she recovered just as quickly and then began to raise herself back up my shaft almost to the head. Then down again, then up, then down, up, down, up…… within a few motions she had got into her rhythm and I just helped by holding her bum cheeks as she bounced up and down on my stiff meat. Soon she was really getting into it “YESSSSS…… YESSSSSSS…… YESSSSSS…..!!!!” she was starting to almost shout (at which point I was glad we were tucked away in the end room!). Tracey carried on bouncing up and down on my cock getting more and more confident with every rise and fall of her gorgeous body.“Fuck me, Rog, THIS is what I came here for” she gasped as she kept the rhythm going, “Getting my arse well and truly FUUUUUUCKED!!” The more she kept on about it, the closer I was getting to blowing my load. I don’t think I’d arse fucked a woman with a tighter anus before and I was loving it every bit as much as Tracey was. I looked up at her back and her blonde hair was being thrown around her head in wild freedom, sweat was running down her back and starting to drip onto my belly.Then, without warning, she suddenly stood up, my cock popping out of her arse. She spun to face me, dropped onto all fours and, quick as a flash, she had my cock first in her hand, then straight into her pouting lips and mouth! She started sucking my cock for all she was worth, and I noticed her free hand had disappeared between her legs and, from the angle, I could tell she was sticking a couple of her fingers up her bum. She sucked harder and harder. I could see the lube squeezing out all around her mouth, together with a slight tan shade which had come with it out of her back passage. She was sucking it all – my pre-cum, the lube, and her own detritus – all together like a salty, sex-filled cocktail. She was uncontrollable! She sucked and sucked, and sucked…. and before too long I was blowing my load into her mouth. My sticky man-goo shot into her throat – once, twice, three times – and a fourth! Tracey was sucking every bit of spunk I had in my body! I knew gave a good blow job, but this time it was way off the scale!!! I came over and over, until I had no more. Tracey collapsed into my crotch exhausted from all the effort. I thought “Christ, I’ve worn out a 25 year old! So much for me worrying about her not wanting to come away for a sex-filled weekend with a guy twice her age!”We lay there together for several minutes. I stroked her head, and she clung on to my legs whilst one hand stroked my rapidly shrinking cock. “Wow…….” she whispered, breathing deeply. “Wow…….”“Was that what you expected baby…?” I asked, gingerly.“Everything……and a whole lot more….. I’ve never had anal like that, Rog. How the fuck did you learn to do that?”I thought that was a bit too much to say it was all my work, as she’d been the one gyrating on my cock, but I told her the story all about Nikki the porn star I’d gone out with when I was her age (you can read about that in my stories too) and told her how often I’d introduced women to the pleasures of anal sex since then.“I’ll have to tell me mates about you – you could have bookings every night of the week with that technique!” she exclaimed.After a little longer laying together on the floor, I suggested we get a bit more comfortable, get showered to get the lube off and lay on the bed. She agreed and we showered together, which was a truly sensual experience, and Tracey particularly enjoyed it when I got my exfoliating gloves out and ‘did her all over’ paying special attention to all her favourite little ‘zones’. Then we dried off, wandered back to the bed and laid back. Tracey cuddled up to me and we kissed like an established couple, me running my hands all over her body and her gently stroking my cock.After a while, the conversation got round to earlier in the evening and I asked what she had said to the two waiters in the pizza place. “Oh I asked if they’d like to come over for a gangbang later” was the reply. “You up for it, Rog?”I said…… Well, dear reader, that really ought to be the next part of the story….. lol!

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