The Family D’Enfer Redux Ch. 08


It was the day after Justine returned from Italy. She and her brother lay on the bed in the bright midafternoon; his cock was firmly embedded inside her as he lay on top of her full contact, barely moving. She sighed, “Oh Justin, what a way to make a girl feel at home. I swear you’ve grown an inch or two.” She ground her hips, bringing a smile to his lips.

He whispers in her ear millimeters away. “You’re welcome, Justine. I was going to say you’ve gotten tighter if I didn’t know better.”

She smiled comfortably and whispered back, “I’m serious, you are bigger. You didn’t fill me up this much before I left.”

“Auntie Pru measured me last night: ten inches.”

She nodded her head. “I knew it: a late growth spurt. Feels so good to be under you again.”

“Nobody grinds her hips like you do, sis. It’s been too long since your heels were on my butt like this.” She dug them into him as they ground their crotches into each other.

She said, “How’s Auntie Pru, anyway? I remember that you’ve been helping her with more than the yard work, you little perv.”

“She’s been a real help with the college classes I’m taking. Every time I’ve had a big paper, she’s proofed it for me, and I’ve been doing her yard work.”

She gave him a disbelieving look, and a light smack on the backside. “You little perv, with the start you had, I bet you’ve made her your personal painslut by now.”

He giggled a little bit. “Well, you’re the one who told me about her. You’ve given me everything: my first peek at a naked girl, my first handjob, my first blowjob, my first fuck. You taught me how to lick tits and pussy. Why shouldn’t you give me Auntie Pru?

“Jealousy, maybe. I love what that woman let me do to her. Well, you’re the reason I came home and why I’m on the Pill. Got big news for you, but not yet. Oh, that monster feels so good inside me; it’s been too long, donkey dick.” She luxuriated and held his entire body against hers tightly as she ground her hips against him.

Justin whispered in her ear, “Do you wanna hear what we did last night? I took pictures.”

She gave him another playful smack. “Oh, you little horndog, yes, yes. Show and Tell time.”

He looked a bit confused. “While we’re fucking?”

She nodded. “Oh yes, the thought of Auntie Pru’s big white tits and what can be done to them makes me so wet. Unless your brain is so completely in your donkey dick you can’t function otherwise.”

“Okay. Let me grab the laptop and put it on the bed.” The laptop was on his night table and he was able to move it so they could both see it easily lying cheek to cheek without pulling away from her. He opened the folder and hit a couple of buttons. “Look there, wait, I’ll make it full screen.”

She made a face as his cheek lay heavily against hers. “Ow, you didn’t shave today. Your stubble is rough.”

“Shut up, you know you love it when we lie cheek to cheek. Anyway, the first picture is her lily white tits. She’s got her hands up over her head and sticking her chest out. Don’t they look sweet?”

“Mmmm, a trip down mammary lane.” He slapped her butt with a loud crack. “Ow! What was that for?”

“You deserved a smack on the ass for that line. Last night, we did things a little differently. She always loves getting this big white babies sore and red. . .”

“Yes, I just loved how she got so eager to pull out those tits for me to smack around. It became a habit.”

He nodded. “Yes, sister, I can tell how much you loved it; my dick is now twice as wet in your cunt. Well, this time I teased her a bit. Look at this pic.”

A pair breasts tied in a sincan escort figure eight with nylon rope appeared. “Purple?” she said. “Where did you learn to tie tits like that?”

“Online. Step by step instructions, including how purple to let them get. Wanna try it?” He said with a leer.

“Let me think about it, OK? God, I love your cock up my cunt. What’s next? Wow, I never knew her ass was so big. Your hand is a great perspective. How did it feel?”

“Soft as a baby’s bottom, well when I started it did. This is how it looked a couple of minutes later.”

“Nice pattern, Justin. Pump a little harder, won’t you babe? The pattern’s very symmetrical, what’s next? Oooh, that’s really getting red. The third is really angry. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. You did this with a belt?”

“Yeah, I always just use the belt on her, or my bare hand. The next thing I did was I fucked her doggy style, right then and there. It always takes her a while to get used to my massive meat in her cunt, see? It took five minutes to get up to the balls.”

“I know how she feels. Oh, oh, oh, oh, harder, sweetness, harder. Yes, yes, yes. Oh my god, did you butt fuck her next?”

“Oh yes, she came long before I was ready, so I pulled out of her cunt and fed it slowly up her ass. She howled like a banshee but she bucked harder against me than ever. Her ass was so tight: I took her ass cherry and it was wonderful.”

“That’s more than I want to do. You know, she’s a lesbian, or at least she was. I’m glad you’ve got a nice ass to fuck now. That must have stung like hell after you blistered her ass.”

“It did. She told me she never felt anything like that before and orgasmed again when I came up her butt. Oh sis, you’re getting close, aren’t you?”

“Yes, let’s flip over so we can make the moment last.” They managed to switch without disengaging. “Yes, it’s so good to ride this donkey dick again.” She began bucking as she rode him more and more urgently.

Justin looked at the breasts hanging in his face and said, “Sis, I think your tits have gotten bigger. Did you get an operation?”

“No, of course not, silly,” she gasped between strokes.

“I think you’re lying.”

She gave him a wicked grin. “Well, check it out for yourself.”

“I will.” He started to massage her breasts, gently at first, then more energetically as she kept pumping him. “Still nice and firm, nothing feels foreign here. Have to check the nipples close up.” He leaned forward to engulf her left breast.

“Mmmm, your tongue work is getting better. Ah, a little bite, mmmm. You can do that again. Yes, yes.”

“Well, I’ve had a couple of tasty ones to practice on. Auntie Pru lets me really chop on her nipples before I beat them. And after.”

“Is that what you did after you buttfucked her?”

“No, first she got a basin and washed off my dick. Nice, warm soapy water, she got every bit of shit off it and her touch was so gentle. Then she dried it in a warm fluffy towel. Here’s the pictures.” A flick of his finger brought up images of a hand, a washcloth, a basin of brown water and Justin’s cock.

“Wow, she got your brown trouser snake cleaned up real good.” Twitches of ecstasy crossed her face “That’s such a lovely monster, it’s nice to see what’s inside me.”

“Wait, slut sister, there’s more,” and he reached out to touch a button for the next image.

Justine and Justin ground their hips against each other a few moments before he reached over to the laptop. Another flick brought up another image. Justine was enrapt: “Oh, here’s my favorite: tits with a hint of red. I guess sincan escort bayan you did turn her loose eventually.”

He nodded. “I sure did; massaging the blood back into them is a treat, too. She says it’s like a thousand pins and needles and they’re always super sensitive right after they’re released. That’s something she’d never done before but always dreamed of when she downloaded those movies from the Net. Here’s another stage of red, and here’s real red.”

“I made them that red, then I loved to feel her up. Her skin was so hot under my hands, oo, ooo, oooooooooo.”

“Almost, Justine, almost there. A little orgasm, big one coming.” Another loud crack of a hand against bare flesh filled the room. “Okay, I’ll own up to that bad pun, you can even hit my butt again. Next, I did the undersides of her tits.”

She smiled in ecstasy. “Auntie Pru is a real painsult about the underside of her tits. I loved making her hold her own nipples high so I could get at them.”

“Maybe you’d like to be on the receiving end sometime?”

Justine looked thoughtful. He gave her right nipple a playful tweak, which brought a wince. “Maybe, donkey dick, maybe. Spank me.”

A sharp crack rang out, and Justine smiled. “Again, again.” Two more slaps assaulted Justine’s firm round ass and left their marks. “That’s wonderful, turn it red, baby bro, turn it red.”

“Of course, I always do what my big sister tells me.” They bucked as his hands made their harsh music on her tanned backside, turning the light mocha skin to sunburn red. Her head wobbled as she rode him hard and her tits jiggled merrily. She smiled down and said, “Now, give me a tit slap or two.”

A frightened look filled his face. “While you’re riding me like this? I feel very exposed.”

She smiled, “If I don’t like it, I won’t take it out on you; this is my idea. Smack my tits.”

He gave her breasts a couple of light, experimental slaps. “Goodness, you like this, I’m getting drenched again. A little more?”

She bit her lip. “Yes, keep doing that, harder, more.” He started easily, but as she bucked him harder, and her face contorted in bliss he kept slapping her breasts and twisting her nipples until at last she broke into a mammoth scream, bucking wildly like a cowboy on a steer as her orgasm took her for several minutes. The intensity lasted until it burned out suddenly, letting her drop limply on his torso with a thud, knocking a breath out of him.

He was amazed. “That’s the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had, sis. You’re completely loose and landed on me pretty hard. Glad we’re alone in the house; never thought having the parents forced to live abroad after an embezzlement scandal was such a good thing. We’d have never gotten away with this if they were down the hall; it was all we could do to get away with those handjobs while I licked your slit.”

She turned her eyes to his, face to face and a broad, weary smile creased her face. Panting heavily she said, “My God, Justin, that was so powerful. Lordie, you’ve still got a steel bar down there. Guess I’ll have to finish you off with a blowjob. Let me catch my breath. Tell me about what else you did to her while I suck your nuts out.”

He held her ear as she started devouring him while looking at the laptop screen. “Look at the next pics, I held her tits up one at a time and went over the undersides of them. Then I got a special rig that I do with her nipple clamps and chain.” She moved down to his crotch and started licking his balls, moving his cock out of the way and keeping her eyes glued to the laptop screen. “Mmmm, tea escort sincan bagging, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. I got her nipples hard, clipped them together tight and then titfucked her like a maniac. See how I set her up; oh, oh, those lovely red orbs held so close and the nipples are almost smack against each other the way I’ve wrapped the chain. She licked my cock every time it popped out, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, like you are, and howled the whole time. Then I gave her a huge pearl necklace, like, like, like, like, like, oh, oh, oh, oh, yes sis, my god your mouth is so good! Yes, yes, yes, drink it all down, it’s good for you. Mmmmm. Aaaahhhh. Oh, nobody teases my cockhead after I come like you do, ooh, ooh, ooh. Aaaaahhhh.”

She kept at her task until she was certain that he had nothing more to give her. “I’m glad you like that. You always taste so good, little brother, I could lick your peppermint stick all day long. Wow, that huge load of white cum on Auntie Pru’s big red tits looks so yummy. What did you do next?”

“I rubbed it all over her tits; she says it’s more soothing than her favorite lotion and almost as good as my aloe vera mix. Then I ate her pussy until her screams peeled the paint off the walls.”

She smiled and whacked him softly on the butt. “You’re such a softy; I never did anything like that for her.”

“Well, I always think I owe her to finish her up like that. Gratitude like that has worked; we’ve been having sessions like that ever since she first whipped off her blouse for me, and she’s always glad to see me. I think she’s grateful to have someone she trusts make her feel good.”

“Well, baby bro, I’m moving back home for good; no more boarding schools, no more study abroad. We don’t have to worry about whether anything; we’ve got our pile. I want that donkey dick of yours every day I can get it.”

“Great, you can have my donkey dick anytime.”

“What are you going to do with the time you’re not fucking me, besides run the club?”

“Well, I’ve still got my private waxing business for Mom’s friends. I think I’m going to keep doing it: they all feel sorry for us and you never know when we might need a favor from one of them. Senator Biggs likes his wife hairless, as does Judge Marchant.”

“Is that Judge Cecil Marchant who presided over Mom and Dad’s case and sentenced them to fifteen years apiece in absentia?”

“Oh, yes. You never know what contacts you’ll need when. Besides, I love watching those sorry old bitches squirm.”

“You’re wicked, baby bro.”

They lay there a few moments, stroking each other’s skin. Justin said, “What about Auntie Pru? She’s been so sweet to us, like a mother.”

“Well, Mom didn’t let us turn her butt red and torture her tits twice a week, although that would have been fun.”

“Why don’t we invite her over for supper next Friday? I’ll fix one of my gourmet meals and she’ll be dessert. I have some wonderful ideas how we could double team her. Auntie Pru is family and it would be a nice change of pace to include her in our little sessions If it works out, we’ll make it a family tradition.”

She shook her head. “Being away from you so long, I want to keep you for myself for awhile. No sharing: no Auntie Pru and no gummers from Aunt Adele. At least for two or three months.”

“How the hell did you find out about that?”

She grinned inanely. “I have my sources. I’ll let you go back to them eventually; Auntie Pru can take care of you whenever you need to get some buttfucking out of your system.”

“Oh, sis, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.”

Justine looked sharply at Justin. “Taking that monster down my throat and up my cunt is all the bliss I can handle from that monster between your legs. Anyway, she’s been such a good aunt and we’ll make it up to her eventually.”

They smiled at each other wickedly, spat in their palms and shook hands. “Agreed.”

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