The Family Reunion Ch. 05


After the orgy ended, everybody decided it was late and time to go home. Melissa and Thomas weren’t sure about returning to the reunion the next day, but Crystal and Patrick finally convinced them that there was nothing wrong with family love and they reluctantly returned.

All the parents were sitting around talking while the younger ones played flag football out in the back yard. It was girls against guys and so far the girls were winning. Timothy was standing in front of Victoria and smiled seductively at her. “Tell you what cuz, if I score, I get to take your virginity.”

Victoria looked at him surprise. “What if I stop you from scoring?”

Timothy licked his upper lip in a teasing way. “Then you can name your prize.”

Victoria had to admit that her cousin was a good looking guy and he did make her pussy leak. But since she had planned on not loosing her virginity until she was married, she pulled out all the stops to keep Timothy from scoring. Unfortunately, her plans didn’t work out quite like they were supposed to and after he scored he pulled her into his arms, kissing her hard.

Even though Victoria was 18, she had never been kissed before so she stood limply in Timothy’s arms unsure what to do. When she felt his tongue press against her lips, she pulled her mouth away. “Why are you licking me?” she asked softly.

Timothy’s eyes were glazed with desire but he was still able to smile at her. “I’m not licking you; I want to put my tongue in your mouth.”

Victoria tipped her head to the side. “Why?”

Timothy couldn’t help it, he chuckled. “Oh Victoria, you are such an innocent. Let’s go up to my room and I will explain it to you.” He kept his arm wrapped around her waist as he led her into the house.

Jack watched his sister go into the house with Timothy and thought about going after them. He still wasn’t completely comfortable with this whole family sex thing. That is until Jessie walked up and wrapped her arms around his neck, looking deep into his eyes. “Wanna have some fun Jack?” she purred pressing her body tightly against his.

Jack wrapped his arms around her as he pulled her close. “With you? Anytime.”

While Jessie was busy seducing Jack, Nathan and Elizabeth had gone back into the house to see what the others were doing. Meanwhile, Timothy had Victoria on her back on his bed and his mouth was locked on hers. His tongue was dueling fiercely with her own as they kissed deeply. He had explained on the way upstairs about French kissing and Victoria agreed to try it. From the way she was kissing him back, Timothy had a feeling she liked it.

While they kissed, Timothy’s hand was moving slowly over her slender body. Victoria had worn a bikini top and shorts to the reunion today. Timothy cupped her 34C breast through her top and felt her moan in his mouth. “Like that do you?” he asked softly as he pulled his mouth from hers.

“Oh yes, your hand feels so good.” She purred lifting her eyes to his.

Timothy smiled at her as he let his hand move inside her top, touching her bare skin. “Timothy, oh…I…” Victoria gasped when she felt his hand touch her flesh.

“You promised Victoria.” He replied running his hand lightly over her breast. When he pushed the top away so he could stare at her bare breast, Victoria almost raised her hands to cover herself.

“You have beautiful breasts.” Timothy murmured pulling her top down so her whole breast was exposed to his gaze. Lowering his head, he blew gently on her nipple.

“Oh Timothy, that feels so good.” Victoria moaned when she felt his breath. She closed her eyes as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Timothy smiled up at her then blew on her nipple again, making Victoria whimper in desire. When he wrapped his lips around her nipple, Victoria cried out and coated her shorts with her pussy juices. “Oh Timothy, what are you doing to me?”

Timothy didn’t answer, he was to busy wrapping his tongue over her nipple while his hands worked at her body. One hand was on her other breast, caressing it, while his other hand was moving down her bare stomach until he touched the opening of her shorts.

Victoria tensed for a moment when he started to open her shorts, then slowly let her body relax. “Timothy, I don’t…” she started to say when his hand slipped inside her shorts. Victoria sighed raggedly when his hand touched the curls covering her pussy. “Timothy, I really don’t think…Oh god.” She moaned suddenly when his finger brushed over her clit.

Timothy’s mouth continued to nuzzle at his cousin’s breast, while his hand was busy bringing her body to life. He brushed his finger lightly over her clit, feeling it peek from its hood. He heard her breath coming out in ragged pants and knew it wouldn’t take much to bring her off.

He pulled his hands and mouth from her body and looked down into her glazed eyes. “You are so beautiful Victoria.” He said huskily, leaning down, he kissed her softly. His tongue brushed lightly at her lips until she opened to him. etimesgut escort He ran his tongue over hers, as he reached behind her neck and back, untying her top until he was able to pull it from her body.

When she was naked from the waist up, he cupped both of her breasts, flicking the nipples with his thumbs while he deepened the kiss until she was mewling in his mouth while she pressed her body against him. “Timothy…” His name was a sigh on her lips when he finally pulled his lips away.

Timothy looked into her passion filled eyes for another minute before he engulfed one of her breasts in his mouth again. This time there was no tenderness. He sucked hard at the flesh, grazing it lightly with his teeth as Victoria cried out in pleasure. Her body was pushing hard against his mouth. “Timothy, oh…” She whimpered holding him tightly against her.

Keeping his mouth locked on her breast, Timothy straddled her hips while he slid her shorts down her legs, until she was able to kick them off. He pulled his mouth from her breast and started leaving kisses all over her body. When he dug his tongue into her belly button, Victoria giggled.

When he moved down until his face was even with her pussy, Victoria started to close her legs, then let them fall open. “Oh Timothy, be gentle with me, it’s my first time.”

Timothy lifted his eyes to hers, they were burning with the same fire he had in his. His cock was pressing hard against his shorts but he ignored it for the moment. “Don’t worry; I will make sure you love every minute of it.” Then he lowered his mouth to her snatch.

At the first touch of his mouth, Victoria cried out bucking up with her hips. “Timothy, oh fuck.”

Timothy flicked his tongue lightly over her clit, while he slid a finger into her slit. Victoria moaned when she felt his finger penetrate her body. She had fingered her pussy many times but it never felt as good as his finger did. “Put two in me, I love that.” She whispered pulling his head closer to her body.

Timothy let another finger slide inside her and heard her purr of pleasure. He flicked his tongue harder over her clit before he gave into instinct and wrapped his lips around it, sucking hard. “Fuck…Agh…Yes…Oh eat me.” Victoria cried out suddenly wrapping her legs tightly around his head as she humped her body against his face. “Eat me Timothy, it feels so good.”

Timothy let his teeth graze lightly over her clit while he hammered his fingers deep in her pussy. Victoria whined in pleasure as she felt her orgasm rising fast.

“Oh eat me. I’m going to cum.” She humped her pussy furiously against his face trying to pull him closer to her hot body. When Timothy suddenly bit down hard on her clit while he slammed a third finger into her depths, Victoria screamed in pleasure and pain. “I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnngggg…”

She tightened her legs tightly around his head holding him against her as she coated his hand with her juices.

Feeling her body tighten around his fingers drove Timothy into heaven. He knew he had to be inside her and soon or he was going to explode. When she finally released him, he pulled his face out from between her legs as Victoria laid there panting while she tried to catch her breath. “I’m going to fuck you now Victoria.” He growled gruffly as he pulled at his shorts.

Victoria’s eyes widened and filled with fear when she saw how big he was. “Timothy, it won’t fit.” She protested as he grabbed her arm and rolled her over onto her stomach.

Timothy pressed her legs apart then lifted her hips until she was resting on her hands and knees, looking at him fearfully over her shoulder.

Timothy put one hand on her back while he guided his hard cock to her entrance with the other one. “Trust me Victoria. You will love it.”

He lined his cock up with her entrance, and then gripped her hips lightly as he slowly pushed forward with his hips penetrating her body.

“Oooooohhhhh…” Victoria moaned as she felt him slowly stretch her open with his hard shaft. “Oh Timothy, I can feel it going inside me.”

Timothy gritted his teeth as he forced himself to penetrate her slowly. When he felt her blockage proving her virginity, he stopped suddenly and held himself inside her.

Victoria had been enjoying his slow penetration so when he stopped, she looked over her shoulder at him. “Why did you stop? It felt good.”

Timothy lifted his fire filled eyes to hers. “Victoria, honey, I’m sorry but this is going to hurt. Just keep yourself relaxed.”

“What do you…AAAGGGGHHHHH…?” Victoria screamed suddenly when he slammed forward with his hips burying himself completely inside her body. “Take it out, oh fuck…take it out.” She screamed clawing at the bedspread as she tried to pull off of him.

Timothy held her hips tightly, keeping himself completely embedded inside her. “Easy, the pain will ease and you will like it.” Victoria was crying as she tried to pull her body off of him.

“It hurts; etimesgut escort bayan I don’t want to do this anymore.” She sobbed.

Timothy knew there was no way he could pull out of her now. Her pussy was clinging to his cock and his cock was pulsing with pleasure. He had to start moving soon or he would explode where he was. Taking one hand from her hip, he reached under her body and started pulling at her clit.

Victoria’s sobs eased to sniffles, and then she started moaning as he brought her body once more to life. When he pulled half of his cock out of her, Victoria hissed through her teeth, and then moaned when he suddenly slammed back into her depths. “Oh fuck. What are you doing to me?” She cried as he pulled out slowly only to impale her hard and fast.

“I’m fucking you Victoria.” Timothy groaned feeling her body tighten around his thrusting cock. “Oh god, you feel so good around me. I love your pussy Victoria, it is milking my cock. I love fucking you baby.” He leaned his upper body over hers so he could claim her lips with his own as he slammed his cock violently in and out of her.

Victoria purred against his mouth as her body shook with his hard thrusts. When his hands gripped her breasts, holding them tightly, she bucked her hips back against him, pulling him deeper into her body.

Their moans mingled in each others mouths as their bodies rocked together in perfect harmony. Victoria felt her orgasm wash over her suddenly and whimpered against his mouth as her pussy tightened around his lunging cock. “Oh yea, it feels so good.” Timothy groaned pulling his mouth from hers as he nipped at her neck with his teeth. “I felt you cum Victoria, you tightened around me.”

Victoria threw her head back as she slammed her body against his. “Timothy, oh baby, fuck me. Make me cum again while you pound my sweet pussy.”

Timothy buried his cock completely inside her, then gripping her hips, moved them both until they were laying on their side with him still behind her. He lifted one of her legs over his waist while he slid smoothly into her from behind.

“Oh, I like this position.” Victoria squealed pressing her butt hard against him as he fucked into her.

Timothy lifted his head over her shoulder, his eyes drifted down her body until he could watch his cock sliding deep into her pussy. “Cum for me again baby,” He growled reaching down and pulling and twisting at her clit.

“Fuck…Agh…Ugh…Yes…I’m going to cum.” Victoria squealed suddenly as she hammered her body tightly against his cock and hand. “Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

Timothy pulled harder at her clit while his cock drove powerfully in and out of her hot pussy. “Cum for me Victoria, I need you to cum for me.”

“I’m so close, don’t stop.” Victoria begged as she pulled at her nipples with her fingers.

Timothy slammed harder into her body, even as he felt his balls fill with his cum. He knew if she didn’t cum soon he wouldn’t be able to hold back. “Cum for me…Oh god…I can’t hold it.” Timothy gripped her hips hard as he slammed powerfully into her body while his cock erupted deep inside her.

At the first splash of his jizz coating her insides, Victoria went over the edge. Her mouth opened wide and she screamed in delight as her body went into the hardest orgasm she had ever had. “I’m…ccccccccuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg…” She screamed as her body convulsed around his shooting cock.

When Nathan and Elizabeth had slipped back into the house, Elizabeth started towards the living room but Nathan pulled her back. “You let Timothy have your pussy sis. It’s my turn.” He said huskily as he lifted her up on the nearest counter.

Elizabeth smiled at him as she spread her legs wide and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Her pussy was winking at her brother. “I’ve wanted you for a long time bro. fuck my sweet pussy.”

Nathan growled as he saw her perfect pussy winking at him. He wanted to eat her, and finger her until she screamed for him to fuck her. But since the family fun had begun, he figured he had plenty of time for that. For now, he needed to be inside her. He pulled his jeans open, and then pulled his hard cock out in his hand as he moved towards her.

Elizabeth wrapped her legs around his waist as he positioned himself at her entrance. “Yes, fuck me.” She whispered as she felt him slowly slide into her depths. “Oh Nathan, you feel so good.”

Nathan wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as he slowly pumped his hips, burying himself far inside her. Elizabeth pushed back against him as they slowly rocked together.

Nathan pulled her ass until she was sitting just on the edge of the counter while he continued to drive into her. He locked his lips on hers as he sped up his thrusts. Elizabeth squealed against his mouth as he hammered her pussy. “Fuck me, oh god fuck me.” She cried digging her nails into his back as he rode her for dear life. Her head kept hitting the upper cupboard but she didn’t escort etimesgut care, Nathan was setting fire to her pussy and it felt wonderful.

“Oh god Elizabeth, you are so hot honey.” He growled pulling her shirt up and locking his mouth on her breast. He sucked her through the material of her bra as he pummeled her hard and fast. “Cum for me baby.” He groaned tightening his hands on her ass-cheeks.

“I’m cummmmmminnnnnggggg…” Elizabeth cried pushing hard against her as her body convulsed in release.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss…” Nathan cried pulling his head back with his eyes closed as he emptied himself deep inside her.

While her brother was bringing Victoria to mind blowing orgasms and Nathan was nailing his sister, Jessie was having fun of her own. She had barely gotten Jack into a private area of the backyard before he was tearing at her clothes. “Boy, I’d say you want me pretty bad.” She chuckled when he ripped her shirt from her body and locked his mouth on her breast, sucking roughly at it.

“Mmmmmm…” Jack replied against her breast. Watching her with their grandfather yesterday had turned him on something fierce. He hadn’t gone after her before because he was worried about his sister. When Victoria went willingly with Timothy, he took advantage of having his cousin to himself.

He nibbled at her flesh with his teeth making Jessie mewl in pleasure. She let him push her to the ground then sighed when he covered her body with his own.

When she felt his hard cock pressing against her leg, Jessie squealed in delight. “Oh Jack. I want to see you. I want to taste that hard flesh of yours.” Her hands were moving over his back as he nursed at her breast.

Jack was enjoying sucking on her tit, but when she said that, his cock jumped in his jeans. Reluctantly he pulled his mouth from her body then moved beside her until his crotch was resting against her face. “Take it out cuz; see what is going to be slamming hard into your hot pussy.”

Jessie grinned up at him and pulled hard at his jeans until she had them open. She pushed his jeans and undershorts down over his hips until his 8 ½ inch cock was bare to her gaze. “Oh nice, “She whimpered in need as she wrapped her hand around him.

Jack pushed his clothes further down his legs as his eyes closed in pleasure. She had the softest touch, her hand felt so good wrapped around him. “Take me in your mouth, please.” He begged bucking forward with his hips.

Jessie smiled up at him then opened her mouth so he could slide his cock into her wet hole. “Oh yea,” he moaned as he felt her lips close around him.

Jessie ran her tongue over his cock, as she bobbed her head up and down. “Oh yea, suck my cock cuz.” Jack groaned slowly thrusting his hips pushing his cock further into her mouth.

Jessie sucked at him with her eyes closed. She loved the feeling and tastes of a hard cock in her mouth almost as much as she loved having one ream her hot pussy.

As she sucked at Jack’s cock, she let her hand move down her body, she pulled her jeans open then reached her hand inside, brushing it over the bare flesh she found there. She moved her hand lower, brushing her fingers over her clit, until she was finally able to slide 2 fingers into her sopping slit. She moaned around Jack’s cock as she slowly fingered her pussy.

Jack tangled his fingers in her hair as he slowly fucked her face. “Oh Jessie, that feels fantastic.” He groaned when she nipped at his cock with her teeth. He heard her moan in response and opened his eyes. He looked at her breasts open to his gaze, moving with her breaths. His eyes drifted down her body and he smiled when he saw her hand moving inside her pants. “Getting turned on Jessie?” he asked huskily.

Jessie pulled her mouth from his cock and looked up into his eyes. “You have no idea how hot I am.”

Jack grinned then moved out of her reach. “Well, let’s find out. He reached down, grabbed her pants and slid them down her hips. His mouth watered when he had her jeans down around her knees and he saw her hand moving in her pussy. “Hm…Should have eaten lunch. I’m suddenly hungry.”

Jessie giggled as she rolled over onto her back. She kicked her pants from her body, while she pulled her hand away from her snatch. “You can eat me if you want to.”

Jack growled and dove straight between her legs. His mouth barely touched her hot flesh before his tongue was whipping everywhere. Jessie was mewling up a storm as he drove her body crazy. “Oh yea, eat my pussy Jack. Oh fuck…Agh…oh god, yes…” She cried lifting her hips to meet his rapidly moving tongue.

Jack licked all over her flesh; he must have brushed his tongue over her clit at least four or five times and kept coming back for more. He loved the taste of her in his mouth. When he saw the juices leaking from her slit, he lowered his head until he was able to slam his tongue deep inside her. “Oh fuck…yes…” Jessie cried out suddenly when she felt his tongue move into her. “Oh Jack, tongue me baby. Make me cum on your mouth.” Her hips were flying up and down as he tried to keep his tongue inside her.

He finally grabbed her and held her against the ground as he drove her insane with pleasure. “Fuck…Agh…I’m cummminnnnnggg….” She screamed trying to push against his thrusting tongue.

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