The Family Vacation Ch. 04


It was supposed to be a family getaway, for family bonding. But tonight Tracy and Teri had literally gotten away, and they were going to be spending the night about 50 miles from our vacation house, ironically with our vacation home neighbors, Sheryl and Danni. We were fine with that, of course. And our remaining ‘family’ unit had grown for the evening to include our new golf pro buddy, Sally. Sue and I had enjoyed a fun and sex filled day with her, and now that Trish and Jan had returned from their adventurous and fun day, it was time to focus on the evening ahead.

Trish and Jan were showering together. Sue, Sally and I were relaxing on the patio. We were far from exhausted, but a peaceful rest was in order. For me, it was an opportunity to sit and observe the two lovely female forms that had been my partners for the day. Their bodies were really similar in spite of an age difference that was a virtual generation. Both slender and small breasted, Sally had a more athletic look about her, fittingly so. I was mostly comparing their vaginas, in my mind. It was here that I could see a noticeable difference in their ages. I’ve spent enough intimate time with Sue through the years, that I think I know her pussy as well as she does. I can find my way around every pore and every cell with my eyes, my fingers, my tongue and even my nose. I know just where and how to touch her to generate and produce ultimate pleasure. Sue, and her pussy, are truly my oldest and best friends, (outside of Trish of course). In contrast, Sally’s sex is younger and mysterious. She favors my step daughter Tracy in many ways, though Tracy is a little older, and I suspect, far more experienced sexually. But her lips have a fresh and virginal appearance, compared to Sue. The lack of a tan between her legs adds to that youthful spirit that radiates from her womb. But having just experienced a bathing session that included a golden shower from this young woman, I couldn’t quite think of her as childlike. And certainly not innocent.

Still, there was a joy and wonderment in knowing that with all the intimacy and downright dirty sex that we had shared today, I had yet to penetrate either of these pussies with my lustful log. And in my quiet observation and contemplation, that tree was taking root, again. I flexed my glutes and my penis throbbed. That tiny movement caught the eye of my two playmates. Sue spread her legs a little more and raised her eyebrows as she asked,

“What’s on your mind Rob? See something you like?”

Sally grinned. She put her hand in her crack and teasingly rubbed her clit. “I feel so at ease right now. Today has been like a mini vacation. I can’t get over how exciting, but relaxing and fulfilling this day has been. You guys have given me so much to think about. I feel as if my life has restarted today. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my life up until now. But now I feel changed and renewed and I have new reasons to look forward to everything that happens to me after today.”

Sue smiled and replied, “You’ve given us something new and exciting today too Sally. We have a new friend. A new lover. And memories that we can treasure forever. I’m certain that our friendship will go forward from today. We’ll have more days together in the future.”

“I just wish that I could be with you everyday. I’ve never met people who are as open and loving as you are. Where can I find more people like you?”

I was touched by Sally’s sincerity. “Sally, it’s hard to know where or when you might meet others who live life the way we do. But one of the best ways to have it happen is to just live your life the way you want to. That alone will open doors and opportunities for new friendships. I don’t think you’ve done anything today that you haven’t always wanted to do. The difference is that you allowed yourself to do it. Giving yourself permission means taking a risk. I think that today it worked out pretty well for you.”

“What worked out well? Who needs permission?” Trish was interrupting as she appeared in the doorway. We all turned at the sound of her voice. Like us, she was nude and freshly bathed. My eyes were instantly drawn to hers, then my gaze shifted down her body. “Sally, it sounds like you’ve had an enjoyable day. Am I right?”

“Trish, I can’t believe what a wonderful day it has been! Your husband is so- he’s such a- do you know- you have to be one of the luckiest women in the world!” Sally stumbled for words. I blushed and quickly corrected her.

“Sally, I’m the luckiest man alive. I’m married to the most incredible woman on earth. If it wasn’t for Trish, you and I and Sue wouldn’t have ever had the day we’ve had today.”

Before the praise fest got too awkward, Jan stepped up behind Trish and put her arms around her, saying “I’m getting hungry. I know we just got home, and as much as I’d love to stay naked, I think we need to put on some clothes and go get something to eat.”

Sally flashed an uncomfortable look and said “I only have my dirty golf clothes from today. I don’t even have anything to wear tomorrow.”

Trish smiled and put her at ease. “Don’t etimesgut escort worry Sally. I just put your clothes in the washer, along with some of ours. I hope you don’t mind. You’re welcome to wear something from my closet tonight.”

Sue giggled. “And Rob has our panties from this morning. They’re still clean.”

“That’s right.” I remembered. “They’re in my golf bag. But I don’t think you need them right now.”

We all laughed together.

“So Sally, where would you like to go for dinner? Pick a place with great food and an atmosphere where I can inflate my ego being surrounded by four hot women.”

She thought for a moment and then said, “Mitch’s has always been a place where I like to go for people watching. I guess tonight I’d like to be watched. That is, if we can get a table.”

I smiled and told her “Let me make a call to our concierge, and see if he’s everything he said he is.”

“Concierge? You have a concierge while you’re here?”

“Oh yes.” Jan spoke up with her chin still resting on Trish’s shoulder. “And we have a private chef too. And they’re good for more than reservations and gourmet victuals too.” She winked to make the message clear.

Sally’s mouth gaped open. “Don’t tell me that you have a sex staff too!”

Jan winked again. “You bet baby! My brother knows how to travel. Everything’s included!”

I placed the call to Chad and asked if he could get us a table in an hour. He assured me that he could. Less than 2 minutes later he texted me a confirmation. I held up the phone to indicate that we were set and that we had time to get ourselves suitably attired. Sally told us that if we allowed 15 minutes to drive there, we’d be in plenty of time.

Trish was casually stroking her pussy. “I think I saw Mitch’s when we were shopping yesterday on El Paseo.”

Sally nodded. “Yes. That’s where it is. You’ll love the lawn and patio out back.”

Sally was eyeing Trish’s hand. We watched as she stood and approached Trish. She extended her hand and touched Trish’s as Trish continued to fondle herself. Trish welcomed her.

“You know I’ve often wondered if there is ever a time or place where people can do this together without hiding away in a bedroom, or being part of a big orgy. You’re proving to me that there is. I’m so glad I’ve found you.”

Trish smiled and pulled Sally closer with her other arm. “I’m glad we’ve found you too. You’re welcome to touch me like this anytime.” She leaned forward and kissed Sally’s lips. It began with a gentle peck, then another, and it continued into a longer and lasting kiss with mouths open and tender sighs. Their hands became more active too. The stroking turned into probing. Trish moved her hand to Sally’s snatch and diddled her clit. I could see the quaking in Sally’s ass as Trish quickly heightened her excitement . Her legs were shaking as we all watched their mutual eroticism built to a climax.

Jan was still leaning on Trish’s shoulder. She rolled Trish’s nipple with her thumb and finger. But as Sally’s breast pressed into Trish’s, Jan shifted her attention to Sally’s nipple. Sally reacted with another shudder. Watching this spontaneous love fest was turning me on. Sue reached over and stroked my growing dick. I loved the tenderness of Sue’s loving touch. But I was mostly enthralled with the sight of Sally’s firm young ass, as Trish brought her closer to an orgasm. Watching it from behind was a different perspective. It was clear that Trish was supporting her now with her arm around Sally’s waist, and also with the palm of her hand while her fingers caressed the internal g spot that Trish seems to so naturally find.

When Sally’s orgasm began, Trish allowed herself to cum simultaneously. It was a beautiful sight. Jan was now pinching four nipples from behind her beloved sister in law. Sue just held my cock. I didn’t need to cum. This was Trish and Sally’s moment. Together they cried and sighed and trembled while somehow remaining upright on their feet. When it subsided, Trish removed her cum soaked fingers from Sally’s quim and placed them in Sally’s mouth. Sally eagerly licked them clean while providing the same gooey gift to Trish.

Once they were finished and their mouths were empty enough to speak, Trish kissed Sally again and complimented her, “Mmm Sally you are a very talented lover!”

Sally blushed and replied. “Oh my God, that’s another moment that I never could have imagined until meeting you just now! I’ve never been drawn to someone just like that. What kind of power is it that you have Trish?”

“Darling, it’s not me. The power is yours. You just need to let it loose. That’s the permission that Rob was talking about. I’m so glad that you are learning to use it with me. Let’s go inside and sit down for a few minutes. Then we can dress each other. Does that sound like fun?”

She turned in Jan’s arms and kissed her. Jan then leaned forward and kissed Sally too.

“That was really beautiful.” Jan said. “I hope we can have a few more of those moments tonight.”

Sally smiled. “Please etimesgut escort bayan don’t let me wake up from this dream.” Trish held her hand as she lead Sally into the bedroom.

Jan and Sue and I exchanged knowing smiles. Our lives really are part of a wonderful dream.

Sue and I rose from our chairs. I kissed her and reached for Jan and we all shared a moment of passion and love. I flashed on how Jan and I had been estranged for so many years, and now she isn’t just my sister, she’s a lover to me and my wife and our daughters. And it’s all just so natural. It’s not how Mom and Dad raised us. That’s for sure. I have to credit Trish. But as we all now realize, we each had to give ourselves permission. I stroked both of their asses as we entered the house and proceeded to our bedrooms to dress.

I heard voices in the closet when I walked in my bedroom.

“Look at your nipples. I love the way they look under that fabric.” Trish was lusting for Sally. “And of course you’re going commando tonight. I’m so glad I bought this dress yesterday. But it looks better on you than it ever could on me.”

I peeked around the door and saw Sally looking at herself in the wardrobe mirror. She was wearing a slim fitting yellow tank style dress. It was clinging to her body and just oozed sex. Trish was standing beside her, naked of course, and convincing Sally that it was perfect for the night. Then she reached into a bag on the shelf and pulled out a matching straw fedora. She placed it on Sally’s head and stepped back. Sally adjusted the lid and smiled. “God I’ve never felt so sexy before. Are you sure it’s OK if I wear it?”

“What size shoe do you wear? Trish asked, implying that the obvious answer about borrowing the dress was affirmative.

“Seven and a half.”

“Perfect!” Trish replied as she bent over to open a box. “I bought these yesterday to go with the dress.” She held them for Sally. Sally stepped into the shoes and moaned.

“Oh my God! These fit perfectly. And they’re so soft and comfortable.” She looked at the box and recognized a name. “These feel like really expensive shoes.”

“Enjoy them.” Trish ignored the reference to the price.

Trish bent down again to put the lid back on the shoe box. Sally and I both admired her pink anal hole and the crack below with a hint of gold on her clit. I couldn’t resist stepping up and laying my semi erect cock between her butt cheeks. Sally giggled as Trish stood up in surprise.

“Ooo baby. That’s an accessory I hadn’t considered.”

We all laughed.

“So what do you think Honey? Does my new dress look good on Sally?”

I stared again at Sally in the mirror as she turned to admire herself from all sides. “I think it guarantees that we’ll get some attention. What are you going to wear Trish?”

Trish looked down at her nude body, as if to say, ‘what’s wrong with this?’ Then she turned to open some of the shopping bags from yesterday. There were several to choose from. She was pawing through them, looking for something specific. I secretly wished that she could just stay naked. Sally sensed that. She sidled up and put her arm around me and whispered in my ear. “She’s so beautiful!” I patted her rear.

“I know.”

Trish stood up again and unwrapped the tissue around a white garment. She unfolded it and held it up. It was solid white and apparently strapless. She held it up in front of her, but it was hard to tell what it would look like, on. But I know Trish, and I’m sure she tried it on before she bought it, and I’m sure it will look fabulous.

She stepped into it and pulled it up. Amazingly, it hugged her small bust line and sat perfectly on her chest. Her nipples and areoles were barely visible, but it was obvious where they were. Even more, the way it fit her hips and ass gave the illusion that you could see every pore of her skin underneath. Even the mound of her mons was visible from the right angle. I’m not sure if it was my imagination, but I think I could see her clit ring too.

“Trish that has to be the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen on you! I love it.”

“I know,” she smiled, “it’s almost obscene. I knew it the moment I tried it on yesterday. I thought the sales lady was going to jump me when I came out of the dressing room. Everyone in the shop was staring at me. I love the way it feels. And look.”

She opened a boot box and held up a new pair of cowboy boots. They were a work of art on their own. I’ve seen them in catalogs before. Fancy stitching and jewels made it clear that these boots weren’t made for rodeos. In another box Trish removed a coordinating Stetson hat. Once she put it on, she was the sexiest cowgirl I’ve ever seen.

My dick began to stiffen. Trish noticed it right away.

“Whoa there cowboy! Sally and I have just gotten dressed in our finest new duds. You better put that weapon away. We don’t want any drips or stains. Save it for later and we’ll do some target practice tonight.”

I loved her metaphor, and I had to admit, it would be a shame to dirty up escort etimesgut those dresses. I started looking in the closet for a suitable holster. I settled on a pair of dress jeans and boots, a silk t shirt and my silk tweed sport jacket. I left the girls to add a little make up and walked out to the kitchen to try to calm down.

Sue was the first to join me. She was wearing a mini skirt and a camisole that looked like liquid silver. It draped loosely over her braless breasts and seemed to be in constant motion. She had also applied some make up and her eyes sparkled. Our eyes met as she approached me and I put my arm around her as we kissed. I realized that her back was bare, all the way to her waist. Suddenly the camisole, (a halter really) and Sue, were even sexier than I first thought. I hoped that Jan was choosing something equally as alluring.

She didn’t disappoint. It was only another couple of minutes when she appeared wearing a stunning green gown that contrasted with her blonde hair just beautifully. It had spaghetti straps and the top barely contained her tanned full breasts. The dress draped loosely over her hips and the hemline just above her knees was complimented by a slit on her right leg that went most of the way up her tan thigh. There was no question, the women in my life are gorgeous and they dress to show it.

Trish and Sally emerged arm in arm. They had added some jewelry and looked like runway models.

We took the Bentley. As usual, the valet was most attentive to the four beautiful and scantily clad ladies. There’s something about pretty women in hats that naturally attracts attention. When we walked through the dining room to our table on the patio, I could feel everyone’s eyes upon us. Once we were seated and beverage orders placed, I looked around. Sally was right. This is a great place for people watching. There were all kinds of people there, looking their best, and wanting to be seen. That wasn’t really our intention, (or was it?), but it was clear to me that no one commanded more attention than we did.

The servers were all over us. Everything about the dinner was splendid. The duo playing music appropriate for dancing was a nice touch. I’m no Gene Kelly, but I made a point of dancing with each of the ladies between courses and conversations. Again, on the dance floor I could feel every eye in the restaurant. They weren’t watching me though. They were admiring the parade of gorgeous girls and the fashion show they were providing. I’m sure that some folks were trying to figure out the relationship between us all, because each of the women, Sue, then Jan, then Sally and finally Trish, demonstrated an abundant affection for their dance partner on the floor. I just soaked it up.

When I followed Sue to the dance floor, it looked like she was naked above her waist. Even as she turned to take my hands, she raised her arm and I could see the side of her breast. Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that makes it most exciting. She shimmied up to me as we danced. She rubbed her hips and thighs on my crotch, knowing exactly where my cock was located inside my jeans. By the time we left the floor and returned to the table her nipples were hard and extended and the silver halter hung on the eraser sized bumps. Anyone who was watching could see them easily.

Jan and I danced to a slow number. Her bare leg was exposed most of the time.

“Rob, I feel so sexy and alive when I’m close to you. I’m so glad you helped to rescue me from Cleveland.”

I kissed her forehead. “I didn’t rescue you. You had already made your decision to escape from Brad. You just didn’t know to where. But I’m glad we wound up together. It made Mom and Dad happy to know we have a relationship again. I don’t think they ever imagined it would be like this though.”

“I just feel so good when you hold me in your arms. And when we’re naked, you’re the best lover I’ve ever known.”

“Better than Trish?” I asked, looking right into her eyes.

“Well, you’re the best male lover I’ve ever known.” She qualified. “But until you came back into my life, I never dreamed that I could be bisexual. I remember that first night. Sue made it feel so natural. And then the next thing I knew I was fucking my brother!”

I saw the couple next to us perk up their ears when they heard that statement. Jan realized that her voice had carried. She nodded a confirming smile at the couple and then kissed me lovingly. As we parted she shrugged her dress forward, causing her right breast to nearly fall out of the top. I could tell by the look on the man’s face that he got a good look at her nipple. He and his partner were doing double take second glances as we all returned to our tables. Our entrees were just being served.

Conversation over dinner recounted the moment on the dance floor and soon I could tell that other diners were tuning in to the sexual revelations and innuendos at our table. This was somewhat new to Sally, to have sex and risqué relationships as dinner topics, and especially just loud enough that prying eyes and ears could grasp the content. I sensed that at first she was a little disconcerted, but as our laughter grew louder, she understood the full scope of what was happening. It was Sally who had suggested this restaurant for people watching, and now it was she and her table, who were becoming a center of attention for other people watchers.

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