The Felt Resort and Spa Pt. 02 Ch. 04


Zack had come two more times after watching the next two videos on Gianna V, Valerie was down to her bra and thong watching Gia’s techniques on screen for herself, before she engaged in a threesome with her.

“Val…you’re still in the room right?” Zack asked.

“No.” Valerie answered.

“Val, this is Gia V, she’s the hottest female porn star that’s out there. Her vagina is porn royalty.”

Valerie laughed, Gia’s vagina was able to stretch and tighten, widen, dribble, clutch, and more, but it didn’t make it royalty. “Save the praises for the queen.”

“And she has arrived.” Gia came in with her blue hair up in a bun, wearing nothing but a thin pink robe that exposed every part of her. The cum was now washed off, leaving Gia glowing.

“Valerie, there’s no need to wear so many layers. That goes to your friend, Zack, too.” Gia went to her nightstand drawer automatically as Zack and Valerie removed all articles of clothing. She took out a tube of gel, at least that’s what it looked like.

“What’s that?” Zack asked curiously, they didn’t leave any type of gel or lube in any drawer at the resort except in the clinic.

“Something to heat us up, Val, you mind rubbing it in for me?”

Valerie grinned “Not at all.” Gia laid on the bed at first on her stomach. Zack stared at the curvature of her ass, her smooth is seemed, her back was as clear as a cloudless sky. Valerie stood up and took the tube, the gel was white when she squeezed it out onto her back.

Using small amounts of pressure Valerie rubbing up and down her back in a mesmerizing motion that had Zack completely enamored. When Gia turned over he quivered with desire to touch her succulent breasts, feel her dewy nipples between his fingers.

Valerie smoothed her hands over Gia’s breasts feeling the soft flesh aroused her, her nipples were especially more sensitive, she saw that when Gia blushed as she rubbed her nipples gently, over and over until her hands travelled down her stomach.

Valerie rubbed the gel down onto her inner thighs rubbing over her pussy lips, she kneaded it into her skin before she squeezed a large amount into her hand. She took her hand under Gia’s glowing lips spreading the gel over them, completely covering them.

Knowing that Gia’s vagina could handle small, tall, wide, and narrow objects, Valerie rubbed her entire hand in the gel before inserting three fingers into Gia who groaned softly. She was wet, and her juices were sticking onto Valerie’s fingers, mixing with the gel as she pushed her fingers further inside to completely coat the area.

Valerie watched as Gia closed her legs around her hands, but using her other hand she pushed her legs apart, she would get the full coating in her depths as well. So Valerie added her fourth finger and then her thumb before moving her hand up and down in the inner walls of Gia.

Her fleshy cove clung to Valerie’s hand, inviting her, but Valerie was over the foreplay, so once she was sure she coated her inside well, Valerie removed her hand.

“I’ll do you now.” Gia said throwing Valerie down onto the bed with her, she was surprisingly strong which did catch her off guard a bit, her breasts flinging as she fell back down onto the bed. Before Gia was to massage Valerie, she needed one more area covered.

Stepping out of her robe, Gia walked around to Zack who had been standing there, rubbing his member hoping to use it soon. She took out the gel and rubbed it down his member.

“You’ll help coat my ass right?” Gia asked coyly. Zack had no words, and little oxygen within his brain, he just nodded as her petite hands tugged at his cock, rubbing down over his balls which were gently massaged and pressed. Gia went back to the bed bending over it so she could apply the gel inside Valerie, and so Zack could apply the gel inside her.

It seemed like an awkward position to Valerie, but not an impossible one. Gia licked her clit before fingering her. Valerie closed her eyes and decided to enjoy whatever she’d received. Zack got behind Gia positioning himself to go up her anus in one smooth movement.

Zack pressed his cockhead at her tiny hole causing Gia to finger Valerie harder and even biting her clit, it was an odd feeling to Zack. The gel was causing his cock to heat up, and Gia’s ass was already like a heater, heat on more heat, he felt as if his entire member would be set on fire.

After poking at the hole again, Zack pushed himself through, her ass felt brand new, though with the money she made she could have had surgery or treatments of her own to make her feel that way.

“Oh my god…yes.” Gia groaned biting Valerie’s swollen clit, anal penetration was something she hadn’t had in awhile, and she wanted it badly. Zack’s rod pummeled her tight canal, forcing itself through until it hit her dead end.

Gia breathed in and out, the gel was effecting her as well, she started to finger Valerie again, which ushered Zack to move. He moved back and forth with her ass clinging as if it were sucking canlı bahis his cock, he could feel her hole spread and her muscles tighten when he thrusted inside her.

Valerie was on cloud nine, she didn’t always need a dick, dick didn’t always do the trick. The saliva and gel mixed well inside her as Gia added one finger at a time before beginning to fist her.

“Ohh.” Valerie grinned, this felt like power, not over Anna, but over Brian, she got a tongue, a hand, and soon a plushy cove to lay her face in, maybe with Anna if she finally got the nerve to drop Brian.

Zack pushed his cock, hitting Gia’s walls, over and over as Gia licked Valerie’s clit all while fisting her, until all three came. A bonus in winning Gia over was not just for her to make them cum, but for her to cum. However one time was not enough to convince Gia, this Valerie was certain of.

“Your cock has a nice thickness to it.” Gia told Zack who blushed, it was an honor of the most highest power to him. “But it might not fit, let me see if I can stretch myself out for you.” She gave a small peck on his cheek before going back to the nightstand drawer.

Valerie was now sitting on the bed with Zack who was still hard. “You’re being a fanboy.”

“Do not judge me. Besides you invited me.”

“Point.” Valerie smiled “How did she feel?” Gia was taking out toys from the drawer, her own personalized toys that she brought herself, lining them up.

“Like how I’d imagine a cloud to feel.” Gia held up six medium sized golden balls up in her hands.

“I have many toys in my kit, but these are my favorite. Which are your favorites?”

Zack and Valerie looked at the display of toys on the nightstand looking over at the selection: dildos, small linked balls, handcuffs, a whip, clips, blindfolds, vibrators, oil, and so on. It was like a mini sex/bdsm toy assembly line.

“I like the stand.” Valerie said, motioning towards the metal pole that was attached to a stand, it was at least fifteen inches long in full height, it was for self pleasure, vaginal and anal.

Zack grappled towards the smaller triple stand and the wide purple ball that was also metallic. Both Zack and Valerie knew that any object could be made into a sexual tool, any, and every, from candle sticks, to a remote, to a beer bottle, even a bar of soap.

Gia picked up the stands and placed them on the bed with the purple ball and golden balls. “Watch me.” It wasn’t a request, or something that either would shy away from looking at.

Gia got onto the bed and picked up the first golden ball which she slowly pushed inside her, Zack was already in masturbation mode watching her push it into her soaking opening, when it went inside, it was still peeking out from inside her. So using the force of her muscles Gia pulled the ball inside herself before picking up the next.

Gia’s vagina swallowed the second ball easier than the first as the first was started to stretch her walls wider, not that Valerie could see the ball, she didn’t know how far Gia’s well went, but she was intrigued by how she kept pushing them inside her without using her hands.

By the time she had swallowed the sixth ball, her pussy was throbbing, she was dripping erratically onto the bed. Valerie placed her head down in between Gia’s legs sucking the last ball out, she let the taste roll around on her tongue before she dropped it on the bed with her mouth.

Gia only smiled as Valerie sucked the balls from inside her, Zack felt as if this were the end to all reality, watching Valerie take in two and then three balls into her mouth without gagging then four, and eventually five, each which she dropped on the bed one at a time lined up.

Even thought Gia was the star guest, Valerie wasn’t about to give up her portion of this experience. Valerie bent over just enough for Zack’s cock to press against her entrance. Zack wasted no time in entering Valerie, her cove was always like a home that he could return to no matter what.

“Mmm.” Valerie groaned as Zack inched himself carefully inside her until he was pressing against her end, almost through it. Valerie grabbed Gia’s legs and began lapping around her vagina. Zack felt the folds of Valerie’s vagina move back and forward as he did.

Zack didn’t go through her gently, but with fierce energy, as Valerie groaned into Gia, Gia groaned softly to herself. The further Zack thrusted, the harder he pressed the further his cock tried pushing into another barrier. Valerie felt herself become lightheaded, Zack really was trying to fill her entire depth with himself.

She felt hot from the gel, Zack kept pounding her flesh in, until the fire became a dangerous out of control fire.

“Ahh! Ah!” Valerie yelled as Zack pushed himself harder back and then through the barrier, the forcefulness had Valerie biting her lip so hard she thought she might bite it off. Zack kept pressing until Valerie gave and her cum shot out spraying Zack’s balls with a shower.

Zack removed himself as Valerie laid bahis siteleri on the bed out of breathe. Gia then mounted the first stand. Valerie needed to catch her breathe before the next round, so she crawled up to the pillows and watched Gia perform.

Gia was not shy, and let herself be penetrated by the stand’s pole, it was harder which made her wetter, she moved herself up and down, she was already past six inches when she dared to pull herself down even further, the entire pole was shiny with fresh made body fluid, it was hard to resist, so Zack licked the pole each time she went down.

He kept doing so until she made it to ten inches, as she pleasured herself, he turned to check on Valerie who was sitting up in awe. Gia didn’t wait, but pulled and pushed until she reached her own climax.

Before any movement was made Gia got down on the bed on all fours and took in Zack’s cock into her mouth. While Gia was above, Valerie went below and began licking his balls.

All Zack could say in mind was “Never stop” A thought he didn’t say out loud, but wished for as Gia started to bob her head down onto his cock, and deepthroat him while Valerie took both of his balls into her mouth, sucking them, licking them, and back and forth. Before he came Gia lick the hole at the top of his cock, it was the cherry on top that made Zack explode, in Gia’s face.

Gia liked it, with help from Valerie she licked the cum off her face and even shared a cum soaked kissed with her. No longer hesitant Zack rubbed his cock against Gia’s swatch, she spread her lips open for him to enter her, fill her with his sword.

Zack was so excited to feel Gia V, inside her, inside every part of her. He took his swollen dick and guided himself inside her, once inside he pushed his cock deep inside her causing Gia to twitch, she enjoyed the rough exciting plow.

As Zack penetrated Gia over, Valerie took this time to lick over her nipples, the delicate little morsels that she would enjoy tasting.

“Ohh, yes.” Gia moaned, Zack was fucking her intensely, causing her to jump each time to hit at her center while Valerie began sucking her cotton soft mounds, taking turns from left to right.

Zack was a fan of Gia V, but she was also the one to save the resort, he had to pull out all and every stop, so as Gia was groaning, he began pounding her harder, his balls trying join the party.

“Ahh..” Gia could feel the soft plump berries push against her, needing to be inside her. Valerie stopped her tasting test and used her fingers to spread Gia’s entrance wider so that Zack could slip all the way in.

The first ball went in, and then the second right beside the first, tightly fitting inside Gia who cried out in pleasure. Like soft plums spreading inside her Gia couldn’t turn them away, so Zack began to thrust up inside her again.

“Harder, harder..” She moaned, Zack gave into her request and began pushing inside her harder, Gia felt him push through her opening trying to find her secret rooms.

Valerie licked as drops of juice came from the conjoining of both of their bodies, tasting the fresh new flavor as Zack banged around inside Gia like a wild firecracker that was going every which way.

“Cumming!” Gia shouted this as Zack fucked her harder, pushing his cock further through the barrier, the burning sensation felt to awesome, too miraculous. Both came at the same time, their mixture leaked out into Valerie’s opened mouth, she even licked as they started to pull apart.

Valerie licked the cum off of Zack’s cock and drank the running rapids from Gia’s quaking pussy.

“You have some talent of your own.” Gia winked at Zack who was unable to speak at the time, the explosion before had his cock standing high and numb. Cum kept flowing from Gia, but she didn’t care, so she began mounting the three pole stand.

The stand had two poles at ten inches one at the end and one in the middle that was eight inches. As Gia lowered herself down, the first pole and third pole at the end began prodding her vaginal and anal cavity. As she lowered herself down two inches the third pole went into her vagina.

Zack just watched in joy as she penetrated herself, as she sunk all of the inches inside her and move herself up and down, Valerie was fingering herself while watching Gia who seemed to enjoy bouncing herself up and down the stand as if she were riding a horse. She bucked her hips over and over until she came again.

She pushed Zack down and began riding him, over time she switched with Valerie, then her again. Zack felt used, but in the greatest way possible. The vibrations they gave as they moved with him, the moisture just made him harder than ever, even after they dismounted.

Gia was a bit winded, but she wasn’t exhausted. She brought the bottle of champagne over that was a gift to her, she poured it all over herself and let Zack and Valerie feast on her body, nipple, breast, vagina, neck, stomach, each tasting of champagne.

“Take a bath with me.” Gia pulled bahis şirketleri Valerie off the bed onto her feet, Zack followed to the luxury bathroom, there was a large jacuzzi there already heated with bubbles foaming at the surface. Both Gia and Valerie got in.

Hours on hours, time passed slowly through Valerie’s mind as Gia gave her and Zack the best experience of their lives. Her favorite part was being seesawed in between Zack who was planted in her rectum and Gia who’s strap-on was firmly cased within her ocean.

They switched and swapped over and over again with Zack inside Gia, then Valerie, her vagina, then her asshole, and back and forth with Gia and Valerie both giving him head, toying with each others clits, fingering their orifices, plowing toys inside to make them cry out for more. Upside down, right side up, sideways, against the wall, hanging off the bed, downward dog, hand standing as Zack fucked Gia and Valerie let Gia eat her out.

By the time they had finished the moon had faded and a new day was beginning. Gia was unconscious on the bed her feet were hanging off one side as her face was in the covers. Valerie wanted to wake her, it was hard to breathe with her face planted into the covers, she didn’t want her to accidently suffocate.

Valerie gently moved Gia’s face to the side, her blue hair was sticking to the sheets, so many fluids were exchanged that her hair might have been superglued to those sheets. Zack was in the bathroom getting bathed and dressed, he didn’t have an early shift though, he was just high on all the ravenous fun he had the night before.

“Val…” Gia groaned opening her eyes just a little, she felt so tired, her body couldn’t move. “You win.” With a slight hint of a smile Gia closed her eyes again, she needed to recharge, her battery was waded down to zero percent.

Valerie understood, even stars, or goddesses of sex had limitations. Valerie had hit her limit halfway through, but being the good sport that she was (and needing Gia there at the resort), she pushed through and reached a new level of pleasure along the way.

“Did she say something?” Zack whispered, he crept over to the bed not wanting to wake her. Valerie smoothed her hair back yawning.

“I’ll tell you after we’ve had breakfast.” Valerie went into the bathroom closing the door behind her, she felt like sleeping rather than talking, her tongue was sore, and they only slept for an hour or so. The plan was to clean up first, answer any questions later.

Valerie was in a robe when she made it back to her room, she had already washed her hair, her body, brushed her teeth, and even tucked Gia in. Once she was back in her uniform, she felt the same control she had felt the other night. She could tie Brian Lodge’s balls around his throat and sling him out onto the pavement.

Power was good, but Valerie wasn’t going to be greedy about it. So before she went into the dining room she stopped by Anna’s office. Ever since their break Anna had been spending more time alone with Grant, or Brian. Maybe both for all Valerie knew.

But she wouldn’t let herself be bitter about Lodge, so she left Anna a note on her desk informing her that Gianna Vaughn would now be the starring attraction to The Felt Resort and Spa. She couldn’t help, but smile at herself for hooking such a big fish.

It was the victory of all victories until she saw Pete’s face. She, Pete, and Zack would meet in the dining room for breakfast when they had lesser work days and lesser work to do. Pete sat across from Zack frowning, mumbling something before noticing Valerie walking towards them.

Valerie sat down looking from Zack to Pete, neither one had ordered anything since the menus were still present and Zack had lost his joyous glow in such a short time.

“What’s wrong?” Zack’s eyes shifted to Pete who refused to look at either one of his friends. Valerie didn’t enjoy games(non-sexual) or repetition of words(that are also non-sexual).

“Mindy.” The one word caught Valerie by surprise, Mindy was annoying, she was a social climber, that was all that could be said about her.

“What did Mindy do?” Valerie asked viewing the menu, she could be a supportive friend only when full and caffeinated.

Pete rubbed his head “She came to the clinic for a check up.”

“Bullshit.” Zack said almost angrily, he tried to keep a calm tone “Mindy went down there to cause trouble.”

“You two can use profanity all you like, but I still don’t see a point anywhere.” Valerie closed her menu and called for a waiter, ordering two croissants, a berry salad, and a large mug for a mocha cream latte.

“I was doing the check up, and everything seemed alright. Mindy talked as usual, over me sometimes.” Pete sighed “She said she thought she felt sore, in her anal regions.”

“Give me a break, and say ass. Or buttocks.” Valerie groaned, the latte wasn’t coming quick enough, her eyes were heavy with sleep deprivation, her brain was taking in words slowly.

“Anyway, I checked, there was no tear, no rash, no std, no anything. I did tests, twice, nothing and she insisted still. So I told her that I couldn’t do anything more for her unless she’d like a second opinion maybe from Grant.”

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