The Flyer


While traveling recently I watched a beautiful Flight Attendant moving about the cabin of the Airbus and devised a plot to remember her by. All of the characters are fictional as is the action.

Please remember this is a copyrighted work and all legal disclaimers apply.

Thank you for your comments.

The Flyer

The Airbus taxied to the small terminal with about thirty passengers aboard. I had completed the prelanding checks and was belted into the jump seat looking right at her. The only first class passenger had been flirting with me for the past three hours and though we’d spoken for several moments. I was attracted to her but I was working. She looked at me now and smiled but I’d looked away. The plane had developed what Captain Samuel said was a minor emergency and we’d been directed to this private landing strip in the middle of Iowa. I looked out the left window on the door and saw cornfields as far as I could see. As the plane rotated the fields continued in all directions.

The Captain had announced the delay to the cabin prior to descending. He’d said there was no other spot to address the repairs. He had estimated the delay would be about an hour. The sun was near the horizon and the corn tassels shimmered as I felt the soft stop.

I arose and looked below and I saw the mechanics standing at the ready. I had to prepare the exiting and settle these slightly miffed passengers in the private terminal. This was refueling spot for corporate jets but this evening it appeared quiet.

“Ladies and gentlemen please remain seated while I quickly review the terminal conditions. You may use for personal electronic devices. The airline has assured the Captain that the accommodations here are first class but we’ve never been re-routed to this airfield. A few moments please.”

As I pulled the heavy door aside I had to turn and I smiled at her again. I saw her dress hem was higher and revealed those long legs, those beautiful legs again. She was discreet but clear in her desires but I had work to do.

The stairway had been pushed to the doorway and secured and the three mechanics watched me climb down the fifteen steel steps carefully. Their eyes were on my skirt as my heels banged on each step announcing my arrival.

The tallest man, unshaven with dirty hands, tilted his head indicating the door twenty yards away. He walked with me and opened the terminal door with a rag to prevent his soiling the knob.

“We turned on the systems for your group about twenty-five minutes ago Miss. It should be comfortable now. There is a private room for the first class passengers. It’s marked VIP. The others will feel very comfortable with the open bar and the lounge seating. We’ll do our best to get you back in the air.”

Once we were inside I looked about and saw that the seats were first-class airline seats fully able to recline. Each of the three flat-screens were tuned to a different financial channel and a movie. The air was comfortable but the sunlight glared.

“The support person will be here in about, oh, here he is.” The door had swung open again.

Seeing Jon caused me to relax. We had spoken while taxiing. I wouldn’t have to be the sole caretaker over the next few hours.

“Hello Heather, my name is Jon. I’ll pull the solar shades.” He went to the windows as I checked the restrooms.

Jon returned and said, “You can escort the group to the Lounge now. I was told they can bring their overhead bags only since the repairs should be completed within ninety-minutes okay?”

I hoped he was properly informed but when I returned to the cabin I suggested that the duration could be as much as three hours.

“Can’t I stay aboard?” one of the quiet male passengers requested.

“I’m certain that is not allowed due to insurance conditions sir. Please grab your bags everyone. Watch your step please.”

She waited until the last of the others went ahead of her.

“You’re coming with me correct Heather? I want you to show me the lounge the Captain mentioned.” Her blouse appeared a bit looser when she stood near me and her lips were stained a deep red. She must have touched up her face while I was in the terminal.

Just then the cockpit door opened and Jason Samuel stood beside me.

“Ms. Heather will be happy to help you Ms. Norton.”

He was a great pilot having nearly thirty-one hundred hours with this type of airframe. At twenty-nine he was young for the first chair. He was a beautiful man and I had been in lust with him since we’d met nine weeks ago. Fit and handsome I watched as he studied Ms. Norton’s body and smiling eyes. I could tell he wanted this woman but he would have to remain on-board.

– – – – – – – – –

When I’d returned from College a year ago I had surprised my mother Susan. I’d chosen to study in Oregon and we hadn’t seen each other in nearly nine months since our home was outside Boston. While on my own I had finally found a way to acquire what I’d asked for several years ago. With illegal bahis the help of my student advisor I had changed my name. The medical advocate had supplied my hormones and I was becoming a woman.

Susan was aware of my goal but she’d felt I needed to remain a boy until I’d finished at least several years of college. She had allowed me to dress as a girl around the house since I was a teenager and several of her close girlfriends knew of my desire to live as a woman. Their support caused us to fight the last night before I’d flown west.

Missy, mom’s lover had been trying to help, “Susan you really are an old school dike,” she said the afternoon before my flight west.

“She looks lovely as a girl and the name Harold just does suit her.” I was standing in the kitchen in a skirt and flats. My hair was down and my face clean with only a nude tone on my lips.

Mom and Missy lived together and Missy had been on my side for most of that year. She had, with Susan’s approval, helped me with my poise and posture and taken me shopping to fill my wardrobe.

Mom wasn’t moved, “He’ll have to wait. My opinion still matters Missy.”

Only after my graduation did mom allow me to dress fulltime. At the end of May though she’d taken me to have my ears pierced. Then I was surprised in mid-June when she had hired a voice coach for me.

The summer before I went west was sad and amazing. I could see the altered behavior and hear my voice changing each week yet mom resisted. I’d begun to wear a training bra though she thought I was silly. Missy had made the suggestion.

The day after graduation she’d dropped a bag on my desk, “I remember the affect putting my first one on had. I think you may find this comforting.”

As the weeks past mom just dealt with my changes but was resolute.

“Harold you have been accepted as a male not as a transgender student.”

We left it as a point of contention when we hugged at the airport. I’d decided to limit my telephone calls back home those first several months.

When we met again at the airport after my first year away she immediately noticed that my dress, breasts and hair were different. The hormones had taken time but my chest was now a thirty-four B cup. Well maybe between a B and an A. I had a new hairstyle since I hadn’t chopped my hair like a boy in over two years. The blonde softly highlighted long locks were simply parted in the middle. I typically wore it up in a ponytail but I wanted to shock my mother so I’d had it done perfectly before the flight.

Missy had known of all of my changes but suggested that she would stay home and therefore she would allow my mother to see the woman I had become. I saw mom as I stepped off the ramp towing two small cases and walking toward her in my stacked three-inch heels. I stopped right in front of her before she recognized me.

“My gosh Harold this is a surprise,” we kissed and she smelled my perfume. “I’ll bet Missy has been sending you funds. The Chanel is not inexpensive.”

She moved back a step to look me up and down, “Well she was correct. You look remarkable, though your hips are a bit slim.”

I had measured myself yesterday at thirty-four and a half inches. The hormones had moved my figure here too.

She now pulled me into a hug, “My boy has become a woman. I think your decision is clear dear and therefore I support it.”

I scowled back at her, “No mom, I’m legally Heather now. And don’t you start blaming Missy. I needed to be me, a woman, a girl, ahh. Damn it’s harder to say this than I’d thought. Your daughter is home. So please respect the me you have.”

Now she hugged me again, “Okay sweet Har, oh damn, Heather.”

On the way to the house we spoke of the decisions I had made to leave school and begin a career. I had applied and had been accepted by the airline as a flight attendant. She had been quiet as we exited the terminal but once in the car she asked way too many questions.

“The course work is mostly on-line but in ten days I have my first formal review and the medical exams.”

She turned and looked anxious as I drove, “But won’t they see that you’re,”

I interrupted her, “there is no way my gender should affect the exams mother!”

The truth was much scarier actually. Just several years ago having breast implants could cause a rejection and the pap smear requirement had only been removed ten years ago.

“But I’ll need to speak with Doctor Chan. They require a five-year medical history and she has those records.”

“I’m only trying to get up-to-date Heather. Missy seems to have been in collusion and I’d rather get it over before we get home and I have to see her. I don’t want to cause a scene Heather. I suspected you’d began to transition while in Oregon. I just didn’t think it would be so, well it’s done and you look comfortable. Therefore it’s me that needs to adjust.”

She was quiet for a few moments, “Thank god Missy was behind you Heather.”

“You really love her don’t you illegal bahis siteleri mom?”

– – – – – –

After being accepted into the program and completing my training I was flying with a small premium carrier. I’d moved to Atlanta and found a small apartment. The changes in my life had kept me busy and I’d not had much time to develop a network of friends other than at the airline. My body had settled too; I was at one hundred and sixteen pounds. Perfect for my five-foot six-inch height. I was content with my shape also, though my hips were only thirty-five inches.

In my uniform I felt very feminine and no one suspected my true history. The airline had been explicit; this was privileged and personal and therefore my records indicated ‘female’. Thank god for the Federal Aviation requirements and non-biased hiring.

Now I walked in front of Ms. Norton to the stairway and she began to flirt again. This sexy lesbian was taller than me by almost three inches. I realized as we’d moved downward that it was partially her sexy heels. I was distracted thinking of her outfit when I realized she was whispering lewd comments about my bottom. I stopped short and she ran into me on the stairs and we almost fell.

“Ms. Norton you are being so inappropriate. I’m working and your comments are not wanted nor do I find them entertaining or exciting. Please refrain from interfering with me as I go about my job.”

Once on the ground I strutted off toward the terminal to check if Jon could use my help. The crazy woman could easily find the VIP room. I saw her reflected in the glass. She just stood on the last step and watched me until I’d entered the building.

As I approached Jon told me, “Several of your passengers have asked about the vouchers for the free round-trip tickets due to the inconvenience.”

“Shoot, I’ve left them on the Galley counter on the plane. I’ll get them right away.” I turned and Ms. Norton stood five feet away.

She held the envelope with the vouchers, “I saw this and figured that you’d need it. Here Heather, no hard feelings but please treat me with some respect.”

She handed the brown envelope to me but she pulled me closer as she did so and in a whispered voice said, “or I’ll have to spank you dear.”

She turned as I now stood still and watched as she walked toward the VIP lounge. Her figure was delightful.

Turning near the VIP suite she said, “I hope to see you very soon Heather.” The door closed.

Having completed the vouchers for the twenty-seven passengers I could pause a moment and I asked Jon if he’d checked on Ms. Norton.

He smirked, “You mean the sexy woman that was eyeing your bottom earlier?” He chuckled as I blushed.

Now he laughed, “No, I figured I didn’t need to stick my nose into the VIP. Most of them like the privacy and they generally know how to fend for themselves.”

I looked over my shoulder, back toward the passengers, “Have you got this in hand?”

Just then his walkie-talkie chirped. He pushed the receive button.

“There’s another problem Jon. I’ve let the Captain know but he can’t seem to reach his FA.”

He pushed the transmit button, “10-4, she’s right here and now aware. Any suggested time for the repairs?”

There was dead air then a chirp, “120 minutes at least.”

Jon shook this head and looked to me, “At least half of your group is asleep. Let’s not disturb those and just quietly re-fill the others drinks.”

“Okay, then I’ll go and check on my VIP,” and I turned and walked away.

I looked back to Jon though and he pulled his two fingers across his mouth in a zip motion.

I didn’t know what to make of this signal until I entered the VIP and found Ms. Norton lying on the sofa.

“You’ve taken your sweet time coming to check on me. I found the Scotch and some ice but I need something else don’t I Heather?”

She moved to a sitting position and hiked her skirt up to expose her stocking tops. The sight of her beautiful legs transfixed me again.

“I’ve been watching your eyes studying my legs all evening. Now come here girl,” but she signaled me to lock the door.

I turned to do so but without my eyes leaving hers. It wasn’t a large room, about the size of a comfortable Living Room. In three seconds I’d turned back to her. She had exposed her nakedness.

“My pussy needs your kisses. Come here please.”

My mind said stay back but I stepped closer and stopped. She pulled her thong aside and I could see the smooth wet lips of her pussy.

“I said come to me Heather. Don’t resist me, Now!”

I hadn’t been with a woman since before starting my hormones twenty months ago and now Ms. Norton was pulling me into her web. I had been working for thirteen hours straight. The first flight today started at six this morning. I was tired but was very aroused by her presence.

I couldn’t move. She sensed this and moved her long finger to her moist slit.

“My body needs you Heather. I need your tongue to love canlı bahis siteleri my pussy.”

But I stayed fast. She saw I was still and she stood and walked the three steps to stand in front of me. She reached for my elbows and drew me nearer, yet I was stalled.

“So you want to be my bitch but you can’t ask for it, humm,?”

I looked at her as her tongue moved across her upper lip.

“My pussy is wet for you and you’re resisting me?”

She couldn’t understand that I was at a crossroads. I was a woman who wanted nothing but to kneel and kiss Ms. Emily and bring her to climax but she didn’t know me. She didn’t understand that the tape that held my penis was beginning to fail. How might this beautiful luscious lesbian respond to the realization that I wasn’t a complete woman?

“I do want to get back to work Ms. Norton. My position standing here compromises my future.”

I paused and licked my lips, “Yet you are so lovely, “

She moved sharply to me and covered my mouth with her fingers, “Shhhh!” then her hand dropped to my breasts and she caressed me.

“That’s better. Keep quiet and relax Heather.”

I swooned, “Oh Ms. Norton, I just can’t. Not here, not now. The passeng,” her mouth stopped my words.

Her kiss was immediate and passionate. Her soft tongue I allowed into my mouth. This kiss I responded to wantonly. Her fingers dropped from my breast and she rubbed my mons. Though I panicked as she pressed on my puffy fat mons she failed to feel my semi-hardness concealed by the tape and the thong.

Her kisses were now all over me, about my body, my ears, nose, lips, for her arms reached to hold me and she turned me slightly and stepped closer to the sofa. Then another step and we slipped down to the cushions. She turned her hips as her left hand grasped my head and she pulled me to her naked sex as she lifted her hem to her waist. The scent was almost too much but my tongue recalled to be soft and unhurried.

My fear seemed to dissipate as I couldn’t resist her. I loved being this near to this sexy stranger with my tongue. My hands reached to her breasts and I found that she had release the clasp of her brassiere and the dress. The soft warm orb was in my hand and my finger felt her stiffened nipple while I licked along her smooth moist vulva.

“Yes, Heather, yes, kiss me deeply.”

I pushed my other fingers into the lower edge of her pussy and subtly rubbed her as her body oozed her nectar. I traced the flow to her anus and now my moist fingers ran about the taut puckered flesh.

“Push into me there sweet Heather.”

I had played with my own bottom but never had I been asked to enter another’s butt.

The moisture flowing from Ms. Emily’s cunt was on my fingers and dripped passed her bum hole. I moved my tongue lower for a brief moment. The twinkled skin was moist and scented like leather.

“Yes, kiss my ass Heather, fuck my ass with your tongue. I had my leather dildo there too just a moment ago.”

I looked to the side table and there it stood. A brown seven-inch long dildo clad in leather. I could see the stitches running along its length.

“I was so full of lust I couldn’t wait sweet Heather, but not to worry. I resisted allowing myself to climax. Go on, you want to touch me. Go on my little cunt and ass licker.”

I had my fingers at the rim of her bottom and my other hand rubbed her left breast. I reached for the toy and brought it to my nose. Her scent was musky but pleasant.

“Go on Heather, lick my toy.”

I looked up to Ms. Emily’s face and smiling I pushed into her bottom, two fingers, as I licked along the smooth leather shaft of her toy.

“Ohh yes you little cunt.”

– – – – – – – –

Jason Samuel had watched the maintenance work crew for over an hour but drew impatient and hungry. He walked to the terminal to see the passengers and Jon. Most of the passengers were asleep as evening had become night and the alcohol forced a peace. He now knew that the part was on hand but the repair would necessitate rebuilding the unit that had failed from portions of the malfunctioning piece. He had some time and decided to use the Captains bed in the VIP suite.

As he turned the doorknob he found it was locked. Jason had the key having been given it by Jon earlier and simply opened the door.

– – – – – – – – –

“Heather I wanted you the moment I stepped onto the plane this afternoon. Now Fuck me, stuff the cock in. Fuck me you little slut!”

I moved my tongue back to the space between her sexy thighs and my fingers spread the saliva about her tight hole. Then I licked her cocktoy again and positioned it at her butt.

“Ms. Emily I shouldn’t be here with you. I would be fired if the Captain knew.”

“No you little cunt licker eat my ass!”

I slowly pushed the moistened toy into her hole. I paused as her breathing increased and her hips started to move. I was excited and forgot about my restrained penis. Her body tasted wonderful and I was loving a woman as a woman for the first time. I looked up while still tonguing her pussy and ass to her face. Her eyes were shut and she moaned as she enjoyed my loving.

“Heather fuck me damn it!” She was bouncing about on the edge of the sofa.

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