The Four Sluts Pt. 13


*Everyone in this story is over eighteen. *


Elizabeth was panting hard. Joel, her new boss, was hilt deep in her pussy. Lizi was riding on top of him naked while he was seated in his swivel chair. The assistant manager, Lyle was behind her, deep in her ass. Together they ravaged her, powerfully filling her holes. Her bright blue eyes rolled into the back of her head from the intense euphoria deep in her core, an addicted smile on her face. Her lower back curled as she came again on their rods, her toes curling. Lyle took a grip of her golden hair and pulled back to expose her neck so he could suck on it. Joel gripped her hips, helping her gyrate on his long rod as he suckled on her nipples.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Elizabeth gripped hard at the back of Joel’s neck, her mind blanking at every thrust.

“That’s a good girl, that’s it.” Joel put a hand on her neck and griped tightly as her neck strained.

“Damn man, she’s so tight.” Lyle wrapped an arm around her two behind her back and pulled. “You’re a good piece of ass Lizi. We should keep you all year.”

The three of them tried not making too much noise, but it didn’t help much. The store was small, and the office was connected to the main room. It was relatively large for the small shop, but there wasn’t much to hide them except a wall and a door which Joel kept ajar. She asked him to close it one day, afraid that one of her teachers would find her, but he told Lizi it was so that he’d be able to hear inside the store in case of an emergency, but she was pretty sure they liked to show her off. So everyday she’d sit in the office, stark naked as her “uniform” entailed, often seen by the wandering customer, and always heard across the shop when she was bent over and used like a sex doll. Even now curious heads were peering over to get a look at the commotion inside the office.

Lizi was starting to lose her breath. “What about…Edwin?”

“Don’t worry about him, he’ll get his turn. We make sure he always does.”

“He’s got all day right?” Joel pointed out.

“You’re lucky… your wives don’t… VISIT.” Lizi came again, straining against Lyle’s arms and both of their cocks.

Joel pinched and twisted her nipples. “Yeah, but they don’t have a sexy teenage body like yours. It’s not like we’d stop.”

The two were older men, much older. They were both tall and broad, but not that muscular, both with greying hair. They’d started the Mactown hardware store in town. It wasn’t a big store, and only had one other employee. Lizi had started working there for a school project she was supposed to be making a budget for. Joel, however, quickly decided that Lizi’s talents were better suited in the break room. Now her job consisted of staying naked in the side office all day long for any employee to arrive and take her how they wanted. Lunch was the most work since that’s when all the customers were eating so the three of them could have her at the same time.

She didn’t mind though. Now that her summer was over she only had time for a part-time gig. Over the summer her dad had gotten her a job as an “intern.” She was supposed to be Mr. Hallway’s assistant, helping him with paperwork, taking his calls and doing basic work. But on her first day the first thing she helped him with was his insatiable sex drive, including that of his employees. She went home naked that day, as she did almost everyday after. She was wildly regarded in the building as the office whore. Mr. Hallway even gave her up as a gift to prospective clients. She danced for them, she sucked on their cocks or rode them tirelessly.

She started with a modest dress code, but as time went on her skirts got shorter, her blouses more revealing, and her shirts tighter. Until finally she was wearing tiny black and red skirts with short torso blouses with open necks, and even dresses with partly exposed fronts. They’d bend her over conference room tables, make her dance and strip at meetings, and run trains on her at fundraisers. She even took a few of their son’s virginities. And she was getting paid an hourly wage for all of it. She was advancing her daddy’s career and all she had to do was service the men anyway they asked.

And over the weekends her brother had her going with her new career in the porn industry, and she was getting popular. Chris and Tim were staples in her videos. They always “acted” like her step family. Even to the camera crew and directors, while keeping their secret to themselves. She also had videos of herself in interracial gangbangs and gloryholes that were getting popular. Guys from school were already starting to recognize her, including teachers.

“You wouldn’t?” Elizabeth leaned in close to Joel, their faces less than an inch apart. “You wouldn’t stop fucking my tight sexy body if they came in here, and you’d cheat on them while they watched us.”

“Nothing would get me to stop.” Lyle said. “I’d fuck you straight to completion.”

Lizi kissed him cebeci escort passionately and broke off, “Do it. Fill my teenage holes with your old man semen. Cum inside me, cum in my pussy, cum in my asshole” Lizi bounced her petite body up and down on their hard rods. The men were straining, close to finishing.

Joel grunted and choked Lizi hard as his sperm exploded into her folds. Lyle was close behind, squirting deep into her colon.

The two of them hopped off her after recovering. She laid back in the chair eager for a rest. That is, until Edwin came in. He was a portly Latino man with a wife and kids. Lizi liked how he fucked, but it was rough and tiresome, and she’d already had a long day. Joel often slotted her for two shifts a Saturday and Sunday. On the bright side Edwin seemed only interested in a blowjob.

“Hey girlie, I need that magic mouth of yours.

He laid her back on the seat of her chair and let her legs hang over the backrest as her head hung low. He crouched down to fill her mouth with his expanding rod. He expertly guided his long prick through her mouth and into her throat. Lizi’s eyes fluttered as she began to lose oxygen. Edwin continued to ravage her face, letting spittle and precum leak from her tight red lips and onto the floor. He stuck two fingers in her pussy and let her squirm in his hand as he face fucked her. He’d grip her head tightly to his groin and she’d lick his rod. She held his legs tightly almost blacking out those times. She loved the taste of his cock and was addicted to the way they eye raped her when they were using her.

Suddenly, without finishing down her throat like he liked to do he pulled out and moved her, so she was kneeling on the floor, her ass low and her lower back curved. It took her a few moments to realize that three customers were in the office.

“What the fuck?” Lizi asked breathlessly. She blinked quickly, wondering if the precum and spit in her eyes were playing tricks on her. But there they were, three middle aged men from her town, all fully dressed while she was in the nude, probably still leaking semen from her holes and sweaty from the labor. “Edwin what’s going on?” They’d never made her service customers before, unless in the conventional sense.

Lizi yelped at a slap to her ass, “Be a good girl and suck their cocks.”


He cut her off with another slap, “Just do as your told slut, or I’ll have to talk to the boss.”

Lizi nodded, kind of liking being talked down to. The first man was hesitant, but eager to throat her with his cock. Edwin fucked her in the ass, pulling on her silky golden hair as she choked on the customers fat rods, her eyes watering and rolling into the back of her head. Edwin spread her legs wide so her pussy was almost touching the dirty floor. Oozing liquid was dripping from her mouth and onto the ground. She stuck her tongue out to lick their balls, and she made sure to hold her nose to their pelvis’s as long as she could. She switched off from prick to prick quickly putting one all the way out and the other all the way in. She gasped for breath at each surfacing, relishing the taste of hard cock down her throat, and pleasure pain in her tight anus.

The three of the random strangers all erupted on her face, her mouth open to accept the streaks of man juice. What didn’t land in her mouth was plastered across her face, there were even streaks in her hair. As Edwin increased in speed and power Lizi panted and strained, her nails digging at the invulnerable tile. She was having difficulty breathing with the cum in her mouth, but she knew Edwin wouldn’t want her to swallow before having it all in her mouth. So, she collected the cum on her face and even in her hair all into her mouth. Edwin grabbed her neck and pulled her back to get a good look at it. Her mouth was overflowing, and she was nearly choking. Edwin was bending her colon with by bending her back with his hard rod in her ass, and she was euphoric. She swallowed the triple load in her mouth and Edwin let his cock flood her ass with a second load.

Edwin pulled out and Lizi flopped to the floor, spent. She caught a look of Edwin and the customer exchanging money.

“See gentlemen, I told you she wouldn’t disappoint.”

“You had us fooled only charging ten bucks.” One of them said.

Edwin shrugged. “Just trying to be a good guy.”

“We’ll definitely be back for more.” Another said.

“Looking forward to it.” Edwin put the money in the company safe, Lizi still on the floor. “Rest up girlie, it’s not even lunch time yet.”

Like most days Lizi lost track of how many times she was used. It was a fun day, but long, and by the time she walked out to leave she was drained. She was looking forward to going home and spending the afternoon servicing her brother and dad.

Chris got home later, but Tim was around every now and again, and she was hoping he’d be home. She was pleased when she pulled into her cebeci escort bayan driveway and she found her brother’s car in front. With a hop in her step she closed her front door behind her and stripped her clothes off immediately. The air conditioning stiffened her nipples and she strolled up the stairs to her brother’s room.

At a glance it wasn’t different than a few months ago. But several of the posters had changed overtime. Along with his swimsuit edition magazines and topless pictures of models a new set had been added to his walls. Three large posters on the walls were among the newest. The first was across from his bed, a tall one of a naked Elizabeth riding on an unspecified cock, looking sultry and tempting, her hair messy and covering half her face. On another wall was one of her and Rachel both on their knees with their mouths open and smiling. They had yoga shorts and were topless. Cum was streaked down from their eyebrows across to their chins, forcing their eyes closed and resting on their stuck-out tongues. The last one was another one of her naked, her arms pulled back behind her as she was on her knees and bent over, Tim behind her holding her wrists and as he fucked his little sister. Her expression strained and begging.

Lizi always loved walking in Tim’s room, it made her feel exposed and sexy. Tim was on his back, reading a book on his bed.

“Tim,” He looked up and grinned. Lizi was standing in his doorway, hands on her hips legs spread. “Downstairs?”

Lizi could see the tent in his pants grow, but her brother groaned. “We can’t sis, the guys are swinging by to pick me up.”

Lizi shrugged lightly, “Five minutes.” She swayed her hips slowly as she walked downstairs. She turned on one of her pornos and laid back on the couch. It was a good one. Her daddy had her bent over a couch, fucking her backdoor slowly and powerfully. Lizi slowly started pleasuring herself. Her folds were soaking, her clit sensitive. The sounds of the video were driving her hard. She started to gyrate on the couch, breathing heavily. She was sending lightning through her body, tingles of electricity up her spine. She closed her eyes and let the audio drive her. She circled and rubbed her clit and pinched at her nipples.

“My friends know everyone.” Lizi hadn’t heard Tim come down. “They can’t see us.”

Lizi ignored him and raised her ass off the couch, moaning louder and louder. “Tim, oh fuck Tim yes! Fuck me harder, please fuck me Tim. Please fuck your little sister harder.”

Against his better judgment and unable to help himself, Tim took Elizabeth’s hands off her clit and shoved her hips back down. He dived underneath and tasted his little sister’s pussy. Lizi bit her lip and moaned. Her fingers explored Tim’s hair and held him tightly to her cunt. Lizi’s juices were sweet on Tim’s tongue, he kissed and sucked on her clit and Lizi gyrated harder on his face, her legs tightened up around his head. He kept her down despite her efforts to rise up.

“Fuck Tim! Oh yes, oh yes! Shit!” Lizi’s pussy flooded and Tim tasted the full flood of his sister’s orgasm.

Tim surfaced, and Lizi’s legs were still spread wide, she was spreading her pussy lips with her fingers “Please Tim, please fuck me.” She was biting on her finger, pleading, begging.

Tim ripped his pants down, his erection bouncing to freedom. He leaned forward and kissed Lizi full on the lips as his head slipped into her sopping cunt. Lizi raised the volume on the TV so they could hear the slaps on her ass and her pleasure screams.

But it couldn’t drown out Tim’s growls as he filled Elizabeth’s pussy, overwhelmed by the warmth and wetness of her tight cunt. The slaps of skin on skin got faster and faster, her ass jiggling as he drilled into her.

“Yes, thank you Tim, thank you. You’re the best big brother, thank you, thank you, yes!” She was screaming now.

Tim spun around to put her on top. Lizi was on her knees as she bounced her ass up and down his cock, his cockhead going in and out and sending shivers up both of their spines. Tim reached out to choke her and she smiled. The image of a hand tightly wrapped around his sister’s throat drove him wild and he drove into her cunt harder.

Lizi leaned forward, “Are you ever ashamed about treating me like a cumslut?”

Tim slammed her down and she yelped out in surprise, “All the time,” He kissed her again and spanked her ass, “But this is what you were made for.” Lizi gyrated on his cock, slowly at first a grin forming on her face. Her torso inches from his. Then she sped up, wider and longer motions, and her smile turned into ecstasy, her mouth open her eyes half lidded. Until she finally screamed out loud and came again, this time around his meat.

After recovering she turned around and stood over his cock, lowering herself down on his prick. She bounced and gyrated on his rod, giving him a full view of her bouncing ass, right next to the video of her daddy escort cebeci anally ravaging her. She sped up for him, and he put his hands on her hips, gripping harder and harder, meeting her hips half way harder and harder until he was pounding into her and she was screaming his name. Finally, he erupted and slammed her down, filling her young womb with a full load of his seed.

“Like what you see boys?”

With his head clearing Tim finally noticed six of his friends gawking at the two of them. The video had been playing to loudly for him to notice the open and close of the door. All of them were friends from high school, they knew Lizi well, they knew his parents well.

“Well boys? What do you think.” Lizi was still sitting on Tim’s hard member. He was frozen, but she was wriggling, having the time of her life. Still they didn’t respond. “Maybe if you’re good Tim will let you guys fuck me.” Sweat had beaded on her smooth skin and was trickling down between her breasts and down her abdomen.

Tim knew his friends had always found his little sister sexy. They told him as much repeatedly. Still he didn’t know what to say.

Lizi turned to look at her big brother. “Tim, can I fuck them?” She asked so sweetly, so innocently, it reminded him of when she was younger, and it was too much for him to handle.

“Yeah, be a good girl.” He spanked her ass and she giggled mischievously.

Lizi pulled off him and let his semen drip down from her pussy. She took one of their hands and led them up to her room. Those left behind were looking at each other in shock. That’s when Tim composed himself.

“Relax guys. It’s not a big deal.” He slipped his pants back on, the porno of his little sister still playing loudly. “Just sit down and I can tell you all about it.”

Tim ran a train on his baby sister. One after another Lizi was laid down on her bed and used like a cum dumpster. Her moans and screams were heard throughout the house, and close listeners could hear across the cul-de-sac. When it became apparent that Tim and his friends weren’t going out they invited more of their friends to swing by. They took her ass and shoved her face first into her pillows. She bit hard and screamed out her pleasure as they abused her holes. But her mouth and throat were a favorite that day too. She swallowed them all, letting them ravage and saw their pricks into her mouth. She guzzled down more loads of semen than she could count.

When her dad came home he found a group of a dozen boys lounging in his living room, a line still trailing at her door.

“You have quite the daughter sir.” One of Tim’s friends said.

“That I know.” Chris said proudly. Lizi came down, a group of boys around her.

“Hi daddy.” Lizi waved her fingers seductively and bit down on her lip. She was glistening with sweat, her hair messy.

“Come here you naughty girl.” Chris spun her around and nestled his prick against her ass crack. Lizi giggled excitedly. He dragged her over to the couch and bent her over. Her asshole was already gaping, so he plunged his cock down his baby girl’s sphincter. She squealed in pleasure pain, his thrusts already thrusting with mad intensity.

“Yes daddy, fuck your baby girl! Yes, yes yes! Fuck my slutty ass! It’s so good, please use me more.” She was nearly crying, biting down hard on her pillow and screaming. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head. The guys were cheering Chris to ravage his little girl. Her tight warmth was sending ecstasy across his nerves, and her waves of pleasure were so intense she was shaking. He gripped her dirty blond hair and pulled on it hard, her neck straining as she pulled the pillow she was biting back with her.

Chris lifted her up and dragged her to the living room window that looked out to the street. Knowing his dad Tim turned on the lights in the house so anyone looking on could see as Chris jammed his daughter between him and the window. The cold glass cooling her torso and hardening her nipples.

“Put your tongue on the glass.” Chris didn’t need to tell his daughter, she was already panting like bitch in heat, her tongue lolling and slobbering on the window.

Her body still shook as he ravaged his little girl. He could see the shutters flutter and silhouettes behind windows look on. People were watching the incest show.

“Do you think they know what they’re watching?” Lizi panted.

“Absolutely.” Chris nibbled at Lizi’s ear, “They know what we’re doing every time.”

Chris was reaching his peak, rapture coursing through his whole body. He pulled out of Lizi and stuffed his cock down her throat. Lizi bobbed her head rapidly, her hair flying in the view of the window until Chris buried every inch of his meat down her tight throat. When he pulled out Lizi showed her daddy all his cum in her mouth and swallowed it down with a smile.

“Well, lets keep going.” Two guys picked her up and pierced her ass and pussy, holding her up in the air.

They fucked her into the middle of the night.

The next morning Chris was woken up by a buzz from his phone. Next to him was his naked daughter, Tim on the other side of her. Tim’s friends left earlier in the night. He checked his phone to find a text from his neighbor Max Kasey.

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