The Gardener


My wife called me to come outside. When I got out back she was standing there with 2 other women. One around 40, the other looked like she was 15 maybe. I found out later she was actually 20 years old. Both women were short but the younger one was put together so well I felt my eyes staring and my cock twitching!

She had on hip hugger jeans and a mid drift blouse that really showed her nice round breasts pushing out against the material so tight, I could see her nipples. She was short, maybe 5 foot tall and had long brown hair and green eyes. She was the girl who was applying to be our gardener. I knew right away that she was going to be hired! As I approached the group, I heard her telling everyone about the problems she saw in our yard. She was attempting to establish customers and gave us the best price for solving these problems! Out of the 3 or 4 we had talked with, she was going to get the job!

Kelly was her name and her smile gave me a thrill. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was so compact!! I haven’t seen a woman like Kelly since I got out of the service. Oriental women were like that sometimes! You know, sexy, small and had beautiful faces and great tight bodies! Anyway, Kelly was hired and she started working the next day. Now I was off and was home painting and doing other things around the house. She and I were all alone. I watched her work outside and she was very good. Before she elft foer the day, I told her, I would provide lunch the next day since I had just purchased food for the week.

The next morning she arrived in shorts and a tight tank top. Now I could see how athletic her body really was! While being short her legs were really developed. I guess it was from all that bending and carrying she did as a gardener. Her breasts for a thin small girl were great I’m guessing 32C at the least. She came over to the porch after I had set all the stuff up for lunch. She went into the bathroom and did her business and washed her hands before sitting down at the table. As we ate we talked and she told me she was getting married soon, next month actually, and what she wanted out of life. She was very open and we talked for more than an hour. As she ate she sat there with her legs open and from the tightness of her shorts I could see the actual outline of her young and I knew sweet pussy

Her breasts jiggle when I got her to laugh and for a while I watched every move she made. But especially her pussy! God she was fantastic and as I looked between her legs, my cock was getting harder. She asked me what I was looking at and I think I actually blushed a little. I told her sorry I was staring at your legs. She blushed now and crossed her legs taking away the outline of her pussy! She smiled and told me she had to go back to work. We had lunch everyday for about a week.

On the Monday of the following week, Kelly came to work in shorts and a blouse that was outside her shorts. It was sunny and very warm that day and around 11AM she tied that blouse up under those tits making it a sort of halter-top. She was getting some sun! The top 2 buttons were undone and I stood at the window watching her plant and bend and stoop as she worked. She waved at me twice when she saw me and I was day dreaming about her stooping over my cock as she slowly sat on it!

At lunchtime we sat and ate and this time I was staring direct at her breasts in that top. Her cleavage was showing along with a good amount of her beasts! She had very, very nice! As she sat in the shade of the porch I guess the cool air and her wet blouse was making her nipples hard illegal bahis because they were pressing against that material making them look like two bullets.

She talked about her problems of the wedding and then saw me looking at her breasts. She asked me again what I was looking at as she looked down at her tits. She blushed when she saw her nipples sticking out so far! But, she didn’t try to hide them from my eyes at all. She smiled and told me she was so hot out there she wished she wearing her bikini! I told her she could do that whenever she felt like it.

The next day she came to work in shorts and a bikini top. At lunch she and I sat and ate and talked as usual. She was watching me as I watched her breasts move in that bikini top. Then she stood up and began to undo her shorts! My cock was standing at attention. She asked me if I cared if she wore her bikini bottoms too? Dumb question!! I smiled and I think I actually licked my lips as I told her that would OK with me.

She smiled and told me: “Oh good! I was almost sure you would care!”

I told her she could work nude if she wanted but she might get arrested! We both laughed as she dropped her shorts exposing me to her THONG! She didn’t have a bikini she had a thong! She stood there in front of me with that thong on and asked: “Well do you like it?”

I moaned and my cock jumped in my pants! She smiles and I was sure she saw it jump! I told her: “Turn around!”

She slowly turned and said: “I’m not to fat in my ass am I?”

I moaned and told her every woman should look like her. Every woman should have an ass like hers! She smiled and said: “Well I am big there.”

She turned her ass to me and slapped it. She said: “I was going to get a white one but they get dirty to fast and you can see everything I have went it gets wet! So I got a red one! What do you think?”

Well by now I was hard as I get and my cock was pressing against the material of my shorts like her nipples were pressing against her bikini top. I took a chance and asked her: “Well I can’t see anything you don’t want me to see in that red one. But bend over and let me see if there are any hairs around it.”

She bent over with her ass a foot from my face and asked again: “Are you sure you can’t see anything? You know like hair or anything on my pussy?”

I moaned and grabbed her ass pulling her closer to me. With her ass now an inch from my face, I sat there! I spread her legs and bent her over further until she was looking at me from between her legs. I took my hand and cupped her pussy between her thighs around that red thong. I ran my hand up between her legs and squeezed her soft fat little pussy!

She moaned and told me: “Oh yea that’s what I wanted! Squeeze it harder baby! Squeeze it!”

I moaned as could feel her sweet soft pussy already lubricated! I told her: “Oh god Kelly you are so beautiful baby! I want to taste you!”

As I ran my hands up under her ass and rubbed her cunt she moaned. With my other hand I slid the little bit of material to the side and there facing me was a completely bald 20-year-old puffy wet pussy. And I mean it was slopping wet! I immediately pushed my face into her cunt from behind and began licking her slit! My fingers found her opening and I embedded two of them as far as I could get them inside her little cunt hole.

She moaned as I played with her pussy and licked it! Finally her legs gave out and as I moved her that last inch back towards me, I unzipped my shorts and released my throbbing cock. She smiled at me when she began to sit down on my illegal bahis siteleri lap. Her small hand took my super hard cock and a she lifted just high enough to let my fat purple mushroom head press against her hole. She turned, licked her lips and moaned in my face as I felt the head of my cock slid into her wet hot pussy!

She sat back down and took all of me in two quick thrusts! I pushed my hips up into her as she sat. As she sat on my thighs and balls now all of my 8 inches were inside her tight little sexy body! She lay back against me and I used my hands to cup those wonderful tits I always wanted to hold and suck. The wait was well worth it! Her breasts were so firm and round I felt my cock jump against the walls of her pussy with excitement.

She moaned for me to squeeze her nipples. I put my hands inside her bikini top and pulled the material out of the way, exposing all of her firm beautiful breasts! Oh god! She was spectacular! Using my fingers now I began to roll her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers! She immediately began to ride up and down on my hard cock as we worked together fucking! “Oh god!” was all I could say as she pumped her young body up and down my shaft!

“Oh yes!” was all she could say as my 8 inch thick cock filled and fucked her young body!

We were like machines pumping and humping on each other’s sex! She lifted her legs and held her knees! She told me told me to turn her around. I turned her small body at the hips and with my cock still inside her pussy she turned 180 degrees until she was facing me now.

Immediately she began to hump and ride up and down on my cock. Our tongues fought like two wild animals as she kissed me with so fucking much desire! As her body took over and moved faster now, she finally wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned very deep and very loud as she began to climax!

She was so small and so beautiful! The look on her face was of pure passion, pure need, and pure pleasure!! God I love to watch a woman cum! It’s so sexy! I used my two hands to continue to work on her tits. I bent her upper body back a little in order to get my mouth on those fucking red hard nipples! As she fucked away on me, I sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. Now the need in me to cum was much greater and I knew I couldn’t hold much longer! Looking at her sweet beautiful young body reaching the perk of her orgasm, and her firm round tits in my face rubbing up and down on it, I moaned out very loud and began to cum.

I shot load after load of warm cum into her sweet tight cunt. I climaxed like never before. Again and again and again my cock thumped inside her body as it shot load after fucking load inside her cunt! God I was having the best orgasm I have ever had! It rocked my very sole! She was still riding up and down on my cock as fast as her small body could move.

There was so much cum it ran not dripped out her pussy and all over my thighs and the chair I was sitting on. We made splashing sounds as we continued to fuck like animals! Finally as we held each other our movements began to slow down.

Now we were slowly rocking on each other as we held our bodies tightly against each other. Her head was resting on my chest and I could feel her nipples rubbing against me. As we both began to come back to earth, I lifted her up and with her legs wrapped around me, I carried her into the house as my shrinking cock still inside her body! She was so light maybe 100 pounds if that. I carried her into the bathroom and after turning on the water of the shower; I stepped canlı bahis siteleri in with her wrapped around me. I let her put her feet on the floor of the shower and began to slowly wash this fantastic woman’s body.

Every inch of her beautiful young body was opened to me and it was spectacular! I explored every inch of her body using my hands, tongue and mouth to continue to please her. We spent quiet awhile in the shower sending thrill after thrill into our bodies! As I knelt on the floor of the shower in front of her this time, I pulled her body gently into my face again.

She held my head with her hands directing it to her most sensitive spot! I looked up into her beautiful face and as she looked down at me, she told me very softly: “Oh yes baby! Eat me! Eat my pussy baby!”

I was so turned on by her soft voice that I buried my face into her tan thighs and pushed my tongue into hole as far as I could get it! As she held my head tight against her pussy I took my time and consumed all of her musk, and tasted her cum as she began to climax against my tongue and lips. She moaned deeply and climaxed again, right behind the first one! Arching her back and pushing her pussy into me, she continues to climax as I continued to suck on her very swollen clit. I had taken it into my mouth and was rolling my tongue over it very lightly but very fast! She screamed out with passion! Finally I looked up and took my face out from between her legs!

She pulled my up to her and kissed me deep shoving her tongue into my mouth tasting her own juices! I held her tight and pumped my hard cock against the outside of her body. She was so small my cock was hitting her belly not her pussy! She started to kneel down in front of me when the phone rang. I stopped her and waited to hear who it was.

The answering machine took the call. It was her man and he told her he was going to be late picking her up. She smiled at me and began to kneel again in the tub. But I stopped her again and told her let’s dry off and get into bed and continue.

Once we were somewhat dried, I picked her up again and started carried her to the bed. She wrapped her legs around me and took my hard cock and put it back into her pussy. I pushed it all the way in and she moaned again as she did. I carried her to the bedroom and walked to the edge of the bed. As I placed her small body on the bed, she moved into the middle and opened her legs and her arms saying: “Oh come baby! Do me! Put your hard cock in my body and fuck me again!”

I just stood there for a few minutes looking down at the tightest beautiful young woman’s body I have ever seen in my 40 years! She held her arms out for me and I move over her bending my head down to suck those hard nipples sticking up about 2 inches. Her nipples were blood red and as my hand went between her legs she spread her thighs wide allowing me to access all of her sweet pussy again! I head soft moan come from her mouth as my fingers touched her pussy slit! I licked around her breasts for along time sucking and squeezing them. As she held my head with her hand my hand was slowly stroking her pussy up and down. Her wet cunt lips opened like a rose to the sun. I licked up her neck and whispered in her ear: “Now I’ll eat your pussy the right way with you under me. But first I want to see it up close.”

She was moaning and slowly pushing my head down her body saying: “Oh yes baby! Oh yes suck my pussy! I love it so much!”

I was an inch away from her sweetness just using my fingers to open the folds of her lips and pulling the skin back to see her clit! I worked slowly very slowly for a long time before I felt her back arch and her hips lift her pussy and my face up off the bed She was having an orgasm and I hadn’t even began to eat her seriously! This was going to be a great afternoon.

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