The Gift


He knew she would be on time and dressed the way he had asked her. She liked to please him and he loved that about her. He had devised a game, a fantasy he thought would appeal to her, and he was ready for her today. He watched her as she parked her car and walked up the side walk to his house.

She’s a small woman with a killer body and so cute she turns heads walking down the sidewalk. Today she’s wearing glasses again for some reason, but she usually wears contacts. The glasses give her a slightly nerdy look, like a librarian or the “A” student in school who studies rather than dates, a flower of virginity and innocence, needing to be taken just one time into uncontrolled orgasm to become addicted.

Jill was no longer virgin or innocent but she was the flower of his heart and the most sensuous woman he had ever known. He thought she would love this fantasy and he had felt a pulsing ache between his legs just picturing her reaction.

She wore what he had asked her to, a simple top and a short, pleated skirt. “Oh. Wear panties too,” he had told her and “wear your hair up. It looks elegant and I haven’t seen it up in a while.” She looked fabulous and he felt warmth in his chest as she approached his front door.

“Why so mysterious?” she asked, as he opened the front door just before she started to touch the doorknob.

“I just have a surprise for you, Jill,” he said.

“Oh, I like surprises,” she said, with a slow smile.

“But first this.” He put his right hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to him. He rested his left palm on her cheek and traced the outline of her lower lip with his thumb. Her eyes closed instinctively. Then he kissed the center of her lips tenderly but firmly and then the corner of her mouth. He heard a low “ummmm” in her throat and he kissed the hollow of her neck, feeling her catch her breath. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him and pressed her body closer and closer. It was what he wanted. They hadn’t seen each other since yesterday and she seemed as hungry for him as he was for her.

“It’s downstairs in the rec room,” he said, motioning her ahead of him with his hand on her shoulder.

“What is it?”

“Patience, love-patience.” She could be a little short of patience sometimes and he wanted to tease her a little too.

“You know it’s hard for me,” she said, before she could stop herself.

“I knew it before you did. I’ve had it all morning,” he laughed.

“Oh damn. I really walked into that one.”

“Usually it’s me though—not you.”

“Yes, it is.”

Turning the corner into the rec room, she saw it.

“Oh wow—a pool table,” she exclaimed. “You remembered!”

“And it’s a ten foot pool table—big enough for both of us.”

She gave him an enquiring look, suspecting that there might be a little more to this than a game of pool.

And there was, of course. He knew she had a fantasy about pool tables, but he had never really pinned it down. Evidently it stemmed from an X-rated video involving sex on top of a pool table.

“Have you played much pool?” she asked him.

“Not a lot. I played at the fire hall several times. They had one for the firefighters to amuse themselves with. I’m not very good.”

“You’re gonna get creamed, Jack,” she said. “I’m very good.”

“Pick a pool stick. Let’s get started then. What are we playing?”

“Eight ball I guess. It’s simple. It’s the only chance you have,” she said.

“Yea, right.”

He broke, spreading balls all over the table—click, click, click, click. Nothing went in.

“Too bad, Jack. That kinda cooks your goose, already. With luck I might even run the table.”

“You didn’t warn me you were so good. But you haven’t done anything yet. Stop bragging so soon.”

“Watch and weep, Jack.” She made three balls in a row—click, click, click. The balls clicked around all over the table.

“I do think this table is big enough for two people,” Jack said, glancing at her face for some reaction so far.

“Uuhhhhu…cough.” She cleared her throat.

“Don’t the balls make a nice sound when they click together? It’s unmistakable and pleasant. Don’t you think?”

“Jill? Just listen to this solid click when I knock two balls together. Click. Don’t you think that is a sensuous sound?”

“Yea, whatever. Less talk and more pool.” She missed the shot.

“Oh. Tough luck, honey—no clicks, clicks that time.”

“Shut up and play.”

Jack got lucky and made the nine ball.

“What luck!” she said. “It was right in front of the pocket.”

“Hmm…I get another shot. There are two balls, side by side like big testicles. See them?”

“Just shoot, Jack.”

“Not so fast. I have to plan this shot.”

“Hmm…Let’s see. If I hit the cue ball into the left testicle…I mean ball, I’ll get two click clicks in a row and the right testicle…I mean ball will roll into the sac.”

“Pocket…not sac! What game are you playing?”

“I’m trying to figure this game out. Hand me the chalk, please…Thank you.”

“I’ve heard that in billiards, one must pay attention to his shaft…of the pool stick I mean. The tip of my shaft canlı bahis needs some attention. It’s far too smooth and shiny. Some chalk will fix that.”

Jack starts to rub the tip with chalk…Rub, rub. “Is this the correct technique, Jill? just keep rubbing and rubbing? Or do you have your own technique?”

“Slut up and …God, shut up and shoot…hit the fucking ball with the shaft…I mean stick.”

“Gee….Jill. You seem a little flustered, my love. I do think your face is flushed. That’s the rush of blood you know. It makes things swell, gorged with blood, but your face is fine…still quite beautiful. You shouldn’t be concerned.”

“Hit it or die, Jack.”

“Very well, love of my life…I’m thinking. Oh look. Those three balls make a perfect “V” shape. Do you see them? What are the chances of a perfect “V” do you think? The “V” between your legs is perfect of course, love.”

Jack missed the shot. “How’s my tip, Jill?..too much rubbing? I should have let you show me how you do it.”

“Move please. You’re in my way,” she told him.

She sank her shot, then another one. “Whooeeee. I’m back.”

“What perfect clicks…and such a smooth table top…rubber bumpers…very sensuous, don’t you think?”

“You’re up to something, Jack my love.”

“I concede this game, Jill.”

“Yaaaaaay. I knew it.”

“Let’s make it a little different, shall we?”

“Like what?” she asked.

“You need to give me a handicap, or I have no chance of winning.”

“You have no chance anyway. What kind of handicap?”

“I’ll show you.” He racks up the balls again.

“Now come here, lover.”

She comes up to him, her head tilted inquisitively.

He puts his hands under her arms, lifts her and sets her on the edge of the pool table, facing him.

“What are you doing?” she asks as he opens her legs a little and stands between them.

“I have to make it harder for you to concentrate or I will never win.”

He pushes her gently backward so her back and head are on the pool table, her legs dangling over the side. He gets a sofa cushion and puts it under her head.

“What are you going to do, sweetheart?” she asks, her voice a little horse.

“This.” He raises her feet and puts them on the railing of the table opening her legs.


He raises her pleated skirt and pushes it back, exposing white silk panties.

“Oh God, honey!” he moans.

She is breathing more deeply now.

“I could just look at you like this, but I need some handicap.”

He begins kissing her legs, starting at the inside of the ankles and slowly working his way upwards. His kisses are teasing light kisses with blowing warm air from his mouth over her skin.

She closes her eyes and begins to breathe more heavily. Her hips are beginning to squirm. Her fingers grip the rail of the table tightly. Little moans begin in her throat.

He is slow and wonders if this could last forever. He gently strokes her upper legs and thighs with the back of his fingers. She squirms even more. Then she hears him clicking a couple of pool balls in one hand. Click, click, click, click…over and over.

She feels his lips on the inside of her thighs right below her panty line and she feels him blow warm air on her skin.

“God, you are so perfect, Jill…you have no idea what you can do to me with a single word. You know what I’m looking at, don’t you, love?”

“No,” she smiled.

“Oh Jill, try again or I’ll quit doing this.”

“My panties.”

“Yes. You’re right. You always know somehow, don’t you?”

“Yes, I guess.”

“Now… what else do I notice? What have I told you before?”

“The crease in my panties.”

“Oh yes. And what do I call that crease, my love?”

“My slit. You call it my slit.”

“You’re right, darling.”

“I can hardly stand this anymore, Jack. What are you trying to do to me?”

“Make you play with a handicap, my love.” He drags the back of his fingernails up the center of her panties. She clinches her stomach muscles and tightens her hips.

He feels moisture under her panties where he dragged his finger. He adjusts her skirt and runs the back of his fingernails up over her mound, gently scratching her clit area.

“Ohhhh Ohhhhh my God…please don’t stop.”

“I won’t my love…quite yet anyway. I have to lick your panties though and nibble them a bit. I must soften you up so you can’t play as well. Get ready now.”

She moans and grips the table edge tightly. “Please, Jack.”

He drags his flattened tongue up the center of her panties, feeling her even more wet now. Then he gently tries to bite her panties right in her center. It’s not easy to get his teeth around just the panty fabric, but he does and pulls it away from her lips. He chews it and she hears him suck on it.

“God, honey what are you doing to me?” she asks.

“I’m done now, baby. Now I racked them up for you. Break!” He helps her off the table and throws the pillow at the sofa. Her legs are weak and he holds her up.

“This is not fair. I’m lodging an official complaint to the US Pool Players Association.”

“Wait bahis siteleri until we’re done and combine all your protests. We’ve barely started. Now break, please.”

Jill breaks with a violent jab of the pool stick. The cue ball skips over the other balls, ricochets off the end of the table, comes back and knocks two balls loose.

“Tsk, tsk, Jill…bad luck.”


But he had a nice shot and sank one ball, leaving the cue ball touching the bumper.

“Crap. Thanks a lot. There’s nothing I can do now.”

She sets up for a trick shot. He stands behind her admiring her ass. “You have such good form, my love.” She misses the shot. “No fair. You were watching my butt, weren’t you? Crap crap.”

He sinks one ball but leaves her a reasonably good shot for a ball in the side pocket.

“Try to concentrate, Jill. Forget what I just did to you on the table.”

“Fuck!” she said, missing the shot. “Thanks a lot.”

He sinks one ball but misses the other shot.

“Ummmmm ,” he said, just before she took her shot. She missed, tossing the pool stick to the floor.

“I can’t play this way…I keep thinking of what you just did to me.”

“That was so nice, Jill.”

“Yea…are you going to finish the job now?”

“Of course not.” He laughed an evil laugh. “All in good time.”

He wraps his arms around her. “You’re not playing fair, today,” she said, lifting her head to kiss him, “but I love it, you know.”

“You might like this next part, too. Climb up on the table and sit down at this end. Open your legs a little bit. Face the far end…Good girl.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“Patience, lover.”

First you need to wear this. He put a blindfold around her eyes.

“What’s going to happen, Jack? Tell me what you are going to do.”

“I’m going to break the setup. Balls will roll everywhere. Listen to the click, click, clicks and try to catch any that come between your legs. Catch them above the knees, as far up your legs as possible. I won’t aim them there, but I might later.”

“Jack…this is making me think….Ohhh.”

He broke the setup but was careful not to hit the balls very hard. Two of them started towards her spread legs. One hit below her knee and almost stopped. The other went all the way to a thigh before touching her. She clamped her thighs together, trapping the ball deep between them. “Oh God,” she exclaimed. “You have no idea.”

“Oh? Tell me.”

“I can’t …yet.”

He moved the cue ball to a better spot on the table and lined it up between her legs. He wanted this ball just above her knees.

“Here it comes.” The ball made a click, touched her knee area and stopped just where he wanted it.

“Ohh damn…” She tried to squeeze the ball between her legs, but she couldn’t move it any higher.

“I’ll knock it up there, Jill. Don’t worry.”

“Yes Jack, please.”

He set the cue ball behind another ball and hit it. There was a click and one ball headed right between her thighs. It hit the ball she had trapped with a click, and they both ended up under her skirt and he guessed they were both against her panties or very close.

“Oh, God Jack….you have no idea.” She squeezed her thighs together hard, and he heard the balls click a little, hidden high up beneath her skirt. She kept squeezing her legs.

“I think you like that, Jill.”

She is breathing harder and keeps squeezing harder.

“Jack, honey. They are not quite high enough.”

“It’s against my rules to touch them, but I can use another ball. Get ready.”

He lined another ball up and hit it straight between her legs. It disappeared up her skirt, clicked and clicked against the other balls. Perfect shot.

She had three of them trapped now and she tightened her legs, relaxed them and tightened again.

“I can’t describe this…I’ve never felt this. Ohhhhhh, please another ball please.”

“Are you sure? You have three already. Pool balls are not cheap you know.”

“Fuck. Shut up and hit another ball already.”

He hit another ball but it stopped just above her knees. She tries to get it to move higher up by squeezing her knees together hard, but it doesn’t work.

“That was no fair, Jack. I wanted it up in the right place.”

“And where would that be, my love?”

“You know where—right up against my panties.”

“I’ll line this one up better, but I’ll have to pull your skirt up to see where to aim. Would you mind that?”

“Would you just shut up and do it, already?”

“Yes dear. But my…you’re impatient this morning. Is there a reason?”

“Hit the fucking ball!”

“I haven’t raised your skirt yet.”

“JACK! Fuck my skirt and get another ball up here NOW.”

“What a temper this morning. Here it comes.”

He pulled her skirt up and hit another ball. It clicked two or three times and she squeezed her thighs together hard.

“Let me help you.” He uses his hand to push a ball tight against her panties.

“Push harder,” she said with a moan. “And move it higher. You know where.”

He slides the ball up and down the crease in her panties.

“Oh yes. Please. bahis şirketleri That’s perfect my love.”

“Your panties are still wet from my tongue, love.”

“I know. I’ve been feeling it cool down there.”

“Umm. Let me warm it up for you.” He puts his head between her legs and moves his face all over her underwear, breathing in deeply the sweet, salty scent. He aims his warm breath at her clit area and blows air on it. He rolls his face around on her panties.

“Ohhh…Please…do something.”

“Maybe you like to hear the click, click, click of the pool balls, Jill.”

Jack clicks two balls together with one hand and continues to roll his face around on her panties. “Oh my, what a wonderful pussy you have, love.”

“Jack…please honey…I’m going crazy here.” She’s opening and closing her legs and arching her back. Her breathing is coming in short pants now. Her hands grip the edge of the table tightly.

He takes two pool balls and puts them under the front of her panties and moves them around slowly.

“Ohhhhh…Please……..Ohhhhhhh…Please…..Never before…Ohhh Jack. How could you know? How could you ever fucking know?”

“There’s more, my love.” He takes a third ball and pushes it up underneath her panties also. Then with his hand on top of her panties, he rolls the balls around making them click.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..Ohhhhh…..Edge … The edge so close….Now.”

He takes her hands off the table edge and puts them on top of her panties.

She immediately begins moving the balls around, pushing them here and there, mostly near her clit. The balls click together as she moves them.

She screams and spasms consume her body. Her hips pump and writhe. Her belly spasms again and again. She screams again and again, the scream softening into a moan. Tears come to her eyes and she sobs. She wipes her eyes and turns her head away from him. Her moans continue. Jack leans as far as possible over the table and kisses her face, sucking up the tears. Then he puts his arms around her and holds her, letting her gradually calm down. She continues to sob a little.

“You are my woman and I love you more than anything. I’ll do anything for you.”

More tears flow and she clings to him. She tries talking but only in short phrases between sobs and breathing.

“Thank you….thank you…never before never …I never knew …never even dreamed.”

“It’s not quite over, Jill.”

“Uhhhh,” Is all she can manage to say.

“Do you remember the pool boy, Juan? You thought he was so cute and I know you were attracted to him.”

She is silent.

“Jill, my love…just nod your head if you do.”

She nods.

“He’s here today for you, right now. I want him to fuck you on the pool table. I want it for you, myself. I paid him to do it—if you want him to. You don’t have to, but remember I brought him here for you today…just today…never again. Do you want him?”

“Jill, you have to say something, lover. Do you want him…Yes or no?”

“Jill, honey. You have to say something.”

“Yes,”she said. “But remember, it was your idea.”

“Ok…I’ll get him now.” He took her blindfold off.

He saw her take a very deep breath and shiver and turn her head away.

He put a blanket over her, fluffed up her pillow and went upstairs and out to the back porch where Juan was waiting.

Jill had second thoughts just as soon as Jack left to get Juan. She realized that Juan was a gift to her as part of her fantasy, but she thought maybe it too great a gift. Men can have such delicate egos she thought and it could not be especially pleasant to think of another man screwing your girlfriend downstairs in your own house.

They had swapped partners once, but that was more like an exchange or a sexual game. Jack had gotten benefit from swapping her to another man. In all truth she had not enjoyed the swap nearly as much as she pretended. But this was different.

Jack got nothing in return, but she had not suggested this Juan thing herself. It was his idea entirely. Why shouldn’t she try to enjoy it? The end result was the same.

Besides, Juan was a hunk—a hard bodied hunk with beautiful brown skin, flashing white teeth, long black hair he kept in a ponytail and six-pack abs. He was not large muscled but totally muscled with the honest and naturally flat muscles of a laboring man.

She had watched him from the secrecy of the kitchen window the first time he was there. She went out and walked past him deliberately the second time, using clean towels for the pool house as her excuse. The towels did need to be changed.

She could see from the corner of her eye that he was watching her ass as she walked by. On her return trip he had watched her from the front and a little too boldly too. He spoke to her in Spanish, but she was flustered from his overly obvious examination of her body, and she did not understand him. Neither did she speak.

On his third visit she took a big glass of lemonade to him and got to watch his body close up as he drained the glass. Then he had walked to the pool house, turning to motion her with his head to join him. She shook her head “No” but she smiled. Encouraged, he had blown her a kiss using only his lips, and acting like a Groupie for a Rock Band, she had blown him a kiss in return without even thinking.

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