The Girl I Didn’t Know Ch. 02


When I got back to my apartment Alex was sitting on my couch in my bathrobe, her dark hair wet, drinking Merlot.

“Didn’t expect to see you here,” I said, slowly.

“I wasn’t sure I’d see you here, either. I just needed to get away from an admirer I couldn’t shake, and I was too close to being drunk to drive to my place. You don’t mind?”

“No problem.” I sank down on the couch and put my head in her lap. She began to stroke my hair.

“So how did you make out with the blonde? Did you ever place her?”

“She finally remembered. We’re second cousins.”

“And when did you figure this out?” she asked, laughing before I could even open my mouth. “Too late, from the looks of you. So I guess that’s a dead end?”

“I’m thinking it over,” I mused. “Straight girls are so hard to find in this neighborhood.”

Alex cuffed me on the ear lightly. I sat up. “What?” I asked in a mock-indignant tone.

“You’re the one sleeping with your relatives. I wouldn’t talk about kinks.”

“I didn’t know at the time. And I didn’t stay to sleep with her.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that?” she asked, smiling and putting her hand on my cheek.

“She said she had to get up early. I did say I’d call her. I think we’re good.”

“Men,” she said, putting her arms around me from the side and sucking on my earlobe. “Well, how was sex with your cousin?”

“Second cousin. Mmmm, better stop that unless you want to be a straight girl tonight,” I said. She kept doing it. “Well, we were on the couch and one thing led to another…”

“That’s how these stories always start,” she said, undoing a couple of buttons on my shirt and rubbing my chest. “Proceed.”

“Before I knew it I had her dress half off and I’d lost my shirt,” I said. “I sucked on her nipples awhile and we ended up in bed.”

“Funny how that happens. Good start, though. Closest illegal bahis way to a girl’s heart is through her nipples, I always say.”

“Especially the left one. Anyway, we got naked and got into bed and we started feeling each other up. She had a completely smooth pussy. She must have it waxed.”

“Turn around,” Alex interrupted. We rearranged ourselves so that I was sitting sideways on the couch and she was backed up to me. I could just see one nipple and half of another of her gorgeous breasts. She took my hand and pulled it between her legs. The robe gaped open.

“Hello. When did you have that done?”

“Last week. It’s been more than a month since you’ve seen it, you know. Anyway, you were rubbing her bare pussy.”

“She was playing with my balls and I didn’t want to just come right away, so I went down south.”

“That’s the second expression you’ve used tonight I don’t really care for, but keep going. Oh, keep going with that, too,” she moaned.

I stopped. “What was the other one?”

“‘Feeling up.’ I first heard it as a little girl, watching a George Carlin routine. I didn’t know what it meant. It always makes me think of George Carlin. Oh, keep going, you bastard,” she growled, bucking against my hand.

“So I began to deliver oral stimulation to her clitoral and vaginal regions,” I continued, archly. “And she must have liked it because she started wrapping her legs around me and wouldn’t let me come up for air. I think she came then. She kept her stockings on.”

“She kept her stockings on? That slut. Yes, you think she became aroused to the point of climax. I can see how that would happen. Then what? Did she give you a turn?” she asked, squirming her buttocks against my trousers.

“Oh yeah. She got on top of me and then we went at it. She squeezed me with her tight, slippery cunt,” I said, reaching around to illegal bahis siteleri play with one of Alex’s breasts.

“Oh, God, I love it when they do that,” Alex sighed. She leaned back and started planting kisses on my neck. “So then you came like a volcano?”

“No, she came like a volcano.”

“And then you flipped her over and rode her like a bronco until you came like a volcano?”

“No, she gave me the blow job of a lifetime. And swallowed, I think.”

“Why do men care if we swallow? Anyway, what did she do right after that?”

“She got us some ice water and told me she saw me at our family reunion.”

“She didn’t swallow. She spit it up in the kitchen sink while she was running the water.” Alex got up and tightened her robe. My robe, actually. “Great story. Well, I’m beat. Can I borrow your guest bed?”

“Sure,” I said, sitting on the couch where she left me and kind of staring off into space.

She got most of the way down the hall and came back to look over the couch at me. I was still staring into space. “You’re not much for taking charge of a situation, are you?” she asked.


“Well, you gave cousin Tabby a two-for-one back there, I’ve been blue-balling you while you told me a story I’ll be masturbating to for weeks, and you’re going to bed alone? You need to ride someone like a bronco tonight, even if it has to be me.”

I reached up for her and we kissed. “I love you,” I said.

“I know. Well, the train leaves the station in two minutes. Be on it.”

“My bedroom,” I grunted.

“That’s more like it.”

I went back to my bedroom. It was dim, and Alex was already naked and under the covers playing with herself. I got undressed, got in beside her and began to play with her breasts again. I took a nipple into my mouth and started sucking on it. She put an arm under me and pushed canlı bahis siteleri me to get on top of her.

“I’m more than ready, Gordon, lover. This is for you; use me. Fuck me as hard as you want.” She took my cock in her hand and stroked herself with it. When the head was slippery, I pushed it in all the way smoothly but quickly. Her eyes opened wide. It felt fantastic as my balls brushed up against her smooth body.

I picked up speed quickly. She lay back and moaned like she was in pain. Some little part of my brain I couldn’t quite turn off knew she was just acting, enjoying getting me off, and probably not even all that aroused, and for some reason that made me even hotter. I wanted to get off quickly; I had had enough teasing and subtlety for the night.

I got to that wonderful, frustrating plateau. I had just come an hour or so ago; I was a little tired and the alcohol wasn’t helping. I was rock-hard and my balls were starting to ache. Alex reached up and took them in her hands, which sometimes triggers me right away, but in this case not quite. After a while she put her hands on my ass. “Fuck me harder, Daddy,” she said in a little girl voice in my ear. I started pounding her harder and faster. “Fuck me harder, Daddy,” she said. “Ohhh! Fuck ME! Fuck ME! FUCK me!” she began to moan.

I spasmed all over and came inside her, kissing her and feeling her moans on my cheek. I tried to look at her: I wanted to know if she was coming, but my eyes wouldn’t focus for a few seconds.

I stayed in her for a moment. Soon I would go soft and we’d have to start grabbing for the tissues by the bed or have a big wet spot. I squirmed around and we relaxed and embraced. “Thank you,” I whispered in her ear.

“You’re welcome. I loved it, too.”

We got cleaned up after a fashion. I put my briefs back on; she found a pair of my boxers and an old Nike t-shirt and put them on. We snuggled back up under the covers. I stroked the cleft between her breasts absently. Within seconds it seemed I could hear her breathing slow and she relaxed against me. A few more seconds and I was asleep too.

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