The Goddess of Passion Ch. 02


I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Angel Love (a Volunteer Editor) for graciously and competently taking on the task of editing this submission to Literotica. Without her guidance and sharp eye, I don’t think I would have got by the ‘censors’. I’m blessed though as she’s agreed to edit all my submissions and I’m going to take her up on that For any of you out there, who are the least bit hesitant about submitting a story, get in communication with Angel Love as you’ll get all the help and encouragement you need to become successful submitting stories for publication in Literotica.

Dell led the way back out over the new snow, picking his way more by his familiarity with large landmarks than by specific smaller entities. None of their previous ski tracks coming into the trail were observable, the new snow obscuring them completely. Emerging out of the trees, the up sloping trail running onto an open area, he sighted across the bright, white expanse to the next stand of tall fir trees.

He stopped and looked back at his sweet Jenna, who stopped behind him. The sun was so bright and warm; they had removed their woven ski masks, so her happy smile showed brightly on her lovely lips. Her pearl-white teeth contrasted clearly with her pink tongue as she laughed.

Daddy, I’m so happy she shouted and threw her arms up to the clear azure sky. Her ski poles dangled loosely from the straps around her wrists, held high, as if in praise to some loving God above.

To Dell, she was a vision of pure loveliness, so vibrant, so full of life and love. And, as well, he now knew her to be woman, a woman of enormous passion As he drank in her loveliness, he was overcome with his own passion and limitless love for his daughter. Since his wife, Sarah, Jenna’s mother, had died; Jenna had become his life, his love and now, after the events of the past few hours, his lover.

He had no idea whether that relationship would continue. But, whether it did or didn’t, he did know that he had experienced the most wonderful moments of his life, making love to this vibrant beauty and she to him. It had not been one-sided, with him taking every lead, always being the leader. No, she had also been an aggressor, equally guiding him down a path of incredible mutual passion, over which he had not previously trod. It was an awesome, humbling experience, one which he would always treasure fondly, no matter what might befall them in the future.

He turned his skis back down the trail and approached her, side by side. He reached out his arms wide to her and she leaned into him, hugging him tightly. She twisted her head so their goggles wouldn’t interfere and pressed her warm mouth hard against his. Their tongues danced with each other and her hands swept up over his back and shoulders to grasp his head and hold it firmly, ensuring their ravenous mouths did not slip from each other.

For a few moments, their recently experienced passion raced through them, their bodies twisting and thrusting awkwardly, their feet still held firmly in their ski boots attached to their skis. Then, at the same moment, they pulled back from each other, looked down at their legs and burst out laughing, their hands still holding each other’s. To Dell, her laughter was like the tinkling of fine silver bells, so light, so charming, yet so warm in tone…

Holding each other at arm’s length, they both just beamed at each other, reveling in their mutual love and joy. Let’s get back home she said softly.

Yes Dell said, I’m for that. He poled past her, flipped his skis again and poled back into stride, moving across the open space toward the next group of trees.

When they were crossing the final open meadow before the road, Dell could just make out what he thought was their SUV, largely covered with snow. He headed them toward it. As they got closer he could tell that the plows had not been up the road this far yet.

He reigned in next to the SUV and leaning against the vehicle, removed his skis. The snow was about three feet deep where he was standing, looking across at the mound of snow on top of the SUV. Stacking his skis and poles against the side of it; he high-stepped his way through the deep snow to the back door.

Fortunately, the vehicle had had time to cool to air temperature before the storm hit with the result that no ice had formed at the base of the snow and he was able to easily brush it away to reveal the top of the door, where it hinged. Next, he, with Jenna working at his side, cleared the snow away from the door, until it could be opened upward. He reached inside and grabbed the shovel he always carried there in the winter months. Setting it against the side of the car, they helped each other to remove their packs and placed them inside the back of the SUV.

Darling, glancing down to ensure the tailpipe was clear of snow, can you crawl over the seats and start the car? I’ll shovel us clear.

She hopped into the back space, turned back and removed her boots. She put them ataşehir escort on the floor of the back seat as she climbed over it to sit in the driver’s seat, sliding down feet first. Her set of keys was in her right-hand zippered pocket. She pulled them out, selected the ignition key and inserted it into the switch. She turned the key and much to both their delight, the engine caught immediately and roared into life.

In the meantime, Dell was aggressively attacking the snow that had drifted around and under the car, clearing the wheel tracks on the sides and the front out to the road. He guessed that he had reached the road, remembering how far the car had been parked from it. But, it was only a guess as the road was covered with about one and a half to two feet of snow.

Jenna had removed her goggles and her smiling radiance was flowing through the windshield to Dell. A flood of warmth flowed through him as he felt her attention on him, bathing him in love.

At the height of that wondrous moment, they both heard the grinding sound of a snowplow coming up the road. Dell waved the snow shovel above his head, signaling to the driver where they were. He waved back and continued on, laughing, as the plow washed up a four foot ridge of snow across the path that Dell had just shoveled out in front of the SUV. The plow continued up the road, over the top of the ridge above them – out of sight, but they could still hear it rumbling along.

Dell turned to Jenna and they both broke out into gales of laughter again. She turned the motor off and got out of the SUV. They both, still laughing, fell into each other’s arms and embraced tightly. Jenna stepped back and said, Daddy. It’s my turn for a bit. She grabbed the shovel from his hand and began to attack the snowplow induced ridge blocking their entry to the road. They both knew they would not have to take it to ground level as the 4X4 with chains on all four wheels would push through two feet of snow easily. Even if it were close-packed, they would ride over it.

Jenna worked at the ridge, tossing the snow to the side, not onto the road. When she’d got the left side down to about two feet, having removed about half of what had to be done; she turned and handed the shovel to Dell. He had cleaned off the top of the SUV and clamped their skis and poles to the roof rack. She knew better than to prevent him from doing his share. She was so in tune with his evenhandedness, his fairness in all things; she simply knew he would feel best if he had cleared half the ridge and she had cleared half the ridge. It was just the way he was and she loved him for it. He shared everything good with her and tried to avoid giving her anything bad.

When he was done, he handed her the shovel and she put it in the back of the SUV, closed the door and got in the passenger side. She put her seat belt on and reached her hand across to rest tenderly on his on the steering wheel. They looked at each other and grinned.

Let’s go home, sweetheart, he said.

Jenna giggled and mewed, Oh, yesss, let’s go home and get in bed… and then added, shyly, I’m a little tired.

As always, Jenna remained alert, supportive of Dell as he drove down the freshly plowed half-road, out of the higher elevations to the valley where their home nestled against a rise with a southern exposure. They pulled into their drive, crossed the bridge over the creek which ran parallel to the ridge and the road and pulled up in front of the garage. Snow had fallen here, too, but only about six inches.

Jenna had pressed the clicker for the automatic garage door opener when they crossed the creek and returned it to the glove compartment. Dell knew the skis and poles on the roof rack would clear the open garage door (the door was the type which rolled up in horizontal segments on tracks), so he rolled on in. He braked with the windshield just touching the tennis ball he had suspended with string from the ceiling to show exactly where to park the SUV in the garage. This, so he could raise the hood if need be, but still be far enough in to close the door behind it. Jenna appreciated all these little thoughtful touches, so characteristic of her father. He just made things so easy for others to be around him, she thought fondly.

The sun was setting behind them as they both got out of the car. Sweetheart. Why don’t we unpack tomorrow? Let’s just change into something comfortable and get some dinner.

Dell pressed the button to close the garage door. It was mounted on the wall next to the door entering into their kitchen. The house was cozy and warm as they went through turning on lights as needed and heading upstairs, Dell to his bedroom to change and Jenna to her bathroom, to pee. As she relieved herself, she smelt the lingering scent of her sex combined with his semen on the hairs of her pussy. Her mind raced through the events of the past twenty-four hours.

Touching herself softly on her sensitive slit, she became immediately aroused. kadıköy escort She felt her slit become wet and her fingertip slid easily inside her vagina. She pulled her finger up very slowly, feeling every nerve tingle as her finger stroked up over her hood and stopped atop her engorged clit. She pressed down on it ever so slightly and exploded with an orgasm.

Oh, daddy I want you again she whispered softly to herself.

Jenna pulled up her panties and pants, flushed the toilet and went out to her bedroom. There, she stripped, and standing in front of the full length mirror which covered the sliding door to her walk-in closet, inspected her naked body. There was a ‘hickey’ at the base of her throat. This was her daddy’s mark. She stood taller, proud of it and feeling warm and desirable. Her body flushed and she felt that tingle again in her pussy.

She strode out of the room naked, back into her bathroom to take a shower. She no longer felt the need to cover herself should Dell see her naked. She was proud of her femininity. She wanted to get ready for her daddy again. She wanted to please him, to make him proud of her as a woman, and to want her as a woman…

Jenna’s return to Idaho State after the Christmas break was accompanied by a new sense of exhilaration within her. She was totally confident in her future, her future as a medical doctor and her future as a sensual woman. She was not yet certain with whom she would share her life, acknowledging that Dell was really the only man she had ever known. While she had not dated before, she knew she could open up that door any time she wanted to. Now, she was fully prepared to venture out and find out what that world was about and determine what, if any of it, was of interest to her.

Before she had left her father she had insisted he begin dating. He had told her he’d think about it. He said he wasn’t sure that’s what he wanted to do at this time. Deep down, she realized she was relieved to hear him say that. She knew society didn’t accept their having a sexual relationship, and she wasn’t really sure they’d ever be together again, that way. But, she still wanted that option to be open to them if that’s what they both decided to do.

When Jenna told her room mate, Diane, that she wanted to start dating, Diane was delighted. Diane was an active participant in the social life available on campus. Diane was excited about the prospects of showing off Jenna to her male and female friends. Jenna was a ‘prize’ and Diane knew it. Jenna’s relative innocence (as far as Diane knew about it) was a strong positive point which would attract the more aggressive males like an alpha male wolf to a bitch in heat. It was ridiculous, she thought, how some men thought that taking a virgin was such a big deal. An experienced woman was infinitely better. Well, so be it – she had the experience and Jenna was the bait.

The following Saturday night there was a party at the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house. Diane wrangled an invitation for both Jenna and herself. Diane had dated the fraternity Vice President, Bill Lawson, a few times and knew him to be a horny dude. When she told him about Jenna and what she looked like, pointing her out on the soccer field during a practice, he licked his chops, so to speak. So did Diane. She was confident Bill wouldn’t get anywhere with Jenna and she’d be there to ‘pick up the pieces’, inheriting a monstrous hard-on to use for her own pleasure. She was in for more than one surprise.

When Diane saw what Jenna had dressed in for the party, her mouth dropped open. My God Jenna had on a tight, form-fitting, silk dress with a low bodice which beautifully showed off enough of her gorgeous breasts to give a hard-on to the Sphinx. And, the length of the hemline showed off her shapely legs exquisitely sculpted by three inch heels. Jenna’s hair was down, parted to the left and flowing softly about her shoulders (instead of her usual pony tail). Diane was awestruck. Jezuuzzz she thought. She’s gonna get mobbed Then, Diane began to have second thoughts about what she had become a party to. Well, too bad, we can’t back out now. Besides, who knows, it just might work out fine…

When Diane and Jenna stepped through the door of the frat house, they were met by a pledge, assigned to look after the guests’ coats, etc. They tapped the snow lightly off their shoes onto the entry hall rug, slipped their gloves into their coat pockets and handed their coats to the pledge ‘doorman’. Jenna stepped back and squaring her shoulders, stood tall and straight, smoothing out her dress around her hips and shoulders. She felt vibrant and her body flushed with excitement. Well, here goes, she thought. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Across the hallway, just inside the main salon, Bill Lawson stared, his mouth agog…Christ, was this Jenna Anderson? His cock twitched and immediately began to engorge. She’s a queen Yes, it had to be because she was with Diane. Wow, this was going to be quite some night, he bostancı escort bayan dreamed.

Jenna sensed eyes on her and looked up to scan the area in front of her. Every eye was on her, male and female. The teenaged Catherine Deneuve didn’t look more ravishing. Jenna, never nonplused, turned to Diane and said, Well, what now?

Just as the words escaped her luscious lips, Bill Lawson approached, talking to Diane, but with his eyes fixed on Jenna. Hi, Diane, so glad you could come. You have to introduce me to this gorgeous creature.

Bill felt his natural good looks and carefully cultivated charm could sweep any prospect he desired into his bed. Little did he know how absurd he looked in Jenna’s eyes, noting clearly the insincerity of his words and demeanor. Without realizing it at first she unconsciously compared Bill to Dell. This kid, Bill, she mused could go shove it up his…

Jenna reached out her hand to shake Bill’s, proffered to her. Jenna, where she was raised among mountain folk, was used to shaking a hand, not a wimpy stick. Then she realized Bill was grimacing in her grasp and let go of his hand. Oh, I’m sorry, she apologized. I really didn’t mean to inflict any bodily harm, she teased.

I’m Jenna Anderson, she volunteered, and you are…?

Bill Lawson. I’m the Vice President of our chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, he preened. Welcome to our house. Can I get you a drink?

Yeah, Diane said. I’d like a gin and tonic.

Jenna said, Thank you, may I have a coke with ice, please? I don’t drink alcohol. I found out years ago that I didn’t like the effect it created.

Her parents had let her take sips when they had company over for parties and one time, when Jenna was seven, she gulped down what she thought was ice water. That Vodka on the rocks nearly swept her away – she coughed and coughed and then got sick, throwing up all over herself. No, alcohol was not for her.

Diane and Jenna drifted toward the salon where people were dancing on the bare, hardwood floor to the sound of a full 5.1 digital sound system, professionally installed. Jenna had taken ballroom dancing lessons when she was twelve and felt comfortable on a dance floor, even though her experience outside the class was limited to her mom and dad dancing with her in the kitchen when the mood struck them, just for fun.

A tall, very good-looking, dark-haired young man approached them with their drinks. Good evening, ladies. Which one of you gets the coke? he asked politely. Jenna smiled one of her radiant best and reached for the glass, confronting him boldly.

He almost dropped the glass of coke, staring intently into her flashing blue eyes, captivated. He fumbled Diane’s drink to her and apologized for his clumsiness. Diane turned to Jenna and whispered, I’m not sure this was such a good idea, coming here tonight. Nobody’s had a chance to really see you before and you’re knocking them speechless, er, dead, ah, you know what I mean…

Gee Whiz, Diane. I’m just me. I can’t help what I was born with. I’m sorry. Do you want me to leave?

Jenna Anderson…nobody said anything about your leaving, least of all, me. You’re one of the dearest, most genuine persons I’ve ever known. We’re going to see this through. Remember, this is your first time out, so don’t feel you’re causing any problem. It’s these slavering, pussy-hungry idiots, drooling after you that are the problem. I was hoping to find somebody that you might tweak to, but I’m afraid we’ve struck out so far.

As these last words trailed from Diane’s mouth, another tall, good-looking, broad-shouldered and fit young man walked by them. This guy was blond haired, like Jenna. He smiled politely at them and, as if he were hit suddenly with an afterthought, he stopped and turned to them.

He asked both women, Have we met before? You both look familiar. At another party, perhaps? My name is Ryan Miller. He reached out his hand and shook Diane’s first, then, Jenna’s. It was a firm hand, not wimpy, Jenna noted.

Oh, wait. I know, still holding Jenna’s hand casually. You’re one of the cheerleaders for the football and basketball squads and, he emphasized, you’re on the soccer team. One of the better, if not the best, scorers. You’re Jenna Anderson, he said, in an excited tone of voice. I’ve watched you on the field. Lady, you’re good he exclaimed.

His seemingly genuine praise was getting through to Jenna. He was the first male she’d met on campus who seemed to know what he was doing, outside her professors and coaches.

Thank you, she said demurely, and you’re the Ryan Miller, the basketball team’s leading All-American candidate and Academic All-American, I might add. Nobody could ever say Jenna wasn’t aware of what was going on around her even when she wasn’t a direct participant.

He beamed that she knew of him. He certainly was impressed with her and had secretly been admiring her from afar, noting her shyness at certain things and her supreme dominance concerning other things. He had asked a friend of his, an assistant prof in the Biology Department, about her grades – 4.0 – don’t find ’em better, and she understands her material. She can think with it and apply it, he was told. Yes, she was impressive, in every respect.

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