The Handyman Again Ch. 5


Actually, it turned out that I did that dead bolt, the front door dead bolt and all of the inside doors except the two bathrooms before I got to see what was under the bottom portion of her robe. I finally decided that it was up to me to create a situation where she could display herself to me “innocently”. Toward that end, so to speak, I laid my pouch on the floor about six feet into the bedroom from the bathroom door. I was squatting by the door taking out the existing doorknob set. Tamara was sort of kneeling near by, as she had been doing, and we were talking generalities. I asked her to get the orange handled screwdriver out of my pouch. She rolled up onto her hands and knees and crawled the few feet to my pouch. Right away the robe climbed up her ass cheeks, her hips spread out, the garter belt straps sort of eased to the sides of her thighs, and her ass slowly undulated with each move. Her pussy was uncovered, peeking back at me in such an inviting way. It took her a moment to find the screwdriver and then she returned with it. She looked per-r-r-rfectly innocent, as well she should, right?

“I’m sorry, Tamara, but I also need the silver long nose pliers.” I can be innocent, too, you know.

Back to the tool pouch she started, but this time I was right behind her. The way I had been squatting when she joined me by the bathroom door, she could not have seen that my belt, button and zipper were already open. My cock was sticking out through my shorts and I was ready to become an active participant in our game. First she felt my hands on her hips and ass. Next she felt my cock slide along her pussy lips and my hips push up against her thighs.

“What kind of a tool would this be?” she asked as she reached her hand back between her legs to touch and stroke me. I’d give her at least an hour to stop that. Maybe more.

“That is sometimes the most important tool a Handyman has,” I replied while wetting my thumb and placing it illegal bahis on her rectum. It puckered right away, but seemed to relax as I continued to rub in circles.

“My god, you’re big, John. Let me see this champion tool.” she said and started to turn.

I immediately pulled back, zipped up my jeans and closed my belt, saying, “Maybe later. But right now I have work to do, don’t you know.”

She stood up over me and pulled open the top of her robe, pushing a nipple at me and saying, “You can suck my nipples if you let me see him.” I started sucking the offered nipple but shook my head in a clear “no”. Besides I prefer uncovered nipples and the lace bra was an obstruction. She pulled her nipple away from me, straightened up, put her hands behind my head and brought her pussy and my face together, saying, “You can lick my vagina again if you let me see him.” I got in a couple of licks and again shook my head, “no”. “You’re mean. I’ve never felt a penis that size and you won’t let me see it.”

“‘A’, it’s not all that big, but it is somewhat bigger than average, and ‘B’, how do I know that you’ll know what to do with it and ‘C’,it’s not a ‘penis’. It’s a cock, or a prick, or a dong, or a dick. And just so you don’t make any further grammatical mistakes, young lady, it’s for stroking and sucking and fucking and … sometimes making babies.” By god, that was telling her. “And,” pointing at her crotch, still in front of my face, “That’s not your vagina or your vulva or even your pudenda. That’s your pussy, cunt, quim, box, crack, piece-of-ass, twat, slit. It, also, is for sucking and licking and fucking … and once in a great while, a baby.”

“That’s not fair. You had more names for me than for yourself,” was her lament, delivered quite dramatically I thought, for an up and cummer.

“You just remember to use appropriate names and descriptions or I won’t push my face into your crotch again and suck your clit into my mouth illegal bahis siteleri so that I can whip it with my tongue ever again. Understand?” The foregoing delivered with sufficient vehemence to impress her with some of my sincerity.

She resorted to her now infamous, “You’re mean!”

“And. I’m the Handyman and I have work to perform, Madam.” With that I turned back to the door.

I finished the last of the doors but I was concentrating on sliding my cock into her cunt and keeping it there a long, slow time. I hope she was thinking about that, too. Finally it was time for the kitchen sink. I’d put anchors in the wall to support the drawer bracket, so that was done. Opening the cabinet doors and moving some of the cleaning stuff out of the way made it easy to determine that there was no leak under there. So two were playing the game. All right. I laid down on my back and slid a little way into the cabinet; just so that my head and neck were supported on a towel on the shelf. And I dutifully looked up under the sink. Tamara was a couple of feet away, to my left. And looking goooood. But she would soon look better.

“Can you step over here and turn on the cold water, Tamara?”, I asked in all innocence. She, all unwittingly, did as I asked and stepped over me with her left foot, so that she was straddling me, and turned on the cold water, and started to step back. “Wait!”, I entreated, “I need you to turn it off and on a number of times so stay there.”

“Oh. Okay.” she replied, and stayed there while I looked up under her robe with my little extendable mirror. I banged around and made little noises of labor, for effect.

“Nice legs and pussy you have there. Lots of nice bushy hair”, became my opening gambit. Testing the waters.

“Why thank you, sir.”

“What do you use them for, if I may ask.”

“Well, I like to have my legs admired and stroked, and I recently find that I just love to have my canlı bahis siteleri pussy licked and sucked by a man, and eventually I would want him to fuck it for me with his cock. Does that answer your question?” Oh, this woman was learning very fast.

“Yes, it does. Now turn the hot water on and off, please.” She did and I continued. “But what if a guy wants to not only suck on your sweet pussy and slowly fuck his cock up into your cunt, but he also decides he wants to lick your ass and run his hands all over you before all of the other activities?”

“Well, I guess it would be all right. If it pleased him, of course.”

Her hand appeared down between her legs and she moved it up inside her robe by her pussy. Then she started a rhythmic movement with her hand that I could only infer was masturbation. Jesus, that was exciting. I tried to continue with my questioning, knowing we were getting close to the point of no return.

“And, Tamara, what if a guy wanted you to get on your hands and knees, with your ass high in the air, and your legs spread, so that he could suck and fuck you like an animal from behind?”

“It might be okay, if that’s what he wanted.” The fingers were moving faster on, and now, in, her pussy. She had bent her knees, some, and I could clearly see her finger-fucking herself just above me in the reflection of the mirror. I started opening my pants and getting my cock out.

“What if he wanted to lay on his back on the floor, have you straddle his face with your feet, and slowly lower your cunt down onto his mouth so that he could tongue-fuck you and suck your clit. Then he might want you to sit on his cock so that he could watch you fuck yourself on his prick. How about that, Tamara?”

“Oh, Jesus! How could I stop him if that’s the kind of depraved things he wanted to do with me? I’d be helpless.” Her index and middle finger were now deep in her cunt and the meat of her thumb was rubbing her clit. That’s it. I couldn’t stand any more. The final ride had to start now. After all, she was two orgasms ahead of me so far. I slid myself mostly out from under the sink so that now I didn’t need the mirror to see up her robe at her flashing fingers.

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