The Hotel Stay

Big Tits

Please note all participants in this story were 18 years of age or older.

I woke up late one evening to loud sounds coming from the room next to me. I had just checked in few hours ago from a red eye flight I had taken to make it to the business conference on time. I was still groggy and was not sure what the sounds were.

As I lay there listening it became very apparent what the sounds were when I heard a woman’s voice in a loud sensual voice say ” ohhhh, fuck! Give it to me, please give me that cock….” It was then followed by “oh god no, no, no, ohhhhh shit, oh god, oh fuck.” I laid there listening to this woman getting fucked and I thought of growing up at home listening to my parents have sex.

I was an only child and my bedroom was downstairs, right below my parents bedroom. My parents were very sexually active, and my mom was not a quiet person when she was getting laid. I remember vividly the first time I heard her. I thought something was wrong because it sounded like mom was crying, or being hurt. I could her my Dad talking to her in a low guttural voice. I crept upstairs to their bedroom and found the door open. I peeked in and saw my Mom on all fours on top of the bed, my Dad behind her pushing into her. Every time he would push in she would moan and wimper and he would be saying things like, “that’s it, take it, take it deep, take that cock.” I was mesmerized by them and watched intently as they continued their lovemaking. Soon Daddy pulled out and I got my first glimpse of his penis. It was very long, and it stuck straight up towards his stomach. It was wet and he stroked it as he backed away from Mom. Mom stood up and turned towards Dad, she was beautiful. I remember looking at her breasts, they were very large and her nipples were sticking out, and she had a smile on her face as she looked at Dad.

Dad climbed into bed laying on his back, and I could see him push his penis down so it was sticking up in the air. Mom then climbed in bed and straddled him, her backside towards me. I watched her reach down between her legs and grab his penis and guide it inside her. She gasped as she sat down on it. She did not move for a few seconds, then slowly started to move up and down on it. She soon started to go faster, and started to moan again and talking to Daddy using really nasty words. She seemed almost out of control when she pushed down really hard onto Daddy and let out a deep, satisfying moan and collapsed on his chest. Afraid I would be caught I ran back to my room.

As I got older my parents lovemaking sessions became something I would masterbate to often. Sometimes I would sneak up to their room to watch, other times I would just lay in my bed, listening and and rubbing my clit until I came. Since then I have always loved to hear people have sex, and love to have others hear me, or even watch.

The intensity in the next room and a mans voice yelling he was about to cum brought me back to the present. I laid there a minute or two until my middle finger gave me my own orgasm and I fell back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up extremely horny, and as I showered I spent a little extra time shaving my pubic area until it was nice and smooth except for a little tuft of hair above my clit. I put on my lace bra, and thong and a nice short, tight dress. My hope was that I would find a “roommate” for the three nights I would be staying.

Throughout the morning sessions of the ataşehir escort bayan conference I kept a close eye on the participates, but found few men I wanted to fuck. During lunch I met a possible prospect, a very handsome man with a great smile, and what looked to be a very athletic body. We chatted while we were being served, and he invited me to sit at the table he was on…this was looking promising.

As we ate our salad we made additional small talk and I found out he was attending the conference with his girlfriend, I am sure the look of disappointment was very apparent, but just then a very tall and gorgeous blonde walked to the table and sat down, giving my new friend a kiss on the cheek. We made introductions, and they both were really nice and talked through the lunch, but deep inside I was disappointed. The rest of the day I searched for someone, but no luck. Oh well, I thought to myself, at least I have my vibrator.

That evening I chose to eat in my room, and opened a bottle of wine I had bought earlier. I drew a hot bath after dinner, poured a glass of wine and relaxed in the bubble bath. Between the bath and the wine I was very loose and felt very good. I was tired from the night before and decided to go to bed early. As I was walking from the bath to the bed I walked past the door that connects the two rooms. I don’t know why, but I opened the the door, expecting full well to see the door that connected the other room closed…but it wasn’t. The door was opened just a crack, and I stood still listening. I could not hear anything and the room was dark, but just in case I closed my door very quietly but did not dare lock it, afraid the lock would make too much noise.

I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and crawled into bed. I am not sure what time it was, but I heard a door shut and some giggling, but soon fell back asleep, only to be awakened again by a bed squeaking and people moaning. I was immediately aroused by the fucking sounds coming from the next room and just laid there listening for some time. I was getting extremely horny and decided to get my vibrator and take care of myself.

As I got out of bed I walked past the door that connected the two rooms…I am sure they closed the door…or did they? Very quietly I turned the knob, and slowly opened the door, the other door was still open as it had been before. The opening gave me a perfect view of the bed and the couple on it. The table lamp was on, so I could see clearly into the room.

From my vantage point I could only see the back of a man standing at the edge of the bed, obviously fucking the girl who was on all fours on the bed. The mans ass was small, tight, and absolutely gorgeous. Each thrust caused his ass cheeks to tighten as he fucked the girl hard. His back, and arms were well defined and he had the look of an athlete.

The girl on the bed I could not really see other than she had long blonde hair. She was obviously enjoying the cock she was getting as she was moaning and begging for more. I could tell she was rocking back and forth, and moving her hips around trying to get the cock deeper into her. I watched them fuck for a while in that position, then the man pulled out, and told the girl he wanted her on top. I was staring at the man’s cock, and it was huge. He was shaved completely, and his cock must have been at least 9 inches and very thick. It glistened in the light, slick and wet from the girls escort kadıköy juices. When I finally broke my gaze I looked up and gasped as I noticed the girl, was the same one I had met earlier, as was the man.

I thought for sure I had been busted, as the girl had looked, I thought, right at me but she simply turned over as the man laid down on the bed, holding his dick straight up. She rolled back over, lifting herself over him and allowed him to position his cock at her entrance, and effortlessly slide herself on to it. She let out a loud moan, and started to ride his cock, moving her ass up so it looked as if the cock would come out, and then pushing hard back down taking his full length. Each time she came down her moans became more intense. Looking over at the man’s face, he seemed to be intent on the woman, and focused on her tits, bouncing in rhythm. I heard him start to grunt, and just then the girl let a a scream of pleasure as it appeared they both came together.

I quickly pulled the door shut, as quiet as I could, and sat down on my bed. I was on fire, and so close to orgasm it was unbelievable that I could be so aroused by just watching. I gently touched my clit and came almost immediately. I laid back in bed and replayed what I had just seen in my mind…had the girl seen me?

The alarm went off, and I had not even remembered falling asleep. I was exhausted, and had a pent up sexual desire the was consuming me. I really needed to take a long shower and take care of myself with my vibrator but had no time. A quick shower, and I quickly got dressed and headed to the conference.

I was a little apprehensive about seeing the couple from last night, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep it together, but luckily I didn’t see them all day. When the conference ended for the day I headed to my room to relax, and get a little me time. I entered my room, kicked off my shoes and was just pouring a glass of wine when there was a knock on my door.

I was shocked when I opened the door to find the couple from next door. I stuttered a hello, when the girl smiled and said “Hi, I’m Lisa, sorry for the intrusion, but we had met yesterday at lunch, and Chad and I had noticed we were hotel neighbors with you and thought you might want to have a drink.”. I wasn’t sure what to say, but finally stammered out “sure, that would be great.” Lisa smiled, and said “great, if want to change into more comfortable clothes, and just knock on the adjoining room door when you are ready we can head down to the bar.” The look in her eye when she mentioned the door gave me pause, and I wondered, had she seen me?

I changed quickly, putting on a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt, took another drink of wine and knocked on the door. Lisa answered the door in nothing but her bra and panties. She had a mischievous smile, and quickly apologized stating they were just changing. Looking over her shoulder I noticed Chad’s reflection in the bathroom mirror pulling up his pants over a semi hard cock. She followed my gaze, and smiled and bit her lower lip as we regained eye contact. There was no doubt in my mind she knew what I had seen, and what I so desperately needed.

“Why don’t you mix yourself a drink while we finish getting ready” and motioned over to the table where a variety of liquor bottles stood. I poured a whiskey and sat down in the chair. We chatted as Chad and Lisa got ready, and ended up having several drinks bostancı escort in their room.

After a while we went down to the bar, ordered drinks and sat at a corner table. A band was playing and by this time we were all pretty loose. Chad asked if I would like to dance, I looked at Lisa and she nodded and smiled.

Out on the dance floor we danced a slow dance and I could feel Chad’s cock hardening as we pushed into one another. I was extremely wet and horny, and with the alcohol I had lost most of my inhibitions. I pulled him in closer and ground by pelvis into him like a slut in heat.

The dance ended and we walked back to the table. Lisa was smiling and suggested we take the party back to the room…I couldn’t have agreed more.

As soon as we walked into the room, Chad turned to me and kissed me full on the mouth, his tongue probing inside my mouth. He nearly took my breath away as I stepped back from him and looked at Lisa. Lisa just smile and said “you look like you could use a good fuck, and believe me Chad is incredible.” That is all the invitation I needed as I moved to Chad and returned his kiss.

We fumbled with each others clothes, almost ripping them off of each other as we moved to the bed. Chad pushed me back onto the bed as he dropped his pants exposing his beautiful hard cock. I greedily took it deep in my mouth, and sucked him hard, stroking his cock all the time. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Lisa undress and walk over to us. She watched for a minute and then asked to join.

I stopped sucking Chad’s cock and let Lisa sit down on the bed and resume the blow job. I started to finger myself, and was working towards an orgasm when Lisa stopped and said, “no baby, let this wonderful cock get you off.” I slid back on the bed and spread my legs wide as Chad moved between them. He paused for just a moment, with the tip of his cock just inside my cunt. My legs were shaking and I was so close, I have never wanted, needed a cock more in my life than right then. With a devilish grin he thrust the full length of his cock deep inside my wet, wanting cunt. I let out a fucking scream that I am sure woke up the entire hotel. He then started to fuck me in earnest, that long thick cock, pushing in and out of me made me cum multiple times. I was in ecstasy, it felt so good to have him in me, fucking me.

I felt the bed shift as Lisa climbed in. Up to this point she had been a spectator but I could see that she had fingered herself until her cunt lips were moist and puffy. She moved over to my head, and then lift her leg over me, positioning her pussy above my face. Her smell was intoxicating and I instinctively licked her wet pussy with my tongue. She groaned loudly and pushed herself down further on my face, allowing me access to properly eat her out. Within minutes she came hard, shivering as the orgasm ripped through her. She rolled off of me just has I heard Chad grunt, and release his load deep inside me.

We just laid there for a while, exhausted and fully content. Lisa eventually got up and peed, came back and started to suck on Chad’s cock bringing it back to life. It wasn’t long until we all started to fuck and suck each other again, and this went on pretty much the rest of the night. Sometime just before dawn I went back to my own room and fell fast asleep until the alarm woke me up.

I went into Chad and Lisa’s room and they were just getting up. We decided we should all shower together…and if we were a little late to the last day of the conference it would be okay.

That evening I flew home, but not after one last fuck with my new friends. What an incredible experience, and I can hardly wait for the next conference date.

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