The Joy of Man Milk


Saira was thirsty. Cum thirsty.

She watched Mr. Kazan lean against the bamboo wall while giving his lecture. But Saira was more interested in his big lump than his boring lecture.

Mr. Kazan was a substitute teacher from the next village, and he’d only be there today. Saira sat with her elbows on the desk and her chin on her fist. She stared at the large bulge in Mr. Kazan’s pants, wishing it was in her mouth.

After class, the eighteen-year-old girl unbuttoned her peasant blouse and hurried to the parking lot to ask Mr. Kazan for a ride. But she saw another village girl wiggling her butt into his car. Saria’s mouth felt empty.

Walking home, Saira looked at the lump of every man she passed. One of them was about to get his balls sucked off.


Saira lived in a hut with her mom and two older brothers, Gundal and Arun. The hut lay across the street from a huge jungle. The jungle was fun. Her brothers took her there and to play touchy-feely with her tits.

Saira didn’t mind the tit touching, it was normal. All the village girls got groped by their brothers.

But her brothers were like dogs. They unzipped and peed where ever they wanted. Sometimes Saira watched Gundal pee, not realizing soon she’d be sucking his nasty thing.

One day, Gundal took her into the jungle. Saira figured he wanted to play with her titties. But at a stream, her brother took out his cock and peed in the water. That made Saira have to pee too.

Dropping her shorts, she squatted next to her big brother and squirted.

Gundal watched her, and she watched him. And his prick grew really long and stuck straight up. “Oh wow Gundal… It growed big.”

“Saira do you want to suck it?”


“But Saira, in this village a brother is supposed to teach his sister how to suck.”

Gundal yanked her boobs out, ripping her blouse. After he sucked her nipples, Gundal pushed her down to her knees. Saira tried to get away, but her brother moved his boner around her face until he forced it in her lips.

“Now suck it sis!”

Saira did, and it was gross sucking her own brother’s cock. He kept pushed it in and out, face fucking her like a slut, pushing it down her throat. Spit poured down her chin as she sucked. THEN HIS COCK SPURTED!

“Swallow my milk!”

Saira panicked and choked and gulped, but swallowed down most of her brother’s gushing goo. She pulled away and smacked his balls. “You cummed in my mouth! You stupid goat!”

Gundal kissed her head and left Saria on her knees, with her tits hanging out and cum dripping from her mouth. She licked her lips and thought about his cock….and fingered her itchy pussy. Saira realized Gundal was right.

Sucking was fun, a lot more fun than milking goats. In one day, she’d gone from goat milking to man milking.

The next morning, Gundal apologized, bought her a new blouse, and drove her into the village for ice cream. But on the way back, he pulled out her boobs and got another boner. Saira knew what to do. She got on her knees and sucked off her brother.

Man milking was fun!

That was months ago. Now Saira was popular girl in the village. She found out every guy was like her horny brother. Horny boys want blowjobs. Saira was almost glad her brother forced her to suck.

Of course, the guys tried to get in her panties. Saira bostancı escort always said NO. But one day Gundal led her into the jungle again, Saira giggled. “You want me to drink your man milk?”

“No my sister, it’s time to teach you something special. Take off your panties and bend over.” Saira shook her head, but her brother pointed to the log. “W-will it hurt?”

“Yes, it hurts for girls at first.”

Saira dropped her panties and bent over. Gundal whistled when he saw her naked butt and fuzzy brown slit. He fingered her slit. Then she felt his cock head rubbing along her pussy lips. Gundal grabbed her hips and pushed into her tiny hole.

“Oww!” She groaned but didn’t cry when her hymen broke. Her brother fucked harder—and it hurt! Tears came to her eyes.

Gundal stopped pushing. “Don’t cry my sister, it’ll feel better in a minute.”

He squeezed her tits and fucked slower, and when the pain wore off it felt good. Saira pushed back, letting him know he could go deeper. But Gundal turned her around and pushed her ankles up to her ears.

Her brother reared back and plunged his cock deep, pounding unknown places in her pussy. Saira screamed like a wild hyena. Screwing was as much fun as sucking. She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts, watching the funny grimace on his face.

“Gundal do you like fucking me, your own sister?”

Her brother nodded and yelled, “AHHH!” Pulling out of her pussy, he pushed his cock to her lips. “Hurry up, its gonna squirt. Milk me!”

Saira took the slimy cock in her mouth just as it spurted. She gagged and drank down his milk, squirt after squirt. Then she pulled his still hard cock from her mouth and spread her legs.

“Brother, put it in me again. My hole is hot!”

Gundal screwed her again, harder, and filled her pussy with his seed. Cum dripped from her fuzzy slit for the first time. Saira giggled and washed her sore pussy in the stream.

A week later, she was in the jungle picking mushrooms, when her brothers cornered her. Saira dropped her panties and spread herself on the log. She laughed as her brothers took turns, pounding her pussy.

Fucking made her feel pretty.


Soon Gundal had a girlfriend, but he still took Saira into the jungle.


Saira sat on the stool and pulled the teats, one after another, milking the goats. Her daily chore. After the milking, she went to the jungle stream and waited for her brothers to get off work. Her pussy needed a good poking.

As she waited, Saira fingered herself to get her pussy ready. Soon a truck drove into the clearing. A man stepped out, holding a camera. “Oh hi, missy. What are you doing alone out here alone?”

“Waiting for some fun.” She noticed the man’s long fingers. “Why are you here, sir?”

“Oh, I’m a photographer and I’m looking for elephants.”

“Ain’t no elephant in this jungle, mister.” The man looked sad and headed back to his truck. Saira knew what would make him happy. “Hey mister, I’ll suck your cock if you want.”

He froze. “You-you would? But you don’t even know me.”

“I know you got a cock. Just take it out and I’ll suck it good, plenty good.” She grinned. “I’m Saira, what’s your name mister?”

The guy blushed. “Um, Javon.” Saira undid his pants like opening a present… and she was right. Long fingers meant long ümraniye escort bayan cock. Saira took his cock deep in her mouth.

She sucked and sucked and he groaned and groaned.

Javon’s cock was so long it choked her, and she loved it. Finally, Saira was rewarded with cum. The man threw back his head, shooting his sticky milk down her hungry throat.

Saira kept sucking but his cock went limp.

“I was hoping you’d fuck me after I drank your man milk.” She knew Mr. Javon wanted to fuck. Guys always want to fuck. But his cock was limp as a rice noodle.

“Missy, maybe it’ll help if I take some pics of you naked.”

“Sure!” Saira shook off her clothes, gripped her feet, and spread herself wide. “Like this?”

He smiled and snapped some pics of her pretty ass and open pussy. She noticed his cock swell. Saira fingered her pussy, watching his cock stick up like a pole. “Sir it’s…it’s growed again!”

Javon gave her a very good fucking. After he left her brothers drove up. Saira was still naked on the log, with Javon’s cum splattered across her fuzzy pussy. They didn’t care.

Her brothers tied Saira to a log and fucked her like jungle animals.

The next weekend Saira and her brothers went to a movie in the next village. Saira didn’t like the movie, so she went outside for ice cream and noticed Mr. Javon by the shop.

“Hey Mr. Javon. Remember me?” She sucked on her finger.

The man almost fell over. “Oh yes Missy. Do you want some ice cream?”

“No I want milk—salty milk.” Saira tugged him into an alley as he gave her tits and pussy a good feel-up. She dropped to her knees and sucked his long cock.

“Wait Saira.” Mr. Javon led her to his truck, spread her legs and fucked on the seat. She liked getting fucked on the seat. It was softer than the log. Saira had him cum in her mouth, and she drank down his salty milk.


That Monday, Saira was delighted to see Mr. Kazan, substitute teaching her class. His bulge seemed even bigger, and Saira felt her wet panties stick to her cunt lips.

Sitting in the front row, Saira spread her legs and pulled her panties aside to see if the guy noticed her dark bush and pink slit. He did… His face reddened, and his lump throbbed. Perfect.

Mr. Kazan sat his desk to grade papers. Saira unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse, walked to the desk, and bent over letting her blouse hang down. She giggled when the teacher peeked down her to nipples.

“Sir, it’s boiling today. And my body is soo hot. Could you give me a ride… home?”

“Um, sure Saira.” As soon as she got in his car, Saira dropped her top and released her jiggling boobs. Mr. Kazan looked worried.

“Sir, it’s okay if you want to feel my tits.” Saira laughed when he lunged her boobs like a hungry ape, squeezing and sucking. She let him suck her nipples for a minute. “Okay sir, time to take me home.”

They drove off, and Saira left her top off. She liked feeling her nipples harden in the cool wind. She gave Mr. Kazan the wrong directions and they ended up in the jungle. He looked around.

“Where do you live Saira? In a tree? “

“Don’t you want to fuck me, sir?”

“No. You’re a student.”

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” Saira lifted her skirt. “My pussy’s real snug.” Mr. Kazan kissed her puffy lips while groping her tits, kartal escort and fingering her twat. Saira loved fingering, but fucking was funner.

“Let’s get in back.” Saira climbed over the seat.

Mr. Kazan got out and opened the back door. Saira already had her panties off and scooted her naked pussy towards him until her ass was off the seat. She spread her feet up the doorframe, opening her pink hole.

“Screw me sir.”

Mr. Kazan unzipped and struggled to get his huge cock out. Saira looked down between her legs and gasped. His cock was twice as long as her brothers and thick as her wrist.

She spread her legs as wide as she could, wiggling her naked twat against his large prick head. When it popped in, it hurt like her first fuck, but Saira knew her pussy could take it.

The man reared back and screwed her deep, and she loved it.

Mr. Kazan pushed her legs over her head, pounding the very bottom of her girl hole. A place where no prick had gone before. It hurt, and Saira felt speared with cock, hard-driving cock. But she felt a tingling in her loins…

The man kept pumping and her body jolted in orgasm.

She bit her lip as goosebumps popped up on her tits and all over her body. His big cock felt so good. Mr. Kazan kept fucking her fast, and his prick shoved deeper and spewed. The feeling of his man milk shooting into her cunt made her cum again.

Saira got up, wiped her pussy, and leaned over the truck seat.

“Fuck me again, sir.”

“Take off your dress. I want you completely naked.”

Saira stripped and bent back over the seat. She squirmed when Mr. Kazan fingered her anus. “You have such a sexy little rump. I want to fuck your ass. Can you take it like a woman?”

She swallowed. “Put it in me, and I will tell you.”

He forced his prick in, stretching out her small anus. It stung as he pushed in deeper, reaming her out, forcing his prick slowly up her butt. Saira thought her poor asshole would rip apart.

“OH FUCK!! You’re killing my butt,” she cried. “STOP IT!” Mr. Kazan stopped. “Wait sir, don’t stop. I didn’t mean that.” Saira braced her thighs. “I-I can take it sir. FUCK MY ASS!”

The teacher screwed her butt again with long hard strokes. Saira felt like she had a bamboo pole shoved up her ass. Mr. Kazan grabbed her tits and plowed his whole prick up her rump.

“OUCH!” It went so deep Saira felt it in her throat.

He kept screwing her butt and soon she heard the teacher panting. The man pumped faster, pinching her titties. Saira knew he was about to shoot. “CUM IN MY MOUTH!”

Mr. Kazan pulled out his cock, and it hurt coming out of her ass. Spinning around, Saira gripped his cockhead in her lips just as it spewed. She swallowed and swallowed, tasting her own ass juice as she gulped down his fuck milk.

Ass to mouth was nasty but fun.

After the fucking Mr. Kazan was happy, and Saira was happy. When he left Saira bathed her warm body in the jungle stream. Cold water felt good on her burning holes.

It was almost dark when she crawled out of the water. Her brothers Gundal, Arun walked up along with an older cousin.

All three guys stared down at her wet, naked body. Saira spread her legs to give them a better peek at her pink crack. They pulled out their stiff boners.

Saira giggled. “Wow, you all growed so big!”

“Yes my sister.” Arun gripped his shaft. “We have three hard cocks, and you have three soft holes to pleasure us.”

Saira laughed, jumped to her feet and ran across the clearing like a wild deer, wiggling her tail.

“Catch me cocks. Catch me, and you can have me!”

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