The King’s and I Ch. 03


The halls of the castle were mostly empty as Daddy carried me down them. His thick cock was still buried inside of me, and with every step it throbbed in my wet cunt and had me moaning over his shoulder.

“Listen to you, you little slut,” he laughed, slapping my ass as he walked, “desperate for any cock to fill you up, huh?”

“No!” I moaned, even as I tried to writhe against him. “Only yours daddy.”

“We’ll see about that.” He smirked and manoeuvred us to the nearest wall. As soon as he pushed me up against it his cock rammed in further and I could hear the balls slap against my ass.

“Oh, fuck, mm!” I moaned, arching my back and preparing myself for another perfect fuck. My father smirked at me even as he held me up against the wall, both hands clutching my thighs and spreading them apart so he could easily fuck in to my wet hole. With each thrust I moaned like a bitch in heat, gurgling and mumbling, begging him for more even as he increased his pace and started fucking me in earnest.

After a while of getting used against the wall he pulled out and I whined loudly. I could feel a mix of his cum and my pussy juice slipping down my leg but made no move to clean it up – in fact, I hoped I looked as dirty as I felt.

“Mm, you like that don’t you?” He chuckled as I cuddled up to him and hugged him. His hard cock was poked my stomach and I had to use all of my willpower not to touch it or to get down on my knees and take it in my mouth.

“Who knew you’d be such a cock-hungry whore, baby. We’re going to have such fun from now on, don’t you worry. No more fucking yourself in bed thinking of me darling – you’re going to get everything you want, doesn’t that sound good?” He cupped my face and looked down at me, gently rocking his hips against me for a small bit of friction as he leant down and kissed me. I could taste the wine in his mouth and his wet tongue dominated my thoughts for as long as he kept sucking my lower lip in to his mouth and moving to bite my neck. All too soon, he pulled away.

“Problem is, baby, I don’t believe you when you say you only want my cock.”

“B-but daddy, it’s true! Please, you’re the biggest I’ve ever seen, I’m sure there’s no one else that’s going to feel as good, not even close.” Daddy laughed at my childish outburst and began leading me down the hall, high heels still clacking against the stone and only my thong still on, the rest of the outfit having been torn away in all the fucking.

“Daddy, please -” I began, but upon turning a corner near his bedchambers I realised with horror that his guards were still stationed outside of his room, playing some sort of cards on a small table. I gasped loudly which drew their attention and tried with my one free arm to cover up my breasts. Generous bostancı escort as they were, though, they spilt out over my arm and one arm would never have been enough to cover the cum and cream drenching my body.

My father didn’t seem as if he could care less, even smiling wickedly at me before pulling me forward by the hand. By this point the two guards had laid down their cards and were standing to attention side by side.

“Evening, boys.” My father said, pulling me right in front of them, so close that my nipples brushed their uniforms. “We’ve had such a fun time at the feast, I didn’t want you to miss out in any way.” He told them. He ran his hands up and down my arms and sides as he did so, leaning his head over my shoulder and pulling my arms away from my breasts.

The guards looked equally confused and turned on, if the bulge in their pants was anything to go by and I struggled against my father’s hold as he pulled my arms behind my back and held them with one hand. The other slipped down over my clitoris and began playing with it, slipping through the mess of cum I’d already taken. Reluctant though I was to engage with the guards right in front of me, I couldn’t help but squirm and rock my hips up in to my father’s fingers.

“S-sir?” One of the guards questioned, and my father slowed his rubbing down.

“Yes, boy. You two have been exceptional help to me over the past year, don’t you think you deserve a reward? I’m sure you recognise my daughter, hey?” He laughed as me pushed me further in to them. The one on the right caught my arm, ostensibly to steady me, but he didn’t let go as I shuddered from the continued assault on my pussy. His prick was straining in his pants when I looked down and, surely enough, something primal rose up in me at the thought of my daddy watching me being taken by these two me.

“I, well, I suppose we couldn’t really refuse an order from the king, sir.” One of them laughed nervously, raking his eyes over my body and tits now pressed up against the two men standing side by side.

“Indeed you couldn’t,” my father laughed, “but just so you know, she likes it rough. You wouldn’t have guessed it, would you, such an upstanding princess, but she’s more desperate for cock than any of the whores I’ve ever fucked. Probably having to abstain for so long, don’t you think? Maybe you two could teach her a few things.” And with that he let me collapse in to the two guards who eagerly caught me. I could see him out of the corner of my eye taking one of the seats and spreading his legs, palming his still exposed cock.

“Ugh – please – ” I moaned, not entirely sure who or what I was pleading for, but the guards took it as a signal to go. One rounded behind me and started groping my fat ümraniye escort bayan tits from behind, while the other began sloppily kissing me and holding my face with one hand whilst undoing his belt with the other.

“God – ugh, no please,” I tried again, but my father just laughed.

“She came to me with the line-up of whores, you know that boys? Had that sex body exposed to the whole fucking hall, and she was ready to be used by all of them if it meant one shot of getting my cock. Look how fucking desperate she is!” He continued to stroke his giant cock, bouncing it up and down a few times as I looked over as if to taunt me – or maybe offer me a reward.

It didn’t take long for the guard behind me to release his cock and excitedly start sliding it between my wet thighs. He moaned loudly as it slid through and I moaned in response. The men around me chuckled. The guard in front started letting go of my mouth and he stepped back, pulling out his cock. It wasn’t as big as my daddy’s, maybe 6 inches long, but it looked delicious and probably easier to take in whole.

“On your fucking knees, bitch.” The guard behind me sniped, getting a little carried away with fucking the princess they’ probably thought about for years. I complied willingly as the angle was difficult to get fucked from, and befor I knew it he had my face pressed in to the ground, ass lifted right off the floor and his thick cock buried in me. He didn’t wait for me to adjust, though Daddy’s cock had opened me up nicely, and was grunting and ploughing me in to the cold, stone ground before I had a chance to protest.

Aside from the man moaning behind me, the other two were breathing heavily and I almost forgot about them until the other guard lifted my chin up from the ground.

“Hands and knees, now.” He told me, and the guard behind didn’t even let up his crazy pace as I struggled on to my hands and knees. The cock continually buried in my ass had me rocking on all fours, but the way he filled me up and stretched my pussy had me moaning wantonly.

“Ughhh – fuck, yes, please!” I moaned, throwing all decorum out the window. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, your cock feels so fucking good, please! Oh – oh god, please, faster!” I moaned, almost crying, as he slowed his pace down and laughed. He slapped my ass a good few times, each time making me moan out loud.

“You’re right, sir, she is bit of a desperate slut, isn’t she? God, you’re so fucking lucky. Bet you’re going to wake up to her bouncing on your cock every morning from now on!” My father laughed and I glanced to the side to see him very lazily stroking and playing with His cock as he watched me intently.

A pressure on my lips had me look forward again, and the guard in front had his cock pressed kartal escort against my closed mouth. He didn’t seem to be pushing if forward, so I just closed my mouth and let him smear his pre-cum first over my lips, which I licked off, then over my cheeks and eyes. By now I was covered in cum literally from head to toe, and the heady smell of sex had me going crazy. I was still moaning as the guard behind took longer, sower thrusts in to my wet hole, but I was anticipating being filled from both ends.

Luckily, I was soon fulfilled as he let his cock go and rocked it towards me, then back, then towards me again. Rocking it in and out of my reach meant I had to humiliatingly dive forward and desperately suck it in to my mouth, crawling forward a bit so that I could capture it and taste the heady, salty hot flavour of his cock.

All I could hear was laughing as I desperately tried to keep the cock in my ass whilst still diving forward to wetly and slopping suck the cock in front of my face.

“Oh my god! Haha, look at her!” The guard in front laughed, finally having enough of cold air and stepping forward. “God, I think we might have to do this a bit more often sir, not sure my wife can compete with a girl so fucking desperate to suck dick.” They laughed and spoke jovially over my head as I relished the feeling of finally having a thick cock pounding my ass and now the one in front stuffing my face full.

I could feel both of them getting closer after a while of perversely fucking me in this way with my daddy watching and a rhythm started to build up. My favourite was when the one behind thrust in and the one in front pulled out, and then they switched, meaning I was always filled in at least one hole with a cock. But nearing their climax they preferred to both stuff me full at the same time and then both pull out, leaving me moaning and begging for it again. The speed increased and I started crying over the delicious cock in my mouth and ass when they finally lost all control. The guard behind me starting fucking me without restrain, pushing his cock in as fast and hard as he could whilst digging his nails in to my fat ass, and the one in front grabbed my hair and started face fucking me for longer than before. In the end I was gagging and sloppily drooling all over his cock as he pulled out and came in all over my face. I could feel the hot, stick cum running over my eyes and cheeks, and finally some of it into my mouth for me to lap up.

“Ooooooooh mm, baby, yes,” he moaned as I leant forward to lap up the cum on his cock, even as the guard behind buried himself one last time in my pussy and I felt him explode inside of me.

“Uh-mmmmm!” I screamed as collapsed with his weight on top of me. He tiredly continued to rut in to me and I felt the cum leaking out from around his cock as my whole naked body was pressed to the cold floor with his body completely smothering me. It felt right. It felt natural. And now, lying outside my daddy’s bad chambers, I wandered what other pleasures the night would bring…

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