The Kitchen Floor


The Kitchen FloorI have never watched anyone have sex. I mean, I have watched myself in the mirror with my boyfriend and have watched porn, but never in person. This is something that was always so taboo but intriguing and sexy. I imagined the smell, the sounds and the physical tension that I would feel as I watched two people touch and devour each other. I really never thought that I would ever have the opportunity.My boyfriend and I would share fantasies about seeing groups of people in a club, on a beach or in the same room as us. But, it never happened. There is always the chance of it happening though, I would secretly think to myself. Then, one day it happened…I just never imagined who it would be that I was watching.I bought my first house about six months ago and it needed a lot of work to get it ready for us to move-in. Although my boyfriend and I didn’t live together, he really helped out a lot with ensuring that I found the right people to do the right work. He would occasionally stop by and check in on the progress.I worked about 35 minutes away and for me to get there wasn’t as easy, as it was for him. I decided to sneak out of work early one day to check up on the painters and the men that were redoing the floors, because my boyfriend couldn’t make it. I pulled into the house and surprisingly my boyfriend’s truck was there along with the flooring van.As I got closer to the house, I noticed that the shades were all drawn with the pendik escort exception of the kitchen sink window, which was really strange. I walked to the front door and it was locked. The lights were off as well, so I walked around to the back deck entrance and as I passed by the kitchen window I saw movement. It startled me and caused me to take a closer look. Because it was nearing late afternoon, the sun was behind the house and that allowed me to peer into the window with a clear view.I recognized the man standing against the wall as my boyfriend and it appeared he was talking to someone in front of him, but I couldn’t see anyone else in the room. Then, with such intenseness, his face became still and his eyes closed. My heart stopped. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. Then, suddenly, a second person appeared from below the window pane and it was my floorer. Wiping his mouth, he moved towards my boyfriend. They engaged in a kiss that seemed to last for minutes. At this point, I wasn’t sure what to do. I stood startled with my heart racing, my mouth open and my pussy feeling full and wet. I was so confused. My emotions were not matching that of anger or jealousy. I eagerly waited for the next move.The floorer pulled away and grabbed my boyfriend by the shoulders and pushed him to his knees. D appeared hesitant, as if he were being forced, yet not completely. I watched D reach for his belt, and pull the floorers kartal escort raging, hard, shaved cock from his pants. D’s hand stroked up and down, as if he were evaluating this beautiful piece of meat before him. He didn’t immediately take it into his mouth. He brushed his lips against it. D then rubbed it all over his face as if he were washing himself with it.I found my hand slipping inside my skirt. My lips were full and my pussy ached as if I hadn’t had sex in days.D opened his mouth and took the floorers cock into his mouth in what appeared to be slow motion. With such determination D licked, sucked and stroked this gorgeous stiff cock that was before him.We had fantasized about this, but never were able to find a way to make it happen. I wanted D to live out his fantasy; however, I so desperately wanted to join. I made the choice to watch. The floorer threw his head back with such passion that I knew my D was giving him the best head that he had ever had. The floorer’s hands grabbed D’s head and pushed him down harder and harder. He fucked D’s mouth as though it were a sopping wet cunt. I could see D’s neck distend, because the cock was so deep in his throat. The tears streamed down D’s face, because of the gagging!I was so consumed by the moment that I lost my balance and leaned into the house, which caused the window to creak. D was suddenly aware that someone was outside, but he was so into sucking maltepe escort his first cock that all he could do was peer towards the window where our eyes met. He never missed a stroke, suck or lick. I heard the floorer scream that he was about to ‘fill his fucking mouth with a hot load of cum’. D pushed down as far as he could on his cock and took the hot load deep in his throat. I watched him swallow and swallow and swallow.He quickly jumped up and pulled himself together. D hadn’t cum yet, he had only had his cock sucked earlier. He knew I was there now and was trying to wrap things up. I paused for a few minutes and then walked to the deck. As I entered the house, I casually asked what was happening. Both were dressed and talking as if they just met, which they did. I could smell the aroma of sex in the air and that made me tremble.When the floorer finished up and excused himself, the door was barely shut when D pushed me over the counter in the same exact spot that he had just swallowed his first load of cum. He threw my skirt up and tore off my panties as he fought to get his rock hard cock inside of me…I could smell the cum on D’s breath as he was leaning over me. He didn’t say a word.He pushed up off of me and grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up off the counter. My tits were pushing my hard nipples through my blouse. I could feel that D was about to explode in my tight, swollen, dripping wet cunt…D screamed that he was cumming and so was I. I pushed back into D and could feel his cock throbbing as he filled me with his hot juice…I could feel my own cum dripping down the inside of my legs onto the beautiful kitchen floor that was just put down…I am so thankful that I made it home to check on the progress that day.

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