The ‘L’ Game Ch. 03


I’d just like to say, thank you very much to all the people who support me on this story, comment and urge me to continue. I especially love the people who talk to me on msn and share cool pics with me, and talk naughty to me. I love you Ann x


Just then, she leaned in to kiss me. She was lying on top of me. She had her left hand on my neck, and her right hand on my ass. This time, I didn’t draw back; I kissed back! I felt her spit ooze into my mouth, and I sucked it in. Her tongue brushed against my teeth and sucked on my tongue. I nibbled her lip and held her waist. Courtney was right: this was better than making out with a boy! I felt her body grinding on mine and Courtney was making moaning noises. I groaned back and I felt my pussy throb. I couldn’t believe it; I was actually feeling horny from making out with a girl! Courtney slid her mouth away from mine and began kissing my chin. I think she could tell that I was horny, cos just then, she put her hands over my pussy (my thongs were still on) and started rubbing it. I whimpered in delight and grabbed her boobs. I squeezed them and pulled her bra off. I rolled us over and now, I was on top of Courtney. I slid down and started sucking on her boobs. Suddenly, Courtney’s fingers were in my pussy. She fingered it with two fingers and put it up to my face.

“Wanna lick it? Wanna lick your sweet pussy juice?” She asked sexily

I stuck her fingers in my mouth and licked it. Courtney pulled down my thongs and put her head between my legs. She licked my (very wet) pussy slowly and speeded up. Then, she started biting into it, so if felt like she was eating my pussy out. This just goes to show how much you really know about yourself. I never knew I had a dirty side to me. All of a sudden, Courtney got up and went over to a drawer and pulled out a big, long purple object which looked like a penis.

“What’s that?” I asked curiously

“It’s called a dildo. It’s like a cock for lesbians.” She laughed

“Ok.” I said quietly, swallowing

“Don’t worry.” Courtney whispered, coming over to me and rubbing my pussy “It feels really good!”

And that was no lie! She licked it to make it wet and put it into ataşehir escort my pussy. At first, she went slowly, but then, she was going fast. I screamed, but I was enjoying it so much. We got into a 69 position (Courtney taught me what it meant. Just look at the 69, and turn it horizontally. It’s when you are lying over each other and you are both licking either each others’ pussies or asses). She was fucking me with the dildo, and I was licking her pussy. We were both screaming so loud, that if felt like the whole world could hear us.

“Uh! Oh! Yeah! Mmm! Lick my pussy! Suck that bad pussy! Awwwww!” Courtney screamed

The noise of us screaming in unison made me even hornier.

After another half an hour of fucking each other, me and Courtney lay in her bed naked and wrapped around each other.

“Nice night, huh?” She asked

“Definitely!” I shouted

“So, what do you think your sexual orientation is now then?”

“Umm…I think I’m bi now!” I laughed

“I didn’t want to tell you, cos I thought you’d think I was weird, but I’m a lesbian. I was bi 3 years ago, but now I’m a lesbian.”

“Oh.” I said quietly

“I’m sorry for lying, but I guess I’ve kinda repaid you back, huh?” Courtney said, pinching my nipples

“Yeah, I’ve never had so much fun!”

“Good!” Courtney exclaimed, leaning over to kiss me

The next morning, when I woke up, Courtney was lying next to me with a smile on her face.

“Court, wake up.” I told Courtney, shaking her arm

“Hmm?” She asked sleepily

“Get up!”

“Ok, ok, I’m up.”

“What do you have in your house? I’m hungry.” I said

“Umm…we have…eggs, bacon, cereal…” Courtney said, getting out of bed

“I’ll have a bowl of corn flakes.” I said

“Ok, I’ll have some too.”

We walked to her kitchen (still naked). Courtney lifted me up and put her on the counter. She stood in between my legs and we made out. We made our bowls of cereal, and when we finished, we went back into her room.

“Shower?” Courtney asked

“Yeah, together.”

So, we went in the shower together and washed each other. When we’d washed all the suds away, Courtney kneeled down kadıköy escort bayan and sucked on my clit like a baby cock. It felt so tingly!!

“Awwwww! Mmm! Suck my pussy! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!” I screamed

Courtney bit it and pulled on it. It felt a weeny bit painful, but god at the same time. Kinda like when you pinch your nipple; it hurts, but it feels good. While she was biting my clit, I pinched and pulled her nipples.

“I’m thinking of getting a clit piercing. Do you think I should?” Courtney asked me

“Yeah, I think that would look quite sexy.” I said

“Ok, I’ll do it…next week or something.” She told me “Do you wanna watch some lesbo porn?”

“Yeah, ok.” I replied

Courtney got a DVD from her shelf called ‘Her First Lesbian Sex 10′ and put it in her DVD player. When it begun, we snuggled up on Courtney’s couch and watched it. When the sex came, me and Courtney couldn’t help but to finger each others’ pussies or lick each others’ pussies or even just make out with them. When it finished, my pussy was wet from all the horniness.

An hour later, me and Courtney got dressed and went back to my house. When we got there, we couldn’t see Paige.

“Paige! Paige!” I called

“In the backyard!” She replied

Me and Courtney went there, and she was sunbathing in her really revealing and sexy Playboy bikini.

“Hey girls!” She greeted

“Hi Paige!” Me and Courtney greeted back in unison

“Why don’t you join me?” Paige asked “Courtney can borrow one of your bikinis.”

“Yeah, ok.” I agreed

We went upstairs to my room and got on my two best bikinis. We went back downstairs and lay in the two other beach chairs. We sunbathed and talked for about…1 hour.

The next week or so, I was watching a VERY horny lesbian porn movie that Courtney lent me in my room. When it finished, I went downstairs, and Paige was lying half naked in the couch, reading the new addition of her company’s magazine, ‘Dirty Divas’.

“OMG! Brooke! Brooke! I’m on the cover! I’m on the cover of ‘Dirty Divas’!” She screamed suddenly

“Oh, wow! That’s great Paige!” I cried

She ran over to me and hugged me, pressing escort maltepe her 34 DD cup-sized boobs onto my chest.

“I’m so happy babe!” She said, kissing my cheek

“Me too! Congrats Paige!” I replied, twirling her hair around my finger (I told you I was horny) “What do you want as a reward?”

“I don’t know. What do you have in mind? A shopping spree!!”

“No.” I said shaking my head

Then, I put both my hands on her cheeks and kissed her. I curled my tongue around hers and poured spit into her mouth. I felt her kiss me back. She had her hands in my skirt, and she was squeezing my ass cheeks. I moved my hands over her boobs and squeezed them hard. We moved back and fell into the couch. I lay over her and spat on her boobs. I spat loads, and started off fast, but then got slower, oozing my spit over her luscious boobs.

“Where’s you learn this?” Paige asked me suddenly

“I learnt it from Courtney. It started last week at her sleepover. I swear, Paige, she is an EXCELLENT pussy-licker!”

“Well, wanna see how good I, a professional, am?” Paige asked seductively

I nodded.

Paige got off the couch and kneeled down. She opened my legs wide and pulled down my skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties, so she he got her two fingers and fingered my pussy. She circled it and it felt DAMN GOOD!

“Mmm…yeah…oh….ooh…just there….OH OH OH OH OH OH OH YEAH! Oh god, fuck that pussy!” I screamed in delight

“You like that? You do? Mmm…I do too, but how do you like this?”

Paige took her fingers out of my wet pussy and licked them.

“Oh, that is some nice pussy juice you got there!”

She stuck her tongue out and licked my pussy. She circled her tongue around my clit and sucked on it. She fucked my pussy with her tongue and it felt so great! Why the fuck didn’t I try this with her before?

While Paige licked my pussy sexily, she took her middle finger and stuck it up my ass. She fucked my ass with her middle finger and licked at the same time.

“Now, let me see how good you are.” Paige said, smiling sexily at me

“Oh, I’m very good!”

I knelt down and widened her legs, putting them over my shoulder. I stuck my head between her groins and licked her pussy slowly. I speeded up with pace and soon, I was licking her pussy extremely fast.

“Uh! Oh! Yeah! Lick that pussy! Lick that pussy! Lick that pussy! Lick my sexy pussy!” Paige screamed loudly “Oh yeah! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooh!”

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