The Lesson


The LessonI was watching threesome videos on xhamster, headphones on, stroking away gently, enjoying the slowly building sensations that would eventually lead to me satisfyingly shooting my nut custard all over the place. Right now that conclusion was some way off … but I was just so horny and enjoying the sensations.Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw the study door opening and in walked my wife. She had finished work early and got a lift home,. Apparently I had ignored the messages on my phone to pick her up and now she was beyond angry to discover the reason I had not replied to her messages. With headphones on her shouting was slightly muffled but the flat hand slap that I failed to dodge knocked them clean off my head and fully exposed my delicate ears to her incandescent rage. ”You Selfish little f**ker … I’ve been trying to ring and text you for over an hour …. and here you are pitifully playing with your little dick for a quick selfish thrill. You havn’t even bothered to look at me for nearly two weeks … and here you are beating off to fucking porn. You’re going to pay a heavy price for your thoughtlessness.” she ranted. Before I could fashion a reply in a situation where I was on the back foot, she stormed out and into our bedroom. ”Little dick….?” I thought to myself ”….It’s fucking 8 inches fully erect!” but I thought better than to blurt that out. She returned to the study still seething. Her black skirt and stockings caught my eye … and her heels … I was still hard. She saw me looking …. ”You have a fucking nerve …”’. She grabbed a plastic ruler from the pen pot and whacked it twice on my swollen knob …. instantly killing my erection. Then I saw it …. the cage. ”No fucking way” I protested still smarting from the ruler. She already had her hand wrapped around my balls ”Every f**king way you selfish prick” she retorted. Seconds later the lock snapped shut and my formerly stout horny cock was imprisoned; now under the control of my furious wife … who was motioning to me that she was going to swallow the key. I pleaded with my eyes for her not to do this. She laughed sarcastically seeing my anguish, popped the key onto her tongue and swallowed … then stuck her tongue out to show that it was there no more!Once caged in this manner, after the anguish, comes a period of defiance but a clever captor knows she has all the cards and will walk away allowing the captive to think to excess about his predicament. An even cleverer captor will go one better. My wife was such a creature. She pulled a chair up, smiled a wicked smile at me and began to watch the screen. In no time I could see the tell tale signs of sexual arousal appearing over her face. Her cheeks reddened, her lips lay half open, her breathing had quickened making breasts rise and fall, her nostrils flare and her eyes glazed over as she concentrated on the drama in front of her. I put my hand on her leg … she shot me a fuck off look and slapped it away before returning to the screen. With her right hand she began to caress and squeeze her tits paying special attention to her nipples, which I could see, were rock hard. My cock having recovered from the smarting administered by the ruler began to swell in the cage. The discomfort caught me by surprise, I grabbed the table with both hands and let out an anguished groan. I don’t know if it was a coincidence but at the same time my wife moaned with pleasure. Letting her legs open up wide she used her left hand to work her skirt up high, so high that I could see the gusset of her white cotton panties that were saturated with her vaginal secretions. I looked intently at her, now in humiliating pain from the cage. She didn’t even acknowledge me. Instead she licked her hand and shoved it down into her knickers. She sucked in breath between her teeth and purred. I could hear how wet she was as her hand rotated around in her panties. In agony I rolled onto the floor in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort but it didn’t help much. I was now eye level with her legs and was being treated to a huge dose of humiliation watching my wife do something I had never known her to do before … masturbate. That is to say that I had never seen her do it before, she was just so naturally adept at it that I began to feel deprived in more than one way … maybe that was her point.On the screen a big hard, well proportioned, hairy bloke was fucking his friends wife with zeal as her husband looked on. His cock was big, fat and pumping away like a piston. His balls smacked her arse noisily and he had a fistful of her hair which he held tightly making her back arch downward. She moaned and whimpered from the fucking, totally loving it as her husband jerked his somewhat smaller dick. I heard a guttural groan emitting from my wife followed by a whisper ”…. I’d love His number …. He can come around and stick his cock inside me anytime he fancies.” she purred. I was lost for words .. it didn’t matter because it was made clear to me that I was just a spectator in this scene … minutes later she came shamelessly in front of me. The intensity of her orgasm was a total surprise. Her body bucked about as she came; her face flushed and contorted and full of satisfaction. When she finally relaxed she stood up, pulled down her skirt and glared at me … ”… and that’s for starters” she warned with menace in her eyes.” I own you now and you will do exactly what I want.” She pulled off her soaking wet knickers and tucked them under the cock cage. ”Enjoy the smell of my sex scented knickers in their pure form … the next time they’ll be saturated with the smell of a man who Wants to get into them …. so obviously not yours.” She said cuttingly.We sat and ate dinner. My wife had obviously felt the need to torment me as she sat opposite, braless, with a low cut top showing plenty of her ample 40DD cleavage. I could see her nipples pressed against the material. gaziemir escort She saw me staring … ”Don’t forget … I havn’t got any knickers on either … Look.” She stood up hoisting her skirt up, revealing her perfectly trimmed bush … she’d been busy and I hadn’t seen it so neat for ages. She turned around and bent over parting her legs. She knew I was hurting and she was enjoying it. I looked at her, my cock squeezing hard against the cage. ” How long is this going to go on for?” I asked hopefully. She knew she had me at her mercy ”Oh I think …. Days …. thought I don’t truly yet know how many. However I don’t want you writhing around when we go to Bob and Sarah’s on Saturday … So we’ll see” she said studying me. My heart sank. It was only Wednesday and I knew how uncomfortable the cage was going to get …. Unbearably uncomfortable. Not the erections of course but the chafing, pinching and awkwardness of moving around while wearing it.”In the meantime I have something that will prevent you from having a sneaky cum.” She then took great pleasure in adding an evil looking spiky gizmo to my cage whereupon it became obvious that my cock getting hard would be fraught with consequences of an unpleasant nature.Upstairs I was in bed, reading, but totally aware that my wife was stark naked strutting around getting ready for bed and taking much longer than usual to do it. This no doubt all part of her deranged plan. She climbed animatedly into bed making sure she flashed all her assets and with her legs wide apart, I was afforded a prolonged glimpse of that which I was starting to yearn for. She picked up her book … Fifty Shades Darker … and with a smile flicked it open. I decided to try and get to sleep before my frustration got too much and the spikes went to work. I was woken up by the the shaking of the bed and the sound of my wife crying out in ecstasy just about to cum again. She didn’t hold back at all shaking and moaning loudly. As I lay there she eventually turned to me and said ”I really needed that … I’ve been so horny recently. I really really need to get laid…. and soon” she purred. ”I can help with that” I offered. ” You …. You’re only interested in watching porn and doing yourself . Being caged is going to give you a deeply diffferent perspective and allow you to feel some of the frustration I feel at being overlooked in favour of porn. You could easily become redundant … If that’s what you’re trying to do?” ”I admit I messed up but it’s not the end of the world …. You don’t think you’re being over sensitive?” ”No I most certainly do not! Now go to sleep you have a long few days ahead of you.” She smirked wickedly.Thursday morning and I watched her dress for work. Her choice of attire was shocking. Black see thru lace panties, black stockings, black tight knee length skirt, balcony bra and a tight fitting lambswool jumper, painted nails and perfume … a bit too much for work I thought. ”Oh I hope you don’t mind but Peewee … I mean Peter is coming home with me tonight to help with the presentation for work. I’ve asked him to have dinner with us … If that’s ok?” I knew I wasn’t being so much asked as told. ”Fine .. ok” I blurted out. ”Good. That’s settled. He’s a good guy … that is to say good looking. I expect there’ll be a few jealous tongues wagging when he leaves with me tonight”. She had a mischievous look all over her smug face. I could tell she was enjoying the look on mine too.I had dinner ready at six o clock in anticipation of her usual work finish time, but time came and went. at 9.45pm the front door opened and in she came with Peewee, that is Peter, in tow. ”Dinner in the oven if your interested I called out.” She arrived in the doorway grinning from ear to ear. She’d obviously been drinking. ”That’s ok husband dear. Already been taken care of. Peter was kind enough to stand me dinner.” she cooed, the undertone in her voice unmistakable. He appeared behind her smiling. ”Sorry ’bout that chappy. Didn’t mean you to go to any trouble, stopped off at Luigi’s that new Italian place … You should try it sometime … err that is you both should try it … but Janice, your wife that is, already has, tried it, with me … tonight … sorry to spoil a first.”he smirked smugly. ”Peter and I have work to do for a presentation … so we’ll be getting it on …. I mean getting on” she said enjoying the intentional slip. Off upstairs they headed to the study; two wine glasses and a bottle of wine went with them.Twenty minutes went by and my curiosity got the better of me. I crept up the stairs to the landing going as quietly as I could so I could listen to what was being said. ”….so that settles it. We’ll include all eight images …” ”and what about this” (Peter’s voice). ”Jeez Peter, no way, that’s too big I don’t think I could take it all …” My heart quickened. ”… I mean it’s twenty minutes long. People will lose the will to live if they have to watch it all.” I heard glasses being refilled with wine. ”What about this” said Peter. Janice gave a throaty laugh ”Don’t think that would be very appropriate … do you?” she laughed again. ”But it would make the whole damn thing interesting” ”It certainly would” Peter replied. Everything went quiet … too quiet. I heard mouse clicks. I heard Janice in a low voice ”I like that …. hmm I like that very much … oh that is so good. she fawned. ”Actually if I had to choose I would say it’s my favourite and in that position.” ”I have to admit I like it very much too … you ok with that … the size and everything” he was saying. ”Most certainly. Wouldn’t say no …. if you know what I mean. All went quiet again. ”Just a mo” Janice was saying ”I need to go to the bathroom” The study door opened and she saw me instantly but never uttered a word. She smiled maliciously at me, stopped at the bathroom door, took off gaziemir escort bayan her panties and deliberately tossed them onto the floor before closing the door. Caught again … she had all the cards. I heard her on the loo taking a leak, the tissue holder and the flushing of the loo.The door opened I could smell freshly sprayed perfume. She came towards me bending down and whispering ”You can go quietly to bed …. or Peter and I can finish things off over at his place …. You choose! I hear the girls say that Peter is quite an entertainer and keeps them up all night with his performances. Others say they ache for days after they’ve been to his place.” She stuffed a tissue inside my shirt … ”… there, enjoy that.” she grinned. The spiky cage gave me a timely reminder of its presence. ”… Please, I’m begging you, don’t do this. We’re not ready for this …” I whispered meekly. ” Speak for yourself porn boy. From now on you’re under training and your needs come second to mine … I own you and you’ll do as your told … or suffer the consequences. Now what do you say to me? …. Well I’m waiting!!” ”Yes Mistress” I replied pitifully looking at the floor. ” That’s better …. Now go to bed!” she hissed. ”Oh wait … I’ll get you something”. She stood up hoisting up her skirt to let me see the absence of panties. Her tongue was pressed against her top lip and she was smiling down at me, as my mistress, with a satisfied twinkle of malice in her eyes. She went back into the study ”Who is that for? I heard Peter say. ”Oh just my husband.” I heard him laugh. She returned with a glass of wine ”Here … Drink …. Now … before I change my mind!” Grateful for the gesture I gulped it down in one whereupon she snatched the glass from me and returned to the study and Peter. It bothered me that she was knicker-less. ”How long” I heard Peter ask … ”About twenty minutes or so …” came the reply. The study door closed rather resolutely. I went downstairs and locked doors and headed for the bedroom lost my balance crashing through the door, recovered, tried to get into bed missed and slid down onto the floor. I felt so chilled laying there … so relaxed. The study door opened and light flooded out hurting my eyes .. muffled words ”… he’s fine … definitely … half asleep” I heard a gasp, more noises, odd words ”Jeez Peter … that is f..king something else” ”I want some of that.” Then, male voice, ” No knickers …. and you’re married … I am confronted with my greatest weaknesses.” Then female ”F**k …. F**k … ohh f**k yeah …. F**k that’s nice … do me … fuck my neglected married c**t …. Here …. Now …. Ride me , ride me good ride my married arse off. I know you want to!!”I saw Peter’s hungry hands go under Janice’s skirt and lift her clean up off the floor, pushing her back against the wall. Her hands were on both his shoulders. Slowly he lowered her down onto himself … she moaned loudly as Peter’s cock, the stuff of office legend, went up up inside her. Her arms wrapped around his neck. She sobbed and sobbed impaled as Peter’s arse went back and forth … his deep thrusts hitting their mark every time. Janice shook and begged … ”… please …. please Peter don’t stop, please don’t stop. ”You’re not being paid attention to … are you?” he panted. ”… Nooo … he watches porn … but right now I don’t care … shut up about him and f**k me.” Everything was hazy, surreal. I saw Janice facing me, down on the floor on all fours spread out, arse in the air. Her hair was matted to her flushed contorted face and her eyes were glazed over. Profanities drifted from her mouth. Her body shuddered. Peter was behind her pushing hard, making her ripple, as he pounded away. Huge tits swayed mesmerizingly in front of me. Then I heard the crescendo of moans and sobs that accompanied her orgasm, her face twisted, eyes closed, mouth open …. Peter, who had been holding back until Janice popped, let go grunting repeatedly, flooding the unprotected womb of my sex starved wife with his seed. I watched her as she took it all … milking his cuckoo cock like a good wife should instead milk the cock of her husband. Quietness fell.I woke up with Janice laying naked next to me. She appeared to be in a fitful sleep. I went to shower and on return I found her getting dressed, moving rather carefully. ”You ok? Late night with Peter?” I asked casually. She looked at me quizzically ”Come again. I was home at the usual time?” she uttered. ”Wasn’t Peter coming here with you to work?” ”We had this conversation last night at dinner. Peter couldn’t come over…. were you drunk?” she asked still looking at me funny. As I thought about it I found I couldn’t even remember eating dinner or anything else for that matter about last night. ”Err, no I might have been tired.” I spluttered uncertainly bugged by my inability to remember. She had her back to me as she pulled up her knickers.. Turning around she was still bra-less … her tits looked huge as she brushed past me on her way to the bathroom. I caught her smirking at the look on my face. She slapped the cage and the pain was instant. Off she strutted … I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass. ”I can’t take much more” I yelled after her. ”You’ll take exactly what I give you” she retorted with menace. I rested on the bed and my eyes caught sight of a large damp patch on the bed sheet. My heart quickened as my eyes locked on. My caged cock flickered, I winced. I bent over and sniffed. The unmistakable aroma of semen mixed with the scent of her sex entered my nostrils. It seemed my wife had gotten laid last night after all. ”What are you doing?”. She was standing behind me, hands on hips in defiant pose. ”I … I … ”. I stuttered lost for words. She stepped towards me pushing me back onto the bed. She straddled me moving up until her crotch was over my face. Pulling escort gaziemir her knickers aside she planted herself on my upturned face. Angrily she growled ”Here …. here … is this what you really wanted. You want this … uh uh … You want this?” she spat. Already she atop me grinding her pussy all over my face. ”Go on then … pussy. Lick my f**cking pussy. Taste my desire …. eat me!” she yelled. My tongue searched .. and when she found it she rocked wildly over it letting my nose brush her clit. I was desperately trying to draw breath as her weight bore down hard on my face. She didn’t care in the least … she kept taking. I could hear her moaning loudly as she face f**ked me. I held my tongue rigidly for her … my mistress. She cried out and came, squirting on my face, as I struggled to breath beneath her. She rolled off me laughing .. ”You’re getting there … still need training. Stay there until I leave for work.” She barked with menace.It was Friday. Six o clock came and went but still no Janice. So too did seven, eight and nine o clock. At nine thirty I received an email containing a video link. Opening the file, I saw a hand wrapped around a fully aroused cock deftly working the thick shaft and huge mushroom knob. The hand with it’s notable rings belonged to my wife, Janice. Two people entwined in a sexually stimulating clinch. I heard her voice telling him. ”There’s no hurry. Take your time. When you’re ready I want you to cum in my knickers … fill them with your cum for me and say … this is for your husband. Will you do that for me?” Male voice ”I’m ready… I want this … I’m gonna cum … ” She lifted up her skirt quickly and I could hear the snap of her knicker elastic …. his cock was within the sanctuary of her panties. ”Now .. that’s it Now” she commanded holding him close. I could hear the strained noises he made as she held him tightly against her while he did his thing … then it happened ”Jeez .. Jeez H … uh ..uh.. uh.. uh … so good so f**king hot. F**king hell who are you. Can I see you later. Uh god …… uh god …. that’s it …. I’m cumming ….. I’m cumming … this is for your porn watching prick of a husband …. I want him to see what he’s missing.” At half past one in the morning I get an incoming video call … on the screen is an image of Janice’s torso, blouse open, bra-less, atop a table, tits dancing around. As the phone moves I see her naked thigh, skirt riding up on her belly. There’s a man between her raised legs riding her, f**king her vagina. He’s close to cumming … I can tell …. and there it is … that sound as he reaches the point of no return the unmistakable noises as he shoots her full of his semen. She’s cumming too, for real, I can tell she’s not faking it. It cuts deeply to hear her cumming with another mans cock inside her another man’s ejaculating cock inside her. The phone cuts out and less fifty minutes later the front door opens … she’s home. I hear noises then her footsteps coming up the stairs, along the landing. I could hear her giggling as she pushed the bedroom door open. The light went on and in she stumbled in her heels, obviously drunk, disheveled, looking like a slut, grinning from ear to ear. ”I have been very very naughty tonight husband of mine. I’ve had sex with a strange man … I got laid just like I’ve needed to get laid” she paused, studying me looking for signs of jealousy, rage, betrayal, submission ” …. and filled with cum” she said letting the words slip out slowly ”…so much cum. It felt so good … so very very good. I’ve never been fucked and cummed in so many times. He’s a Bull” My cock was torn between wanting to get erect in it’s cage and the painful reminder of the spikes. She hoisted her dress up, clambering slowly and deliberately onto the bed. Same as this morning she straddled me looking into my eye smiling cruelly, enjoying my pain. ”Would you like to see how much cum?” she oozed at me. I didn’t say anything. Undeterred she turned around on top of me so that I was looking at her arse. She inched back towards me, giggling. ”Ready?” she said. Still I said nothing. ”Ready?” she repeated. ”Yes” I replied hesitantly. ”Yes f**king what?” she spat. ”Yes ….. Mistress” I grimaced. ”Good. Now let me show you what a real man done …”. Slowly she pulled up her skirt. My eyes transfixed on her crotch. Slowly as her skirt rose her knickers came into view. My jaw dropped as the realization of what I saw hit me. She was grinning from ear to ear, laughing, as she watched my reaction. She opened her legs affording me a more painful view. Her knickers were thoroughly saturated with her own secretions and those of the man or men she’d been with … I didn’t have the will to ask which of those it was. It was as if she read my mind … ”Just one hon … but several times … he was … a machine ….”’ she laughed again seeming satisfied.I let my eyes fall to the floor. Her hand appeared in my vision … holding a key … the key. I didn’t dare look up. ”Do you want this” she asked softly but with a threatening undertone. ”Yes” I replied. ”What!!” she growled. ”I mean …. yes mistress.” ”That’s better you pathetic porn watching prick” she barked. At that she grabbed the cage, undone the lock and let the lot fall to the floor. Without a word she moved behind me grabbing my cock and began to rub. I sobbed as the pleasure shot through me making me erect in seconds ”Cum…. Cum now your prick ” she rasped in my ear. ”Cum now … or so help me …”. It happened so quick. Her hand wrapped around me tightly pulling back hard … the tone of her voice …. I let go, cried out ejaculating my semen repeatedly all over her pillow .. until I was spent. ”There now. I’m glad we got that out of the way. I want you to meet someone … the man whose being fucking me all night. Honey this is Hank…” she could barely contain the laughter as she made her introduction. I looked over at the door way and there was Hank …. naked with a fat erection. Smiling broadly he said to my wife Janice …. ”Shall we …..” ”Oh yes please” she replied climbing up on the bed into the doggy position and hoisting up her skirt …. ”I think we should …”

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