The Loneliness of Him


I still carry him with me – even though it’s been almost a year since we’ve spoken – my online lover. Met me on ICQ and that was it. I was hooked – even more when I found out he was jealous over someone liking me. He had me – married or not.

Still late at night I find myself touching myself. I spread my legs open and I still hear his voice. I can hear him telling me what to do and oddly enough no matter what it was I loved it – which is why I still fondly think of him. Too bad his heart belonged elsewhere. Otherwise it would’ve been him and I – day in and out, but always spent in bed. So I spread my legs as if he is watching over me.

I part my shaved lips and touch my clit lightly and very slowly. As I lay there naked and horny I imagine him sneaking into my room as I did once before in a lovely little cyber event.

I was naked under my blanket and he knew to come through my window and crawl under my blankets. As he crawls underneath my blanket His lips quickly find my soft and silky slit. His hands at first are on each side of my hips. He collapses with his head between my thighs and he slides his fingers deep inside of illegal bahis me nice and slow as he teases my clit. His finger circles my clit and he pinches it until a squeal jumps out of my mouth. I lay there and arch my back as I enjoy his “handy”work.

He works on my cunt and my legs want to envelop him – I want to pull him deep inside. My hands find his hair and I pull on the dark strands. I hear him giggle as I smile. Yet he stays still and continues to work me into a frenzy as I wiggle under him wanting him to stop messing with foreplay and just to go ahead and get me taken care of. I cum not once but twice during his time spent down south.

After the second time he finally crawls up my body and kisses my lips. I taste myself on his lips and wrap my legs around his back and I hold him close to me. I know he loves pleasing me before being pleased, but I cannot take it any longer. I grow insanely hornier as I taste my juices on his tongue and lips. I can even smell it on his mustache. It is all becoming too much. I slide my hand down to his hardness which was brushing against my thigh.

I grab his cock in my hand and rub illegal bahis siteleri the tip with my thumb as I feel his gasp and his breaks our kiss.

“What are you doing to me?” He asks and his eyes are laughing down at me.

“I want you to fuck me and I want it now.” I say. He grabs my hand and pulls it off of his cock.

“In due time, lover.”

He pins my hands down and kisses a path down my body. His lips briefly stop on my left nipple and he teases it with his tongue. At first circling it and then lightly teasing it with his teeth. Finally I feel the sharp pain of his teeth and he laughs as I shriek. His hand reaches for the candle flickering on the bed side table. He tilts the candle a tad and it falls upon my nipple and I breathe in deeply and he smiles as he blows the candle out.

He rolls me on top of him and I slide his thick cock deep inside of my virgin cunt. I start to rock my hips slowly. As I rock I am getting used to the feel of him being deep inside of me. His hands pull at my breasts as I hear him mumbling “Oh yes!” and “Fuck me.” I place my hands on his chest and begin to fuck him and use canlı bahis siteleri him as if he were a dildo strapped on to a pillow.

I lay my head on his chest as my hips work and I feel him finally thrusting deep inside of me. He rolls me over and places my ankles on each of his shoulders. Once I am spread wide open for him he spanks my cunt with his cock and slides in – hard and fast. Is there any other way? He takes his thrust slow for a moment and then he must’ve felt my cunt begin to contract once more because he moans, “wait for me”. I try to wait and then at the very moment where it is becoming unbearable I release and at that moment I feel his release.

He is laying in bed next to me. Both of us is covered in sweat and his arm is behind my neck. I lay there in awe of this moment as his hand plays with my blond locks. His kiss finds my lips. And I’ve waited for nothing in this life – like I have waited for this moment. The closeness – the bond – his left hand on my well fucked pussy that he just deflowered.

At that point I open my eyes and look to the left and no one is there. It is just myself twirling my hair and my hand on my fucked pussy. I pull the dildo out and turn the vibe off. I roll over in bed tonight – like every other night I think of him – and I wonder, “where the hell is he?”

A sadness takes over and I try to sleep in the loneliness of him.

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