The Meeting


Nervously she steps through the doorway, her heart pounding so hard she fears it may actually leap through her chest, small blunt teeth lowering to worry at an already swollen lip as her eyes anxiously scan the crowd.

Her hands are clenched together tightly, knuckles white with strain as nerves rack her body, her mind a rush of thoughts as she tries to visualise the scene about to take place, several possible outcomes racing over each other, jumbling together into one huge mess in her mind.

Time passes, mere seconds in reality, but to her it’s a lifetime of waiting, watching and hoping…hoping he shows…hoping things go as planned…hoping with all her heart that everything she’s wished for and waited months for, is about to finally come true.

Taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm her nerves she lets her eyes roam slowly over the crowd once more, seeking a glimpse of dark hair, eyes hopefully searching for a tall body in the sea of faces milling around her.

Her heart stops as she spots a dark head weaving its way through the crowd, only to jerk painfully to life once more as she catches sight of the persons face, her disappointment clearly etched on her features as she realises it’s not the one she seeks.

Shoulders slumped and eyes downcast she takes several steps forward, a silent tear tracing its path down a pale cheek. Fearful that her dreams have died before they have had a chance to grow and bloom she stops to take another deep breath, trying desperately to calm herself before she breaks down in the middle of the crowd.

Eyes closing on her inner pain she stands there, hands hanging loosely at her sides, her body slumped forward, her pose reflecting her pain. Her frame shakes with silent sobs as the stress of the journey finally taking its toll on her exhausted body.

A small gasp escapes her trembling lips as she feels the soft brush of a fingertip glide across her cheek, catching her tear before it falls to the floor. Her head jerks up and back, eyes lifting to lock onto the pair above her, widening as the reality sinks in…he’s here…he’s standing right before her…his hand is tracing against her cheek… it’s finally real.

She stands there before him, her body shaking, chest heaving as she drags much needed air deep in to her lungs, her mind racing to take in the reality of the situation. Her eyes flick over his face, taking in every little detail, storing this moment in her memory forever, never wanting it to end.

A shy smile stretches her lips, her voice barely a whisper, husky with emotion as she lifts her eyes to his once more and whispers.


His answering smile lights up his face, his eyes twinkling as he leans closer to softly whisper his own soft


Moments pass as she stands motionless before him, their bodies bare inches apart, yet still not touching, his finger lingering gently against her soft cheek. Her eyes close on a soft sigh as she leans into his hand, her smile growing as she feels him move against her flesh, his hand opening to stretch and cup her cheek tenderly, thumb brushing lightly against her skin.

A low moan escapes her lips as she leans forward, eager to press her body against the length of his, her progress halted as she feels him drop his hands to grip her shoulders, gently pushing her back away from him. Confusion creeps into her eyes as she lifts her gaze to his, her protest dying on her lips as she sees his face, his eyes closed against the strain as he tries to bring himself under control once more.

Patiently she waits with hands clenched by her sides for his eyes to open, finally as they flicker open she lifts her gaze to his, her eyes silently asking him… Why?… A shudder passes through his body as he takes a deep breath, his eyes locking on hers as he groans low in his throat.

“If I touch you now, I won’t be able to stop.”

Laughing softly to himself he steps back, his eyes lowering to run over her body, his grin stretching as he takes in the sight before him.

Lifting his eyes, he shakes his head, “I can’t believe you’re finally here.”

A soft whimper passes her lips as she watches his gaze roam over her body, one foot lifting as she steps forward instinctively, only to stop short as he lifts one hand between their bodies a soft “Don’t” slipping past his lips.

Taking a small step back he visibly brings himself under control, shoulders pulling back, chest lifting in a deep cleansing breath, finally a smile breaks out on his face as one hand reaches out to grip hers. Turning to walk away he gently tugs her along with him, his pace fast in his urgency, her own steps increasing rapidly as she struggles to keep up, the smile on her face and the happiness she feels cancelling out any worries she may have in regards to his hastiness.

The next few moments pass in a blur, her eyes moving to drift along his body as he quickly guides her along the walkway, his hand still gripping hers as he ushers bahis firmaları her towards the exit. Stopping just outside the doors he turns to look down at her, his eyes sparkling with happiness as he holds one hand out in front of him, sweeping sideways as he says “Welcome to my world.”

Turning her gaze from his she lets her eyes drift over the scene before her, a soft gasp escaping her lips as her eyes drift from one object to another, her face lifting to his again as she whispers, “It’s beautiful.”

Nodding he quickly dashes to the sidewalk and holds open the door to a cab, nodding to the driver as he moves to lift her bags into the boot.

She turns to smile as he slides into the seat next to her, her hand reaching for his once more as she leans back, eyes closing as she sighs happily. Her eyelids lift, her gaze locking on him, searching his face as one hand lifts, a finger stretching out to tentatively slide against his cheek, her voice in awe as she whispers, “You’re real.”

A deep laugh passes his lips as he leans closer, his own hand lifting to cover hers as it rests against his cheek, his voice low as he whispers for her ears alone.

“As soon as I get you alone, I’m going to show you just how real I am.”

An answering laugh escapes her lips, the tension finally passing as the reality sinks in, her grin wicked, one corner of her mouth lifting as she winks and replies equally low.

“It might take several attempts for me to be truly convinced.”

His voice a deep purr as he responds, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

The journey was swift, the outside world passing by in a blur, each only having eyes for the other, hands drifting softly against bodies, exploring and discovering. As the cab slows to a stop a small frown etches itself against his features, his head lifting in surprise as he glances out the window to discover they have arrived at their destination.

With a wink and a wide grin he helps her from the cab, quickly leading her through the doors and to the desk of the hotel. Her eyes move to take in her surroundings as he deals with the check in, before long they drift back to her favourite subject, a small sigh escaping her lips as she allows herself a few moments of luxury and truly takes in the sight of his body.

Her breathing increases slightly as her eyes drift lower, teeth dropping to worry at her lip as they drift over his ass tightly encased in denim. Her eyes lift, sliding up over his back to the broad expanse of his shoulders, her head filling with visions of what lies beneath the material.

He turns to glance at her, his gaze taking in her flushed cheeks and erratic breathing, smiling softly to himself he quickly snatches up the electronic key for their room, turning to reach for her hand once more. His thumb brushes against the back of her hand as he draws her with him towards the elevators, his impatience reflected in his posture as he shifts restlessly, the wait for the doors to open seeming to take a lifetime.

Moments later they stand before the door of their room, her hand clutching tighter to his as he slips the key into the slot, the light blinks, granting them access. Pushing the door open he allows her to enter before him, she moves quickly to stand in the centre of the room, her hands wringing tightly together as she turns to look back at him.

Turning to close the door he leans back against it, hands braced against the wood as he lets his gaze drift over her body, lingering over her legs before sliding up to take in her hips, the material of her pants fitting snugly against her skin. A soft moan flows past slightly parted lips as his eyes lift to the swell of her breasts as they push against the restricting material of her top, rising and falling rapidly in time with her breathing.

Pushing away from the door he slowly begins to walk towards her, his eyes still indulging in their leisurely perusal of her body. Her gaze is locked on his body in turn, eyes drifting over his shape, her mind filled with images, visions of his naked body pressed against hers.

Stopping before her he lifts a hand to her face, his fingers reaching out to spread against her skin, palm curving slightly to cup her cheek, thumb brushing feather light against her bruised lip, pausing to press gently against the tender flesh. Her eyes drift shut on a low moan, her body swaying forward slightly, drawn to him by its own volition.

Lifting his other hand, he traces a finger across her chin, drifting lower as he trails along her neck, down across her collarbone to finally rest against her shoulder, fingers curling to gently grasp the curve of her upper arm.

Head turning slightly she moves to press a light kiss against his palm, her own hands lifting to rest against his chest, palms moving in tight circles over the material, thumbs reaching out to brush against hardened nipples as they press against the rough fabric.

Slipping one hand higher along his chest she lets her kaçak iddaa fingers explore, running them lightly over his collarbone, following the jutting bone higher, sighing softly as her fingers curve over his broad shoulder, gently kneading against the hard muscles. Hand moving once more she follows the path from his shoulder to the junction between shoulder blade and neck, nails moving to rake lightly against the indentation, before slipping higher to sink deep into his rich dark hair.

Turning her face from his palm, she lifts her gaze to his, a small gasp of surprise escaping her lips as she sees desire and love, aimed at her, reflected within their depths. Fingers jerking within his hair, she tugs him closer, her tongue flicking out to trace along her lower lip, her own eyes plainly reflecting her love and desire for him to see.

With a low groan he closes the gap, his lips fitting against hers easily, the tip of his tongue darting out to press against her lips, pleading for entrance into her warm haven. Eagerly her lips part, his tongue swiftly moving to fill her mouth, sliding along the length of hers, dancing against the edges, teasing, tormenting, fulfilling her yearnings and yet promising much more to come.

Pressing herself against him, her free hand lifts to join its twin as they tangle within his hair, tugging his lips harder against hers. Moaning in frustration, her body unable to press as close to his as she craves she pulls back from the kiss to search his eyes, her frustration reflected back at her within his dark orbs.

Breath coming in harsh gasps he leans his forehead against hers, cool air flowing against her heated cheeks as he struggles to catch his breath before whispering in a low groan.

“You have too many clothes on.”

Her soft laugh in answer flowing past his ears, head twisting slightly, nose brushing lightly against his as she whispers in turn.

“As do you my love.”

Stepping back her hands lift to tug at the edges of his shirt, her eyes locked on his, a smile of pure joy lighting her face. His answering grin stretches across his face as his own hands drop to the buttons of her shirt, making short work of them as he rapidly slips each one through its corresponding hole.

Dropping his hands from her shirt he moves to grip his own, lifting and tugging it up over his body, her hands lift to stop his progress as the shirt begins to pass over his face. Trapped beneath the material he cannot see, his body on fire as he feels her pressing against his bare chest, her lips lifting to lay soft delicate butterfly kisses along his jaw.

Groaning low in his throat he begs,”Please love.”

One last kiss is pressed against his rough jaw line before she takes pity and releases his arms. A deep growl passes his lips as his face finally emerges from the material, lips moving as he mutters, “Tease.”

The laughter dies on her lips as her eyes focus on the sight before her, broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist, a trail of dark hairs leading down his stomach before disappearing from sight beneath his jeans. His own eyes are busy trailing over her body, her shirt gaping open revealing lace covered breasts to his gaze, pale skin glowing, the silver of her navel piercing glinting in the light, drawing his eyes lower.

With a deep groan her hands lift to the waistband of his jeans, nibble fingers swiftly releasing the button from its enclosure, zipper sliding effortlessly to the base. Stepping back he pushes his feet out of his shoes, kicking them to the side carelessly, his hands lifting back to the waist of his denims, fingers curling against the fabric as he pushes back and down, sighing softly as the material slides soundlessly against his flesh to pool around his ankles.

Quickly kicking his jeans to the side he brings his body back to hers, crushing himself against her softness, hands drifting over her back, tugging her closer still. Moaning softly she rubs her hips against the fabric of his boxers, sighing softly as she feels his hardness pushing against her, eager for her touch.

Her hands drop to his waist, fingers curling against the fabric as she slowly slides it lower, the backs of her fingers brushing against his ass, muscles tensing beneath her hands as a low moan sounds deep in his throat. Flicking her tongue out against his chest, moaning softly at the saltiness, her hands pushing further, a grin breaking out against her features as she feels them slip down to rest against his feet.

Slipping her hands behind him she slowly trails her nails against his bare flesh, laughing softly as she hears a low moan above her, rumbling through his chest and into hers, his body shivering beneath her touch. His hands glide over her back, lifting to rest against her shoulders, fingers dipping beneath the material, pushing backwards, smiling to himself in satisfaction as the soft material slides easily to the floor.

Large hands slide over her delicate back, nimble fingers quickly kaçak bahis divesting her of her bra, her breasts exposed to the cool air, nipples hard from excitement. Moans fill the room, hers and his, as his hands lift to cup her breasts, thumbs moving to slide against the hard nubs. Head dipping, his tongue flicks out against one nipple, her body jerking against his in reaction to his touch, her hands lifting to grip against his arms.

One hand snakes behind her back, tugging her to him as his mouth opens to suck her nipple deep within his warm recesses, tongue continuing to torment from within. Lifting his head he brings his gaze to hers, her eyes glazed with desire she blinks to bring him into focus, her lips parted as her breath rushes in and out.

A wicked grin lights his face as he slowly walks her backwards, his eyes locked on hers, hands gently guiding her until she feels herself bump against a wall. Sagging against this support in relief she braces her back against it, relieving her shaky knees of their duty.

Pressed against the wall she stares into his eyes, her breasts heaving as she allows her eyes to drift lower, a small gasp escaping her lips as she sees how aroused he has become, his cock hard and erect, throbbing in time with the steady beating of his heart.

Stepping closer he leans to press a light kiss against her neck, his lips grazing slowly across her flesh, slipping lower as he travels down her body. Pausing he presses a soft kiss against her breasts, his tongue flicking out teasingly along the underside of each before slipping lower to dip into her navel.

Teeth grazing lightly against her flesh he drops to his knees, hands lifting to slide against the material of her pants, moving up and around to cup her ass, squeezing gently before releasing her and reaching for the button at the front. Her eyes close on a soft sigh as she leans against the wall, her hands sliding back to rest against the cool surface, fingertips pressing down firmly.

Leaning close to her body he presses a kiss above the button as his fingers deftly ease it through the tiny hole and slide the zipper free. Peeling the material open he presses a lingering kiss against the soft skin visible above the lace of her panties.

A low groan sounds in the room, her body consumed with desire as she feels his lips against her heated skin, one hand lifting from the wall to drop against his head, fingers slipping deep within his dark locks, tugging him closer against her.

Keeping his lips close to her body, his tongue darting out at intervals to lick against her skin, he grips the edges of her pants and slips them down past her hips, pushing them till they lay in a heap at her feet. Lifting his head he leans lower, lips pressing briefly against her thigh as his hands carefully ease her feet from their shoes, gently lifting each foot as he slides her pants free, a soft kiss left against the instep of each foot as her reward.

Pushing her pants to the side, he once more lifts his hands to rest against her thighs, his face brushing against her stomach as he rests against her, breathing deeply, absorbing her scent. Hands sliding higher to cup her ass, tugging her against him as he takes one last deep breath before pushing back to stare up into her eyes.

Dropping her gaze to his as she feels his touch leave her body, she stares in wonder at the love reflected back at her, her breath catching on a soft sob. A crooked grin tugs at his mouth momentarily, before he quickly ducks forward to press a gentle kiss against her silk covered mound, his fingers creeping up her ass to tuck into the top of her panties, pulling and dragging them lower over her hips.

Pushing them to the floor, he once more lifts each foot out, his lips lingering longer against her instep, tongue moving to slide against her flesh before he gently places it back on the ground. Rocking back on his heels he looks up, his gaze locked on her bare pussy, his grin stretching wide across his face as he leans forward to press his lips against the bare flesh.

Groaning low she presses her hips forward, pushing off the wall, pressing harder against his teasing mouth, hips jerking as a loud gasp escapes her lips, his tongue snaking out against her lips, sliding against her slick skin. Her hands grip tighter in his hair, pushing him closer to her, needing his touch against her body.

Laughing softly he pushes back from her, slowly sliding back up her body, his tongue trailing against her skin, stopping to circle her navel before continuing it’s journey higher. Hands following in his tongues wake, moving to slide around her back, fingers digging deep into her flesh.

Leaning forward, his lips brush against hers as his fingers dig deeper into her hips, lifting and sliding her higher against the wall, her arms lift, hands moving to grip his shoulders for support, her breasts bouncing and brushing against his face.

As her nails dig into his shoulders her legs lift to wrap around his body, her head tossing back, pressing against the wall as she feels his hard cock rub along the length of her aching pussy, her body pushing down against it, needing to feel him buried deep inside her.

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