The Millers


So for the next several weeks Robby and I lived as husband and wife in our parents’ house and reverted to brother and sister when we left the house.

Our parents accepted us as we were because they had such a messed up relationship (cuckold) that they really couldn’t say anything about it.

Like other newlyweds Robby and I fucked like rabbits and spent a lot of time buried in a 69 pose trying to get the most out of each other. Mom had recommended Lit as a good site for porn and erotica and that we might check it out and perhaps enhance our lovemaking and our lifestyle by contacting others who shared our taboo.

I do find myself spending most of my time chatting on Lit in the nudist room because they do engage in quite a bit of incest.

We both work most days and some nights so the most free time to check out Literotica site is on Friday or Saturday nights. Robby often works a double those days so I send him off to work with a nice blowjob to get him by. By the time he returns I am usually pretty worked up and often jump his bones as soon as he walks in the door.

We do have some rules for online perversions. We never do any cam, phone or kik to stay as anonymous as possible. The only time I had a close call was when I met my gramps online one night but figured it out before I sent him any pics and hit ignore. That was a close call and awkward situation.

Robby has a bit of a self confidence issue and he doesn’t approve of me hooking kartal escort bayan up with guys our age yet he lets me have unlimited sex with other girls my age. He does this because he knows he will get invited to join us more often than not. I am almost exclusive with my best friend Kayla though and am in love with her and would do anything for her.

Robby does have a particular kink which is weird to most including me but because I have a thing for being humiliated I participate in his fetish and get off on making him happy.

Robby loves to watch me suck off other men (notice my nickname Ciara swallows.) The only kicker is that they have to be between 50 and 70 years old. Preferably fat and ugly but the age is the most important thing that he insists on. He loves watching his now 21 year old lover giving head to completion to men old enough to be my grandfather. We found a loyal group of these old timers on both craig’s list and on Lit. We now have a list of a dozen or so men that get a special invite every month or two. We host a party for them and I spend the evening dressed in my best school girl or cheer leader outfit as I go from “daddy to daddy” and suck them dry. Robby likes to film these parties for our viewing pleasure later.

We are looking for new ways to utilize this party time together with the old guys and I am thinking about bringing my best friend Kayla into the fold with us and the two of us making love while escort maltepe the old guys watch and jack off onto us bukkake style maybe.

We’d thought about letting the daddy’s fuck me but I don’t want to be responsible for killing one of them if their heart gives out. I also am working on convincing Robby to take me to a glory hole and watch me suck anonymous cock thru the hole but he is hesitant. I think he knows that we would end up in the theater and I’d be the subject of a dozen horny pervs wanting to gang bang me. Seems like he’d be into this but not so much.

So for now we are counting the days until we move away. We have convinced Kayla to move with us and I am prepared to share Robby with her more so than we have in the past. It gets me hot to think that they would be making love while I was at work. The thought of coming home and going down on my best friend and eating my lover’s cum out of her sweet pussy is almost too much to handle.

We are going to try to live as a triad where Kayla will be the dominant fem and I will serve her and Robby. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. Kayla would stay at home and handle the chores and the cooking. I have a job lined up managing a sub shop and Robby has two or three possibilities he just needs to decide and commit to one of the jobs.

We would have to find a new group of old guys who like to have their cocks worked over and who knows where we can take this kink as well. pendik escort I will push myself in my quest for ultimate humiliation so the sky’s the limit.

We have a house lined up for rent as Mr. and Mrs. Miller. Newlyweds. Kayla is our “niece.” I can’t wait until we can live as husband and wife even though I will be subbie to Mistress Kayla and Master Robby.

Currently we are packing up our stuff and finalizing our moving plans. Dad will be sad because Mom often pulls Robby’s used rubbers out of our trash basket and feeds them to him. Guess I did get some of the pathetic bastard’s DNA as I am a humiliation slut just like he is.

Tonight Kayla and I had some alone time as Robby was working late. She was very tender to me but yet she was also strong minded and began to prepare me to our new dynamic our relationship is about to take. She said that she loved me and that sometimes will include “tough love.” She said that for the next several months she and Robby will practice orgasm denial/control with me. I will have to earn the right to orgasm.

She said it may be up to six months before they allow me to cum. I am having trouble getting my head around this but at the same time my crotch is throbbing at the thought of it.

When Robby comes home tonight they will start their plan and make me watch them make love while they keep my hands tied behind my back. I need to be prepared to orally perform on them and I do expect that will involve rimming asses in addition to normal oral sex. Still my pussy is throbbing. Kayla says that I will have a contract to sign. She is making me wait until Robby gets home before she lets me see what is involved.

Careful what you wish for I guess. . . stay tuned…

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