The Morning After


The Morning AfterIt was in the spring of 1967. Very few of us college girls were ready for the big world, but many of us had experienced the world before we entered school. This spring many of us were heading out and graduating and the world was pretty dismal, I mean, with the war going on and protestors, hippies and free love were the rage and wold rock music had us tripping and smoking out of control~During all the frenzied packing up of our goods and ware, many were heading home and some of the lucky ones were off to a big job in the big cities. We decided to have a farewell party before the closing of the dorm .We wanted to send everyone off with goodwill and good memories.Many of us had already made many memories, many in the long lonely nights of winter and in the long lonely nights of studying. We would stay up all night with a few gin & tonics and a taste of some wet, hot pussy. The party lasted a few hours, but all to rest for tomorrow’s parting.Mind you, before I came to this dorm, I was a straight as a broomstick. I had no idea that women could love each other, the way we did.It was a cold New England winter and the winds were howling like hungry wolves.The snow was falling inches a minute and the windows were rattling wildly.It was cold, very cold and cuddling up with someone else made it warmer..Just feeling the heartbeat of another while the storm was hammering the earth was comforting.Jess and I had often talked about making love, but with men.. We never talked about the possibility with a woman.I had often thought about making love to Jess, she was beautiful, bakırköy escort every inch of her body was well sculpted, as if she had been designed by angelic beings.How often I would watch her latch up her stockings and her legs would curve like an arch in the sky. I wanted those legs stretching themselves across my shoulders. I desired them. I imagined them rubbing my cheeks, as I lay before her perfected vagina.Jess always made a point of drying herself in front of me as if we were blood sisters. I would get aroused, very aroused.. I lusted. I wanted her , but kept it to myself..That night the heat was a scant and sleeping alone was not comforting, Jess had the shivers and I was toasty warm in my bed with several blankets. It occurred to me as Jess was shaking, that his would be an opportunity to invite her close to me.It was my only chance to really get to know this beautiful woman. “Jess, would you like to join me under these toasty blankets?” “I thought you’d never ask.” she replied.Before I could pull the blankets away from me to share, she was on the bed. I got a rush from my head down to my tingling toes. She was a solid and delightful, sensual perfection.I could feel her tight ass rub up against my leg. My cunt was starting to drool!I wanted to kiss every inch of her.I wanted to caress her breasts, suckle her beautiful nipples and eat her pussy..She didn’t move an inch, but I could feel the heat rising from her body onto mine.I dozed off during this fantasy and dreamed the most sensual dream that we were lovers.It beşiktaş escort was a restless night with winds howling and the windows rattling.I woke up from time to time in a dazed fog.Jess was lying flat with one leg resting on mine… I wanted to hold her, hug her, kiss her..Where was she in dreamland?I dozed off from the hypnotic winds and almost cried myself to sleep, as I could feel Jess’s flesh on mine.I was dreaming wildly about Jess. Her wetness covering my face and her breath kissing my nipples.These dreams had me moving around wildly. I was all over the place.. I was horny and hot.Part 2I was beginning to feel a real kiss on my wet pussy, it was as real as the snow falling madly on the ground.It shook my very foundation; my legs were trembling with heat, I was on fire…The blankets had moved and woke me up with a chill. Before I could gather them, I realized, Jess was down, down on my pussy. Was I dreaming this? This sudden rush of heat went to my head.. I could hear her moans as she was gently sucking my clit. This was real, my angel was eating me. Jess, the one I had desired for so long. She was finally my lover. I was beside myself with sadness because we were all moving on and college days were over… How could I love her forever?I was lying in my own orgasmic juices and I wanted her pussy in my mouth.. “Jess” “Beautiful Jess” I called out to her, as I was playing with her hair.. She wanted me bad. I could feel her hot mouth cupping my clit and lips… I begged her to lie on top of me and she responded with her beylikdüzü escort legs spread apart, so, I could easily reach her cunt.It was delicious and wonderful to suck and fuck.. My tongue was on fire..It was total abandon and the noise outside became a hum . I was transported to another dimension, another time.. I wanted this to last. I could feel my hot juices bathing Jess’s mouth and tongue.I licked the inside of her silky thighs …She was all mine, all mine.. She responded like a lover in love.Every movement of my tongue had her sucking me faster… My moans were louder … drowning out the rattling windows…Jess’s juices were energizing. They were a love potion; my beautiful gypsy woman.. The snow storm was slowing down and there seem to be a dead silence . Jess and I had finished with a deep orgasmic crescendo.. We were in each other’s arms restful and blissful…The morning was near and were our hearts to be broken?? Jess was off to Chicago, but I was remaining in my little quiet New England town. I didn’t want to be without her.. No, not now, not everMorning came and we were looking in each other’s eyes.. It was a beautiful night.. We both knew we had to depart.Jess held my hand and looked deeply into my eyes. She said she loved me, she said that she always had..My heart was in my throat.. I was excited by her announcement .. “What then, Jess?”Our hearts sunk.. I could see the look in her eyes.We had to make a decision, but we had to go our separate ways . at least for the moment.Our fears of losing one another crept in worse than a nightmare, as an unexpected tornado.We were swirling emotionally… We loved each other, that’s all that matter.. We would find a solution and perhaps, the parting would be a way to let us know how much we did really care for one another…I know one thing, that I would have last nights memory forever etched in my heart , etched in my soul…my

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