The Morning After Ch. 04

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“You’re not the jealous type…right? :)” the Snapchat I just got from Darius read.

“whhyyy…lol” I had replied. And now my heart was caught in my throat as I watched my screen say that he was typing.

The first weekend of the conference had come and I had vibed with a few of the girls and guys and we had made a quick little friendship group. We had decided to travel out of the city for a while and rented an Airbnb for the 6 of us and just were going to check out wineries, bakeries, and maybe do a bit of hiking just for some different scenery.

The downside was we went about two and a half hours away and while it broke up the monotony of the same city blocks over and over, it meant that it had been about 24 hours since I had Darius’s big, black cock in my throat, ass, or hands.

He had decided to hang back and basically party and drink and smoke with the other partiers at the conference. Truth be told that sounded more fun, but hey I didn’t want to ditch the other friends I had made.

I was hoping the blowjob I had given him the night before we headed out the next morning would tide me over for the 48 hours, but here I was replying to his Snapchat not a day later, sitting on my bed while everyone finished getting ready to hit the bar nearby.

I got a notification and opened it up but all it said was, “Because… :)” and I was confused until a video came through.

My heart was beating like crazy as I opened it up and my mouth dropped as I watched a sandy haired guy gag, slurp, and moan over his big, black cock in the back of an SUV.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned out as I immediately felt my cock stiffen in my pants at the sight of his cock, even if it illegal bahis wasn’t me getting to play with him!

His big hand was wrapping around this guys head and gripping his shortly cut hair and the guy was completely naked and sucking and stroking his cock as best as he could on the beach seat.

i was actually jealous it wasn’t me with his cock in my throat and hell the guy was hot too. He was definitely shorter than Darius and I which made him seem more submissive. He looked only like 5’7″ and thin too. Meanwhile I was 6’2″ and had an ass from sports. Maybe Darius liked dominating me because i was taller than him anyway.

“Jealous? He can’t even deepthroat you…I bet you’re missing my lips…” I sent him and casually wrapped my hand around my cock that was hard as a diamond in my pants already.

“Maybe just needed to cum…I bet your horny as hell watching though huh?” He sent me followed up with a video of the guy with his lips slurping his balls and stroking his wet, veiny cock.

By this point my jeans were already off and my boxers tossed to the side. I was sliding the bright red thong I had bought when I had snuck away the group earlier that day up my legs and admiring myself in the mirror.

“You almost ready there mate?” I heard Jake’s voice ask me from just outside the door.

Fuck good thing he didn’t open the door! I thought as I called back, “sorry man, I need like ten more minutes!”

“No worries brother, see you out here in a few.” He said as I listened to him walk away.

I shook my head and then turned around and set a timer on the phone to take a photo and got a good one of my ass framed in the thong and I was using my fingers under illegal bahis siteleri my butt cheeks to lift them just like those instagram models. Fuck I really am a slut for his dick.

I sent him the photo and casually sat on the bed and start rubbing my dick through my lace thong. Just using two fingers on my head and rubbing like I had a clit. I guess he had me trained to cum this way even alone!

“new panties to show off for me?” he sent back to my photo.

“For you and me…glad you like! ;)” i responded.

“Shit you gonna make me nut real quick in this sluts throat…” he sent me back.

Then a second message, “Rub that little white dick for me slut”

Little did he know I was already doing it! Then a video came across of him holding the front of the guys throat and holding him next to his cock and looking up at the camera. I listened closely and could hear Darius talking.

Darius: Are you a little white slut?

White slut: Yes!

Darius: You love big, black cock huh slut?

White slut: Yes, I love big, black cock!

Darius: You got a cock or a pussy between those legs?

White slut: A little white pussy Daddy!

Darius: Hmm hm, that’s what I thought.

Then he was pushing his cock between his lips again.

Fuck me he certainly had a type. I thought to myself as I looked at myself in the mirror, legs in the air, on my back, my fingers rubbing my cock head like I had a pussy too.

I took a video and sent it back to him of me masturbating. He could see my reflection of my ass in the mirror, but the focus was on me rubbing my cock. I mean my pussy.

“Shit you are a little slut for me, make sure canlı bahis siteleri you cum quick, I’m about to bust and don’t want to keep your little friends waiting.” He taunted me as he sent another video of his cock pumping and fucking the sluts throat. Though all I could hear was gagging and slurping and choking as the guy held onto his thighs for dear life.

I set up my camera to view my body from my shoulder down, I had it resting on a pillow. I reached down and started to rub the outside of my asshole with one hand and I couldn’t stop myself if I wanted to and start to cum in my new panties. My cock spurting like crazy and drenching my lace thong. I caught my breath finally and sent him the video and waited for just a minute until I got one back.

I clicked it open and saw that he had made the slut hold his phone and film himself as Darius had both hands on his head now and was fucking his throat without holding back at all. The guy looked barely awake with his eyes in the back of his head and his saliva drooling down his chin.

Soon I heard him start to growl and his cock start to pour his cum down the guys throat. Taking as much as he could until he pulled out and dumped the rest of his cum all over his face.

Then another video came through of the guy licking and cleaning up his cock and groin area where any cum had fallen as Darius told him he was a good little white boy and a good slut for him.

I almost had the urge to get off again but I had people waiting and I pulled on my jeans over my cum soaked thong.

“Maybe if jealous is wanting to be that guy I am jealous…” I sent him.

Darius typed back, “you’ll get my cock again soon little white slut, don’t worry. Send me another video tonight.”

I smiled to myself and stopped by the bathroom to splash cold water on the red cheeks on my face before composing myself and heading out to the living room to have another type of party!

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