The Neighbour


The NeighbourI sat there astonished at the development of this young man. Not long ago was he small and scruffy. But now, he was an adult, having turned 18 not two weeks ago. His stride was confident. The sun lit up his tanned face and dark hair hanging over his forehead. I could only see him for a man. A man I so dearly desired.James, eighteen, was tall, tanned and strong. His black hair was fashioned into a classic cut which reminded me of my husband. From time to time, during the hot Melbourne Summer, I let him use my pool when it was just too hot. I could see him without his clothes. His flesh. His chest was chiselled like Bernini’s Michelangelo in the Borghese. When he squatted, his tight briefs did little to hide his privates. His cock, though flaccid, bulged through the fabric. I thought he was the epitome of attractiveness. He was still in school. His final year. It felt utterly taboo to think of him in this way.I was not so. Though my age certainly hadn’t ravished my body, I was not as I used to be. At school I was a star tennis player. I certainly knew that my coach wasn’t trying to help me improve my forehand when he leant his meat into me. Now, as I look in the mirror, I only see the remnants of a shattered marriage. I was now pale and slightly worn. My breasts and ass were still firm and round. My face was attractive but I didn’t have the confidence to venture out. I lay spread on my bed with my clothes off but for my panties, which rested around my ankles. My hands explore the landscape that was my body. I cupped each breast and rocked up and down. My mind instantly thought of James. His hands grabbed at my breasts as he delicately tongues my pussy. I moan and wrap my legs round his strong thighs. My hands clutch his arse. I moan harder as he tongues my clit. My cunt is soaking. “Fill me with your cock you stud!” He stops tonguing my pussy. He pulls down his briefs. kadıköy escort A massive cock springs out and greets me. I smile and plead for cock. James pulls my legs down so that my ass is on the edge of the bed. he lifts my legs by the ankles as he slides his rod in. I moan, he grunts. He fucks me hard. Pumping meat. I want his cum. He cums. I wake from my imaginary world and discover my self in that position with pussy juices on my fingers and the carpet. I need him now. It was forecast to be a hot one today. I stepped out on to the deck with a beer and absorbed the heat. I looked across the fence and saw James reading a book in the shade of a large silver ash. I wore a pink polo top and those athletic hotpants. I thought it looked hot. I hope he did too!”James! Would you like to come for a swim!? It sure is mighty hot!” James peered up from his book. “Sure thing Helen. I’ll be in over in a bit.” He got up and went back inside the house. I went to the bathroom and entered the shower. I had to be clean for my idol. As I washed and soaped myself, I heard a knock at the door. “Come in James. I’ll be out in a minute.” I quickly finished up. I found myself in strife deciding what to wear out to the pool. I picked up a sexy black one piece. It complemented my dark blonde hair very much so. My tits were half exposed and my ass looked especially rump in them. Perfect. I opened the sliding doors onto the deck and gasped in excitement. Time slowed. James threw off his plaid shirt and shorts to reveal a tight brief barely covering his cock. He held his hands together and dived majestically into the blue. James truly was a magnificent specimen. I walked to him as he lay his elbows on the edge of the pool. I bent down purposefully so that my tits hung and he could see down my cleavage. “Nice üsküdar escort dive James!””Thanks! Aren’t you coming in?””I think I’m right just watching you. You truly are brilliant.”I could see him blush. How cute! I sat on the wooden recliner pretending to read a book when I was truly just admiring my god. If he wanted me at his feet, he could have my at his feet. If he wanted me to be worthless, I’d be worthless. I noticed that some juices were already trickling and forming a patch around my crotch. The smell of my pussy wafted through the air. James lifted himself out of the pool, his cock dangling as he did so. I walked up towards the deck and took the chair next to me. “I thought I might keep you company.” I sat up right on the edge of the recliner so that I face him. My legs were parted. You could see the outline of my waxed pussy. It was ready to go. “Thanks for that. You’re a good man.”I peaked the breaking point. I need to tell him. Surely he would understand.”James… I need to say something and you may think me weird for this. Ever since the summers you spent in my pool.. I felt something.. I don’t know what it was, but I felt something. But now that I see you now as a man I know. James, really do want you. I want to be at your feet, at your hand even. But please. I need you.”A look of surprise grazed his face. He smiled, breathed deeply. I was deeply nervous and wanted to cry. He looked deeply into my eyes. I looked down to avoid his eyes. As I was doing so, I looked as his crotch. I gasped. His cock had become erect. Half of it exposed itself out of his briefs. A strong hand brought my cheek upwards. I was met with a tender kiss and a smile from him. “I want to please you Helen.” He came over at my knees. His fingers rubbed the fabric covering my pussy as he sucked my tit through the suit. I moaned loudly as he skilfully tuzla escort played me. I held his cock as he pleasured me and stroked it. It felt so nice to hold the pleasure stick. He stopped and stood up and looked down upon me with fierce eyes. His shadow gave shivers down my spine. He pulled down his briefs to reveal his massive meat. All of it. I smiled. “Hello big boy!” He pushed the fabric covering my pussy to the side. It was soaking. Slowly, he slid in. I screamed every inch that went in. He began pumping be with his large cock. I could feel his balls slap the opening of my asshole. I moaned in pleasure as he grunted. His rough hand grabbed my tit as the other held my through. Each thrust sent convulsions through my body. His hand slapped my tit and I screamed. Then, as if it were nothing, he ripped apart the fabric holding in my breasts and they shot out. He breathed heavily. His gentle face had disappeared and I only saw my master. I want to please him. “Please fuck my asshole!” He smiled at me. His arms flipped me to my stomach. My ass stuck out for him. He tore through the suit and revealed my anus. It was tight. He would be pleased. He spat in the hole and prodded against the walls. Slowly, Slowly, his shaft disappeared in there. I scream in agony but I would be pleased if he were pleased. I breathed heavily as each thrust inched deeper and deeper into me. I lifted me by the sides and, still in my ass, he brought me to my feet with my hands on the railing. He then, as if by some power surge, fucked me ferociously. His meat working its way in. I could feel it filling me. I felt so full and satisfied. I was going to cum soon. He fucked and slapped my arse sore with one hand grabbing at my hair. My body convulsed and legs turned to rubber. I collapsed in a puddle of my own squirt juices, appearing erratic and uncontrolable. His large hands picked my up and lifted me ontop of the railing. His cock slid into my pussy and pumped slowly. I could feel his cock bulging. I knew. I was to be rewarded. Cum formed around his cock and exploded out. He pulled out and cum dripped down. He let me fall forward onto my stomach. I was finally happy. He squatted down and wiped his cum onto my cheek. I smiled as he left my house nude.

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