The New Guy Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Plan

The plan was for Mary to tell Matty, Betsy and Sonia about our evening together and then let slip some of the “pillow talk” we’d had. She would tell them that we had parted friends because while we had had a good time we really hadn’t ‘clicked.’ She would tell them that I had let it slip (reinforcing what Sonia had been telling them) that what I really wanted for a relationship was a married woman who was happy with her marriage overall, but just wanted to have a fling.

Mary would tell them that I’d told her about one who lived in my apartment complex that I had my eye on and that I had hopes of scoring with her and settling into a relationship. The idea was to make the three think, “Why the woman in the apartment? What’s wrong with me?”


I was glad that I hadn’t bet with Mary on whether or not Sonia would be the first one to make a move. Wednesday morning Mary and the girls ‘gossiped’ during the morning coffee break and ten minutes after it was over Sonia was perched on the end of my desk.

“Hear you made a conquest last night.”

“And I thought it was only guys who kissed and told.”

“I told you sweetie, gossip is a woman’s life blood. You stopping at the bar tonight?”

“Probably, why?”

“Just save the first dance for me, okay?”

As she walked out of my cubicle I saw Matty at the water cooler and the look she gave Sonia could have killed. That night at the bar was almost funny. I’d no sooner sat down when Matty came over and took the seat next to me and she wasn’t in her seat ten seconds when Betsy came and took the chair on the other side of me. Before her butt hit the chair Sonia was there to remind me that I had promised to save the first dance for her. I got up and moved out onto the floor with her and she moved in close.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Depends on what it is. I may answer it or I may not.”

“When we talked that first time in the cafeteria, you know, when we talked about your turning down Alice?”

I nodded that I remembered and she went on, “When I asked you just what your type was you said someone like Matty or Betsy because they were married and therefore you considered them safe. I’m married. Why didn’t you say “someone like you?”

“Probably because you are newly married and I wouldn’t expect a newly married woman to have reached the point yet where she was ready for a fling, especially with a ‘bad boy’ like me.”

“Well you’re wrong. It’s the bad boy image that has me interested.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Why illegal bahis not? Forget all that sweet, young and innocent crap. I’m none of that. What I am is inexperienced and I think I got married too quick. I should have seen and experienced a little more of what is out there before I tied myself down. And then you come along and you are looking for fun with no commitment. Why shouldn’t I jump at the chance?”

“You know what you are saying?”

“Of course I do.”

“I don’t think that you do. We aren’t talking about a quick trip to the parking lot. I use real beds. That means sneaking away to meet me. Can you handle that? Can you get away to meet me and spend four or five hours with me without causing your husband to become suspicious? I’m not into ‘wham bam’ honey. I take my time and do it right. Think about that for a bit.”

“I don’t have to. My husband works afternoons and as long as I get home before he does I won’t have a problem. He already knows I stop here with the people from work two or three nights a week so we just don’t come to the bar on those nights – we go straight to your place.”

“You’re sure about this?”

“Yes I am.”

“Tomorrow night after work?”


The music had stopped and we walked back to the table and I saw Matty looking at us with an unreadable expression on her face.


Matty got up from her seat and went over to the jukebox and fed some quarters into it. I managed to get one sip of my beer by the time the music started and Betsy walked up and said, “My turn” and then she led me out to the dance floor while Matty threw murderous looks at her. As we started dancing I said, “I think you just upset Matty. I think she put the money in the box expecting to be the one out here with me.”

“Screw her. You ever hear the expression, “You snooze, you lose?” I’m a firm believer of ‘first come, first served’ and I’m here first.”

“You want to spell that out for me?”

“You know the woman that you described to Sonia? Married and with no interest in breaking up her family, but wanting a change from the daily routine?”

I nodded a yes.

“Well that’s me. I want just what you say that you are looking for, a fling with no emotional involvement. Just have some fun for a while and then go on home.”

“What’s your idea of for a while?”

“A couple of times every couple of weeks for a couple of months or longer or less depending.”

“Depending on what?”

“Whether we click or not.”

“You sure about this?”

“I haven’t thought of anything illegal bahis siteleri else for a week now.”

“How do you see it happening?”

“My husband bowls on Tuesdays and has a lodge meeting on Thursdays. I have until eleven on Tuesdays and till one or so on Thursday.”

“I promised myself that I was going to be good when I started this job, but I can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. This week is out, but if you are certain that you want to do this I guess we can give it a try next Tuesday. You going to go and tell the others now?”

“Oh no. Nobody needs to know except you and me. They can suspect all they want, but no one needs to know.”

We talked a little more and then when the music stopped we went back to the table. Betsy grabbed her purse and got out some change and said, “I’ll go and feed the jukebox” and she gave Matty a look that said, “Nah nah na nah nah.”


The first song that played was a fast one and when Matty asked me to dance I told her that I’d love to, but that I wanted to wait for a slow tune. As I sipped my beer Matty looked from me to Betsy, who was talking with Steve and Alice, and the back at me.

“Did she get to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“The bitch knew I was going to try and get something going with you tonight and it was driving her crazy that I might actually manage it. Ever since middle school she has made it her goal in life to beat me at damn near everything.”

“Has she?”

“No, I win some, she wins some.”

“Why? What’s the reason for her wanting to beat you?”

“It goes back to the very first school dance we were old enough to attend. Betsy had a crush on Ronnie Crew, but he ignored her and danced with me most of the night. Since then it has been pretty much open warfare between us.”

“Is that what this is all about? Beating Betsy? You knew she was going to try and so you had to try too?”

“That’s part of it.”

“What’s the rest?”

“My husband has been having an affair with his secretary. I found out about it a month ago and I decided that if he could, I could, and then you showed up.”

“So, this is about revenge.”

“No, it would be revenge if I let him know and then rubbed his nose in it. No, this is more than that. I’ve wanted to try some one else for the last couple of years, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to take a chance on ruining the family if I got caught. Now I have an out. If he finds out I can say, “So what? I’m just doing what you are doing with your secretary” and then see where things will go. So, canlı bahis siteleri did Betsy beat me again?”

“Depends on your definition. She got to me first and I’m going to see her on Tuesday, but I have Monday open.”

“Can we be wicked on Monday?”


The last person I danced with that night was Mary.

“How are we doing?”

“I don’t know what you told them, but all three of them came after me tonight.”

“I just told them that you were a great lay. So which one got lucky?”

Sonia tomorrow, Matty on Monday and Betsy on Tuesday.”

“You dog you. Does that mean I get you tonight or are you going for Alice so you can say you’ve had everyone in the office?”

“No, not Alice. Alice is a little too indiscriminate for me. We know what she does when she’s here with us and we take it on trust that no one in this office has a social disease, but we have no idea what she does on other nights. If she is doing the same thing at some other place God only knows what she might have picked up. I want to be known as a spreader of joy, not the clap.”

“Don’t be so hard on the girl; she’s not that bad.”

“We don’t know that, at least not for sure.”

“But you would do her if you could be sure?”

“What is it with you? Why is it so important to you that I get all of them?”

“Just want you to get it all out of your system sweetie. Once you get the distraction of them out of the way you can concentrate on me.”

“That sounds suspiciously like you want to develop the kind of relationship that I try to avoid; the very reason, in fact, that I concentrate on married ladies.”

“A girls got to try. Now, do I get tonight or not and what about the weekend?”


Mary followed me to my apartment and spent almost all night trying to ruin me. She started out with another of her superb blow jobs and then she climbed up on the bed, got on her knees and buried her head in a pillow and invited me to take her in the ass. She was hot and tight and she loved anal sex. By the time I was ready to cum she was begging me not to stop, but I had no choice in the matter. I stopped stroking into her, but my cock shot its load anyway. I hurried into the bathroom and washed my dick off and then ran back and got into a sixty-nine and tried to get her off. I got her close, but couldn’t bring her all the way and as soon as she got my dick hard again she wanted me back in her ass. Before I fell asleep she had given me two marvelous blow jobs, had taken me in her ass three times and had climbed on top of me and pounded her pussy on my cock once.

She woke me up with a blow job, climbed on top of my for a slow leisurely fuck and when she left me to go home and get ready for work I wondered if I would be able to do Sonia any good when we got together that night.

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