The Night They Planned Ch. 02


Sarah left first. She wasn’t sure how it happened or what precipitated the ending, but suddenly she was wrapping what was left of her clothes and her long camel colored leather coat around her, and Brett, dressed only in his khaki pants, was walking her out to her car, pausing slightly to kiss her goodbye.

It only struck her when she finally arrived home, and was undressed and lying in bed; She had spent the night in Brett’s arms- impassive, self-controlled, cool-headed, calm Brett…

She had dreamt it—she had to have. It could have just not have happened.

It made no sense.

It made wondrous sense.

Her body was still tingling from the shuddering pleasure. She could recreate it; she could still feel it…

How could she sleep? It was almost dawn already and she hadn’t slept a wink.

There was a scratching at her front door, then the doorbell. She swung out of bed and ran to open it. No one was there; a piece of paper lay at her feet.

Sarah- Your chariot awaits you … come now….whenever I summon you…

Her body constricted, her nipples stiffened with excitement. She could think of nothing but him waiting for her…

She raced to her room, pulled on the first thing she grabbed, her leather coat, and raced back down the stairs barefoot and flung open the door.

A black limo sat at the curb, a patient driver looking the other way as she came down the steps and opened the door.

He was inside, naked, his clothes on the floor, aroused and waiting; she saw the whole in one quick glimpse by the dome light before he slammed the door behind her.


“Oh God, yes…” she whispered, pulling off her jacket and nightgown and kneeling at his feet, “Yes…”

He rapped at the window and the driver started the car and pulled away.

“How did you know that I wanted you again?” she sighed, enclosing his raging manhood in her hands ecstatically as the limo moved slowly forward.

“Because I couldn’t wait to see you; I wanted you now…”

“Take me now…”she whispered, running her hands and her tongue simultaneously up and down his gorgeously engorged shaft.

“This is what I want…”


“Turn around and kneel against the seat. Let me do the rest.”

She heard him move forward on the seat, she felt him grasp her around her hips and lift her; and then she felt him probing her in this reverse position, and it was so delicious to feel that hard-rigid tip of him against the flower folds of her sex, nudging and pushing canlı bahis şirketaleri to find her.

She wiggled invitingly, canting her body to let him have his way, feeling him slip and push, inch by long hard torrid inch, deep within her, deep, until she could feel his strong hips against the pillow of her ass and he was fully, finally, and powerfully, there.

He didn’t move; he let her feel his hard virile cock for a long time as if he wanted to reinforce the strength, the rigidity, and the prowess of it.

And she loved the feeling of it jutting so rigorously inside her. She pushed against it, settling every curving cushion of her ass more tightly against his hips, and then writhing provocatively against the very root of him.

She heard him grunt, almost as if her sinuous movements were too much for him and he was close to losing control.

She wanted him to lose control. She wanted her rocking, writhing body to send him over the edge of all discipline, all sense; she wanted him to lose himself in her, utterly, totally, and mindlessly.

She wanted him at her mercy.

And still he did not move.

She felt his hands feeling the curve and crease of her ass. She felt him grasping her hips and pressing himself still more deeply inside her. She felt the sensual motion of the limo as it moved them slowly, slowly, slowly toward ecstasy.

And she felt him, so ramrod and compellingly there.


“Don’t move…” she breathed.

“You are so hot and wet…”

She gasped as he moved suddenly and thrust his hips forward.

“I want you…”

“You feel so good…”

“Keep still Sarah,” he thrust again.

“I can’t…” she undulated her hips to meet his next thrust.

He slapped her ass, “Don’t move, let me feel how tight and wet you are.”

“I need to feel you, the whole hard length of you…”

“Feel it…” he pulled back and drove himself into her forcefully.


“Feel it…” He drove again.

She moaned.

“You want it…” He lunged again and she groaned. “Tell me…” He drove again. “Tell me…”

And again.

She gasped. And again. And again.

She sobbed.

And again, that hard, hot, pumping possession of her, that in one fierce lunge, sent her over the edge, crying out in rhythm with her ferociously shattering release.

He eased himself away.


“Oh God…”

“It was good.”

He pulled her around and onto his lap so that her legs were dangling against his.

“It canlı kaçak iddaa was,” she murmured as he slanted his mouth over hers.

She felt him wedged tightly against her thigh and she took the lush rigid tip of him into her hand and began fondling it.

It was sticky with her residue.

His mouth was wet with hot yearning. She answered him kiss for kiss, whisper for whisper.


“Your kisses.”

“I can’t stop feeling you…”

“Feel my nipples, they’re so hard for you.”

“I’m so hard for you.”

“I’m feeling you, you are like iron.”

“Your nipples are like luscious rock candy.”

She caught her breath. Rock candy; sweet, hard, succulent…Like him, like him…

“Suck one…” she breathed.

He bent his head and enclosed her lush left nipple in his mouth. She gasped as he pulled at just the very tip of it, pulling as hard as he could between the cushion of his lips, and wetting it with quick little flicks of his tongue.

She groaned as he released it.

“Spread your legs Sarah, I want to feel that tight wet heaven.”

She felt a dart of pleasure assault her vitals and she wriggled provocatively.

“Only if I can feel yours.”

“I thought you were feeling it. Give me your mouth.”

She lifted her face to him and simultaneously parted her thighs.

“I can’t live without your kisses,” she breathed as he took her mouth and slipped his hand between her thighs.

This part was good too; she was so wet from her pleasure and he was so insistent on probing her there. She spread her legs as wide as possible to ease his way, and she groaned deep in her throat when his fingers penetrated the hot velvet core of her sex.

How many fingers…One, two, three…The sensation, his kisses…He is naked for me, I am holding his strength and his sex in my hands…He is fondling my nipple and thrusting his fingers deep inside of me…


She rode his fingers; she arched her breast into his fondling fingers; she would not let him stop his kisses.

“Sarah…” he pulled away from her mouth to murmur. “Come for me, Sarah…”

“Yes…” Her body began its insistent ride. “Hard fingers too Brett…”

“For you Sarah…Only for you…Kiss me…”

She opened her mouth to take his kiss and he devoured her, just devoured her lips, her tongue, the whole tender inside of her mouth, as she simultaneously bounced against his rigid fingers.

“It’s not the same Brett.”

“I know how canlı kaçak bahis it could be…”

“Tell me…”

“Sit on me…Sit on me so tightly that I can feel you…”

“Yes…” She shifted again, still with his fingers possessing her until she was straddling him, and she braced herself against his shoulders as she slowly lowered herself downward and felt the hard probing tip of him.

Slowly, slowly she settled herself on the rock hard pillar of him, until she was resting on the very root of him, mouth to mouth to him, thrilled her to the very core with him.

“This is what I want, ” she whispered, “You, naked, inside of me.”

“I could stay hard for you forever.”

“I love it when you’re hard for me.”

“Sarah…” he groaned, and reached for her mouth and her nipples simultaneously. “Don’t move.”

She gyrated her hips, and he slapped her ass again.

“I can’t help it,” she pouted, “You’re so hard you make me want to move.”

“Sarah,” he murmured against her lips before capturing them again in a possessive kiss, “I want to pin you to the seat. I want to ravish you. I never want to finish with you.”

“I want you naked for me all the time; I don’t know how I got through this night before you summoned me.”



“You’ll stop everything and come and let me possess your naked body.”

“Yes,” she breathed, shuddering with excitement.

“And I will be naked and ready for you, Sarah.” I’m the only man who will always be naked and ready for you.”

“And hard,” she whispered, “Incredibly powerful and hard.”

“Feel how hard.”

She felt him flex deep inside of her and she kissed his wet lips ferociously. “I need you naked inside me just like that all the time.”

He met her kiss again, “I will be naked inside of you Sarah, every minute possible. How can any man not want to possess you willing body?”

She caught her breath, excited by his words. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“I will give you all of my nakedness you can take.”

“I want every hard inch of it,” she breathed against his mouth again, flicking her tongue against his lips and letting him take her tongue and suck it with a repressed violence that was thrilling in its intensity.

His mouth closed over hers again and he shifted downward so that he could press more tightly inside of her.

She made a telling sound as he contracted his body and she felt him lengthen. “You got harder,” she whispered in awe.

He answered with another ruthless kiss. “This is what you do to me, Sarah. You make me hard, even when I feel like I’m granite.”

She groaned, “You make me wet with wanting you.”

“No one else has ever made you wet like that?”

“No one…” she whispered.

.:To Be Continued:.

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