The Orgasmatron


My Husband was surfing porn on the Internet, and came across a site that had homemade Fucking Machines. It was really wild. Women were getting fucked with dildos that were attached to all kinds of contraptions. Being the inventive person that he is, he decided to build a Fucking Machine for me. During the process of building it, he stopped to contemplate what kind of motor he needed for the unit. It was probably a week or two before it was done. I tell you, the suspense was pretty much keeping my pussy dripping.

Finally, he told me he was finished with it, and ready to show me how it worked. It was set up at the foot of the bed, and he had strategically placed a large pillow to raise my lower body high enough. Protruding from the machine was an arm with a dildo attached to it. He showed me that the speed was variable by turning a knob. When he turned it on, it very slowly started stroking forward and back, with each stroke travelling approximately 4 inches.

My panties were getting wet just watching him give me a demo on how the machine operated. His plan was to go out to the Adult Store for some adult films and maybe some new play toys. I was game; I was also anxious to try this machine out!

When we returned casino oyna from shopping, I quickly showered up and put on some lingerie. I put on some white lace pantyhose that have an open crotch and ass. Next, I pulled out the hot pink lycra mini dress, with the open circle right above my breasts, and the straps that velcro’d behind my neck, slipped on my heels and took a look in the mirror. My nipples were so hard they were trying to poke through the material. When I joined him in the bedroom, he was lying on the bed in his black fishnet crop-top, with the matching boxers. He already had a film in, and was slowly rubbing his hard cock through the material.

I lay down on the bed with the pillow propped up under my ass up, and began running my hands over my body, building even more excitement for what was coming.

He moved down between my legs and spread the blueberry-flavored lube all over my pussy and asshole. Then he dove in! I came immediately. He just kept on licking and sucking, making me cum again, and again, and again. Just when I thought he was going to let me take a break, I felt his tongue flick over my asshole, triggering yet another orgasm. He would go back and forth between tonguing my tight rosebud, slot oyna and sucking the sweet juices from my pussy. Then all of a sudden he would start flicking the 8-Ball barbell in my clit hood! After I had had several orgasms, he looked up and said he thought I was ready to try out his invention.

He set the machine at the foot of the bed, with the extended arm already set to go with an 8 inch clear pink dildo. He repositioned the pillow under my bottom, and ensured that I was aligned correctly with the arm of the machine. Next he lubed up the dildo real well, and even added some to my already dripping pussy. He turned the controller for the machine to move the arm to full extension, then eased the end into my pussy. It slowly sunk in completely. He asked if I was comfortable. I laughed and thought, “I guess as well as a person could be in this situation.” He slowly turned the control knob, starting the dildo stroking very slowly in and out, not quite exiting my pussy, but you definitely knew where the head of the dildo was. I think I just started cumming immediately. I’d have one great orgasm, then another would build right after it. As my orgasms began getting progressively more intense, my lover turned the knob on the controller canlı casino siteleri some more. The dildo started pistoning in and out of me quicker with each rotation of the knob. It never got “fast”, just a good steady quick stroking. Wow!

Then the little devil of a man slid a finger into my ass, and started tonguing the curved barbell on my clit hood! Man, I didn’t think I would ever come down from that orgasmic high!

After a few more orgasms, he slowly turned the knob to the off position, saying that I looked as if I was in need of a break! With sweat was pouring off my body still tingling body, he slowly removed the dildo from my pussy. Of course, that triggered just one more orgasm…

After taking a break to freshen up, I returned to the bedroom with what must have been a huge, shit-eating grin across my fact! All I could say was “Wow!” My Lover told me that he knew exactly what to call his new invention, after seeing me put it through such a workout, and having an orgasm with just about every single stroke of the dildo! He proclaimed his invention to be called “The Orgasmatron”.

Of course, that was just round one. My Man became more creative, and figured out how to put two dildos on the pistoning arm! One of the dildos had a rubber cock ring, clit vibrator attached strategically to it! Oh, he also made an adjustment that added another 1/4″ stroke to the arm.

Well, that’s another very hot story!!!

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