The Party After


Ian and Nancy hosted their own housewarming party that proved to be a smashing success. While most of the partiers had already come and gone for the evening, there were few that chose to stay behind and crash for the night.

Ian and Nancy lived in a house that most people would consider to be a mansion with it’s eight bedroom set up. Each bedroom came equipped with their own ensuite bathroom, ideal for a bed and breakfast set up.

That’s the main reason why Ian and Nancy purchased the home in the first place. It was nestled out in the country, not far from the city limits and easily accessible by road. It was an opportunity for the two to have a business they could call their own. With Nancy’s extensive hotel management experience and Ian’s sales & marketing background, there was no way they could lose.

There were actually four leftover party guests that were to be shown to their rooms for the night. Ian took the liberty to escort Lucky and Jordie to their guest room while Nancy did the same for John and Fiona.

Poor Lucky had already tripped over himself and rendered himself unconscious when one too many shots of tequila overtook his senses. Ian had the guy draped over his shoulder, carrying him like he was a sack of potatoes while Jordie followed close behind.

For Nancy she had it easy. Although Fiona had already passed out, John took it upon himself to carry his girlfriend up the flight of stairs and to the room Nancy had assigned for them.

After bidding the two goodnight, Nancy closes the door behind her as she leaves their bedroom. Now out in the hallway, she hears a thump in the room Ian had taken Lucky and Jordie to.

Curious and concerned, she rushes into their room to find out what happened. Once inside she noticed only Jordie and Ian standing, both laughing their heads off. There was no sign of Lucky to be found until Nancy walked around the foot of the bed and found the man on the floor in some kind of awkward heap.

Between Ian and Jordie, Ian was the first to regain enough composure to explain. “Jordie told me to drop him onto the bed so I did.”

Now laughing herself, Nancy asks, “The idea was to gently drop him on the bed, not bounce him like he was a basketball.”

“But that would be the boring approach.” Ian explains, trying hard not to laugh again.

Now taking Nancy into his arms, gazing upon her lovingly, he adds, “Besides, didn’t you say you hated boring?”

Nancy laughs, “That I did.”

The two then lock themselves in a solid kiss before Jordie fakes out a cough to divert their attention.

With a grin, Ian breaks the kiss with Nancy and winks to Jordie, “You should get that checked.”

The two then leave the room, choosing to have the petite Jordie figure out how she was going to scrape her man off the floor and into the bed with her.

Once along in their room, Ian and Nancy held each other close as he pressed her against a wall. They indulged themselves in a deep, hungry kiss, but it got broken once Nancy started to laugh again. She just couldn’t help herself.

Now with the kiss broken, Ian looks at her illegal bahis with an amused smile as she admits, “What a night!”

A smug smile escaped his lips, “Yes, it has been quite a night.” He then looked at her mischeviously, “Of course it’s always a hell of a night when it comes to you, my darling succubus.”

Tracing a long strand of Nancy’s loose blonde hair, Ian pulled it back behind her ear, “Now that everyone is geting a good night’s rest, I guess we’re on our own now.”

Nancy had to smirk at the thought. “Not that it’s a bad thing.”

Closing her eyes upon Ian’s touch as he traces his long fingers down the side of her face, Nancy tilts her head slightly, pressing gently against hig fingers as it now trailed down to the side of her exposed neck.

The two then locked themselves in a kiss, Ian now scooping his bride of two years into his arms and carrying her to their California style queen sized bed.

He answered her by laying her gently on the white satin sheets as he pressed his weight against hers, “I couldn’t agree more.”

Ian and Nancy started kissing again, this time with mouths open and their tongues probing each other as their breathing quickened. In the meantime, Ian moved his hands to the small of Nancy’s back. He then lowered them down to her ass, gently squeezing the firm roundness, as he pushing her closer against him.

Luxuriously sandwiched between the soft mattress and Ian’s weight, Nancy’s hand slipped down to her husband’s cock and felt his stiff rod denim blue jeans. She felt herself beginning to get wet just thinking about that familiar feel of Ian’s long, thick shaft completely filling her like no one else can.

They were both breathing harder now as he kissed her neck and face, now working together to remove each other’s shirts. As soon as the shirts were removed, Ian pulled back for a moment to gaze upon his wife’s enchanting beauty.

She had shoulder length blonde hair, angelic face with those piercing blue eyes and a body even supermodels would envy. It was hard to believe Nancy exclusively belonged to Ian, not just by the vows of marriage, but in mind, body and soul.

Keiping his hands on her hips, Ian watches Nancy unfasten her bra, which looked like it was ready to burst at the seams from the generous cleavage revealed and the erect nipples pushing at the delicate fabric.

Feeling his member throb, demanding to enter the beautiful creature before him, Iann whispers out words as if subconsciously. “You’re beautiful.”

Ian feel himself throb even more, enough to make him moan as he lost himself in Nancy’s bedroom eyes and bedazzling smile. He slid his hands down to remove her pants and thong panties. Her smooth, shaved pussy beckoned him and he gingerly touched it with his fingers, feeling those wet lips as they begin to part for him.

A tiny shudder coursed through Nancy as Ian began to kiss her breasts, taking her nipple in his mouth while he continued to make long strokes on her pussy lips with his fingers, playfully teasing her clit at the end of each stroke. He slowly put two fingers inside her, then illegal bahis siteleri a third, gently caressing her as they are both lost in the moment.

Nancy began to feel her legs turn into a jello like state, thankful that she and Ian were already laying down on the bed. For a brief moment she swore she could hear his thoughts as he said “I love you” while he continued to kiss her breasts and stroke her clit.

Nancy was beyond wet now. She lifted Ian’s head to hers and they began kissing again. Their lip lock was more intense than the one previous, as their need to connect had become more intense. In the meantime, Nancy was tugging at Ian’s belt. As she unzipped his pants, she whispered to him, “Take those damned things off.”

Without a second thought, Ian pulls away from Nancy, now standing at the foot of the bed, whips down the pants and underwear, revealing how his freed, fat cock stood to attention in it’s proud salute.

Ian is quick to get back on the bed again, quick to press his weight against Nancy’s, driving her crazy as the tip of his diamond hard, throbbing cock pressed hard against his wife’s clit.

Then, without warning, the position between Ian and Nancy change as she forcefully pushes his weight off of her and he lands on his back right next to her. Confused, Iann looks at Nancy strangely, “What are you doing?”

All Nancy did was merely give Ian a sultry smile before rolling her weight on top of his and placing her lips against his for a deep, hungry kiss that lingered until it was necessary to come up for air again.

With a playful look, matched by a sly grin, Nancy throatily answers her stratled husband’s question, “What I want to do.”

At this point all Ian could do was watch on as Nancy trailed her kisses from his lips, to his chin, along his neck, and further down as she continued to kiss him inch by inch on her slow road to her chosen destination.

By now Ian was gasping out throaty moans as he could feel one electrical surge after another course through his entire body, inside and out. His cock was already throbbing to the point where it could explode at any second.

His fingers drove into the satin sheets, taking in fistfuls of fabric as his sexy wife continued her slow, erotic torture. He then lets out a loud cry once Nancy placed a soft and gentle kiss against the tip of his pole, making a point to lick off the pre-cum that oozed out from the excitement of it all.

It was amazing he didn’t explode right there, but Ian was determined to maintain control, despite the fact his throaty moans had now turned into throaty cries.

Ian could feel his entire body shudder the moment Nancy took him into her mouth, slowly sucking up and down his shaft. Her slurping noises grew louder as she hungrily sucked away, bobbing up and down in a maddened pace. She licked and teased the tip with her tongue while running her fingernails lightly over his balls.

This caused Ian to start writhing and thrusting, determined to drive more of his throbbing cock deep in Nancy’s mouth. When she looked up, meeting her eyes with his, she noticed canlı bahis siteleri tears were streaming out of Ian’s eyes. With a smile, she pulls her head back until her mouth was no longer savoring Ian’s rock hard rod.

With a gleam in her dark blue, penetrating eyes and a smirk, she innocently asks, “Am I that bad? Have I lost my touch?”

Now displaying a mock look of hurt and disappointment, Nancy merely lies on her back next to Ian, “I’m sorry. I’ll stop then.”

Ian, despite being so audible with desire, was unable to speak coherently. All he could do was turn his head, gaze upon the perfect, milky skin of his wife and eye how she has her long, shapely legs slightly spread apart as if waiting for him.

With a loud roar, Ian sits up from the bed, rolls himself on top of his wife and looks at her with a hunger that sent chills down her spine. With a determined, devilish grin, he growls. “Stop? You will do no such thing!”

By now Nancy’s pussy lips were already swollen and glistening with juices. Ian’s desire for her had reached new heights he didn’t think was possible. Withouth further hestitation, he kneels between her legs, running his hands over her thighs, stomach and clit as her hips moved to meet his fingers. He planted kisses all over her flat stomach before he slowly moved to kiss her clit and all around her beautifully bald pussy.

Nancy stroked Ian’s head and moaned softly as she began was now lost in her own lustful world once her husband slid his tongue up and down her vaginal lips, occasionally darting inside to taste her. He continued to gently lick and kiss her clit.

Moaning louder and hips grinding, Nancy was now beyond lost in ecstasy. Ian’s wet, hot mouth continued to focus it’s attention to the outside of her pussy while he slipped two fingers inside her and slowly moved them in and out, causing Nancy to breathe much harder as she felt herself start to explode.

“Fuck me now, you bastard!” Nancy cries out desperately.

Ian loved it when Nancy would start to talk raunchy. He got off on it. Ian’s pole was so hard right now he thought he was going to pass out before reaching his ultimate goal. He quickly entered Nancy and began rapidly pounding her with long, punishing strokes.

It didn’t take long before their bodies were starting to betray them, demanding to climax in full force.

Ian was pumping like a speednig piston while Nancy goes all out to verbally and physically encourage him. Between her loud cries and those long fingers of hers driving into the flesh of his buttocks, Ian was making loud grunting noises and breathing in gasps as he moved inside her.

Nancy’s womanhood was completely filled by Ian’s long, fat cock as it continued punishing her cervix. She began to shudder uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, causing Iann to fly over the edge as he began shooting his hot seed deep inside her.

She could feel it spilling out of her flooded womb as he continued to thrust. Now slowing down, like a car running out of gas, Ian gazes upon the angelic beauty of his wife. “I can never say it enough. I love you.”

With a heartfelt smile, Nancy wraps her arms around her husband’s neck and shoulders, pulling him even closer to her as she could still feel his rod embedded deep inside her. “And I couldn’t possibly say it enough, Ian. I love you.”

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