The Pleasures of Moonlight

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Serena and Sebastian walked side by side down the deserted beach — this was not an isle well-known to humans, so Serena did not expect to meet anyone in their path. For that reason, they were naked, clothed only in the glow of the moon. Serena had decided it was time to visit the Pool of Secrets. Sebastian limped along beside her, still suffering from the ankle sprain he’d sustained the first day he met her. She was still rather grateful for the injury, figuring that if it hadn’t happened, she probably wouldn’t have found him lying in the sand, and they never might have crossed paths.

Still, every time his big bare foot touched the ground, his mouth tightened in a grimace, and he leaned on her a little more heavily, but he didn’t speak a word of complaint. Serena smiled to herself and shook her head at the foolishness of male ego, but she kept her arm wrapped firmly around his lean waist. She couldn’t help but admire the way his broad shoulders carried the beaming moonlight, and how the silver rays gilded the hard planes of his exquisite body. He was all muscle and sinew, a peerless specimen of human masculinity. And she should know, as she’d seen scores of humans in her 200 years — mermaids had a chance to see generations of humans enjoying beach life. But not a single one could compare to this man.

It took Serena a moment to notice Sebastian had halted. When she glanced at him in askance, he gestured to a stone ramp ahead of them. Ah, just up that ramp was the Pool, but she realized they could not ascend that way on account of Sebastian’s injury. Flexing his foot repeatedly at so steep an angle would cause agonizing misery.

“Wait here, I know there are stairs nearby.”

Serena briskly walked around the tall stone walls encircling the Pool and spotted wide steps on the other side. They could easily maneuver up those, though Sebastian in typical human — and especially male — fashion was most reluctant to admit her strength. She wondered if he realized that, though she appeared slender and delicate, her strength surpassed that of any human, and she could plain lift him up — a tall, muscular man! – and carry him if she wished.

Serena retraced her steps around to find Sebastian awaiting her patiently, the moonlight burnishing his dark hair, shining full on his body and making him appear like some god out of legend. The planes of his face looked like they were carved of marble, and for a moment, Serena simply looked at him in awe.

“Shall we?” His resonant baritone broke into her reverie, and she nodded, reaching out for him. His large, powerful hand clasped her small one, and he hobbled to where she stood. There, she slipped an arm around his waist again, and they proceeded — very slowly – toward and up the stairs. The stubborn man only grunted once.

And there was the Pool before them. Perfectly round and made of white stone, no one knew how it had been formed or gained its secret properties. Serena helped Sebastian sit at the edge of the Pool and pranced to the other side.

Sebastian let out a soft grunt of relief as he dangled his feet in the warm water and felt the throbbing pain in his ankle vanish. The waters in this area had the power to do that, for some unknown reason, as Serena had shown him that first night. He slowly slid his entire body into the still water and made himself comfortable on the broad smooth stone slab which made up the perimeter of the round Pool and served as seating.

Across from him, Serena slipped into the water and gave him one of her glowing smiles. The silvery light highlighted her pale-sunlight colored hair, which tumbled around her elegantly curved shoulders, and the light played with the shadows around her collarbone. Her swanlike neck rose out of the water while her perfect breasts were half-submerged. The sight of the moon gilding the ethereal, delicate features of her face took his breath away — he could spend eternity drinking in her beauty in the calm moonlit night. The air was hushed, the only sound the sea waves rippling softly against the shore.

But the tranquility didn’t linger. Out of the silence came the sound of white water, and as he gazed at Serena, her calm expression changed suddenly. Her beautiful face contorted into a grimace, her eyes widened, and her rosebud mouth fell open. Before he could ask what the matter was, he glanced down into the perfectly clear Pool and noticed a steady stream of water shooting up from the flat stone bottom…and it was aimed straight between Serena’s legs.

“Oh,” she whispered, clearly dazed. The jet remained, and after a few seconds, she began to tremble. “Oh, S-S-Sebastian…it is aimed-oh! It’s aimed directly casino oyna at my…my…c-clit! Oh God!” That last was a bit louder than her previous exclamation, as the jet stream had grown stronger. Sebastian watched in amazement as Serena’s pleasure built, all from a simple stream of water hitting her in the right place. She gasped and her mouth opened further, she shuddered, and her eyes glazed over. She even moved to the side a little to lessen the direct contact with the merciless water, but it only grew a little stronger, and she inadvertently positioned herself so that the water pinpointed exactly the place on her clit she found most sensitive.

“Ah! Ahhhh!” Serena called out, her eyes wide as saucers. Her chest rose and fell visibly as the pleasure mounted. Sebastian smiled to himself — he knew that particular spot well — the first time they had made love, he had placed his thumb there and pressed firmly. Serena had lurched, shouted, and began to throb in immediate and violent release. How could a jet of water have a mind of its own? Perhaps that was one of the Pool’s secrets. She hadn’t said a word to him beforehand about why she wished to bring him here, but her reasons were making themselves very clear.

Serena sat staring into nothing, open-mouthed. On an impulse, Sebastian rose and walked toward her — he reached out and took her magnificent breasts in his lands. Her breasts were extraordinarily sensitive, he knew, and this time was no exception.

“Ohhhh,” she let out a throaty groan and her head fell back, her mouth parted. Her rich voice caused a wave of pleasure to wash over him. She closed her eyes and arched her long neck as he gently massaged her soft breasts, exposing the elegant column of her throat. Sebastian leaned forward and laid a single kiss on her throat. He lifted his head after only a second, not lingering — he wanted to see her reaction when he made his next move. Serena had the most sensitive nipples he had ever come across, and without warning, he put his thumbs over the erect berry buds and pressed.

Serena came to life in an instant, her eyes flying open. She gasped deeply and her mouth gaped open. For a moment she didn’t breathe; she merely stared straight ahead with her eyes wide and her mouth an “O.”

Sebastian began to circle her nipples with his thumbs, and a trembling Serena closed her eyes and leaned back again, breathing quickly and moaning constantly. “Ohhhh, ohhhhh.”

The jet stream on her clit had stopped a little while after Sebastian had taken her breasts in his hands. A good thing, too, for she would not have lasted both at the same time. Now she had a bit of a respite. Sebastian released her breasts with some reluctance and moved back to sit down. Serena sagged weakly against the stone, overcome by the intensity of sensations.

“Oh, Sebastian,” she moaned softly, “It’s too much.”

He cracked a lopsided smile. “I suppose that’s where the Pool gets its name, though. What secrets it has.”

“I know.” A slow smile crossed her lovely face. “It’s why I wanted to bring you here.” Her head rested against the stone, now, and her pale hair was gloriously tousled. “But still, it’s too m-AH!”

Serena’s body jolted as if she’d been shot — her milky skin flushed, and her face was an immediate grimace. Her eyes bulged. “Oh God!” She yelled, her voice louder than any other instance tonight. It took Sebastian a moment to realize that another shot of water had assaulted her clit. A powerful one.

“H-AH!” She shouted with her mouth open wide, and this time Sebastian saw a targeted burst of water hit her clit straight on. The water was coming in pulses now rather than a steady stream — strong concentrated blasts of water. For the next few minutes, Serena shouted and lurched and yelled in agonized pleasure, her voice reverberating throughout the darkness. “Ah! Oh! Oh God!” The pulses came faster and faster. “Uhhhh!”

Sebastian almost felt sorry for her — he didn’t know how she could bear it. “Ahhhh!” She cried. “Help me! Help me! I shall faint! Oh, God, make it stop! Ishallfaintmakeitstoooop!” She called in a shuddering voice, her neck arched and her breasts thrust forward. Her eyes were wild with desperation, and she struggled to draw a breath.

But Sebastian found himself unable to move, transfixed by the sight before him: Serena was being stomped flat by pleasure.

In the next instant, the water current changed again and returned to a steady stream — but the stream was tighter, harder, and more intense than ever. Serena’s eyes crossed. This was too much for her. “Unnnnnh!” She nearly wailed in agonized pleasure.

Sebastian stepped forward again, slot oyna then, and without thinking, interrupted the water flow with his hand. Serena’s eyes stared at him, but he didn’t know if she saw him. He reached between her legs and pressed his thumb firmly to her clit.

For a moment, Serena’s lips moved but she could make no sound. Then, her clit gave the most intense throb he had ever felt — her eyes bulged and her long neck arched forward. An unearthly scream emanated from Serena. “UHHHHHHH!” Her head tilited to one side, and she screamed again and again as the powerful pulses convulsed her slender body.

Only when the pulses lessened in intensity did she begin to try and catch her breath. She gasped, her breasts heaving, and finally leaned her head back against the stone, utterly demolished.

Sebastian had stepped back and was about the sit down again when Serena’s eyes fluttered closed and her body swayed as if in a faint. He sprang forward to catch her in case she fell below the water to lie on the stone ledge. He didn’t want her to hit her head. But she only slumped where she sat, in a dead sleep.

Sebastian slowly retreated to his seat and sat down — albeit very stiffly due to the steel bar between his legs. Watching Serena’s face contort and hearing her shout and moan had left him with an uncomfortably thick cock. He supposed that after a few moments’ rest — his own heart beat fast from watching her release, and his body trembled slightly — he would have to do something to relieve his discomfort.

But before he could summon the strength to do so, as exhausted and shaken as he was, a watery hand gripped the root of his cock. Sebastian lurched and looked down into the Pool…and saw nothing. He felt the hand clearly enough — the fingers firm and strong and torturous — but saw nothing. Suddenly, the hand slowly slid down his long cock to the head, dragging a pained groan from Sebastian’s throat. “Ahhhh….” His breathing had already quickened — if he had not been so aroused already, he may have reacted more calmly, but as it was, his cock was already fat and sensitive.

But it swelled further when another watery hand joined the first and wrapped around the shaft, causing Sebastian to grunt deeply. “Unh!” His whole body was tense, waiting to see what would come next. His face was rigid, his eyes unblinking, and his lips pressed together. Then the hands began to stroke firmly. Sebastian groaned. He had very little control after what he had just seen, so it took all of his discipline to remain focused. His head fell back against the stone, and he felt dazed as the hands stroked his stiff cock steadily.

All of a sudden, one hand firmly grasped the root of his cock, while the other hand twisted gently, as if wringing a cloth. Sebastian’s head came up with a start. “Ahhhh!” He called out in utter shock at the sharp pleasure, every nerve afire. He could not refrain from shouting as the manipulations continued, certain he would explode at any moment. “OH! H-EH! AHHH!”

But before the echoes of his deep voice faded, the hands vanished, and he was left weak with a granite pillar between his legs and no breath. His body was stiff as the stone he sat on, and he stared straight ahead – Serena had not yet stirred, though he had shouted loudly enough to wake the dead.

Sebastian leaned back weakly, his heart beating so fast in his chest, his head spun. For a few moments – a longer interval than before, he thought it was over, and he started to relax. But he soon learned the matter was never done with in this pool, not until it was really over. Two single fingertips touched the root of his cock, one on either side, and Sebastian grimaced at the subtle sensation. Fingertips — or the gentlest touch — were always torturous when he was so unspeakably hard. They made him shudder and tremble with anticipation. These soft fingertips glided slowly towards the bulging head of his cock, and he let out an agonized groan. “Ohhhhh.” His head lolled back on stone edge and moved slowly back and forth as the fingertips traced his immense cock from root to tip, again and again. Sebastian moaned with tormented pleasure, grunted as the caresses neared his unbearably sensitive head, and felt his muscles quiver in an effort to keep control. Just when his cock began to throb, signaling an over-powering orgasm, the fingertips disappeared, leaving Sebastian panting and hot and throbbing uncomfortably.

He closed his eyes, leaning heavily on the stone, wondering when it would finish him, once and for all. His muscles were tense, and he could not make them ease — how could he, with a tree trunk between his legs? It was not to be borne. canlı casino siteleri His cock would not be appeased. He tried to lift a hand to touch it — in case he had to finish this, himself, but his body wouldn’t obey.

A hot mouth fastened on the bulging head of his cock.

Sebastian’s mouth formed an “O” of shock. The pleasure was too intense — painful, even — for him to utter a sound. He wanted to call out, to wake Serena and beg her to help him. This was too much for him to bear alone. His lips moved to form the words, but no sound came forth as the mouth began to suck his cock gently. Fire licked at his body, and he knew he wouldn’t last long now. He grimaced and bared his teeth, then took a deep breath, attempting to keep some measure of control.

But the watery mouth had other ideas. He gasped as lips moved up his cock…and swallowed him whole.

Sebastian’s eyes rolled back in his head.

Serena stirred to wakefulness at this point, and the sight of Sebastian’s eyes back in his skull, his neck arched and the tendons straining, and his face utterly contorted in agony brought her to life in an instant. She stared, trying to make out what had happened, but all she saw was an enormous erection between his powerful thighs.

Fascinated, she moved forward as if in a dream. She had never seen any human with a cock that size before. She reached forward slowly, and gasped as she touched scalding hot skin. Sebastian’s whole body lurched at her touch, but she grasped her hand firmly around his cock, as far as she could reach.

“AH!” Sebastian shouted. His entire body turned to marble for a moment, every muscle rigid and straining. And then, like a crack of lightening, it happened. His cock exploded. “AHHHHH!” He bellowed, the impact so powerful, it lifted his haunches from the stone slab, arched his back sharply, and threw his head back against the stone ledge. His cock erupted again and again, each explosion rocking him to his very toes, and nearly wrenching his back as his pelvis thrust forward. “OHHHH! H-AHHHH! AHHHH!” Sebastian bellowed into the night, his powerful body thrashing against the stone.

When it finally ended, he was left dazed and heaving for breath, gasping like one of the fish in the surrounding sea. For the first time, he noticed Serena had awakened and was staring at him with a small smile on her lips.

“Well, what do you think?”

Sebastian could not speak – he could barely breathe. So he nodded weakly and continued trying to regain his breath, sagging against the stone seat, annihilated by pleasure.

Serena didn’t take her eyes from him, watching him with that little smile as he slowly recovered his senses. He blinked a few times and struggled to sit up straight, heaving a deep breath.


“Well, what an evening it has been.” She grinned.

“Though you missed half of it.”

The smile lessened. “Did I faint? I don’t remember anything in between my…well, you know. And then waking up to see you…like that.”

“Like that”?

“As if you suffered intolerably.”

“Well, I did.” He glared down at the center of the pool. “I don’t know what this thing is, but it’s unbelievable.”

She laughed. “You see why I can’t come here often.” She stood and held a hand out to him. “Come, let’s go.”

“You can’t expect me to move after that,” he retorted.

Serena raised a brow. “If you stay here for too long, in another hour or so, the Pool will be at it again. I don’t think you could withstand that.”

Sebastian took her hand without a word. He received a sharp twinge of pain in his ankle as he set his foot on the smooth moonlit stone outside the pool, and he winced but he ignored it, far too intent on trying to walk on pleasure-weakened legs. Serena had had at least some time to gather her wits about her, but he stumbled twice as many times as on their ascent when he attempted to walk down the stairs. Serena merely laughed her bell-like laugh and kept her arm around him, so while he stumbled about, he didn’t fall.

“Where are we going?”

“To sleep.”

“You want to walk to the house?” He stared, incredulous. Getting to the Pool from Serena’s oceanfront cottage on a sprained ankle had been arduous enough, but when all he wanted to do was collapse on the ground and give in to the oblivion of rest, it was plain impossible.

“No, no, I wouldn’t do that to you,” she laughed. She always laughed. She pointed ahead toward a flat rock. “There.”

As the approached, Sebastian saw it was actually a shallow pool with long slabs, and they could lie upon them while their heads remained above water. Serena helped him lower himself onto one of them, arranged herself on the one next to him, and smiled her lovely smile before closing her eyes. Her face was the last thing Sebastian saw as he drifted to sleep under a sky full of stars.

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