The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 04


Part 4

Brenda’s Story: (Lesbian, Mature First time, Incest, Foursome)

A tale of Lust, Love, and Longing

From the Diary of a very Happy and Fortunate man


October 1997

Carol and Pauline, two lovely temptation centres over which a great many teenage boys were stroking their erections and fantasizing had also begun to experience strong sexual feelings. They had the great fortune to love each enough to spend many evenings together, exploring each others bodies and finding out what they liked or didn’t like.

It was about 8pm. The girls were in Pauline’s room, naked. Carol lay on the bed with her legs spread wide apart to enable Pauline to kiss her labia. She was also teasing the opening of her vagina with a finger which was occasionally used to stroke her clitoris. This treatment finally brought the result she was trying for. Carol climaxed for the second time that evening, her vaginal juices running freely. They were the perfect image of hot young females, sex in bloom.

Finally sated they showered and dressed then discussed the plan they were hatching. They desperately wanted to get themselves properly fucked, although they really enjoyed their sex sessions with each other they were also very much aware that better things lay around the corner, and if they played their cards right, they could be experiencing them soon.

They had a wish list: First, have sex with their mothers, then try to get fucked by Brian, Pauline’s step-dad. There was also an option to maybe get fucked by Pauline’s 20 year old half-brother Tony, but they weren’t hopeful as he never seemed interested in them. Their fantasies about sex games had now got to the stage that demanded very, very, careful planning if their intentions were ever going to be realized.

Carol’s mother Brenda had been widowed when Carol was six, her husband had died in a ‘plane crash whilst in the air force and she had never remarried. She had tried to find a replacement, but the experience had soured her so she’d never looked at any man again. She had a decent job with a salary sufficient for their needs, there wasn’t much in the way of extras such as a car, but Brenda had a happy, beautiful, daughter and that was enough for her.

Pauline’s mom, Jean, was 40 years old. She had been divorced and had married Brian when her daughter was 4 years old. She had a very well paid career as a research chemist and could easily have looked after her daughter on her own but she had decided that a child really needed two parents. It was a decision she had regretted. Her husband Brian was 45 year old, was also a divorcee, and had custody of his son Tony, because his mother had been drug addict. The two men rarely spent much time at home; they were always out at the week-ends fishing or cycling and frequently out in the evenings at the sports club.

Carol had realized that her mom was lonely when she started getting more and more physical with her. She never missed a chance to sit close to her daughter or to just stroke her in passing. If she was entertaining thoughts of a sexual nature she was having more success than she realized because Carol was turned on by this behaviour and, because of her experiences with Pauline, she now thought that she could, and would, seduce her mother in the very near future.

Carol had confided this to Pauline and was pleased on two counts:

One: Pauline wanted to help and could she please get a chance to have Brenda as well? Two: Pauline wanted to have sex with her parents and would need all the help she could get. “We will have a super sex family said Carol, everybody will be satisfied, just think, sex on tap.”

Three days later the first part of the plan went into action.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, Carol had showered and dressed in a short skirt, and thin T-shirt then suggested that they watch a DVD. The one she chose had, as she well knew, some steamy lesbian scenes. They were sitting close together on the couch watching a woman licking a wet vagina when sure enough, Brenda’s hand slid gently onto Carol’s leg. A cue if ever there was one she thought.

“Mom, may I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course you can darling, what?”

“What’s it like to have sex? I know it is supposed to be nice, but I’ve heard girls say that it hurts and boys are so rough.”

Brenda was quiet for a moment then she asked Carol if she’d ever heard of girls having sex with each other.

“Yes I have, but that’s not real sex is it?”

“Sex is about two people giving and receiving carnal pleasure, they can be of the same sex. Don’t confuse sex for fun with the sex act for procreation. A woman can give tremendous pleasure to another woman without worrying about precautions against pregnancy and that helps one to relax and it certainly isn’t painful.”

“Mom, you sound as though you’ve had some experience of lesbian sex!”

“I have, it was some time ago, and I’m not ashamed to say that I really liked it. You have to do these things to find out ataşehir escort bayan if they are of interest to you as a person.”

Brenda slid her hand upwards until she was touching Carol’s bare arm then, in a strained voice, said;

“If you promise not to talk about this I’ll show you what I mean.”

A tingle of anticipation ran down the girl’s spine as she felt her vagina react to the thought.

“I promise mom, I won’t tell anyone, are we going to have sex?”

“Only if you want to my love, we’ll stop whenever you say, but I meant it when I said that you should try it before rejecting it.”

“I just wanted to say that maybe we should close the curtains if we’re going to get undressed, and I think we are.”

“Oh you thoughtful girl, do it, you close them, I have something to do.”

By the time Carol had closed the curtains Brenda had left the room and on return was wearing only her knickers, but clutching a small tube and was sitting on the couch again. She’s a 38year old woman with a slim figure; her small, firm breasts were in no need of any support, she had a firmly muscled and rounded rear, shapely hips, and slim legs. She was not a ravishing beauty but very easy to look at. Most of this was the result of working in a spa and gymnasium and being able to use the equipment for free as the perks of the job.

“I think you should be aware that clothing gets rumpled during this activity love.”

Taking the hint Carol removed her skirt then sat beside her mum who immediately slid a hand slowly up her thigh, over her stomach and up over her daughter’s chest to feel the soft mounds through the thin material.

“Oh love, I’ve thought about this moment for such a long time.”

Gently she fondled Carol’s right breast and then moved to caress her left breast, pausing only to lightly kiss her daughter as she did so. Taking hold of Carol’s hand she placed it on her own, bare, breast and asked her to caress it and tweak her nipple. Carol happily did as she was asked, then leaned forward to suck both her nipples which were now solid erections on her breasts. She began moaning softly so Carol quickly stood to remove her own T-Shirt and bra’ and then decided to take the initiative.

“Mom, please stand up and fondle my breasts.”

Brenda quickly did as she was asked. Mother and daughter were soon hugging, kissing, and caressing each others necks, breasts, and nipples until Brenda, no longer able to contain her desire, dropped to her knees and eased Carol’s knickers down over her hips.

“Are you going to put anything in me? I’m a virgin and I don’t want to lose my hymen, yet.”

“I will only use my tongue my love until you say I can use a finger and I certainly won’t take your virginity. You do know that your hymen has got one or more holes in it don’t you?”

“Yes but it can tear.”

“Only if it is roughly treated and even though a finger can often pass through it I’m not going to go that far'”

Carol didn’t wait for Brenda to tell her what to do, she was close to letting her mom know that she had a tiger on her hands so she lay down on the floor and placed a cushion under her bottom. Spreading her thighs wide and bending her knees she placed the soles of her feet on the floor. Now mother could study daughter’s sex and have full and easy access to where she wanted to be. It would not be long before Carol would be where she, and Pauline, intended to be on a regular basis.

Brenda was in heaven. She licked and stroked her daughter’s sex; she teased her small anal opening and massaged her full, soft, breasts and nipples. Gently she eased Carol’s labia open to see the pink interior of her vagina then softly teased her clitoris with warm breath and a moist tongue. Next she opened the tube of lubrication that she had secreted in a kitchen drawer in case she was ever lucky enough to find a sexual partner.

Spreading some lubrication onto her finger she then began running a moist, slippery, finger around the edge of Carol’s anus until it began opening then, lowering her head, she commenced to suck gently on her clitoris, at the same time slowly easing a finger past the first sphincter of Carol’s tight anus. Withdrawing her finger, she applied more lube on it then replaced it in Carol’s anus, but this time she pushed it a little further in until she reached the second sphincter then she stopped and concentrated on her daughter’s wet sex with her mouth. At the same time she used her other hand to molest Carol’s now stiff nipples.

“Oh mom that’s fantastic, please, put it in, but slowly.”

Brenda came up for air smiling and gently did as she was asked, sliding her finger deep into Carol’s rectum. She kissed Carol at the same as she slowly finger fucked her. They stayed in this position for several minutes, each enjoying the sights, sounds and sensations that they were experiencing, but Brenda knew that the time had arrived for her to give her daughter a surprise. Moving her mouth back down to Carol’s swollen escort kadıöy clitoris she sucked on it as she hooked her finger inside Carol’s rectum and twisted it. Carol climaxed with a gasp, grabbed her mom’s head, and pulled her face into her wet, pulsating, sex.

Brenda waited until Carol’s spasms subsided then told her to turn over. Once on her stomach Carol felt her buttocks being massaged and pulled gently apart until she knew her anus must be in full view of her mom’s gaze. She was right.

Brenda moved to get above Carol, legs either side of Carol’s head and face above her bottom she lowered her mouth until it was around Carol’s anus then she inserted her tongue into the wet hole and licked in and out. Carol’s anus widened a little more with each insertion and rotation of her mum’s tongue. After a minute or two of this she removed her mouth, used the lube tube to coat her fingers and Carol’s rectal passage then inserted two fingers into Carol, and commenced to finger fuck her again. Carol bucked and moaned and writhed until with one final gasp, she had another enormous climax and rolled over, forcing Brenda to lie on her back on the floor.

They lay there for a short while until Carol got onto her knees and began to caress her mom’s breasts and especially her nipples which she now knew to be very sensitive. After a while she kissed her mom and asked her how it was that she had had such an immense climax from the stimulation of her anus and rectum.

Brenda told her that there were more nerve endings in that area than there were in her vagina and if treated with love and tenderness would respond with pleasurable results.

“Does that only work for fingers and tongues, what about a man’s cock?”

“If he takes his time, is very patient and does it how you want it he could have you climbing the walls with lust and desire to get him inside either of your holes, but please my love don’t be in a hurry to have a man, you have your whole life ahead of you and making a silly mistake now could ruin your future.”

It sounded good to Carol and now her vagina had ceased pulsing she was determined to have her mother, so without ceremony she dragged Brenda’s now soaking knickers off, pulled her thighs wide apart, and stared at her smooth, bald, vulva and labia. She kissed her way down Brenda’s Mons pubis and on to her sex then commenced to stimulate her into wave after wave of climaxes, they weren’t huge, but they were frequent. It took two hours to get her mom to plead with her to stop and allow her to rest and have some food. She had made a deal with her mom though.

Brenda had had to promise to get Carol’s vulva and labia completely bald. More to the point and a major part of the plot, she had agreed to do the same for Pauline. It had never occurred to Carol, prior to getting between her mom’s thighs, that this was the way for herself and Pauline to realize their all their desires, especially for Pauline to have her way with Brenda, by next week!

As Brenda lay in bed that night she relived the events of the day and decided that she had no regrets about her actions. She was surprised at the ease with which Carol had submitted to her manipulations and concluded that, on balance, it was she who had been manipulated and rather enjoyed the thought that she had been seduced.

The next morning Carol had set off to cycle to Pauline’s house to go cycling for the day with Brian, Tony and Pauline so Brenda rang Jean, Pauline’s mother, and asked if it was alright to talk to her about a delicate, but to her mind, important matter concerning their respective daughters. Their girls had been close friends ever since they started school so they families knew each other very well. Jean was of course intrigued and said that as Brian and kids were out cycling and would be out for ages she would drive over straight away.

Once they’d settled with a coffee Brenda explained about Carol asking her to do a depilation on her and then being asked to do the same for Pauline, as part of a belated birthday present.

“I do that treatment regularly as part of my job, in fact I’ve done it on myself, and Carol has seen the result and wanted to try it. What I am uncertain about is doing it to someone else’s daughter without consent from her parents. I know we’ve been friendly for years but that doesn’t give me any rights over your daughter.”

Jean was quiet for a while and then said:

“I realize this is delicate but, why did you remove all your pubic hair?”

“Not just pubic hair, all around that area and round my nipples. Because it is so much more comfortable and healthy, especially in hot weather and does allow you a far greater choice of light underwear.”

Jean seemed more interested in Brenda’s hair removal than anything else.

“I know this might sound intrusive, but I’ve never seen what a fully shaven vulva looks like, I just have to ask if you would show me, especially as I have to decide whether or not to allow Pauline to have it done.”

“Oh maltepe escort I’m not shy said Brenda.” She stood up and asked Jean to follow her upstairs as she didn’t want to bare her all in the lounge.

In the bedroom Brenda removed her clothing so that Jean could see that her body was completely hairless and what the effect was.

The effect was startling! Jean stared at Brenda and said:

“Oh Brenda, you’re gorgeous! Obviously I know you that you look good in clothes, but I really never thought about how you look naked, you look a damned sight better than me.”

Brenda smiled a thank you and said that she didn’t believe for one minute that she looked better than Jean in the nude, but a little tingle ran down her spine and her vagina suddenly made its presence felt.

“I take it that you’ve kept your pubic hair, but do you at least trim it? I know it’s a delicate subject, but considering our present situation I presumed you wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind, look, you do this sort of thing for a living; I think I’d like your professional guidance.”

Jean blushed and then said that although she was nervous she was rather beginning to enjoy this morning. Quickly, she stripped her clothing off and revealed that she also had a very shapely figure for a 39year old woman. She had also revealed a very hairy pubic area which she was suddenly beginning to feel ashamed of.

Brenda’s pulse quickened as she thought to herself, never mind the professional job, I want this woman and now is the time to let her know it. She placed herself in front of Jean and cupped her full breasts.

“Let’s start at the top.”

Her fingers just gently brushed over Jean’s nipples which immediately began to rise.

“You have a few hairs around your aureole which should go.”

Dropping to her knees she ran her hands down over Jean’s torso, especially her soft tummy, and then slowly down to her pubic mound.

Jean was now breathing heavily.

“Well you know that forest needs removing. Open your legs.”

Brenda smiled as Jean speedily complied then, lowering a finger down to Jean’s vulva, drew it across the swelling to feel the moistness that was present.

“You need a good moisturiser cream and a regular massage.”

Again she gently teased Jean by drawing a finger across her vulva until it just reached the tip of her clitoral sheath.

“I honestly think you would be better off with it all off.”

A sudden sexually charged thought crossed her mind;

“I do believe it is also appreciated by lovers as well although I only have that on hearsay.”

Jean was looking hot and had a glazed expression so Brenda took the bull by the horns and decided to force the issue that was now obviously occupying both of their minds and said that the main idea had been for her to view Brenda’s hairless pubic mound and pudendum so that she could decide about the question of Pauline being allowed to be depilated. So saying she moved to the bed, lay down across the width and spread her legs wide to reveal her smooth labia, she then bent her knees up so that her anus was also in full view.

Jean gazed at the view for a minute or two then said, in a strained and unsteady voice;

“That is so erotic I could kiss it. I’d like you do that to me.”

“Kiss you?”

Jean blushed.

“I meant remove my bush.”

“Oh, ok, but feel how lovely and smooth it all is, no clothing is going to snag on there and perspiration is nothing to speak of.”

Jean felt all that was on offer and was lost! Her trial feeling was definitely turning into an explorative expedition. She was now at the top of a very exciting and joyous slope, she just didn’t know it.

Brenda stood up and started to dress.

“I think a light lunch is in order now, it is going to be a full afternoon” I shall have you….as smooth as a billiard ball by the time you leave here. What about Pauline?”

“Yes I think she must have it done as well. Will she go through the same process as me?”

“Do you mean looking at my sex and feeling it to see if she wants to have it done?”


“Jean, I rather think our daughters are ahead of us in this game.”

She paused for this to sink in.

“I have a feeling I’ve been manipulated by my daughter, but I do think they’ll discuss and sort out their own texture testing.”

After lunch the kitchen table was turned into a work bed and Jean soon lay on it in the nude. Brenda had all her own tools and worked rapidly and efficiently to get Jean’s body hair off her breasts, torso and all the nooks and crannies of her vulva with Brenda making sure it was made as erotic and arousing as possible.

“This next bit is a little invasive Jean; let me know if you feel uncomfortable.”

Having said that she commenced to remove every hair from around Jean’s anus, making very sure it was as gently intrusive as she could. Jean’s anus was her total undoing, by the time Brenda had finished Jean was sobbing and begging Brenda to relieve her. Brenda placed her mouth over Jean’s anus and pressed her tongue against the puckered hole until she felt it open slightly. Removing her mouth she told Jean that she was about to instigate sex with her, was that what she wanted? Jean merely nodded.

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