The Pool House


***I have gotten story ideas several times from tales that I have been privy to, but never from personal experience, until now. I tell you my true account, only after mulling it over for the past year and deciding to share it with y’all, my extended network of friends.***

I was exasperated. Absolutely nothing was going right for me, in fact, things were falling down at my feet and shattering literally in front of my eyes.

I guess that I should back up for a minute or two and explain myself, huh? My boyfriend, Alex, was caught by my best friend with his dick stuffed in another woman last weekend, he claims that he was drunk, didn’t know what he was doing, yadda-yadda-yadda. We had dated, off and on, for most of my sophomore year at S.M.U. I wouldn’t say that he was the ‘Love of My Life’, but I had felt that he could get there, y’know? After all of this shit happened, a lot of his “boys” in the fraternity told me of how he was fucking everything that walked, from U.N.T. to T.C.U. and all willing crotches in between. His boys were telling me ‘on the cool’ I am sure, because they all wanted to fuck me. Sounds like I am an arrogant bitch, huh? I am not, but I do know that I am hot. 5’3″, full C cup, I have a smokin’ hot 20 year old tight body, I work out five days a week and I am proud of my six pack and defined muscles, and I love to wear little tight shirts and show off my legs and my pretty feet. I am sure that he misses having his trophy and Alex has been blowing up my cell ever since. Fuck him and his boys.

On top of that, my Western Civ. Professor decided at the last minute to have an oral test for the final, I frickin’ grenaded that fucker, and if I don’t ace the final project for my photography class, no Dean’s List. Well, guess what? My model determined at the last minute that she needed to find herself, so she dropped out of school and decided to go backpack across Europe with her boyfriend, taking the roll of film that I had already shot! Three days to get a portfolio of shots in, and no model. Get another model you say? These were going to be nudes, albeit tasteful, but nude nonetheless, and not just any girl would work.

I left the gym exhausted. I hadn’t worked out like that in forever, and the gym rats that always try to pick up on me must have sensed that I was in a foul mood, because I didn’t get fucked with at all. I just threw myself into an intensive routine and hoped that it would give me some ideas. No dice.

I had moved out of the sorority house and back home because I got really serious about school and the house was not conducive to pulling all A’s. My house was ten minutes from campus on a bad traffic day, and I didn’t shirk my sorority duties, so all was good with them. My dad wanted me to be involved in a lot of campus stuff, especially the Greek System because he always said “You never know when you go on a major interview if the person sitting in front of you isn’t a sister or a brother Greek, and if that gives you a leg up, so be it!” He paid for it, and it was fun, and I met a lot of great people, so ataşehir escort bayan what the Hell?

Both of my folks were home and I stomped into the house, tossing my back pack onto a bar chair and as my folks looked at me quizzically, I stormed past them, straight to the fridge. I reached in, grabbed one of my dad’s ice cold Sam Adams’, popped the top and chugged. I put the empty on the counter and reached back into the fridge, grabbed another and popped the top, although this time, I leaned against the counter as my dad, Max and my mom, Rose, sat looking at me, smiling.

“Uh, rough day at school, Jamie?” My dad smirked.

I let out the loudest beer belch that I could produce and wiped my wet lips.

“You could say that.”

“What can we do?”

“Bribe my Photography Professor into giving me an ‘A’, so that I can stay on the Dean’s List for starters. I tried letting him look down my shirt, and he is VERY gay, so that didn’t work, or, you can find me a willing model for my nude silhouette series, which I have to have a completed portfolio by Monday.”

“What happened to all of those pictures that you and Pam took?” Mom asked.

“She took them with her when she and Dave left for Europe,” I whined,

I took another swig from my bottle and stopped in half swallow. I had it, I knew what would save me.

“Mom! You can pose for me! You have the best body that I know of, you would be perfect!”

“Yeah, baby,” Dad chimed in, “You have it, why not?”

“No, no, no!” Mom shook her head. “You must be crazy, I can’t!”

“Why?!?” I begged of her. “Ma, you know how important the Dean’s List is to you and Dad, and I have no chance of staying on it if you don’t help me. Remember how proud you were when I first made it on, don’t you…Mommy?” I stuck my lower lip out and looked sidelong at her.

I knew how to push her buttons. I watched her will cave in right in front of me.

“What do I do?” She sighed, defeated.

Later, I had set up in the pool cabana, and was just waiting on Mom. I checked and rechecked my cameras, the lighting, etcetera, preparing myself. When my folks realized when I was nine that my photography infatuation wasn’t going away, they converted the back half of the pool house into a studio/dark room. It wasn’t big, but it served its purpose fine. I was completely lost in rapt thought when mom and dad walked in.

“Wow, you guys scared me!” I laughed nervously.

Mom was dressed in her bath robe and flip flops, and she looked as nervous as I was, even if it was for different reasons.

“O.K., Dad,” I commanded, “no audience allowed, get lost for a couple of hours, I’ll take good care of her!”

“Alright, I am going over to Butch’s place, he has the Gatti-Mayweather fight on his big screen, HD, plasma, so there!”

I took a few photos, letting her get over the initial nervousness, which is common in models. I started her out by the pool, getting shots with the robe on, slowly having her reveal more and more skin.

I was dressed escort kadıöy in my hardcore photo attire, which was as little as possible. This evening, I had on one of my wife beaters, knotted just below my breasts, no bra, and a pair of boy shorts. I like to have the models feel comfortable, and they normally do when the picture taker shows some skin also.

I approached my mother, who was nervously fidgeting from foot to foot. I am pretty biased, but, I think my mother is completely and utterly gorgeous. She is a little shorter than I am, maybe 5’1″, and all of 100 lbs, I have always been envious of her Philippine features. I have a mixture of asian and caucasian traits, but mom is so sultry when she wants to be. I always tell her that she is Kiana Tom’s twin! Her long, straight black hair hung down to the small of her back. I reached out to her and grabbed the collar of the robe, pulling it down over her bare shoulders.

“Relax, Ma,” I soothed her, “Sit here.”

She was nude in front of me, like she had been a million times, but, right now was different. I had to look at my own mother in a sexual light in order to convey the feeling that I needed to in this photo shoot.

She is stunning, having borne three children, and I would defy anyone to find a stretch mark on her person. She is taut, as she and Dad exercise regularly, and her augmented breasts looked perfect. She was a big, full B, which fits her body perfectly.

“Sit here, Ma,” I instructed, “You will do fine!”

She gave me a meek smile and did as I directed. Mom slowly got into her role as I changed lighting, fixed her hair and had her get into different positions. I had decided to use a lot of profile shots with her, whereas with Pam, we basically just took neck down pictures.

I knew that something was missing, I knew what it was, but I didn’t know how to obtain it without crossing a major line. We had been drinking to take the edge off, so I had the liquid courage. I stuck my thumb and forefinger into my mouth and got them good and wet, then reached over and gripped her nipple, rolling it between my fingers, feeling it swell in my hand.

“What are you doing?!?” She shrieked, pulling back.

“Ma, relax! It is common to do that to get the right photos! The light is bad out here anyway, I have a set up in here, c’mon!”

I led her into my studio, where I had a white backdrop set up, and snapped a few more shots, allowing her to get back into the groove. I keep the temperature high in my studio, I feel that it keeps me real, in my opinion. Soon, mom had a sheen of sweat that glistened all over her, the pictures that I took were going to be amazing!

I had her periodically pull on her nipples to keep them erect, I just felt that it added to the overall feel of the shots, but the high temperature in the room didn’t allow them to stay up.

“Now, mom, relax for a minute,” I told her as I neared her. I was about to do what I did with Pam a couple of times, which gave me good results, in a couple of ways. I grabbed her by the shoulders maltepe escort and turned her towards me, cupping her left breast in my hand and I leaned down and took her nipple in my mouth, running my tongue over the stiffening bud. My mother audibly sucked in air as I repeated the process for the other boob. She placed her hand on my shoulder as I tweaked the nipple between my teeth.


“Wow.” I repeated, backing up and looking at my handiwork. “Let’s continue, O.K?”

We worked for the next hour and a half, and I knew that it was my best work ever. It was not like we were mother/daughter, but something more. I was very turned on, and I could see the moisture on her puffy labia. The final shots were going to be with the camera at her lower legs, shooting a low profile. I straddled her legs and took a few snaps while mom moved her hands over her body. Her hand came down and parted her pussy lips, exposing her light pink folds, I licked my own lips as the thought of what she just did sent quivers down my spine, and into my aching womanhood.

From this angle, I could see her toned thighs, her corpulent vagina, topped with a small triangle of pubic hair, her flat belly and her mountainous breasts that were capped by her rouge colored, long nipples. I put the camera down and ran my fingernails over her taut thighs and watched as she broke out into gooseflesh. Mom let out an enormous sigh as I ran my fingers gingerly over her pubic mound and delicately parted her lips.

I pushed myself up and mom parted her legs for me, revealing once again her inner self. I bent my had toward her and inhaled her scent, reveling in it. I darted my tongue forward and parted her lips.

“NNNGGhhH, aaaahhh!” Mom writhed underneath me as I slid my middle finger into her hole, feeling the heat surround my finger.

“I’ve never been with a woman.” Mom gasped.

“Calm down, Ma, follow my lead.”

Her skin was hot to the touch, almost feverish as I went back down on her, licking, nibbling and sucking on her vagina and clit, feeling her juices coat my chin as I did what I do best.

She sat bolt upright and grabbed the back of my head, pushing down into her trembling pussy.

“OH SHIT, OH SHIT. FUCK YEAH, I AM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!” Mom bellowed out in the darkened room, just as I felt a warm gush of fluid erupt over my tongue and lips.

She rolled over on top of me and sucked my nipple into her mouth, making me squrim in pleasure. I pushed her head down, wanting her to return the favor.

“Just do it how you like it done to you, mom!” I encouraged her.

I could feel her tongue brush over my tight sphincter ring and into my folds of love flesh. I came hard, again and again.

Neither one of us could hold off our powerful orgasms as we were both too worked up and too horny. We laid there intertwined in each others arms and legs, panting like animals, too spent by our series of cataclysmic, orgasmic eruptions to move.

“I think that I will get an ‘A’, momma! Thank you!” I rolled to her and gave her a long, deep kiss.

I did ace that final, in fact, my photos hung in the SMU art gallery for nearly a year, and dad has reproductions in his home office and garage.

Mom and I haven’t been together since then, but I think that if the opportunity arose…

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