The Power Play Pt. 01


It wasn’t completely unfamiliar. I had been to this bar before and sat exactly where I was at the counter where I could get quick service from the cute bartender, Dan. There was something in the air that night though. I couldn’t tell you what it was but the night felt…electric. I was on my third whiskey sour contemplating the work week I had had. Deadlines had turned in on themselves, deliverables that had been set with such promise months ago now seemed insurmountable and I was just about done with all of it. These were the ups and downs of running a magazine business. This was my baby. Five years and still going strong. I had faced tougher challenges before but something about the task ahead just sapped all my energy this time round.

I signaled to Dan to give me another drink as I sipped the dregs of the one in front of me.

“Interesting choice.” said a voice behind me. I didn’t turn. I knew it was some guy, with some line about some shit. Why don’t men just let us drink on our own in peace?

“I suppose it is.” I responded.

“Ever had a Boston sour?” he said and sidled up next to me. I caught a whiff of his scent. Not bad.

“I don’t believe I have.” I said turning ever so slightly to look at him and wasn’t I glad I did. He was bespectacled, his frame a bright ivory contrasting to his dark skin. He was tall and even seated, he still towered over me. He had deep set brown eyes that seemed to laugh even though his face illegal bahis was stoic. And those lips. Soft and round.

He sat down next to me and called Dan over.

“Glen 18, three ice cubes on the side.”

Dan nodded and shuffled over to fix the drink. It was placed on front of him and after popping one ice cube into the glass, he took a sip. I would be lying if I said my breath didn’t catch a little as I watched him swallow.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well what?” he said looking at me.

“What’s a Boston sour?”

He smiled.

“Ah. Right. It’s a whiskey sour made with egg whites. Makes the drink creamier.”

Lord. Did he just say creamier?

I frowned shielding the feelings going on inside my head. “That sounds disgusting.”

He laughed. Big and hearty. From his belly which no doubt was just muscle.

“Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.” He sipped his drink and turned his entire body to face me and put his foot on the rung on my bar stool. I uncrossed my legs and did the same.

“I’m Anthony.”

“I’m Kit. It’s nice to meet you.” I responded.

“What brings you to this quiet bar on a Thursday night?”

“I came for the live band.” I said pointing over my shoulder but holding his gaze.

He nodded and sipped his drink. I gulped mine. It was suddenly really hot in this room.

“So what do you do, Anthony?” I asked.

“Please, just Tony. And why would you ask a boring question like illegal bahis siteleri that?”

I felt a little sting. Was he serious? But I couldn’t let him see me flustered.

“Okay. So what would you rather I asked instead?”

He stared into my eyes and placed his hand on my knee just where my black dress ended.

“Why don’t you ask me why I came over here, to you.”

Well shit. This guy didn’t beat around the bush at all. I smiled.

“So what brought you over here? Did you find yourself staring at me across the room and think ‘I just have to meet her!'” I joked.

His hand felt warmer now. Or was that me? Something was burning up and I’m pretty sure it was me. He leaned in and whispered, his breath hot on my neck, “I looked at you from across the room and thought you looked a little sad. A little stressed out. And I don’t know what it is but I just wanted to take you up to my hotel room, bury my head between your thighs and watch you cum.”

Holy shit. I had certainly never heard that line before. I wondered if I should be offended but who was I kidding, my panties were swimming in an ocean right about now. I didn’t – couldn’t – say anything. He moved his hand up to my thigh.

“What do you think, Kit? Does that sound like something that would make your day a little better?” He said, his breath still on me.

I opened my mouth to say something and then suddenly, his phone started vibrating on the canlı bahis siteleri counter. He took his hand away and answered the call. It didn’t look good. His brow furrowed and he ended the call without saying a word.

“I have to go.” Anthony said and then downed what was left of his Glen 18. I tried to look unaffected.

“Alright. It was nice to meet you.” I said sounding as casual as I could. This man had stirred up feelings under my navel and was just going to leave me high and dry. Although, the rational me said it was probably for the best. I didn’t know him from the rest of the guys in the bar. He could have been a serial killer for all I knew! A sexy one but still!

He asked Dan for his tab and mine as well.

“This is on me. And this is for you.” He handed me an embossed black card with his name. Anthony Laichena.

“Call me sometime if you’re feeling…sad.” He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Before he pulled away, he put his hand around my waist and looked into my eyes.

“Fuck it.” he said and kissed me. Right there in the middle of the bar for everyone to see. It was soft, slow and sensual. Anyone watching us would have thought we were damn near about to have sex. I felt my back arch and inch closer to him then he pulled away abruptly.

“I want to see you again. Come to the Radisson tomorrow. Wear a little red dress. Be there at 8pm and wait for me the rooftop bar.”

I laughed. “You really expect me to do that? I’m not insane.”

He didn’t smile. “No you’re not. You’re wet. I can smell it on you. So I will see you tomorrow.”

Anthony walked out of the bar leaving his musky cologne behind. What the hell was that?

End of part 1

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