The request con’t


The request con’tJoan explained that she was very novice at the oral arts but would like to do me, I had no objection, meanwhile Bill sat watching he had removed his cloths and sat naked watching and queuing Joan on, I lay on my back and joan took me in her hand and started to caress my hard cock, she told Bill that I felt big in her hand as she jack me off, Bill told her to taste it if she liked, She licked the head witch had small dribble of pr cum on it, she told bill it tasted good, Then her wrapped her lips around the head and began to suck, I told to to masage my ball sack as hshe sucked my cock, she soon was sliding her mouth up and down my hard shaft taking a little more than half the length with each stroke and caressed my balls, I started feeling my balls churn with arousal and told Joan to slow down or she was going osmaniye escort to get a mouth full of cum, She pulled off and said Fuck me now, I looked at Bill and he nodded his approval, I layed her on her back, placed her legs over my shoulders and putmy hard cock on her wet pussy lips, rubbing it up and down the slit a few times, she was squirming and begging for me to fuck her, I entered her hot pussy, it was a snug fit ad she had not had a cock in a long time, her eyes opened wide as I slowly slid inside her pussy,, 1/2 of my shaft the first push, about 3/4 the second then the whole 7+ on the third, my cum loaded balls resting on her ass, we stayed like that for a few moments letting her get used to it then I slowly pulled out till just the tip remained inside then back in again, she niğde escort started moaining and told Bill she had felt full, I sped up my stroking till I was slamming long and hard in her, my balls slapping her ass hard, she groaned loud and said “I m cumming, oh god I’m cummong, her hips bounced and gyrated as I pounder her hot pussy, I felt her juices flow like a stream as she came, this triggered my oun release, I felt my balls contract, I asked where she wanted my seed, Bill said to fill her womb with my cream, I gladly obliged and shot my hot load deep in her hot pussy, stream after stream of hot cum filled her womb, she had a death grip on my shoulders as he came, after I emptied my seed we started to relax, I stayed in her as my cock started to shrink and slowly slide out, Bill asked edirne escort me move so he could see her open hole as my cum slowly dripped out, He asked joan how she felt with another mans cum flowing out of her pussy, she said in a low whisper that it felt great, Bill smiled at me and said that was the hottest thing hes has seen and to prove it he showed us his cock which was semi aroused, still flaccid but aroused. As we lay there Bill and joan asked me how I felt about fucking another mans wife with him in the same room watching, I told him that it was great. He left for a few moments and came back with a tray of coffee, we sat there with small talk for about 15 minutes then Bill asked Joan if she wanted a repeat session, she said she would, Bill asked me if I would like to come by every couple of weeks and satisfy Joans sexual erges . I said I was only a phone call away. This started a great friendship with Bill and Joan that lasted a few years, Joan got to be quite a cock sucker and over time brought out her and Bill’s more wild side to include her first ever ass fuck and first threesome with another man and I

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