The Secret Door

Big Ass

I knew she’d be gone for the night. I knew he’d still be sound asleep in her bed. His face made me blush every time I saw him. When he came out of the shower, I felt lusty for him. To see his chest glisten with water, every muscle tight under his sweet smelling skin. That’s what kept me moaning night after night. The sight of his body, the sound of his voice. The groans I could hear coming from him when he slept with her. I knew it was wrong, but every night, rubbing myself to his sounds, thinking of him, gave me the utter most pleasure. Some nights when she was away like this, I wish I could step into their bedroom and ask him to give me that one missing inch of pleasure. I wanted him to fuck me long and hard, a way he never did with her.

As I touched myself and brought the pleasure wave, I decided that tonight, my fingers wouldn’t be enough. I stepped out of bed, put on my sexiest pair of panties and a robe on top. I opened my door quietly, crossed the hallway to their room and listened in on him for a moment. For a moment, I thought he was sleeping, but the sounds I heard were not sleeping sounds, nor sex sounds. They were the sounds of a man satisfying himself. My hand slipped down my body and into my panties as I listened to him. I wanted to go with him without him touching me first. I pressed my back to the door and listened as his breathing became rougher and more pleasured. I knew I couldn’t make too much noise but it was so hard being silent when it was this good. When he went, I doubled my efforts and made myself go with a low moan. But the moan was too loud, I heard him shift in bed quickly and then the door illegal bahis opened behind me. My hand was still in my panties and if he hadn’t caught me, I would have fallen.

I felt his body naked behind me. Pressed tightly. I knew my cheeks were red when he looked down my body and saw the robe partly opened where my hand slipped inside my panties. But I also knew that what he saw, enticed him because I could feel him harden against my back. His hands that were holding my hips to keep me from falling, tightened me up against his body before one of his hands slipped up my body to my still covered breast. He buried his face into my neck, kissing and biting the tender skin, the sensation made me tilt my head to the side to give him free access. He took that moment to push my robe from my breast, massaging my breast with his soft, strong hands. They were big, and the sight of them around my breast made me start fingering myself again, wondering what it would feel like if it were him.

He pulled back from me quickly, I thought he had finally realized what was happening and wasn’t alright with it but instead, he took my hand out from my panties and took off my robe. He turned me around to look at me. The look in his eyes was all I needed to know that he was very conscious of what was happening but he enjoyed it. He took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, closing the door behind us. Once it was closed, he turned me around to face the door and pressed himself against me. I could feel him so hard against me that the temptation to rub up against him couldn’t be fought. The movement caused him to groan and rub himself against illegal bahis siteleri me in return. The angle of my body permitted him to slip his hand from my hip down into my panties. He started by sliding on finger between the lips, slowing inching farther. Finally, he filled me with two of his large and soft fingers. The feel of him made me moan, and he took that as an okay to continue. His fingers dived deep inside me and quick. He took just the right flex in his fingers that each dive caused him to hit my G-spot. I started moaning more and more, louder and louder. When I went, he slipped my panties off and turned me around. He took me up in his arms as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he started thrusting deep inside me. Every thrust went deeper until he could no more and harder without hurting. His thrusts made me arch my back and scream in pleasure, again and again as he continued even knowing that I had gone off. He finally stopped but I knew he hadn’t gone.

He took me tightly in his arms and moved me to the bed. He started slow and deep thrusts inside of me as if he was making love to the one he loved the most. Savoring the moment, the feel of her tight around him. I loved the feel of him slow and deep inside me. Feeling every inch of his skin slip in and out of my tight walls. It was like this that he finally went with me screaming my pleasure yet again. I could feel him hot and creamy inside me, filling me up. He rested his head against my breasts without coming out of me. I could feel him softening inside me and I knew that the slightest tightening of my walls would get him hard again. I yearned canlı bahis siteleri for more so I tightened myself around him as I pushed him over on his back. I wanted to ride him long and hard.

His hands rested on my hips and his eyes looked up at me as I started sliding myself up and down on him. I leaned over so that I could look at him going in and out of me, when he noticed what I was watching, he looked also. It made us shiver. The sight of his hard member, wet with a mixture of our juices slipping in and out of me, mixing the juices more and adding more. I moved my head to kiss him before I quicked my boucing. I knew this wouldn’t last too long as we had already gone but I wanted to do it, I wanted to enjoy every moment of him. When he felt my body quiver above him, he shivered. When he felt my bouncing lose it’s rhythm, he shivered. When he heard me scream his name in pleasure and felt my walls tighten around him in a final orgasm, he let go and once again filled me with his hot seed. I kissed his cheek gently before I got up, walked to the door where I picked up my robe and panties. I didn’t put them on, just crossed over to my own room.

When I reached my room, I still wanted more so I fingered myself hoping to fall asleep after, but I couldn’t. The smell of us was so strong that I licked my own fingers clean of the mixture. After that, as I was falling asleep, I heard my door open and turned to see that it was him walking into my room. I rolled onto my back as he crawled onto the bed. He didn’t come up to kiss me or position himself to make love to me again, he licked me. Licked me in long, hard and strong strokes. My body shivered all over again. When he was done, he smiled and went to his own room. From my room, I could hear him pleasuring himself again. I could hear his breathing, his hand stoking his long manhood. I knew he was just outside my door.

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