The Shower

Close Up

When men look at me, I wonder what they see. Do they see the sweet, shy and innocent girl that I’m told I appear?

At 5′ 11″ I stand out in any crowd with long brown hair that I normally tie up in bun on the back of my head. Hips, waist and chest, that from the front show a nicely curved hour glace.

I know I have a bit of stomach, I’m not skinny, and I’m full figured woman. My rack tends to get more attention then I like, having an E cup tends to draw men like flies to honey.

I turn the facet in the shower on, fold my dark blue towel and lay it over the rack near by. Taking my hair out of the braid from the night and shifting my fingers through loosening the strands. Remove the black leather and silver stars of my collar from my neck, placing it on the back of the pillar sink. The steam from the shower soon begins to circle me, beckoning me. I look at my reflection in the mirror

I wonder, do they even get a glimpse at what is beneath my surface? Is there anything about me that could warn them? When I walk, I know my hips sway to and fro. I wonder if that makes them think. As I crossed the street yesterday in front of a car waiting for me, I saw a college age male looking at me. He had no clue what walked past him. But the look in his eyes made me hot, even now, knowing that he wanted my ass for his pleasure.

I looked at my night wear, just a warm long sleeved shirt barely reaching my thighs, over plain cotton underwear. My fingers slide up my thighs to the waist band as the picture of my Master flashes before my eyes. As the blue fabric falls to the ground around my ankles my hands grasp the hem of my shirt and pull it up past my casino siteleri breasts and over my head.

A bisexual Taurus that likes to fight back, an over active sex drive and an oral fixation. A need to be held and caressed. Loved and cherished. Bitten and played with. Tied and bound to the bed and made to suffer as her orgasm is denied her until her Master gives her permission. To play with anything in her mouth, a sucker, a guitar pick, a straw, her master’s hard cock. I’ve turned more heads playing with a sucker, than running across the street; and I’ve been told I could cause a traffic accident doing that!

I step into the shower, slightly shocked at the head of the water but soon become accustomed. The water beats on my skin above my chest, sliding down around the sides and the valley of my breasts before running trails of heat down my stomach and hips. I love the feel of water as it slides down me, enveloping me in its wet embrace.

Don’t get me wrong. I am Taurus after all. When I find a leader worthy to mine eyes I will follow him till the end of time. I will put he’s desires and wants before mine own, I will lay my heart and my soul in his hands. He will have full control over me; to do as he will.

Wash my hair quickly so I can enjoy the water before I have to get out. Scrubbing my hair and scalp clean, rinsing it out. I pour a fifty cent piece worth of wash in to my body sponge. Holding it to the valley of my chest, my Master’s face flashes before my eyes again as my hands move over my breasts. Tickling my nipples in passing, my eyes close as my hands move over my chest. Feeling their weight, imagining it’s his hands on me. I have to slot oyna squeeze my thighs shut for a moment before my head clears and I can keep going.

To submit like this, to hold someone before yourself. To know that he has full control, that when he looks at you, you can see it in his eyes. You’re his. Plain and simple. You belong to him.

I can feel my desire rising as the ball and my fingers slid down both my arms and then return to pass over my chest again and slide down my stomach. The water pounds on my back as I lean forward, bending my knees to wash my feet and ankles. Slowly moving up my calves; my thighs.

He is the center of my being; I would trust him with my life. Not just my heart… but my soul

The shock of the cool wall on my back rocks through my core, as the sponge falls to my feet. My finger slides over my slit. I reach forward and reposition the head of the shower so it hits me. Leaning back my finger presses through and lightly touches my hard clit. My breath catches and my mouth opens slightly as my whole body tingles. My free hand slides over hair, my face and neck before falling to my chest. I can feel the water sliding down, over my hand and swirling around my clit before falling down my legs. A second finger joins the first, rubbing, circling, teasing me.

He will cherish me, love me, guide me and train me. He will punish me when I do wrong and when ever he damn well pleases…

My fingers press into me hard and fast.

I will adore him, love him, and learn from him. I will take my punishments, learn my lessons and revel that I might give him pleasure…

I hook my fingers slightly, just as my Master taught canlı casino siteleri me, as I draw them out, they glide over my aching g-spot. My body shudders, the fingers go back straight and hard, only to hook slowly over my g-spot again. My head rolls back and lies on my left shoulder. My back arches off the wall slightly as my breathing gets heavier. The hand on my breast pulls at my nipples, rubs them softly, messaging my flesh. The steam in the room is so thick I can taste it on my tongue. My desire is so strong I can feel it like a drum beating in the center of my body, spreading out like the trails of water flowing over me.

My thoughts are lost as I spread my fingers into a ‘v’ and glide them fast and furious over that most sensitive part of my inner space. My middle and third fingers glide on either side, sending my mind swirling. I can feel my body tightening. My muscles gripping my fingers as they slide in and out, making me moan as thoughts of my master flow in my head.

His eyes, his smile, his wonderful voice.

My hips press gently against my own hand as I pinch my nipple and press my thumb on my clit. My body shakes and I orgasm as I call out my Master’s name. My own juices coating my hand and running down my leg with the clean waters of the shower. As my fingers slowly withdraw, the other hand rubs down my stomach and I lazily stand up. My body and mind slowly comes back to me. Readjusting the shower head I rewash my privates and legs. The water slowly sooths away the orgasm, almost drawing it out, as it lasts a little longer. Smiling, I climb out of the shower and grab the towel.

Running the blue fabric over my skin, shivering. I wrap myself in the towel, grabbing my clothes as I exit to go to my room and get dressed. All I can think as I loosen the fabric allowing it to pool around my feet with a sigh, is…

I love the water…

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