The Silken Family Trap Ch. 02


“We are in so much trouble now” my sister Eileen said as she walked into my room. I was lying on bed trying to come grips with what I just done; I had raped my sister for all intents and purposes. Sure she liked it in the end, but I had forced myself on her.

“I’m sorry sis,” I said. She came over and sat next to me on the bed and smiled.

“Its ok. I have to say I quiet enjoyed it. I can’t believe how much come you shot, my panties are soaked and my pantyhose are ruined.”

“Can I have them then?” I smirked.

“God, your just like all my boyfriends; sex, sex, sex, that’s all they think off”

“Well” I said looking down at my crotch. Her eyes followed mine and she smiled when she saw bulge there.

“So soon Mike? God you’ve got a recovery rate most girls would love. But you’re not putting that thing near me again with mom asleep in the next room. Its lucky we weren’t caught just before.”

I pouted, “But sis, you turn me on” I said and reached out and stroked her nylon covered thigh. I could see up her shiny legs up her skirt to the wet nylon covering her pussy. Just knowing that it was my sperm there got me even more aroused.

“I know what I can do for you.” She smiled “Boys love this.” She stood up and left the room. I was so disappointed but she came straight back with sly grin on her face. “You like to look up my skirt and look at my pantyhose and panties, don’t you?” she said. My sister then hopped on the bed and sat directly in front of me. She spread her legs and her white A-line skirt rode up to reveal her silken pendik escort nylon thighs and come soaked panty crotch that had become almost transparent now it was wet with my semen.

Then she reached down and opened my fly; my hard cock popped straight out. It was red and throbbing and had a smear of pre-come at the tip. “Now I know you’ll like this” she said and bought her hand out from behind her back. In her fist she had a pair of white nylon pantyhose, I recognised them immediately as mom’s, she wore them as part of her nurse’s uniform.

My sister reached out and slowly drew the sheer nylon of my mom’s pantyhose over my cock and pulled it taught just like putting on a stocking. I had done this many times to myself of course, but the feel of my sister’s hand against my nylon-encased cock was exquisite. “Oh yes sis” I moaned.

Eileen had long fingernails, painted slut red of course because she is one. Her long fingers slid lightly up and down my nylon-covered cock; they felt like satin butterflies. I started to moan softly and she took the other leg of the pantyhose, placed her hand inside and began so slowly stroke my balls at the same time. I groaned “Oh sis, that’s lovely. Please don’t stop”

“Why would I stop Mike? You obviously need the relief, it’s the least a girl can do for brother” she smirked and gripped my pantyhosed cock a little tighter and wanked it slowly. “Here is something for you to look at while I make you come” she said and quickly changed position so she was straddling my face. Her silken pantyhosed thighs maltepe escort were right beside my head and I rolled my head to one side and started to lick them.

The feeling of my sister wanking me off with my mom’s pantyhose and the feel of my sister’s sheer nyloned legs and ass against my face and tongue sent me into nylon ecstasy. “Imagine they are mom’s thighs you’re rubbing your cock on” she whispered. “They’re her nylons, I took them from the laundry basket, you can probably just still smell her cunt on them”

My sister talking like that caused my cock to become turgid; I was terribly close to coming. “Here Mike, you can definitely smell mine” she laughed and lowered her pantyhose and nylon panty covered snatch on my face. It was lovely, even though my come had soaked the gusset of her nylons and panties, I could feel her hot pussy and taste her juice.

I started to lick my sister’s hot cunt through her nylon panties. I bit into her pantyhose making a small hole for tongue to fit through. I pushed my tongue against the nylon of her panty gusset and moved it back and forth. My sister responded by pushing herself down on my face, and my tongue stated to lap faster at her silken gusset.

We must have looked quiet a sight, my sister crouched over me with her skirt rucked up and her pantyhose legs astride my face and my face buried in her panty covered pussy. My hard cock covered with my mom’s white pantyhose, being wanked by her red fingernailed hand.

I felt the grip on my cock tighten through the sheer nylon, and kartal escort Eileen’s pace quicken. She pushed her panty-cunt harder against my face and my tongue forced the gossamer thin nylon of her panties inside her whilst by chin was rubbing her clitty. I could feel her really start to wank my cock hard now and my sister sensed my orgasm approaching.

“Come in mom’s nylons Mike! Come on brother of mine, fill your mommies pantyhose with your creamy come!”

I pushed my tongue as far as I could get it inside my sister panty covered cunt and gripped her sheer nyloned thighs, I pushed up and felt her gush of fluid in the crotch of her panties. At the same time she gripped my nylon covered cock as tight as she could and wanked it furiously. “Come in mom’s nylons Mike, let your sister ease your tension, shoot for me brother”

It was too much, the feel of pantyhose thighs in my hands and her sheer panties on my face; the silken caress of my mom’s pantyhose on my cock being wanked by my sister; it was just too much.

I groaned and felt myself release. Come was boiling out of my cock and trapped in the nylon of mommies’ pantyhose. It lubricated the shaft of my cock as my sister continued to wank it. “GOOOOOOD!!!!” I groaned as wave after wave of pleasure exploded inside me. “OHHH sis, that’s just SOOOO good.”

Just then the door flew open and there was our mom standing in the doorway, her skirt creased around her thighs; she had obviously just woke up from her nap. She looked in the room and saw her son lying on the bed, with his cock being wanked into her pantyhose by her daughter, who was sitting on her son’s face, her skirt rucked up to display her nyloned legs and panty ass and crotch.

“Just what the fuck do you two think your doing!” she shouted.

To be continued………………….

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