The Summer Vacation Ch. 04


We all had our breakfast together, taking about the experiences the previous night. Mala auntie was praising me to the best for the fuck I gave to her, to the extent that all three of us had to make her stop her boasting.

It was just around 7am in the morning. The nice Sunday morning was going well, when Mala auntie, mischievously asked, who was going the make their fantasy come true that day. Again there was a long debate as to who is going to realise their fantasy. As every one of us took bath, there was no point in Anandhi auntie taking bath again with every one of us watching her as in her fantasy.

So we ended up deciding that it had to be Janaki auntie. It’s her turn to be naked all day. She agreed and the other three of us laid the rules for her. Whatever happens she has to be stark naked throughout the day, till 7am in the next morning. So her fantasy to be naked for one full day would come true.

Then the question arose as to what to do when some persons from outside visits us. Again the mischievous girl, Mala came up with the idea that Janaki auntie has to answer the door bell whenever someone visits the house. May be at that time aloes she may wear some dress, the dress has to be her petticoat alone. She has to tie her petticoat above her breast to cover herself while answering the door. Not until the person leaves the house, she should try to change herself to be fully dressed.

So, the rules perfectly laid, we asked Janaki auntie, the young lactating mother she was, to remove her breasts and be naked. At the same time, all others would be fully dressed. Now in the morning, she was wearing a nice pink coloured sari and a matching blouse after her bath. Her hairs were spread along the shoulders so that they could dry easily.

So it was really a show of striptease for us. She stood before us ready for giving us the show. Though she had agreed to us, now she was feeling awkwardly shy to remove her dress and become naked when all three of us would be fully dressed. It required again a bit of coaxing from us and she slowly slipped the ends of her sari from her shoulders. Her blouse covered breasts were really large as both her breasts were filled with milk. We asked her to remove her sari fully before moving on to remove her blouse.

So she pulled of her sari duly revealing her blouse and petticoat. Then she unhooked the buttons of her blouse one by one, showing off her naked cleavage, before stripping her blouse fully to show her real pulpy breast. As usual, she wasn’t wearing any bra to support her breasts and therefore they were sagging and falling to her stomach, due to the weight of her milk.

“I’m sure you have got more than a litre of milk in those tanks” Mala comments and giggled. This led to laughter in all of us including Janaki auntie. Then she removed the knots of her petticoat and pulled it above the head, showing off her naked supple thighs. Her thighs were white and larger compared to Mala’s.

I sat there in the drawing room sofa, with awe relishing the beauty of a lady who had just weeks before given birth to a baby. A kinky idea struck Anandhi auntie, and she said, “Janaki, why don’t you wear all your jewels while being naked, just like when you were in the first night except the dress. I’m sure you’ll look sexier.”

Janaki couldn’t raise a word against our wish, and therefore all three of us started decorating her naked body with her jewels. Starting with a golden anklet for her ankles, to dozens of bangles and necklaces, we made her wear all her jewels. When we finished she looked beautiful just like a deity in a temple, except that she wasn’t wearing any dress. All the jewels were over her nude body.

She felt slightly uncomfortable wearing all her jewels and sitting beside us in the sofa naked, while all of us were fully dressed, watching all our favourite programmes on TV. Later she moved with ease, yet covering her breasts occasionally to cover her raw nudity.

An hour went, when Mala said she was hungry. We got an idea and said to Janaki auntie about it. She first hesitated, but agreed to it later. All she had to so is sit conveniently on the floor and milk her breasts with her own hands and collect her milk in a vessel as if everyone would do to milk a cow. We wanted to drink the fresh warm milk from her breasts we said.

So she brought a vessel from the kitchen and then sat down splaying her legs wide and holding the vessels with her legs between her thighs. Then slowly, she began to squeeze her left breast with her hands. Milk didn’t appear at first. But after a few squeezes, milk appeared as white drops at the edge of her nipples and then after few more squeezes it started flowing continuously with every squeeze, spraying onto the vessel.

She milked her left breast for a few minutes, and then she stopped, saying that her hands are paining. So myself and Mala moved near her and each of us holding either of Janaki’s breasts started squeezing them with both our hands. pendik escort We continued squeezing for nearly 15 minutes. Still milk was filling onto the vessel. Even we both felt our hands paining, when the milk flowing from her breasts stopped. She was feeling very much tired as we took the milk in the vessel and poured into to glasses so that we could drink. We had milked more than a litre of milk from both her breasts. Then we all shared her milk by dividing the milk into four shares. It tasted just like cow’s milk and no different.

We were full to the stomach and were thinking over how to spend the remaining of the day when, Anandhi auntie asked, “Why don’t we call Reena aunty over and ask her to stay with us?” So Anandhi auntie ringed Reena and called her over. Reena aunty was hesitant saying she hadn’t bathed yet. “Why don’t you come here and take your bath here? You can were my dress…” so it took a little bit of time for us to persuade accept our invitation to come to Anandhi auntie’s house.

The plan was that, I have to get to the bedroom and pretend as if sleeping. Both Anandhi and Mala would be doing some household chores like cooking and watching the TV. Janaki would answer the door just as per the rules, only with her petticoat on. If Reena aunty ever asks why she is like that half naked, she would have to come up saying, she had bath just then. And as she comes in all three of them would ask her to take bath first. Anandhi would give her a set of dress and a towel to take bath.

There starts our kinky plan actually. Once Reena gets into the bathroom and undresses herself, we have to take every bit off dress off the bathroom door leaving Reena aunty not even a towel to cover herself once she finishes her bath. No one should answer her calls till she comes out of the bath dripping wet and fully naked. Then we could convince her of our plan!

So, even as we finalised our plans, Janaki undid all the jewels and wetting her hair slightly, covered herself with a dark blue petticoat up to her breasts. The petticoat was so small that it covered just her buttocks and the remaining of her thighs was naked. I moved into the bedroom. Actually from there I would be the first person who could see my aunt coming out naked from the bathroom at the back of the house.

Janaki went and opened the door and as she entered I could hear the shock in Reena auntie’s voice. “Hello akka, why are you like this? Are you nuts? You’re opening the door wearing only a petticoat!”

I heard every one giggle in the room and Janaki convinced her saying she had just then taken her bath. “So what’s our little boy, Praveen doing?” I heard her asking. ‘Little Boy, huh!’ Only at the end of the day would know if I’m a little boy or the one who’s capable of making a little boy.

“He is sleeping… you said; you haven’t taken your bath isn’t it… Go take your bath. I’ll get you the towel.” Anandhi said to her.

“Ok… we’ll talk after the bath.” Saying so, she just crossed the bedroom and went to the bath and locked herself into the bathroom. So far, our plan was going very well, exactly as we had planned. Then Anandhi aunty followed giving a wink at me as she passed. Placing a set of saree, petticoat , blouse, bra and towel on the bathroom door, she informed Reena aunty that she had placed the dress for her. Reena aunty said ‘ok’. And within the next few seconds, we saw, her dress appearing one by one on the door. She had undressed every bit of her dress and placed everything including her panties and bra on the door. Then we heard water splashing inside.

Just then, slowly, Anandhi aunty pulled, every dress on the door including the towel and leaving nothing for Reena aunties to wear. Not knowing that, Reena aunty was taking bath. With all the dress in her hands, Anandhi auntie came to the bedroom and with a big nasty grin placed everything near me on the bed.

“Auntie…” I called her. She was about to leave the room.

“What sweetheart?” she came back.

“Will every thing go as planned?” I asked her with a doubt. “What if she doesn’t like this and makes a mess out of this?” I asked her. I was truly worried. In fact, I wanted to fuck her even it was going to be a rape, even then, I felt a little bit of fear and reluctance.

“Anandhi auntie came and sat beside me holding my hand reassuring me. “Don’t worry dear. You were the one who wanted it, isn’t it? Just go get it. Even if its going to be a rape, we three of us would fully help you.” She was saying and there was a reassuring smile from Mala and Janaki aunty too. They even helped me by planning to grab her and tie her eyes with a cloth and gagging her so that she wouldn’t yell. Perfect! It was like a dream fantasy. Who would believe that three aunties helping a guy to rape his other auntie? Its really something so unbelievable and its going tot happen.

With a few minutes, we heard Reena aunty wondering and calling us from the bath, to get her a towel. None of us maltepe escort answered her. She waited for a few minutes and then that act happened. In broad daylight, she slightly opened the bathroom door in the backyard and peeped out to check if there is anyone looking at her. Then again she closed the door. Probably she was thinking about the possibilities of streaking into the house naked. All of us were watching her from the house.

And after some minutes, she opened the door and slowly with one hand covering her nipples of both her breasts and with the other hand covering her hairy crotch, she came out naked from the bath. With a flash of run under the morning sun, she came naked across the backyard and into the bedroom, closing the bedroom door fast and bolting it as soon as she came in. only then it dawned to her that I was inside.

Before I could utter a word, she just yelled, unmindful of her nudity, “What the hell is happening here? Where has the dress gone?”

“What dress aunty?” I asked innocently grazing at her blatant nudity. She was dripping wet from her head to toes, with her wet hair on her shoulders. She was shivering due the warm breeze that had touched her through the window. Lines of water flowed along her nose, chin and falling over to her supple white breasts, stagnating at the dam that had been created by her hand covering her breasts, yet the water was overflowing and flowing along her stomach and along her covered crotch, creating a pool of water at her legs.

I was really dumbstruck. Everything was according to the plan. But I myself, getting awe-struck by seeing her fruitful naked body was not as per the plan. Already my penis was making a dent inside my short. She had seen her too. She too was shocked. She was standing there doing nothing. I had to do something. I somehow overcame my feeling. “Wow…” was the only thing I could utter while simultaneously rubbing my penis with my hand. By now, she was aware of the situation, but not our plan. “Nooooo….” Hers was also a one word answer to my ‘wow’.

I stood up, and now, the tent was very much apparent on my shorts. “Gawd…” she didn’t spell this word out of fear, but with amazement, looking at the hardness of my penis, of course, she hadn’t expected me to be a grownup like this!

I moved beside her naked body and slowly shook her out of her trance. The next minute, she was just hugging me tightly and embracing me like a lover with her wet body. I didn’t expect this. Her wet body was now wetting my T-shirt and shorts as she held me together breathing hard. The moment I too hugged her placing my hands and moving them on her velvet back, she shuddered and moved away from me.

“What happened aunty?” I asked her. “No. I’m not going to do this. What have I done? Oh my god, Forgive me…” saying so, she moved towards the door. It was my turn then; I just grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me. “Aunty, it was you who started this… how could you leave me like this?” I asked her. “Nooo… leave me please… I don’t want to do this. This is sin.” She said and then tried get her hand off mine.

But mine was a vice like grip and pulled her to me with all her force. Whatever happens, I’m going to have her my way. She was simply irresistible, that too now fully naked before me, it just triggered all my urges and my mind was deciding to just do it! Pulling her in front of me and pushing mother her hands to her back I held her tightly and started kissing her all over her face. She tried to resist but didn’t yell. I heard, everybody would yell when we try to rape them, but here she was, this woman was not yelling but just resisting me with her full force, panting all along.

Just then, she started to yell. ‘Oh no, she does yell!’ I cursed and then pushed her on the bed, with her stomach facing the bed. If I had place her stomach up, she would have kicked me like a football, but now as I sat on her fleshy buttocks with her hands on her back. She stayed still, but tried to yell. Within a few moments I grabbed the bedspread and tied both her hands behind her back. She was giving her first loud yell calling my other aunties. “Akkaaaaaaaaa…… come here…” she was calling aloud.

I finished tying by then and turned her upside facing me. “Noooo…. Don’t do it!” she was about to finish that sentence, while I ripped open a pillow cover and gagged her mouth fully, all I could now here was a muffled sound from her, with her head rolling this side and that side. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and removed it. I turned facing my back towards her face. I was still sitting on her stomach. I moved a little but down and then grabbing one of her legs I tied it to the post on one side of the bed with my T-shirt. She was still moving and jumping and snaking her body to get herself released. But the fact is that she couldn’t do anything. It was so simple to force a girl for sex, overpowering and tying her easily. Then, the next part, I undressed my shorts kartal escort and becoming naked, I used my shorts to tie her other leg to the other post of the bed. Now she was spread eagled and vulnerable. Yet she was pampering and moving her body around. I had to get her hands tied too. And I had no other piece of dress there.

Just then, the door opened from outside and all three of my aunties entered into the room. All of them were shocked at the sight of Reena aunty and at the same time content that everything was fine so far. Reena aunty moaned for help from them. But they just giggled.

Enjoy it Akka… you’ll like it…” Mala was saying with a chiding smile.

“I want some cloth…” I said to Anandhi auntie.” I need to tie her hands. She brought the dress that Reena was wearing before bath and gave it to me.

Now, we could see tears on Reena auntie’s eyes. “Can we come near her?” Mala asked me. “Oh yes, only if you don’t do anything to release her.” I said with a smile and kissed Mala aunty on her cheeks. She gave a hug on my naked body. “Ohhhh… So long and nice…” she was commenting, seeing my long penis.

“Mala… leave him alone, it’s not your chance now,” Anandhi was straining Mala beside her. Then, they moved beside Reena and sat on the bed beside her. Moving the tears on her face, Janaki aunty, still in her petticoat, asked Reena to enjoy this. Then, she helped me to tie Reena auntie’s hands to the head post. I used Reena’s bra and blouse to tie each of her hands to the posts.

“Now, everybody, move aside…” I ordered, ad all of them moved away, with Anandhi auntie kissing me as she moved. They grabbed a few pillows and sat on floor beside the wall to see my act. Both her hands and legs spread and tautly tied to the post, Reena was still wriggling on the bed.

“So… what shall I do now?” I asked Mala winking at her.

“Whatever you want… she is all yours now.” Anandhi was saying, “First punish her some way for not being a good girl. Ask her will she be nice to you?” She said giggling.

So, with my penis rubbing her stomach I was on her and then removed the gag off her mouth and asked f she would be nice. “Idiot… get off me…” she was still not relenting even in her submissive position.

“Today you are going to be a slut!” I said to her and slapped her hard on her face. Women, even though they would resist such things, would really enjoy being treated like a slave. I slapped each of her cheeks hard and asked her shut up and make no noise. I said, I’d be slapping again if she yells.

Again she tried to yell and again I gave her a slap, only then, she was quiet. But now, in a low voice she was pleading me like a little girl asking me not to do it and stop what I’m going to do. I held her face with both my hands and slowly I gave her a long kiss in her mouth. I kissed and licked her neck. I moved to her breasts and pushing her mangalsutra aside, I started mashing both the mounds of her soft breasts, which had by now become hard and her nipples poking out of her areola. Slowly, while massaging, I licked and kissed her stomach and slowly moved to her thighs. I stopped massaging and then grabbing her thighs I licked her inner thighs but played there by not going further inside.

By now, Mala who was watching all these along with Anandhi and Janaki moaned aloud. The next minute, she started to remove her saree and started becoming naked. By now, Janaki’s petticoat had moved lower enough to show off her nipples and her hands were fingering her cunt. Anandhi on the other hand had moved her sari and petticoat up to her thighs and pulling her panties towards her knees, was fingering and enjoying in her awkward position.

I moved along the thighs of Reena aunty and reaching the toe, sucked tem one by one. Now, Reena aunty let out a shrill moan, but this moan was out of her pleasure. Still, she didn’t want me to fuck her. So I moved back between her legs and started lapping her with my tongue on the insides of her thighs and gradually moving up to her cunt. Her cunt was very much hairy and I liked it that way. I carefully held her cunt with my either hands and parted them to reveal her soft inner reddish cunt-flush. It was throbbing as she was panting. Now comes the sensational part, to do my trick… I slid my tongue beside her cunt and directly inside so that the tip of my tongue deftly avoided all those hairs around her cunt and touched the throbbing flesh of her cunt.

The moment I touched her inner lips of her cunt, a shiver went around her body and she bucked her back… with a howling, “ammmmmmaaaaaa…..” then as I was ravaging her cunt with my tongue, a variety of expressions and sounds came off her mouth. I could see beads of sweat coming out of her forehead. She was truly enjoying it.

Again as I asked, if it’s alright for her to do it with me. Again the reply was no. so again I slapped her face and started slapping and beating both her breasts. All the while she was letting out a small whine and crying at me. I had me mouth now on her breasts and started sucking and licking them ferociously. She was still crying, asking my other aunties to help, who, in different states of nudity were halfway into their own world!

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