The third day of a business trip with my Boss


The third day of a business trip with my BossOn the third day of our business trip, we had no clients to interview; so Matt decided to have and easy day working from the apartment. He set only one condition: we both should be naked at our desks. Before lunch time, Matt could not help himself having erection from watching my sexy round naked body. He came over to my desk from behind and kissed my neck. I told him I was working…He then told me to keep working and ignore him. He continued to kiss and lick my earlobe. I tried to ignore him; until Matt’s fingers started touching my well stretched pussy lips.The night before he had fucked me in a wild way; stealing from me several loud intense orgasms. In the morning, my wet cunt was still on fire…But now I could not ignore his expert fingers. They were rubbing my outer lips softly and soon parted them.My Boss took his naughty fingers off and then he touched my closed red lips with them. I opened my mouth; let the fingers inside and I licked them one by one before getting three ones inside my throat. I closed my eyes as I sucked his fingers. Then I slowly spread a bit more my thighs. I felt my nipples starting to get hard.Matt turned my chair around and he took his fingers very slowly out of my mouth. I grunted softly and opened my eyes. I looked at him in his eyes; as he bent over and kissed my red lips. Then he cupped my boobs in his hands.I moaned with pleasure as he pinched my erected nipples. pendik escort Then I begged him to do it again. He repeated all, enjoying my moans.I felt my nipples were sore from all the pinches.I looked down and saw my legs were widely open now and there were wet patches on the chair. I was horny and soaking wet. My cunt was swollen and a bit sore from all the sex activities we had done in the last two days. I warned him that I needed a rest… Then Matt carried me to the couch. He lay on his back and I placed my open pussy lips on top of his face. I was facing his crotch and I greedily took his erect cock in my mouth; starting to suck it hard. I felt Matt inserting his tongue in my wet cunt, giving me a startle. He held my buttocks down and smothered himself under my poor swollen pussy. Soon his face was flooded with my juices…As I was still enjoying his thick cock in my hungry mouth; I felt his naughty finger rubbing and circling around my very tight asshole. Then Matt told me he wanted to feel my sweet ass; but it looked very tight. Judging from the size, it looked as I had not had any cock in it. I smiled to myself and lied; telling him my asshole had never been fucked; not even by my loving hubby…Mat did not say anything; but he kept licking my butthole; just to see my reaction. I did not say a word either. Then he inserted his tongue in. This time I felt it. He continued licking; as I kept swallowing his hard dick in my mouth.I escort pendik felt my tight butthole was covered with his saliva; wet enough as lubricant. He slowly inserted a finger into my tight anus. It wrapped that finger tightly and Matt almost had an orgasm…I stopped sucking his dick and turned my head to look at Matt. He looked so horny, as he finger fucked my very tight rear hole.Then I moaned in pain and pleasure; asking him what he was doing. Matt looked at me, saying my asshole was so inviting and he could not even wait to sodomize me… He kept thrusting his middle finger in and out; as I arched my back.Victor had not fucked my asshole in more than two weeks and I could feel it was really tight now… I started enjoying that middle finger moving invading my tight sphincter and I even was rocking my hips to get more pleasure. My pussy was dripping wet now…Matt suddenly inserted two fingers deeper in my asshole. I enjoyed the warm sensation of being well fingered.Then he asked me to bend over so that he could see the whole view from my behind. His thick cock was rock hard. As soon I bent over; he rammed his cock into my pussy while fingering my ass. I rocked wildly on his hard dick; as he spat on my asshole to lubricate it more. He gave me more thrusts and then he took out his dick from my cunt.I thought he was just taking a break, until I felt where he aimed the thick head of that magnificent dick. I begged him that his cock was pendik escort bayan too big for my tight asshole. But he was not hearing me.Then I tried to move my buttocks away; but my Boss was determined. He said it would be just the tip and it would not hurt.Before I could protest; he started to push himself in me slowly. I felt a slight pain when the head of his thick cock entered my hole. Then suddenly, it passed through my sphincter and I felt a different sensation. It was pain and pleasure at the same time. And it was more when Matt pushed more than just the tip inside.I let out a loud moan and surrendered myself to that huge dick… Matt smiled and asked me if I wanted him to stop; as he held my waist close to him; pushing even deeper in my poor anus.I shook my head. I was enjoying both the pain and the pleasure. I was grabbing the edge of the couch and trying to grasp some air while my Boss pushed his cock even further. He applied more spit to my tiny hole, and it helped soothing the pain a little. He whispered in my ear that he could not take it any longer. So with a last hard thrust, he rammed my stretched ass and he shot his burning semen up to the bottom. I screamed like crazy when he pulled my waist and rammed his cock deep inside my poor ass. It felt like his cock ripped me apart. His cum in my anus brought me some relief. I moaned softly…We both collapsed on the couch, sweating and covered with lube, my juices and his saliva. His hard dick was still buried in my anus.Matt kissed my cheek and told me he could not help to fuck me in the ass; because he found it so inviting and sexy… We still had a couple days to enjoy the city and… ourselves…

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