The video that made me …….well known


The video that made me …….well knownIt was one of the hottest days of the year, when a tall, average build guy approached me at the local car wash. I honestly didn’t think much of it initially. I was drying off my car with a shammi. I had my shirt off, was wearing cut off Jean shorts, with flip flops. I’m sure my shoulder length white blonde hair made me look like a topless girl from behind. I was always a very skinny k** and it wasn’t the first time a guy had made cat calls towards me ….mistaking me for a girl with my long hair. “Hey, I like your car! What’s your name?” I gave him my name and he introduced himself to me. I remember the firm handshake he gave me. He squeezed it so hard as he looked me over. He stared for a long time at me. It made me feel uneasy and I scanned the area for anyone else around….there wasn’t anyone around. I told him I had to get going as I went to get inside my car. The guy followed me around my car and stopped me from opening my car door. My body quivered nervously, I was scared of what he might do to me. He put a hand on my shoulder and began to rub his thumb across my skin. It slid easily on my sweaty flesh. “You’re 18, right?” I nodded without a word. He smiled and pressed me back up against my car. He kept a firm grip on my shoulder. Then he took his other hand and began to unbutton my shorts. “Now, let’s take a look at what you have going on down there…” I was paralyzed and my body shook involuntarily. He unzipped and forced my shorts and underwear down. He touch me. As scared as I was, I liked it….he gaziemir escort got me hard so quickly. I watched his huge hand make my tiny thick cock look so small. He tugged a few times and I let out a few weak moans. I closed my eyes and hoped he would continue. He stopped abruptly as a car drive by, I quickly tried to pull my shorts up. In my haste, I ripped my underwear. “I want you to follow me.” The guy acted so confidently. He turned away from me and headed to his car without even looking back at me. I slid into my car with my shorts still unzipped. My cock was sprouting out between the two open folds of denim. I turned the key on and for a few moments I considered tearing off. I had nothing better to do and my curiosity got the best of me. I followed him up the road behind the car wash to small trailer park. I parked just outside his trailer. I watched him get out and motion me inside. I put my shirt on and zipped up. I entered the single wide trailer with a nervous excitement. The guy was already in the bathroom taking a piss. “Just head to the bedroom” he yelled out nonchalantly. I took off my flip flops and headed past the bathroom. I stopped long enough to catch a glimpse of him holding his long rod. I watched the golden stream shoot out of his large mushroom shaped tip. My legs got weak just at the sight. Still I managed a few steps into the bedroom. The room was empty except for a video camera on a tripod and some construction grade lamps. “Take your clothes off and get on your knees”, he said calmly. gaziemir escort bayan I willing did so. I tucked my shriveled small cock down between my legs. I heard him flush the toilet. I heard him shuffle in the bathroom as he removed his clothes. He walked in with his log swaying between his muscular thighs. He passed by me with a smirky smile as he turned on the lamps. It blinded me at first. The man moved the camera and turned it on. “Give me your name and age.” His tone seemed much more strict. I answered quickly as I looked at him. “Don’t look at me just the camera.” He walked over to me. He stood sideways to the camera in front of me. “Grab your ankles and don’t let them go.” I grabbed hold of them. It forced me to stick out my chest as I leaned back. He got close and began slapping my face with his long meat stick. “Now open up and suck.” He stuffed his mushroom shaped tip inside my mouth. I gagged on it as he pressed it deep into me. I fell back and coughed hard several times. I almost puked. “Relax and just suck.” He said in a softer tone. I grabbed my ankles and he slowly gave his tip to me. I sucked softly on it and moved my tongue around as I bobbed forward and back on it. I made gurgling sounds and saliva began to drip out of my mouth, down my chin and splattered on my legs. The man stiffened and he began to advance more into my mouth. “Focus on breathing through your nose.” I closed my watery eyes and felt tears running down my cheeks as I tried to breath through my nose sense his shaft filled my mouth escort gaziemir and pressed against the back of my throat. I let out a sickening loud cough and spit him out as I turned my head away. I dry heaves a few times. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. “You’re ok, now get back in position.” He put himself inside my mouth and this time grabbed the back of my head. “Keep your mouth open and don’t bite down!” He said angrily. He slowly began to fuck my throat, saliva dripping from the sides of my mouth, I made horrific slurpy and gargled sounds as he pressed himself deeper into me. Tears flowed out of my eyes and I struggled to look up at him as he moved in and out faster. I gasped for air. Then with out warning, a warm shot of thick cum burst into my throat. I gagged hard and tried to pull my head back. He held me in place firmly pressing even deeper into me. My hands let got of my ankles and I frantically pressed against his hips trying to stop his advancement. I looked up at him as load after load was shot into my unsuspecting throat, I couldn’t breath, I pleaded with my tearful eyes. But all I got was his firey stare as he watched me struggling. I tried to swallow his warm fluids as fast as they came but failed. Cum spewed out of my mouth as I fought for air. Things became black, I felt myself going weak. Just as I was about to fall over. He pulled out and I let out hoarse wet coughs. I needed to clear my air passages of the thick sticky good that had been deposited into it. I hacked and coughed as I bent over trying to throw up. It took a few minutes until I was able to take several long breaths of air into my lungs. My body had broken into a feverish sweat. The man seemed pleased with my struggles. I collapsed on to the floor and looked into the camera as directed. Our role-playing was complete. Gary turned the camera off.

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