The Watchman And His Friends


The Watchman And His Friendsdeletedmy stats are 32-37-32. I have a well maintained figure and the men of my society always admire me whenever I get out. We belong from a rich family from new delhi. I had many affairs during my college years but after marriage I decided to remain sober but the circumstances lead me to have an affair with my watchman and any more people.My husband is workaholic and has very less time for me thus making me horny. As we belong from a modern family I used to go to late night parties and all. Usually at home I wear sleeveless top and shorts. Now coming to the story, our society watchman balram was fired due to some reason and the fmg department hired a new watchmen kishan. He was dark tall with a well built and had me the first time I looked at him. I wanted to seduce him as I had not had a cock for quite a long time. Few days passed and my desires for him urged. One fine day the fan of my bedroom stopped working and I decided to call kishan to see to it.He came and at that time I was wearing a crop top that was showing my navel and tight leggings giving my thighs the attention it deserves. He looked at me with hungry eyes and that very moment I knew he wanted me as bas as I wanted him.He told me to hold the chair as he looked towards the fan. Meanwhile I pretended konak escort as I had hurt my back in the process of holding the chair and laid there flat on the ground. Seeing me in pain he picked me up and took me towards my bed and as we were going there his hands roughly touched my stomach and my back. Ohhh… My body had missed a mans touch. I requested him to run violin on my back. This was the moment he advanced. There was a smile on his face. He asked “rohini madam aapki t-shirt gandi ho jayegi kya main ise thoda upar sarka du?”. I noddingly said yes.He started the massage on my back and his hands felt good. Sometimes his hands also reached the back of my bra strap.Ahh it felt so good. Then without asking me his sat on my hips further massaging me. I liked his move very much and was starting to get wet down there. Then he added “madam apki skin bahut soft hai. Pata hai jab bhi mujhe bachpan main chot lagti thi to meri maa mujhe waha chumti thi aur dard chala jata tha. Kya main try karoo apke saath?” I knew this was going to happen. I said ” aise hai to kar par is dard ko bhaga”. He smooched my back for 15 minutes with saliva dropping down moved his hands all over my back and groped my ass tightly and I moaned with joy.We both were turned on now. He tore my top off and konak escort bayan licked my navel like a madman inserting fingers into it. I was loosing control. I wanted his lips on mine. I held his head and smooched him tightly. It continued for 20 minutes out tongues matched and he started biting me everywhere. He started to drive me crazy and his hands kept fondling my nipples and he pressed my boobs hard and even crushed them. Now I wanted a manly touch down there so I took his hands and guided them towards my pussy. He rubbed my pussy over my leggings and I squirted that time making my whole panty wet.He inserted his hands in my panties and started to finger fuck me, I was wet all over and his fingers were driving me crazy and again with wildness he tore off my leggings and without wasting time off even taking off my satin panties he began to lick me down there. His tongue felt like heaven.He licked me till 15 minutes and then I squirted on his face. He did not like it and slapped me hard. He took out his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I licked him off and he came. He again began to smooch me and lick my nipples and said sorry for the slap and admired me. I said its okay and I told him a like men being rough with me but only on bed.He agreed and decided to be rough escort konak with me on bed and I asked him not call me madam when he is having sex with me he agreed.He started calling my name out loud and added hindi abuses like”randi, kuttiya, kamini”. It made me more horny and wet as I had never been treated like that in a low class way. He spat all over me and even held my hair tight opened my mouth and spat in it. Though it was kinky but I liked it very much.In no time he was hard again and he slapped me again and started abusing me. I liked it. He inserted his dick into my vagina and fucked me for another half hour until he cummed.I let out moans as he was driving me crazy with his cock. We both slept there together as we were tired. We got up and went for a bath where he cleaned me and rubbed soap all over my body, his hand felt very relaxing after washing me he licked me clean and then I returned the favour.We both stepped out dried our selves and I gave him some alcohol and we both drank together I was sitting in his lap and he was fondling with my boobs. We sat there and drank for half hour when the bell rang and we both rushed to get dressed up, the people from fmg department came inquiring about the fan which I told them is fine and thanked the watchman, they also suspected something as I was just standing there in my bathing gown and kishan also looked very tired. As my husband was out I called him the other day as well. He apologised for slapping me but I told him I like it only in bed and told him to go as someone might doubt us.To be continued….

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