Thinking of You


As I go upstairs to get ready for bed, I think of the letter that you wrote to me about our first night together. I undress slowly, thinking of you. I finally stand dressed only in my underwear, thinking of you. I remember the look on your face when you finally saw me naked; the desire in your eyes still stirs me. I slip my hand between my legs and realized that thinking of you has made wet and horny. I slide a finger in my hot wet pussy and pretend that it is your hand touching me. I tremble as I feel an orgasm building. I lightly touch my clitoris and shake harder. I realize that I need to sit down or I will fall to the floor. I crawl into my bed and take my underwear off. I lie there touching myself, two fingers sliding slowly in and out of my pussy and my other hand lightly rubbing my clitoris. I begin to dream of our night together. Thinking of you, my hands move faster and faster. I moan long and loud; I begin to come again and again. My hands slow down and I relax into my bed sighing deeply, missing you, wanting you. I lie there thinking illegal bahis of you.

Then I remember that there was another way for me to get off. Maybe this would work even better than my hands. I reach into my drawer and pull out the vibrator that you got for me. I look at it and realize that it almost the same size as your cock – 7+ inches and 5 inches around. I turn it on and listen to it hum. I feel the vibration in my hand and wonder what it will feel like when I rub it against my crotch. Thinking of it makes me quiver. Thinking of you makes me wetter. I can feel the moisture dripping down over my asshole. I smile as I remember how you like to play with my ass and slide your wet fingers into my asshole. I moan as I dream about it. I set the vibrator on medium. I slide it around my breasts. When it runs over my nipples, I inhale suddenly. It feels odd but good. I slide down it towards my crotch. My hips arch up to meet it. The vibrator reaches my pubic hair. Mmmmm, I moan. I feel myself getting even wetter. Thinking of you, my head illegal bahis siteleri thrashes back and forth. It reaches my clitoris; it startles me; it feels so good. I think this would even better if I could talk to you while I’m doing this.

I reach for the phone and call you. But I drop the phone as I find an even better place for my toy. I pick up the phone; you answer. I tell you that I am lying naked in bed, wet, horny, with the vibrator pressed firmly against my clitoris. You tell me to slide the toy down and enjoy the sensations everywhere. I moan into the phone. You tell that you are naked now with your hands massaging your large hard cock. You moan back at me. I slide the toy down over my pussy trembling with the feeling it is driving through my body. I feel it over my asshole and I rub around it. I scream as I orgasm from it pressing on the rim of my asshole. I hear you moan in my ear. You tell me how horny I am making you. I smile in the dark and giggle and moan. I tell you to relax; there’s more to come (Ha! Ha! canlı bahis siteleri Ha!).

I bring the vibrator up and slide it into my hot, waiting pussy. Oh my god! That feels unbelievable! I scream incoherently into the phone as I slide the vibrator in and out of my twat. I turn the toy on high and hold it all the way into my pussy. I rub my clit with my other hand and I tell you that a monster orgasm is on its way. I start ramming the toy in and out of my pussy as fast as I can. My pussy starts to squeeze harder and harder. My body arches off the bed and I scream into the phone, “I’m fucking coming…Oh my god…” My breathing is ragged. My arms ache from working so hard, but I can’t stop. I’m coming harder and harder. I hear your breathing matching mine. I scream and moan at the top of my lungs. I feel like I am going to burst. When it hits, it is absolutely incredible. I cannot describe it. I hear you moan on the phone as you come just after me. You tell that I am awesome and thank me for sharing this with you. You whisper to me that you love me. I respond with “I love you too.” We hang up. I turn the vibrator off and put it back in its drawer. Shakily I stand up, put my underwear. I pull my jammers out of the drawer and slip them on. I crawl into bed and fall quickly asleep thinking of you.

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