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Thistle street middlesbrough escort6 or maybe 7 years ago I was working 6 days a week, 12 hour shifts with only a Wednesday off. So no time for a girlfriend so I started seeing escorts again.At the time I was still old school and finding them in back of the sport newspaper in classifieds section, there used to be around 5 adverts for Middlesbrough in northeast section, there was one think it said something like mboro female 6 days then had home phone number and a mobile number. I phoned talked to a very nice sounding lady who asked if I had been there before, I said no, she then asked if I would like some details, I said yes, she said the lady working was brunette in mid thirties (I normally add at least 5 years to what they say age is) with large breasts, hour glass figure and very beautiful face. Sounds very nice, I asked if she was near centre of Middlesbrough was told was not far from gazette office. And no need to make appointment as was working from 11am with last appointment at 4.30 pm. Asked about price and services she said cant say services over phone but prices from £20 up to £40 and I would be very satisfied.So I said I was in Middlesbrough at the time in weatherspoons reading sport paper adverts and it would take me around 10 mins to walk to gazette office on borough road. She said phone from call box on corner as she knows that number as they have lot of people who just want address for some reason so this proves I am in area. So I did and phoned using phone box at corner of linthorpe road and borough road.Was told address on Thistle Street, took only 5 mins to get there. Knocked on door was answered by a lovely lady in her 40s, she said come in front room as there was someone upstairs already, she offered me coffee, tea or juice I said I was ok thx, she asked if my wife was shopping in town as lot of men come there while there wife’s are shopping for clothes, which I thought bornova escort was funny.I said no not married, but working a lot so did not have time to meet anyone, so I see escorts once a week to relax.She said well we all need are little treats to relieve pressure. I asked if she was an escort too, she said no answered door and phones, if lady working did not turn up or was sick then she may work for a day but that rarely happened as was normally other ladies she could phone to work a shift. so did not class herself as escort.So I heard someone coming downstairs and she got up and let them out making sure they could not see me/or I them as she closed door to front room as she got up to let them out.She said go right to top of stairs, I did and there she was lady as described on phone (probly in 40s) I will call her Jane as I don’t use ladies real names, she said hello and gave me a hug and kiss on cheek then said prices were £20 for oily handjob, £25 blowjob, £30 sex or £40 for full personal which was mix of all. She was wearing a thong, fishnet stockings, bra and high heels.I paid £40 which was average price at time for sex in Middlesbrough.She said to take my clothes off and lay on bed and she would be right back, she took money down stairs then came back up and went in toilet, in the room there was a large wicker chair behind door to put your clothes on & a TV in other corner of room playing porn, then she came back in room and shut the door, she asked if I would like a back massage first I said ok, she used bit of baby oil and sat on my upper legs as she at first used her hands to massage my back then she took her bra off and leaned forward and was using her large breasts to rub on my back which made me hard straight away, this went on for few mins then she lifted herself up a bit off me and reached between my legs so she could gently squeeze my balls she escort bornova said oh they feel full and giggled. I like to talk to the ladies I see to find out a bit about them so I asked if she was from Middlesbrough she said no she was from Harrogate but came here so no one she knows would find out what she does for a living, she asked what I wanted to do next I asked if we could 69 she said of course, she took her thong off then she got on me I spread her pussy lips and started to lick her clit gently at first she sucked my cock without condom which felt amazing almost had me Cumming to soon so asked if she would stop sucking so I could just lick her as did not want to cum like this want to cum fucking her, after few mins of licking she started to breath heavy and told me to lick faster so I did then I felt the wetness & heat from her pussy all over my face and she really grinded into my face she said not to stop after about a min she she pushed herself off my face and said she was too sensitive down there now but I could teach other men how to do that as lot of men who see her don’t know how todo it or wont do it.So she picked up condom from top of side table and put it in her mouth then lent forward and used her mouth to put in on, I really was fully erect at this point.She stood on bed still in her high heels and lowered herself onto my cock very slowly, she bounced up and down very quickly for couple of mins then said her legs were tired would I mind doing doggy, I said that would be nice so she lifted herself off me and I moved off bed so she could move forward and she was on all four with ass in the air, I got behind and inserted the tip inside with a helping hand from her to steer me in. I started to pump it in gently at first then she started to move back and forth too. I asked if she would hold her cheeks open so I could look at her asshole as I fucked bornova escort bayan her, she said ok but don’t try and fuck her ass as she did not do that. She said I don’t mind it being licked but nothing inserted. So she spread her cheeks wide and I came hard for what felt like ages, then I slowly pulled out very careful to not let condom slip off & there was so much cum in it, she took it off me and said my god how long since you last came I told her I work 6 days a week 12 hour shift so always to tired to even wank. She grabbed some tissues and wiped my cock and then gave me some wetones, she said she only works Wednesdays & I said but I thought it was open 6 days she said yes but different women everyday. And only 1 working at a time. She said lovely to meet you please come see me again (I did about 12 more times while working my shifts every Wednesday off). I got dressed she gave me kiss on lips this time said goodbye and lady downstairs would let me out, I went downstairs lady lets call her Lynne asked did I have good time I said yes and she said now you know were we are come see us again we are open mon-sat 11am till 5pm last appointment 4.30pm. Different ladies each day.When I went back to normal shifts 5 days a week with different day off each week I guess I seen around 20 different ladies there over the years.Now for the sad part it closed last year as in the end they simply could not get the ladies to work there as they are all working solo and advertising on online sites and keeping all money for them selves. There was near the end 1 local lady working 3 days a week there which was not enough as us men get bored of same pussy all the time.And it closed.I have loads more stories of this place but will maybe tell them at later date.Whenever I am between girlfriends I see escorts. Can’t even guess how many I have seen over the years.Hope you like the story, was never any good at school, my spelling is terrible and forget about grammar.Take story as is.I know I go on a bit but I like to give as much detail as possible.If you want to hear some more of my adventures let me know I have tons like this. I change the names of escorts I have seen for there privacy.

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