Dinner was finished, and the kitchen cleaned, though it was a long drawn out process with so many kisses, playful pinches, and teasing each other. She reflected now that something she used to dread so much was now something she loved to do with him by her side. They’d finished up with a long promising kiss, the kind that always took her breath away. They’d cuddled on the couch until she yawned, and he suggested that it was time for bed.

With her head against his chest, he couldn’t see the warm smile that spread across her face. Whether they made love or not, lying beside him, with the warmth of his body next to hers was always beautiful. He’d decided to take a shower before going to bed, since he’d forgone it earlier. She’d gathered his bath things and laid them out. As soon as she heard the water running, she’d set to work. She wanted tonight to be unforgettable. She went through the house and turned off the lights, gathering the candles they kept through out the rooms. Methodicaly placing them around the room and lighting them, then, rearranging them until the room glowed with a golden light. She undressed and slipped into the nightie she’d bought earlier in the day with him in mind. She turned the fan on low, so that the candles would flicker but not go out. She heard the water in the shower go off, and she slipped between the cover of the bed, and waited for her husband.

She reflected on how much she loved him, and how much he loved her. She loved it that he told her often, showed her continuously, and never let her forget that she was his wife. She vowed everyday to find some way, big or small, to show him how grateful she was for his love, for the patience he’d shown while she struggled to get to the point that she could be his completely. He truly loved her. For the first time in her life she didn’t have to wonder if he were completely honest with her. She felt his love, even when they were apart, she could feel his love for her, and she prayed that he could feel her love for him.

When he walked through the bedroom door, her heart skipped a beat. She was still amazed at the sight of him. He stopped beside the bed to look down at her. Could he tell that she found it difficult to breathe when he was so close to her, with his skin glowing from the shower. Did he not know that he was a picture of perfection in her eyes? He didn’t say anything, and neither did she. Words were not needed now. She felt more than saw him get into the bed beside her. He moved his arm across her to pull canlı bahis şirketleri her into his body. She turned away from him, pressing the length of her back against him, wiggling a little, trying get closer. He draped his arm around her, holding her to him. Warmth spread through her like warm honey. She was content, lying there with him. Though her blood soared through her veins with even the slightest touch from him, she felt at peace, she felt loved.

The warmth of his breath fanned her face as he whispered that he loved her. She opened her mouth to tell him that she loved him too, but could only catch her breath as his thumb began making lazy circles around her nipple. She felt it harden beneath the warm of his hand. She arched her back to fill his hand completely with her breast. She felt him softly kiss her neck. He knew what this did to her. She moved her head lower to give him access to her neck. She was helpless to move when he touched her, kissed her like this. He began to nibble softly where his lips and tongue had been before and she moaned.

He knew he could take her right then. He knew she was ready to welcome him into her body, to give herself to him completely. But tonight, he wanted to take her on that magical journey that was their love for each other. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. He needed her to feel how much he needed and wanted her in his life every day. He turned her toward him so that he could see her eyes, so that she could see his. What he saw in her eyes set his body ablaze. The love she had for him, mixed with primitive sexual desire shone brightly in her eyes. It took all he had not to open her and drive fiercely into her. She was his woman. No other man would ever know her the way he did, and he felt an overwhelming need to protect her. His mouth covered hers in a hungry kiss that she returned with equal need. He felt her hands caress his face, and he moved over, wedging her knees apart to kneel between them. He gazed down on her, sliding his hands over her breasts, down her stomach to he place where he could feel the heat of her body the most.

He leaned over her, gently kissing her, his tongue dancing with hers in an age old rythm. He felt her body tremble beneath him as he made his way from her lips, down her neck, to the nipple of one breast. He slid the thin straps of her gown down her arms.exposing her breasts to him, giving his mouth access to her. Gently he flicked his tongue across first one nipple then the other. He watched canlı kaçak iddaa as they tightened even more from his touch. He felt her reach up to pull his head back to her breast. He knew she ached for the warmth of his mouth on her, and it thrilled him.

She thought she would surely die if he didn’t take her soon. Every nerve in her body felt as if it were on fire. When she felt the heat of his mouth leave her breast, she ached to have it back there. Unable to resist she pulled him back to her. His mouth opened over her nipple and she cried out at the amazing sensations that ran through her as he pulled her deeper into his mouth and tugged gently. When he released her she sighed, only to gasp as he took the other nipple into his mouth and gave it the same attention. She couldn’t be still. Raising her hips she felt the hard heat of him pressing into her. God, how she ached for him to fill her, to bury himself within her. She moaned softly, whispering breathlessly, begging him to take her.

He knew she was on the edge, knew that she was aching. He felt her need, and for a moment thought of giving in, of taking her right then. But he wanted to prolong her pleasure. He needed to make her know how much he loved her. “Soon baby, soon, I promise” was all he said to her. Slowly he began kissing his way down her body. He could feel the heat of her against his skin as he made his way lower. Her hands were caressing his shoulders, the sides of his face, his head, as he made the journey sweet torture for her. She opened to him when he reached the place that he knew ached most. She was so hot, so wet, he knew that she was ready. He intended to bring her to that mystical place with his lips and tongue before giving in to his need.

She knew what he was going to do, and she lost all sense of control over her body. She loved him, and even more than that, she trusted him, and she gave him her whole being. When she felt the warmth of his breath on her thighs, she opened to him, giving over the last shred of control that she had.

The moment his tongue touched her, she cried out. Sure that she couldn’t take much more, he gave her everything, overloading her senses with his touch. She felt his tongue dart into her, as if he were teasing her, tasting her wetness, then sliding his tongue up and over her mound as if he were caressing her. Over and over, he alternated between the two. She could feel it building inside her, no longer in control of what was happening to her, she reached down and pulled canlı kaçak bahis him even closer. He pulled her into his mouth and teased her over the edge. She arched her back, calling his name as she became lost in the whirlpool of feelings he’d created in her. She was so lost. As if she were floating, drifting, the pleasure he gave her was unbelievable. He kept her locked in his mouth until she trembled. Slowly she drifted back, her body no longer hers, but his.

Gently he rose over her. When she looked up at him, he could see passion glazing her eyes. It made him marvel at how completely she had given herself over to him. He leaned down to kiss her. He knew she could taste herself on his lips, and it sent a shiver through him. He kissed her deeply. He wanted to take her there once more before he let himself go. He whispered in her ear how much he loved her, and he told her of how beautiful she was to him. He marveled at the way she caressed him as he hovered over her. His mouth covered hers once again, and he slowly slid himself into her. She was so hot, so wet, so soft against him. Slowly, agonizingly, he slid himself into completely. Filling her. Holding himself there, feeling them throbbing together. One heartbeat, one body, one mind and one soul. Gently he eased back out of her, only to begin to fill her again. Over and over, slowly he would fill her then ease back out of her until he had her whimpering, begging him. He knew neither of them could take much more. He was aching with a need to fill her full of his cum, to give her all of him.

Slowly he eased back once more, held himself there, opened her more completely, and slammed his body into hers. The age old rhythm of lovers coming together consumed them. Neither could think nor speak, only feel. Together they both raced toward heaven. Over and over she felt him plunge into her. She met every thrust of his body, eager to feel that incredible feeling when he let himself fill her with his liquid heat. She could hear him, hear his breath quickening, feel him swell in side her, and the thrill of knowing he was at that same place he had brought her already, sent her spiraling out of control.

The heat of him filled her. They cried out together, declaring their love for each other with each movement of their bodies, and when he had given her the very last drop of his love, he rolled off of her, pulled her into his arms, held her and kissed away her tears. He smiled, not because of the tears, but because he knew that they were tears of love and beauty and wholeness. He knew that she was his, and that he was hers. Together they would grow old, and through the years they would laugh and love and hurt and heal together. He smiled, that was the one thing they would always be. Together.

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