Tom’s Story


Eganville, North Carolina was the kind of small town where everybody pretty much knew everybody else. It was safe and quiet…boring some folks would say but for a lot of residents it was the way the Country used to be, and they liked that.

Tom and Arlene had known each other since kindergarten and began dating in high school. In 1970, when they were both 19, they married. Tom had surprised most everyone when he decided not to carry on working with his Dad at the family hardware store but went to work with Mr. Harding as an apprentice electrician. Arlene had always been good at math and worked in the accounts department at the local supermarket.

In 1976 Tom applied for a job with Deacon Electrical in Detroit and was offered the position. It was a big move for the couple but they were determined to adjust to life in a big city. Arlene soon found work at a supermarket very close to their apartment and could walk to work in ten minutes. There were no children and they soon built a network of friends and became comfortable with city life.

Tom’s job required him to spend time away from home depending on out-of-town contracts and sometimes he was only home on weekends for several weeks at a time. Although she missed Tom, Arlene was seldom lonely; she had Vanessa upstairs in 302 and they went to the movies a lot. Life in the city also exposed them to things they would never see or hear in Eganville and they realised how ‘small town’ they were in many ways. Arlene saw the prostitutes dressed so provocatively and the adult movie theatres downtown and was fascinated by what she saw. She would question Vanessa about what these girls did for how much and about the movies and wanted all the details despite being disgusted by it all. Tom’s eyes were opened to the whole new world of sexual ‘guy talk’ among the men on the job and became increasingly curious about their conversations concerning cock sucking, eating pussy, anal sex, lesbians and bisexuals etc.

Tom and Arlene had never been sexually adventurous and their lovemaking was routine and repetitive. Arlene seemed almost indifferent to sex and never initiated it. Tom had been content to bounce on top of her for a few minutes until he ejaculated but now, after listening to his colleagues he thought about putting some of what he had heard into practise. He got home late one Friday night after being away all week and after a shower her walked into the living room naked with a strong erection. Arlene looked at him and headed down the hall to the bedroom. She undressed and lay on the bed and waited for Tom to mount her. Instead he lowered his head between her legs and touched her pussy with his tongue. She immediately pulled away, “What are you doing?” she shrieked.

I want to lick you there, the guys at work talk about it all the time, they say you will enjoy it,” Tom replied.

“I’ve heard of such things from Vanessa. It’s what those men do with prostitutes and it’s disgusting.”

Needless to say there was no amorous activity that night. Their life settled back to its usual pattern and although Tom occasionally tried over the years to interest his wife in different aspects of sex, cunnilingus, fellatio and anal, she remained firm in her disapproval of such activities to Tom’s growing frustration. Secretly he fantasized about watching her with another man but he dared never mention that. The man he had in mind was very well hung and she would suck his huge cock before he spread her legs and tongued her pussy until it was sopping wet with excitement. Tom would watch as the man rubbed his massive erection over her pussy lips and clit then force his way inside and fuck her until she screamed from one climax to another and pleaded for more in a wild sexual frenzy. The man would finish by filling her pussy full of cum or jerking off all over her face and into her mouth. On some occasions Tom would imagine her being fucked in the ass and this gave him very strong masturbatory ejaculations. He loved Arlene very much however, and tried to put his sexual desires and fantasies to the back of his mind and get on with their otherwise good life together.

The internet came into Tom’s life about the time Arlene began a lengthy and difficult menopause. Their sex life dwindled to nothing and Arlene seemed content with that. Tom began searching porn sites and found an outlet for his desires in watching women who looked similar to Arlene being fucked in every orifice by big cocks. After a while he realised he was just as interested in the huge erections as he was the women and wondered what it would be like to jerk and suck a big, hard dick. He began chatting on-line with other men with similar interests and found a kindred spirit in John. John was two years younger than Tom and also married. Their stories were alike; wives not overly interested in sex and a recent bi-curiosity from watching porn. They arranged to meet at a hotel bar and after a couple of drinks agreed to get a room.

In the hotel room both men were nervous canlı bahis şirketleri and not sure how to proceed. John suggested they watch porn on the TV and they sat separately as they watched two well-hung studs with a large-breasted black girl.

“Perhaps we should get undressed,” Tom proposed, almost apologetically, and they proceeded shyly to remove their clothes.

They stood naked, separated by a few feet and looked at each other. Their cocks were not fully erect but Tom saw instantly that John’s endowment was much bigger than his own and felt a surging in his own. He began to fondle his growing erection and John took his own member in hand and jerked it back and forth, exposing the huge head from under the foreskin. “Shall we?” he said, motioning to the bed.

They propped pillows against the headboard and lay back side by side stroking themselves. On the TV screen the black girl was pounded by one guy while the other fucked his buddy in the ass but Tom’s gaze was focused on John’s erection. It was now fully erect, as was his, and he could delay no longer the moment he had fantasized about. He reached over and his fingertips danced over the bulbous knob. John removed his hand and Tom explored the length of the shaft and balls beneath. John returned the favour and the men masturbated each other as the black girl received a load of cum over her face. John turned the TV off and straddled Tom. He directed his knob onto Tom’s then moved it down the shaft and onto his balls. Bringing the two dicks together with both hands he jerked them back and forth. Tom just lay back enjoying the new and exciting sensations and saw that John’s cock was a good four inches longer and half as thick again than his. He thought of it in Arlene’s mouth, pussy and forcing its way into her asshole and erupted all over John’s cock and hands. John continued to rub his erection over Tom’s softening dick, spreading sperm on his balls. Tom felt an overwhelming urge to suck John’s cock. “Stand up,” Tom said.

John stood and Tom knelt in front of him. The huge cock was just inches from his face and he could see it bob up and down as blood surged through its bulging veins. He held it with one hand and moved forward and licked around the head. He could taste the saltiness of his own cum and wanted to taste John’s. As his mouth accepted more of the dick one hand jerked the shaft and the other cupped John’s balls and caressed them. John began thrusting his hips back and forth and Tom felt the urgency in the cock driving towards his throat.

“Oh yes, yes, oh,” John groaned and a flood of hot semen flooded Tom’s mouth and throat. He pulled his dick out and jerked the last of his load over Tom’s face.

This was the first of many meetings the men had in the hotel although it never progressed further than mutual masturbation and oral. They did experiment with different ways to achieve orgasm: jerking off over one another’s cock, ejaculating in a sixty-nine position, rubbing along the others ass crack and shooting a load onto the back and cheeks and using the mouth as a pussy and thrusting in and out while holding the head. Tom’s thoughts were always split between the enjoyment of the moment and the fantasy of his wife being fucked by John and other men with big endowments.

After Arlene went to bed, usually around 10:30, Tom would often go downstairs to the family room to watch porn and masturbate. He arrived home one Friday afternoon after being on an out-of-town contract. He and Arlene went out to dinner and when they got back home Arlene said she was tired and was going to bed early. Tom didn’t mind, he was horny and was eager to watch porn and play with his cock. He made himself comfortable, logged on to his favourite site and opened his pants and took out his already-hard cock. After a half hour or so he was getting close to ejaculation. On the computer screen two young men had taken turns fucking a mature woman. As one man fucked her the other straddled her face and she tongued his balls while the other man sucked his cock. He was lost in his fantasies, pretending the woman was Arlene when he suddenly got the feeling he was not alone. His heart thumped wildly as he stopped jerking his dick and looked around. Arlene was standing there in her robe.

“How long have you been there,” Tom sputtered.

“Long enough, I couldn’t sleep.” She pointed to the computer, “This turns you on?”

Tom thought for a moment that seemed unending to him before deciding to let the chips fall as they may and told her about his sexual frustration, John and his fantasies of her.

“I couldn’t sleep because I have something to tell you. I know menopause was tough on you, it was also tough on me and when it was over we seemed to have lost all physical aspects to our relationship and I don’t think either of us knew how to get it back. Vanessa opened my eyes to sex but I thought you were no longer interested in me. I love you very much but I have been seeing someone for quite a while now.”

There canlı kaçak iddaa was a long silence before Tom responded. “I see…who is he…do I know him?”

“Someone from work…er…it’s Jason from the office.”

“Jason! He’s only about twenty-two, how long has this been going on?”

“Just over two years. He gave me a ride home because it was pouring rain and I asked him in for a coffee. I dropped a spoon and when I bent over to pick it up he came up behind me. I felt his hardness pressing against my bottom and he told me how he had wanted me for a long time. Before I knew it we were in the bedroom and his penis was inside me. It’s big and felt so good. Since then we have seen one another frequently and I have experienced many new things, oral and anal sex and multiple orgasms. I love it all and when you’re away he comes over two or three times a week and sometimes he stays overnight. He fits you’re fantasies, his cock is huge and we fuck all night sometimes, I’m sure you would like him. I’m not like I used to be…I love sex, all kinds of sex. We could have a lot of fun together.”

The silence lingered as each took in the revelations they had just heard. Tom rose from his chair and, as his pants fell to the floor, Arlene saw he was fully erect again. “Come here,” he said and they embraced, kissed and had sex like never before on the floor of the family room. He ate her pussy for the first time and she sucked his cock before he came quickly and copiously inside her. They were like young lovers who couldn’t get enough of one another and the weekend was full of sex but they also talked a lot and realised they had both grown sexually in various directions and were prepared to accept where the growth had taken them. Neither wanted to give up their new-found interests and decided to take a few days to fully discuss it.

The following week the couple talked more than they had done in years. Tom told Arlene how for many years he had wanted to see her with another man and she had to admit that the thought of men playing with one another’s cocks in her presence was erotically exciting to her. Tom had made plans to see John on Friday so it was agreed that Arlene would invite Jason over to the house. They would tell them of recent developments and of the decisions they had made.

As Tom prepared to meet John at the hotel on Friday night Arlene was ready for her evening with Jason. Tom thought how erotic and horny she looked dressed in a short, tight skirt, thin blouse, stockings and high heels. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties; she said that Jason liked her pussy, ass and tits free for him to fondle. He fucked her that way also, slowly removing her skirt and blouse as the evening progressed but always wanted her to leave the stockings and heels on…it was his fetish and made him very hard.

Tom met John in the hotel bar and told him about the events of the week then they made their way to the room. “What’s in the bag?” Tom asked John seeing the small overnight bag he was carrying.

“It’s a surprise,” John replied with a sly grin.

John went into the bathroom while Tom undressed, lay back on the bed and found some porn on the TV. He was already fully erect from the excitement of their earlier talk and the porn and began playing with himself. A few minutes later the bathroom door opened and John appeared and placed something on the bedside table. He was wearing a black garter belt, stockings, high heels and open-crotch panties. Tom had often masturbated while watching cross-dressers on his computer and had always found them very stimulating. He had mentioned this to John some time ago but never imagined he would see his friend dressed this way. He had nice legs that looked even better in stockings and heels and his big cock stuck straight out through the panties as hard as it could be, he was obviously also highly aroused by their discussion in the bar and the outfit he wore.

“Time to take it to the next level,” John said as he stood at the foot of the bed, “I thought you would like this.”

“Oh my, let me look at you,” Tom replied slipping off the bed and into a chair.

John paraded around the room while Tom wanked then sat on the edge of the bed. He leant back on one elbow and both men watched each other masturbate. Tom stood and brought his cock close to John’s and their hands swapped places. Tom had never known John’s cock so hard, it felt like a thick steel rod and he knelt between his legs and lavished his tongue and mouth on it. After a while John got on all fours and Tom fondled his ass, cock and balls from behind, the touch and look of the nylon stockings and panties increasing his own excitement.

“Here,” John said, handing Tom the item he had placed on the bedside table, “do me!”

Tom saw it was lubrication and knew what it was for. He had never before considered this but now it seemed just a natural step. He moved forward and tongued John’s shaved anus and balls, his own erection ready to burst, while steadily canlı kaçak bahis jerking his friend. He lubricated his cock and John’s ass then nudged against the tight hole. He pushed against slight resistance then felt a tight, pleasing warmth envelop the head of his cock. Deeper he went, thrusting into John’s ass with force while John stroked his cock and moaned as he heard Tom’s grunting and felt the hot fluid flood his colon. Tom withdrew and John stood beside the bed to receive Tom’s eager mouth on his super hard cock. It didn’t take long for several powerful spurts to splash over Tom. They showered together, fondling soapy semi-erections and ball sacks before heading for home.

Arlene was still up when Tom arrived home, sitting on the couch in just her stockings and heels. Her legs were splayed and she was playing idly with herself with a look of a woman who had been well and truly fucked. Her eyes were slightly glazed and her fingers made wet noises in her pussy.

“Jason agreed,” she said as Tom knelt between her legs and removed her fingers.

“So did John,” he replied and sank his tongue into her wet gash and tasted Jason’s cum. He was hard again and came much quicker inside his wife than he thought he might but the idea of fucking her just after another man had done so and the feel of his cum on his own cock was too erotic for him to last long.

Arlene secured the straps on her bright red stilettos that matched her fishnet stockings and wet-look leather cincher. She checked her appearance in the bedroom mirror then put on a silk robe. Tom’s cock pulsed convulsively as he looked at his wife and thought about what was to happen in less than thirty minutes. This was the night he had fantasized about for years. He would get to see Arlene fucked not by one but two men. John and Jason would arrive soon and he couldn’t wait to see their big cocks stuffing her holes. Arlene was also excited, they had spoken of little else than tonight all week. Apart from having three men attending to her she wanted to watch the men with each other. When she had told Jason about her husband and John he confessed a secret desire to play with another man and John was, of course, very excited about being part of a foursome.

John arrived about three minutes before Jason and introductions were made. Polite, nervous conversation followed until Arlene stood and announced, “Well, I guess I’ll break the ice,” and removed her robe and threw it aside. The three men sat on the couch and leered as she paraded in front of them and displayed herself. “Come on, let me see those hard dicks,” she taunted then turned, spread her legs and bent over.

As the men took in the lewd view of Arlene’s ass and pussy they could see how excited she was, her labia lips were parted and a wet, dark pink gash was begging to be filled. They unzipped their pants and exposed their erections. Tom saw that Jason’s cock was even bigger than John’s and couldn’t resist taking hold of it then felt John’s hand on it also…there was plenty of room for both. Jason was sitting between Tom and John and he took hold of their dicks as they watched Arlene wriggle her ass about and finger her pussy. She stood and looked at her men for a few moments then positioned a chair in front of them, sat in it and spread her pussy wide. The air was tense with sexual excitement; Tom had imagined his wife like this for years but never thought he would see it. She knelt in front of Jason and took his massive pole into her mouth and the other two cocks in her hands. After sucking him for a while she moved on to John and finally, Tom. They pulled her onto the couch, hands and tongues exploring her body. Tom held John’s cock and directed it into his wife’s mouth, Jason got between her legs and Tom jerked his huge dick then steered it into her waiting pussy. He sat back in the chair and watched his wife being fucked by two oversize cocks and loved it. John and Jason changed positions then it was decided to go up to the bedroom. Arlene stopped a couple of times on the stairs and was groped and mauled and she fondled any cocks that were within reach. Jason bent her over then sat on the stairs just below her and ate her pussy. His big cock lay twitching on his stomach and John took it into his mouth while Tom sat below John and sucked his cock. When they finally reached the bedroom Arlene lay on the bed and opened her legs wide. John immediately mounted her and gave her a good hard fucking for five minutes then Jason took over and then Tom. He had never known Arlene so animated and vocal during sex, she squirmed and flailed her legs about, clawed at their backs and asses and screamed and moaned for them to fuck her harder.

“I want to watch you guys,” Arlene said after Tom had rolled off her, “show me what you and John do, Tom.”

John got on all fours and Tom knelt behind him. Arlene jerked Jason’s cock as she watched her husband rub his lubricated dick over John’s ass and push it in. It excited her and her hand moved rapidly over Jason’s cock. “Stick your dick in his mouth,” she said to Jason and he climbed on the bed and straddled over John and Tom eagerly sucked his big erection. Arlene fingered herself then came over and masturbated John while sharing the oral duties with Tom.

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