Too Far Away From Home


I was staying in a hotel, but I wasn’t staying in the room alone. I was texting a friend back and forth, sexting I guess you would say. Earlier that day I’d been in the room alone and taken advantage of the opportunity to sit on the floor before the full length mirror and spread my legs wide for him. I sent those pictures and more of my erect nipples and my ass in the air with my pucker and pussy exposed.

The hotel was 800 miles away from him, and it seemed like the distance made me hornier than I’d ever been. I knew as much as I wanted him, he was actually unable to meet my needs immediately. My pussy ached deeply, hungry for his cock. There was nothing I could do about it!

I didn’t have a dildo or a vibrator. I hadn’t brought any toys with me at all, but I needed something in my pussy. Finally I settled on a lotion bottle. It was about 4″ tall and bulbous around the top, more slender at the bottom. It was still full of lotion, so I made sure the lid was screwed on tight.

I had a video he sent me. He was playing with his cock, softly touching it, rubbing the backs of his fingers up and down his shaft, and lifting his balls for me so I could see them fall back down with a slight bounce. They were so full, and all of that was for me. I groaned as I watched the video because I wanted so badly for him to empty his load into my mouth or my pussy.

His video made me think about every naughty, dirty thing I wanted to do with him, and there were so many to think about! I was in the bathroom alone with the door locked. I sat on the lid of the illegal bahis toilet with my legs spread wide and balanced my phone on the counter against a box of tissues so I could see the video. I set it to repeat play over and over.

I spread my plump pussy lips open with my right hand. Relaxing my muscles so the wide bottle would squeeze inside my very tight, neglected pussy, I pushed it in slowly. I felt a pinch of pain and the thickest part of the bottle eased inside my wet, little hole. Once it was inside, my pussy seemed to swallow it up. Because it was so short, when I looked with my mirror, I could barely see the end of the bottle through the widened opening to the shallow depths of my pussy.

I pressed my ass down against my hard, plastic seat, and I felt the bottle inside my pussy press against my g-spot. I let out a moan in response and did it again and again. As I continued humping down onto the toilet seat, I reached between my labia with the fingers of my left hand and found my plump, erect clit. He’d always told me my clit was unlike any he’d ever seen. It was fat, long and response, and somehow demure and feminine, hiding beneath it’s concealing hood.

I pulled my hood slightly back with the middle finger of my right hand. I dipped my left index finger into the juices flowing from my aroused pussy, and I used those as lubricant as I began to stroke my wanton little clit. I pushed my hips up and back down again, moaning quietly, so as not to wake anyone in the hotel room.

My body responded quickly to his video and the ministrations illegal bahis siteleri of my hands. I wanted to drag my orgasm out, tease myself and make myself wait for it for minutes upon minutes. But it felt too good, and I couldn’t slow myself down like usual. Instead my I brought my middle finger down on one side of my clit with my index finger on the other and began to stroke back and forth, rubbing my hood against my clit softly and quickly.

I rubbed with increasing pressure and intensity. Then I reached down with my right hand and placed it at the entrance to my tunnel. Using my inner muscles, I pushed the lotion bottle out of my pussy. I began to pump it in and out with my right hand. I was writhing against the toilet lid, struggling not to let myself scream as I felt a strong and powerful orgasm approaching.

Soon the intensity was too much to bear. I stopped rubbing and instead squeezed my legs closed for a second, humping the hands squeezed between my thighs, tightly tucked against my sensitive pussy. I needed to cum! I had to finish and make myself cum!

I opened my legs again and focused only on my clit, using fingers from both hands. I drew circles around my pulsing clit with my fingers, left then right, in quick succession, over and over again. Finally it was more than my hot, horny pussy could take, and I reached the apex of my little mountain. I used two fingers on my left hand to finish rubbing out my orgasm. I bit the fingers on my right hand to contain my moans and screams within my mouth and throat.

I canlı bahis siteleri came hard! Just after my orgasm began, I felt pressure pushing downward, and I knew I was about to squirt. I didn’t hold back and welcomed my ejaculation. Fluid squirted from between my labia and landed with a splash on the floor before the toilet.

I had never squirted so much in my life! As I continued to rub and grind against my left hand, the thinner fluid from my squirting coated my hand and acted as a new, different lube that I used to rub myself quickly to a second orgasm. I continued to squirt until there was a sizable puddle on the floor between my feet. It was so much!

I brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted my female ejaculate. It was a milky color, but almost clear, similar to coconut milk. The taste was like slightly sweet water, a little musky, and, to me, delicious. I licked my fingers clean and moaned.

After wiping off my hands, I cleaned up the mess on the floor with a used towel. I ended the video and fired off a quick e-mail to the man who starred in the show. I pushed the lotion bottle out of my pussy, cleaned it and placed it back on the counter.

“I just came for you soooo hard. I squirted everywhere! I wish you could have seen it. I want to squirt on your face like that one day, sitting on your face with my mouth stuffed full of your hard cock. Remember when I came like that once? I love cumming with your cock in my mouth. I need you… I need to orgasm with my pussy stuffed full of your hard, throbbing cock. I need you to lick my asshole while you rub my clit and finger fuck my pussy…”

I ended the e-mail there. I could have written to him all night, but I was tired. And no matter what I e-mailed, he remained far away. I couldn’t wait to get back home to fuck him again.

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